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These are a mixture of stories.  I first started writing for ASS over ten years ago, and many of the following have been recovered from archives elsewhere in the ASSTR, and are posted as “Older Stories.”  (Many thanks for those who archived them when my previous accounts were closed.)  Newer projects started since 2004 and which have not previously been posted are under the label “Newer Stuff;” the major thing here is a project called ‘Soccer’ since I can’t think of a better title. 

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I’ve just added a couple of chapters to the ‘Soccer’ series.  Let me know if it is worth continuing.  I’m also playing around with a new series, “A Roman Widow,” which I may or may not post.  If you like my stuff, give me an indication of support.




Luca (mast, FM, FMM, FF, FFM, anal)

        Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Truckstop (FM, FMM, anal)





Soccer Mom (FMMM)



        Part I: Young Pup       

                Chapters: 1 (FM+) 2 (FMM+, FM)

        Part II: Albion

                Chapters: 3 4 5 (FM older-younger)

Chapters: 6 7 8 (FM younger-older)

Chapter 9 (FM younger-older)

Chapter 10 (FM)

        Part III: Sprechen Sie Deutsches?

                Chapter 11 (hand job)

Chapter 12 13 14 (FM, romance)

Chapter 15 (blowjob)

        Part IV: Groupies

                Chapter 16 (blowjob)

Chapter 17 (FM)

Chapter 18 (hand job)

Chapter 19 (FM)

        Part V: Dark Sargasso Sea

                Chapter 20 21 22 (FM, anal)

        Part VI: Amsterdam

                Chapters 23 24 25 (masturbation, oral)

                Chapter 26 (FM)

                Chapter 27 (FM)

                Chapter 28 (oral)



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