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4.3 Current list of active sites - H

H. Grant's Archive and Web Site
Date: 21-Nov-02
Content: "These stories are divided into two separate categories: extremely young girls (e.g. toddlers) and teenage / adult women. However, both sets revolve around common central themes: abuse, degradation, and embarrasment."
Review: Also includes golden shower and scat content.

Hall of Mirrors: Erotica by Jacques du Bois, The
Erotic writings in poetry and prose concerning the relationships between people, places and things.

Harriet's Place
Welcome to my world of erotic stories. Join Ruth, Jamie, Paula and me, plus assorted others, as we embark on a journey of sensual discovery…

Harry Carton Adult Stories
I've written lots of things over the years, and have recently decided to put some of my erotic stories on ASSTR. Story categories: All my erotic writing falls into the MF category... with varioius sub-kinks just for fun.

Hawkeye (Bitbard's Library)
In 1993, Hawkeye wrote a series of short stories tying the dynamics of human sexuality to seasonal themes.

Heart 4 Her
Erotica for women (with a primarily lesbian content).

Heat of the Night Forum, The
the "Heat" of the night, is the name -- oh so fine written erotica, is the game -- once you've visited here, your thoughts won't be the same !!

Heather Kalin's Stories
Currently home to one ongoing series - "Heather Submits". D/s type story starting with back story to when Heather was 16.

HeelWorker's Love Dreams
I love femdom, and after many years of married life I'm finally able to get my wife to indulge some of my fantasies. This is a site that we share, where I place my wishes and dreams. Love letters to her. Strange fantasies. Story categories: Femdom, Authoritarian Wife, Romance, Mind Control, Foot Worship

Henrik Larsen's stories
Gee, what's there to say. I'm Scandinavian and like to write stories. I really don't know much about writing, I just do it and hope to learn something along the way. I think I have improved a little over the years.

Hephaestus' Stories
Many of my stories are either true stories, personal fantasies of mine, or somewhere in between. Due to my tastes, the majority of women appearing in the stories are submissive and the majority of men are dominant, though the occasional dominant female appears. Bondage is a common theme, though it is usually erotic and extreme perversions (scat, animals, etc) are very rare.

Hercules After Dark
This site contains adult stories based on the characters from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and its sister show Xena: Warrior Princess.
Community for Queer and Transgendered Women - erotica, articles, photography, and personals.

Hericorte's Poems to a Lover
The poems are meant for consenting adults interested and willing to explore and celebrate their love.

Hiei's Homeland
Date: 07-Dec-02
Content: hentai fan-fiction
Review: As the genre usually encourages - stories where sex and violence blend. The layout of the site is a little off-putting. There are lots of text only links (nice for loading), but it can be a little confusing to actually find the content.

Histoires Taboues en francais
Date: 04-Jan-03
Content: Stories in French - primarily pedo and/or incest themes.
Review: Notre site d'histoires pedo et d'inceste est toujours actif! Plus de 650 histoires en francais y sont classees.

Holy Joe's Totally Worthless Webpage
NAUGHTY NAKED DREAMGIRLS. Stories by Andrew Roller and holy joe!

Homepage of Rass Senip, The
I have put a lot of my heart and my dreams into my writing, yet I also put a lot of my sexual perverted ideas into it too. Rass represents the best of me, and Senip...

Homer Vargas Erotica
A collection of stories - various themes with an emphasis on Mind Control and Pregnancy stories.

House of Sharess, The
Welcome! Welcome to the Temple of the Mistress of Seduction. May Sharess grant you everything you desire while you are within her walls.

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