Melissa's Rite - A Work of Erotic Fiction by

A Strange Geek

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mf, mF, MF, ff, fF, fsolo, teen, inc, oral, voy, mc, nc, toys, humil, magic
Story Summary
The Harbingers, the group of teens united against the Darkness in Haven, face a new threat. 15 year old Melissa, having gained a mysterious power as the result of a terrible prank that backfired, now seeks greater power to further her revenge. Was she the one foretold by Mara, the one they were not to attempt to stop? Or is something far more sinister going on?
This is a sequel to the short story Melissa's Initiation, and is also a continuing story with the same characters from the previous Haven novels (The House at the End of the Street and Now This Won't Hurt a Bit). While I try to very briefly summarize what happened in the past stories, you may want to read those at some point to understand the backplot and characters more (if you haven't done so already).
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