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Silent Steps Community

This is the tale of a secretive community where pedophilia and incest is the norm, treated as a healthy part of family life. Especially for the children. This is my pet project fantasy, so I hope you like it.

Community Activities

Stories from around the community and activities that the community enjoy together.
Kiddy Scouts (Comming Soon)(WIP) Mg, Mb, Fg+, extreme-ped, inc, anal oral Story in development.
Mothers Day Pool Party (Comming Soon)(WIP) Fgg gg Mb Fg F+G+g+, extreme-ped, inc Sylvia and her 2 daughters attend the anual 'All girl Mothers Day Pool Party lesbian orgy' for the first time.

The Aubern Family

These stories revolve around a particular Community family called the Auberns. They have two little girls and one little boy.
Clothes Shopping Mb, Mg, Fg, gg, bg, extreme-ped, inc The Auburn family changes their morning school day routine a little, and the kids get their school photos.
School Photos Mb, Mg, Fgg, gg, bg, extreme-ped, inc Sylvia takes the kids clothes shopping for their school photos next week and the kids get some new toys.

Tommy and a boy named Ashley

These stories revolve around a teen boy named Tommy and his life in the community. Also starring a boy named Ashley
Big Brother Program mg, Fb, mb, extreme-ped, inc, anal Tommy has alot of fun as he babysits a boy named Ashley.
After School Playdate (NEW) mb, mbb, mbb, extreme-ped, oral, anal Tommy visits Ashley and finds out that little Sammy Aubern is already there. The three have a gay old time together. ;)
Playmate Program Ch1 (NEW) mb, mb, mg, extreme-ped, oral, anal Tommy visits Ashley for another playdate and Ashley asks Tommy take on the responsability of Playmate.


These stories revolve around neighborly love and life in the community.
Neighbors 1 Chapter 1 (New) bb, Mbb, MMbb, MF, extreme-ped, inc, oral, anal Toby and Josh learn to stop being so 'shy-straight' and love the cock.
Neighbors 1 Chapter 2 (New) bb, Mbb, MMbb, MF, extreme-ped, inc, oral, anal After Toby and Josh get over being 'shy-straight' they visit Mr. Wilson to show their appriciation before going to the park.
Also I might make it a series if I get good feedback of people liking it.
Satisfying Sofia mg, mb, mg, extreme-ped, inc, oral, anal Josh, teen boy, has been neglecting his sexy little sister and needs to fill her with cum so she is not so cranky. His best friend remembers he needs to do the same for his 5 yo little brother.


These stories revolve Ely and his vacation trip to the community.
Ely's Vacation Chapter 1 (New) Mb, MMb, extreme-ped, inc, oral, anal Ely is overworked and needs a vacation. His friend is a nudist in the Silent Steps community of family love. What could be better?