The Erotica of Al X : Mary's Secret Desires - Episode 1

"Thursday in the Park With Mary"

(MF Mdom mast tit)
Copyright (c) 2006 by Al X

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Summary:   Mary's secretly desires to be humiliated, treated roughly, and spanked hard. She finds (online) a man willing to pursue this with her. In their first encounter, they meet in a park where he dominates her and abuses her tits.

" Her ass cheeks form-fitted the skin tight pants, and a white thong was clearly visible. "

"Thursday in the Park With Mary"
by Al X

Mary's a thirty-something woman, sane and secure, but with secret desires that had never been fulfilled. For years she had fantasized about being submissive and spanked. Although she confessed this to some of her boyfriends, none of them could satisfy her the way she wanted - no, needed - to be satisfied. And then I came along. We "met" on the internet, and after dozens of e-mails, we had a real meeting, a cup of coffee to see if we were comfortable with each other, and to see if we were comfortable with ourselves exploring these desires. I found her attractive, sexy, and totally submissive. And she was reassured that I was neither a creep nor a serial killer. We were ready for the next step.

Through e-mails I learned exactly what turned her on: total submission, humiliation, spanking with both a bare hand and objects, and the painful handling of both her tits and her ass. I suggested a park meeting for our second encounter, somewhere secluded but safe, somewhere where I could provide her first true ass spanking.

Her e-mailed response was that she wanted it badly, but being naked like that - over my lap, revealing her ass and her sex - would make her too vulnerable. "I'd be even afraid to wear a skirt," she admitted.

After some thought, I suggested a safer meeting. "You will meet me at the park, I won't spank you, but I will control and dominate you. And when we find a secluded spot you will become mine. You will give me your tits to use and abuse as I see fit. I wouldn't be gentle, that I promise you."

She responded within an hour. "When will I meet you?"

I e-mailed her my demands: "1. You will meet me at the parking lot on Thursday at 3:00. 2. You will wear your sexiest bra and your tightest shirt. 3. You will see-through pants so I can see your panty as I walk behind you."

Her response was short and sweet: "I anxiously await submitting to you on Thursday."

Thursday turned out to a beautiful fall day: warm and sunny, with a light breeze. The trees were turning, leaves falling. I arrived early, dressed in a long sleeve shirt and khakis. I exchanged my dress shoes for sneakers, then waited on a park bench.

She parked on the other side of the lot as my car. She didn't get out right away. I suspected was nervous, second guessing herself. I didn't move, I just sat and waited, and eventually her car door opened, and out came Mary. She looked good, with the sun making her light brown hair shine. Her breasts were large and squeezed into a black lace bra that was clearly visible through her tight shirt. She wore tight white pants, pedal pushers, and sneakers. I wanted to take her right there, place her over my lap and run my hands over her full, round ass.

AS if reading my mind, she smiled nervously smile as she approached me. I remained motionless and unemotional. When she was standing in front of me, I stared at her. She had her hands at her side. She cocked her head, unsure of what was expected of her. "Hello, I'm glad you-"

"Turn around." I spoke in a clear, firm voice, leaving no doubt as to who was in command. .

She turned with her back to me. Her ass cheeks form-fitted the skin-tight pants, and a white thong was clearly visible.

"Is this how you dressed for work today?"

She shook her head. "No, I changed after I left."


"Well, it's revealing. You can see my underwear. It's kind of slutty."

"If dressing like this is slutty, what would you call a woman who dresses this way?"

Her voice was softer, tentative: "A slut."

"And if you dress this way?"

"Then I'm a slut." She nodded slightly. "I'm your slut."

I stood up ordered her to follow me. I walked to the end of the parking lot, to a break in the bushes that led to a dirt path into the woods, then stopped. "I want to walk behind you and watch that round ass of yours."

She let out an excited smile, and stepped onto the path. What a sight - her thong peeking through her pants. I followed her down a path littered with dead leaves, and our footsteps produced loud crinkling. We walked over rocks and roots. The path ascended a bit, then reached the long straight away that paralleled the river.

Halfway to our destination (a clearing I knew about from previous visits here) I made her reach behind herself and place both hands on her ass. "Does it turn you on knowing I'm staring at your ass?"


"Someday I'll make you spread your cheeks so I can fuck your ass. Would you like that?"

"Yes, very much."

"Are your excited being here?"

"Yes, my pussy is wet." She paused for a second. "Do you want to feel it?"

"Not now, slut. But soon."

We continued in silence, passing no one else. A half mile in, we came to a clearing with a wooden bench, and I directed Mary to turn in. The "bench" was merely a tree trunk cut in half. I sat down while Mary milled about, checking the surroundings. I gave her time to prepare herself, before beginning. "Come," I commanded.

She was across the clearing, but she obeyed. She crossed and stood before me. I command her to "Sit," and like an obedient dog she lowered herself and sat herself in the grass.

