Links to stories involving Indian themes, characters or by Indian authors.

- Raj's story   (MF, cons, inc)

- Bracelets of Kali (MF, ff, magic, caution)

- Stories 1 (MF, cons, inc)   ftp 1

- Stories 2 (MF, cons, inc, lang)

- Stories 3 (MF, wife, cheat, cons)

- My little Indian girl (Mf, cons, v, intr)

- Letter from Bombay (MMF, cons, intr)

- Confidential   (MF, MMF, FF, cons, tv, anal,

- Abandoned Doggy (FF, dog)         Part 2

- Bombay 1  (M/f-teen, exhib, oral, anal)   Part 2  (mM+/F, gangbang)

- Home Alone  (F/m-teen, M+/F orgy, exh)

- Marinah 1     (FM, bdsm)

- Directory 7   (India - various stories)

Visiting Prof 4 (MF, FF, cons)

- 5050.txt     (fdom/m teens, mm, intr)

- In tution (MF, cons)

- Occult     (FFFf, orgy, rel)

- My story (MF, FF, inc, cons)

- Conversion of an Indian Housewife  (FFM, ws, nc, bd)

- Remarkable Phase (MF, v, nc)

- Unforgettable (MF, lang)

- Season of Marriage (MF)

- My Lesbian Barber (MF, FF)

- Triggered by rain (MF, cons, oral, cheat)

- Sunrise Love (MF, cons, cheat, rom)

- Debauchery of an Indian housewife (MF, FF, cheat, cons)     II

- Indian starlet (MF, FF, cons)

- Karishma gets corrupted (FF)

- Indian Stories  index (MF)   ***This link may have been removed.

- Manipal University (FF)

- Who's Sari now? (FF)

- The India Story (Mm, oral)

- Memories of Musk (MF)

- A visit with the Hejra (tg, tv, no sex)

- Monsoon Wedding (Ff)

- My Rashi (MF, rom)

Story codes:

lang - some words may be in native language

rel - may involve rituals or religious themes