Stories by Abe Lin

All stories contained herein are intended for a mature audience (18+).  All stories are fictitious and copyrighted – don’t steal ‘em.  If you are not old enough, you should not be looking at this.  Really.    Go Away.  Grown-up stuff.


While I’m not sure at all about the reception my stories will receive, I know that, as a long time reader, there’s nothing worse than finding an author you like and never seeing another story by him.   …or her…  I’ll do my best to finish the stories I begin.

I am a ‘him’ by the way.  Stories I enjoy reading, which I also like writing, tend to include consensual sex (though mind control can be a component), incest, exhibitionism, group sex, growth, maybe some pregnancy with the odd bi-curious episode thrown in.  

Hopefully you will enjoy what I write, and hopefully, I enjoy writing it enough to keep going….

- Abe




Cherry's Dilemma - inc, ff, mff, size

Brooke was Bored Ch. 1 - ff, mm, voy, size

Bent Equipment Ch. 1 - mff exhib size

Bent Equipment Ch. 2 - mf mm growth cheat

Bent Equipment Ch. 3 - mmff bi inc size growth

Bent Equipment Ch. 4 - inc mff growth size

17th Year Ch. 1

17th Year Ch. 2

17th Year Ch. 3