"Good. You know your place."

She stared at me, awaiting my next order, which was to remove her bra. This she did carefully, and in the manner women can without removing their shirts. She pulled it out of her shirt and held it up for my approval. I then spread my legs; my hard-on was obvious in my loose fitting pants.

"Touch it," I told her, and soon I felt her hands rubbing my groin. "This is why we're here. For my cock. For my pleasure. Do you understand?"

She nodded as she rubbed me.

"Whatever else we do here, whatever else I do to you, it is only for the pleasure I receive. My cock is your master. Do you understand?"

"I am here only to serve your cock."

"And you will serve it fully before we re finished." I then grabbed her head and pushed it into my crotch, and rubbed her face back and forth over my cock. She placed her hands behind her back. It felt so good, but I didn't want to cum just yet.

I had her stand up and walk to a smallish oak tree behind me, giving me a great view of her ass cheeks swaying. Once at the tree I had her stand against it. "Put your hands behind you, around the trunk." As she did this, her chest was forced outwards, her erect nipples nearly poking through her shirt.

I let her stand like that for awhile, then stood up and walked over, my erection nearly poking through my pants. Her eyes stared at my bulge. "A slut like you gets my cock hard." I looked her up and down. "What shall I do to you?"

Her nipples grew harder. "Take my tits. Use them. They're yours."

"Of course they are." I reached up with both hands and felt her nipples through the shirt. With each hand, my thumb and forefinger found a nipple. At first I gently rolled them, but then I increased the pressure, twisting them, squeezing them, pinching them. "You like that, don't you."

She stared deep into my eyes and nodded.

I reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, then lifted it up and over her tits. They were large and heavy, with large areoles, which I again grabbed with my thumbs and forefingers. As I pinched them I asked if she wanted more.

"More," she replied, despite her mild pain. "Please."

I pulled at the nipples, pulling them up, stretching her breast. I pinched them and pulled them, afraid I was hurting her, but she bit her lip and said, "More."

I pulled them out as far as I thought possible, and squeezed as hard as I could, until she let out a gasp. I released them. "You are such a slut." I squeezed them again, even harder. I knew that this was what she wanted. This was what she had asked for in her e-mails. And she knew the safe word that would cause me to stop. But even though her eyes were tearing up, she remained silent.

I grabbed each breast with an open hand, then squeezed, pushing them in against her body. After I released them, I gave each one a hard slap and took a step back.

"Thank you," she said, allowing her body to relax.

"Come," I said, as I walked back to the bench. When I reached the bench and sat down, I saw that she had resumed crawling. When she reached me, she again crawled between my legs. She knelt there awaiting my direction, staring at my erection in my pants. "And why are you here, Mary?"

She remembered: "To serve your cock." Then she looked up at me. "May I?"

"May you what?"

"May I make you cum?" When I nodded, she placed both hands on the crotch of my pants and massaged me. "When I get home I'm going to take out my vibrator and pretend it's your cock." She rubbed me with one palm, up and down the length of my cock. "I'm going to lick it and pretend my mouth is sucking your cock." She looked up at me and licked her lips. Her other hand found my balls through my pants and squeezed them. "Then I'm going to pull down my wet panties, and spread my pussy lips." As she massaged my balls, her fingertips reached below and rubbed against my ass. "And pretend it's your cock entering me, that you're fucking me with your hard, long cock." Her fingers were wrapped around the loose fabric of my pants. "And that you're fucking me fast and hard, and that you cum inside me, that your sweet cock fills my pussy with cum."

And with that I placed my hands on her head, and she rubbed me harder, until I started to cum, and globs of hot, wet cum filled my underwear. Mary pulled away, breathing heavy, a glazed look in her eyes. I knew she wanted to fuck me, but we had agreed that no fluids would be exchanged. Not today.

I quickly unzippered my pants and showed her my wet underwear.. "I need something to clean this with." Mary handed me her black lace bra, which I used to wipe the cum from my cock and underwear, then dropped the bra on the ground. "You're a good slut," I told her. When I patted her head, she smiled proudly.

She reached over to zipper me up. "Thank you," she said.

We stood up and I watched her roll up the bra so it could be hidden in her grip. We started walking though the clearing towards the path, but just before we reached it I told her to stop. I was standing right behind her. "Is your pussy still wet?"

"Wetter than ever," she told me.

I kept one hand on her shoulder, but the other I placed on her lower back. I slid it over her round ass, over each cheek, then lowered it until it was between her legs. Her pants were soaked through. I rubbed her through her pants, trying to open her slit, pushing her pants and panties inside her. It only took a minute or so and she started to moan. I fingered her some more and she began to cum.

After that, we walked back to our cars in silence. As I stared at her ass, I started to get hard again. She wouldn't be the only one masturbating when they got home.


Written during October, 2006 / Revised January 25, 2007

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