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4.3 Current list of active sites - D

d a u n d a g r o u n d
Homepage of anfernee williamson

D. Pattern
Stories of sexual exploration and sometimes violence. Codes: BD, SM (cons & nc), V, Tort

D/s Erotica by Lance Edwards
I'm in my late thirties. I've been a quadriplegic for over ten years. Being stuck on the bottom all the time, I've had to use some imagination to keep things interesting. These stories, poems, and novels are the result. I hope you like them; comments are welcome. Story categories: female domination, bondage and dildo play

D/s World
Date: 02-Dec-02
Content: "The online lifestyle magazine for D/s and BDSM lifestyles."
Review: An ezine that's up to 30 issues of articles, fiction, poetry, art, etc. If this is your scene, it's worth a look.

Dabbler's Hideout, The
I'm facinated with loosing control, specifically when someone who is used to being in control puts themself into a position where they can't help doing something they don't want to do. Not that they don't enjoy it... Most of my stories deal with reluctant orgasm, sometimes with the possibility of pregnancy, but I'll also write in whatever direction the muse presses my willing fingers.

Stories in italian, german and english language written over the last 20 years . Some of them are just sexy, some have dark evolutions, some are kinky :)

Daibhidh's Erotic Story Site
Most of my writing to date has been nonfiction in the form of technical or educational texts. Having retired, I am now trying my hand at erotic writing.

Dan Singer's Archive
Although I live and work in New York City, I grew up in a small, remote town and still think of myself in that way. I've always been fascinated by unexpected or hidden arousal and where it can lead. My stories are largely if not entirely true, and where I've departed from the truth, it's been to make things more believeable.

Dancing Satyr's Erotic Stories
I love writing stories of fantasy and horror and so I decided to combine them with my love of sex and erotica. The result is a collection of stories that should temp you into my world. Please enjoy. Story categories: Submission, horror, magic, fantasy, incest, BDSM

Daphne Xu's Stories
My most common self-description is, "I am but a Disembodied Identity." You may, if you wish, use your imagination to fill in some details. I am still in the experimental phase of my writing.

Dark Age Tales
Sword & Socery tales. Lots of woman/creature encounters. Some other fantasy stories, as well as some stories set in modern day.

Dark Pen's Writings
These stories contain various elements. But, so far, all contain elements of BDSM - from relativly mild to very extreem. I don't do snuff or mutilation. But I do include m/c, teen, blood, w/s and other stuff.

Dark Side of Raven Soule, The
Many things have been written about incest. I agree that sex between adult and child is always an abuse of the adult's power and position. But - When does a child become a young person?

Dark Wanderer
Cheating Wife Story Site (A couple of caveats here - most of the stories are zipped, Dark Wanderer is free - Dark Cavern is not, there are also exit consoles.)

Darknight (Bitbard's Library)
My final experience with this author is this: every single one of these stories are enjoyable, erotic, sensuous, and very, very fine reads one and all.

Darksong's Den
Greets. Basically I'm a real 'jack of all trades' kind of guy in life, having many hobbies and interest. It reflects in my writing as well. Typically, I like Male-Dominant works, favoring m-f and f-f sex, but I like to be flexible, so I try my hand at writing at least one or two stories in every category, giving a little something for everyone.

Darkwater Erotica
Raised by swingers in Baton Rouge and the streets of New Orleans, the author has experienced much of what the Paris of the South has to offer. He brings to you the adventures of a shy high school teen growing up and the fantasy world in which he lives. Passionate, provacative, and compelling, each of his stories will leave you hot and hungry for more.

Darqness Story Site
I like to write, whether it is for ASSTR or straight writing, it's what I do. I will write on request, just email me with comments, suggestions anything you want, I live to please readers.

Dave Haugen's Erotic Literature
My stories are predominantly stories of nonconsent, rape, torture, and humiliation. Of course, I do not personally condone that non consenting humans practice such activities, however, I am sure that Alfred Hitchcock did not personally condone murder, blackmail and espionage.

David's Erotic Story Archive
As I cruise through the fourth decade of my life, I'm finding myself more open, and more curious about learning and life than I've ever been. To an extent, my writing reflects this.  

David Lavenham Home Page
My stories are many and varied. I write fantasies about any subject; incest, paedophilia, straight, gay, SM, bestiality, bondage - whatever and wherever my inagination takes me.

Dawson's X-Files Fanfic Home Page
Novels and short stories written in the 'X-Files' setting. (Okay, the site title kind of gives it away.)

Daydreamer (Bitbard's Library)
... Another indication of greatness is that this author's works are here despite the fact that I'm not usually a fan of incest. I'm not a fan of terrorizing people either …

DB's Robot Story Archive
Date: 06-Jan-03
Content: primarily M/Fembot stories
Review: Mostly consensual, generally romantic stories about men and their Fembot partners.  No nonsense, fast loading site.

Deadly's Place
Novellas usually contain 25,000 to 40,000 words. Some may seem to be hot, others may not.

DemonBound's Icy Plain
My stories often contain fantasy and science fiction elements and always contain sex. The sex can consist of but is not limited to intercourse, anal and oral sex, facial cum shots/cum eating, underage sex, bestiality, incest, rape, homosexual sex (though usually girl-girl), tentacle sex, alien and demonic sex, and possibly pissing or scat though those will be rare.

Deidre (Bitbard's Library)
Deirdre wrote so many short stories that she basically ended up with something for everyone if you read enough. Chance are you'll read.

Derek Hoffnung
Derek Hoffnung writes interlinking stories about the staff and pupils of Forest Park High School in England. The content is mostly tastefull and romantic, the sex scenes evoke emotional stimulation. His work is realistic and believable. Story categories: Mf cons rom hs teen incs

Dern Goode Sex Stories
Dern Goode has been penning erotic fantasies all his life. Considering the fact that his earliest influences were Traveller's Companion and Midwood books, that's been quite some time. He likes to create fantasies that, while improbable, are possible. And, oh yes--humor. For some reason he thinks the sex act itself and our attitudes toward it are often rather funny.

Desdmona's Stories
Hi! I'm Desdmona! I wrote a few stories, and here they are. Most of them have sex in them, so if that's something you'd rather not read about…

Diana the Valkyrie
Collection of amazon/women warrior stories. (Part of this site is a member's only set up, however, the library appears to be free.)

The Diary of Sickman
Date: 05-Jan-03
Content: "stories of rape, tears, abuse, degradation, humiliation"
Review: There are problems loading the site in NS. Although it runs better under IE, it's still not always the best. Changing my display settings might have helped, but the content didn't encourage me to try harder. If the story themes are your thing, you might try harder.

Dionysus' Revel
He smokes, he drinks, he lives his life as most other people would choose not to. He has lived in Yaounde, Cameroon; Johannesburg, South Africa; Stuttgart, Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; the Pacific Northwest; Rio de Janero, Brazil; Aspen, Colorade; and his parents' back 40 acres in a tent (supplied with running water and electricity only via a very LONG extension cord). This is his story.

Dirty Dawg's Homepage
DD stories are about love and romance; some of the stories have "extreme" elements like bondage/discipline, and one or two of them touch on the subject matter of incest.

Doc Savage's Story Archive
I am currently working on a rather epic tale called "Time And Again." It was inspired by literary works like "Job: A Comedy of Justice" by Robert Heinlein and a fantastic trilogy…

Doctor Dan's Erotic Stories
Collection of stories by various writers. Story categories: Pedophillia, Incest, Pregnancy

Doctor Gamble's Stories
These stories began with the first one over ten years ago. Generally written in the first person, each of them is sort of tied to the others but is also complete on its own. In general they deal with bondage, rape, and things of a pseudo-medical nature which the storyteller eventually survives.

Dodo's Place
I started writing erotic stories as a result of a bet. The bet was could I write an erotic story that other people want to read. My readers tell me they do. My friends are not convinced.

DOMestic Fem Dom
Domestic Fem Dom Role Play for Loving Couples.

Dommy Mommy
The site features stories by myself (naughtieboys) and others about themes of dominating mothers, femdom, humiliation, spanking, forced and coerced crossdressing, and embarrassing punishments.

Don Winslow's Ironwood
Date: 01-Dec-02
Content: M/F, some with D/s themes
Review: Some short stories, book excerpts, and movie reviews of classic adult films. Some of the stories are coded at the top, others aren't, however, they all seem to fall into the content mentioned above.

Dorsai on the Web
Dorsai has been an afficianado of erotica for quite some time; only recently has he turned his hand toward writing it. SOME of his stories are born of actual experiences; others are the result of a fertile - if smudged - imagination. YOU get to try and figure out which are which!

Double Moon
Medieval / Gothic Castle of Erotica.

Dr. Wu's Story Site
My stories are generally about teenagers. The stories are varied. Usually young girls are dominated by males, but sometimes boys are dominated by girls. Some are consensual, some are non-consensual, some occupy a gray area of coercion and reluctance. In various places you will find all kinds of sex, public humiliation, drugs and blackmail.

Dreams of Jennifer Doalfer, The
I am publishing these stories in no specific order. Some of them will be complete fiction, some of them - and those I like best - are based upon some occurrence, which has triggered my imagination.

Dreamspinner's Web
The Dreamspinner is a younger author, focusing on ideas based purely on fantasy. His first series is about a young man, given a pendant that allows him to read, control, and generally screw around with minds. Based loosely on the White Wolf game Changeling: The Dreaming, the rules aren't applied too largely. Mostly only concepts are used. Story categories: mf, ff, m/f+, mc (md), nc?

Dripping Ink
So here I am, stretching my fingers, loosening my shorts and getting ready to write stories of all kinds; ordinary M/F, partner swapping, group sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism and other stuff.

Dryad's Glen
I'm a teacher in the New England Area, who really appreciates good erotic fiction (and some bad as well!) Most of my work deals with the healing power of sexuality, as well as dreams I've specifically had. If you're looking for the codes; *sigh* okay...but I can't promise ... MF, Rom, Cons, Oral, Cheat, reluc, a bit of fantasy, a bit of sd, voy, might do some slut, group, exhib...

Ds Kiosk
This website is a shared effort between Artful- and `natasha and is intended to be a resource for the on-line community involved in Ds (Dominant & submissive) relationships.

Dulcinea (Bitbard's Library)
Dulcinea passed away in 1997. She leaves behind stories that have few peers -- a wonderful legacy passed down to story lovers everywhere. "The wholesomeness and liveliness of her tales …

Dutch Hutch
Erotic stories and poems that are mostly vanilla male/female orientated - concerning every day situations but with an occasional outing to the supernatural and mild BDSM - with the emphasis on bondage

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