The Erotica of Al X : Doris - Episode 3

"Humiliated by the Neighbor"

(MF FDom Humil Oral Cum-Swap Piss)
Copyright (c) 2007 by Al X

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Summary:   A neighbor's dominance over Al continues. She forces him to do humiliating things like cleaning her after she urinates and eating her husbands cum.

" She walked in front of the toilet and waited for me. I walked to her and knelt down. I reached up her dress and found the waistband of her panty. As I pulled it down her fat thighs, she said: "You're a good slave." "

"Humiliated by the Neighbor"
by Al X

The horn honked a minute after I spotted our neighbor's car in the driveway. She was ordering me to come out to her. "It's Doris," I told my wife, who was making dinner in the kitchen. "I'll see what she wants."

"She's got a lot of nerve just honking the horn. How rude!"

"She definitely has a lot of nerve," I replied. "But you know Doris."

Our neighbor Doris was chubby, loud, brash, and unattractive. And in the last month she had become my dominating mistress.

After my wife had drunkenly revealed to her that I enjoyed licking her 'back there', Doris invited me into her house where she seduced me. At first she had me rubbing her ass through her panties. Soon I was licking her 'back there.' She even had me jerk off and swallow my own cum. On a second visit she had me masturbate her with a dildo, which I was forced to suck clean afterwards while she used a vibrator in my ass. I had become her slave, to be used and degraded. To be honest, I loved it.

On that last visit, before she allowed me to cum, she made me promise that I would do anything she commanded, and I promised I would even swallow her husband's cum. That was two weeks ago. I hadn't seen or heard from her since. Now she was in my driveway, honking her car horn.

"Please," I pleaded as i approached the car. "Caroline will get suspicious."

"That's YOUR problem," she told me with a cruel laugh. "My problem is I need to cum. Finger me." She spread her legs and pushed up her sundress. She wore a satiny blue panty.

I checked to make sure no one could see us, then leaned against the car door. I slipped my arm inside and soon my hand was on her chubby thigh. She grabbed my hand and practically threw it against her crotch. "I was thinking about you with a mouthful of Hank's cum and it got me so wet!" My fingers felt her damp panty, which she quickly pulled aside. "Finger my cunt, Al." She still had her hand wrapped around my wrist. "You remember your promise, don't you?"

"Of course." I used my forefinger to rub her slit, then raised my hand to find her clit.

"And you're going to honor it right? Tell me."

I nodded. "Yes, I promise I'll do it. But how-"

She began to move her hips up and down as I caressed her. "Come over Friday night, before 6:30, before Hank gets home." She closed her eyes, her climax building. She got a wild smile; she was imagining what would happen. When she opened her eyes she stared at me. "Open your mouth for me." After I did, she said: "On Friday I'll fill your mouth with a mouthful of Hank's jism. Don't worry how; I'll arrange everything." She started breathing heavier. My hand was moving faster. "Tell me what you're going do with it."

I knew what she needed to hear: "I'm going to let you fill my mouth with Hank's hot sticky cum. And I'm going close my lips and savor it. Then I'll open my mouth and stick out my tongue so you can see it."

"And then ... you'll swallow it? .... Right? ... You will, won't you?"

She was at the edge. "I'll swallow it all," I told her.

As my fingers dug deep inside her, she exploded, her grip on my wrist so tight it hurt. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." After that she drove away, leaving me with a throbbing erection and the need to make up an explanation for my wife.


Friday night. 6:00. I lied to my wife - "I'm going to grab a beer at the Pine Tree." - and parked about a block from Doris's house. I walked the alley that led to her back yard, careful that no one would see me. I felt like a spy on a dangerous mission. IN a way I guess I was.

Doris sat on the edge of her back porch, dressed in tight denim shorts and a see-through halter. "I've been expecting you," she said, with a slur that made me guess that she was on her fourth or fifth beer. She stood up and walked halfway to the back door then turned around. "Open wide," she commanded.

Like a good slave, I opened my mouth for her. It felt strange to be like this, so willingly subservient. It felt sexual, too, especially when she reached over and shoved three fingers into my waiting mouth. They were clumped together, but when she opened them she stretched my mouth open, so wide I began to gag. She merely laughed, then pointed to the floor.

"Down," she ordered, as if I were a bad dog, and as she withdrew her hand from my mouth, I knelt on the hard wooden deck. She looked down at me with an expression of disgust, then again commanded me. "Open."

As I opened my mouth again, she took a long swig of beer. Then she leaned over me until her face was directly over mine. She swirled the beer in her mouth, so loudly I could hear it foaming and fizzing inside her mouth. When she opened her lips the now warm frothy liquid gushed out of her mouth and down into mine. I caught most of it, but some splattered on my lips and cheeks. As I held my mouth open - like a full cistern - she reached below and massaged my throat. I closed my lips and swallowed her beer down.

How can I explain this: We had done nothing sexual, and yet I was fully hard. I felt ashamed, and yet sexually excited. What did she feel? Disdain for me - that I sensed. But she was getting off on the power trip.

"Come," she said. She turned around, giving me a view of her chubby ass in the tight shorts. I stood up and followed her inside. Their house was cozy, but humid. A TV was on in one of the rooms. In silence I followed her up the stairs.

The scent of roses filled the bedroom, from the bowls of potpourri and candles on the dressers and nightstand. She had satin sheets on the bed, and I imagined fucking her right then and there. But I knew that was not my place.

The second floor bathroom was attached to two bedrooms. One door led to the main bedroom. The other door led to a spare room used with storage; this is where I would hide, she explained. She would fellate Hank to orgasm, then meet me in the bathroom to transfer his cum. I could tell by the details that she had carefully thought this out. I wasn't worried about getting caught. I was worried about having a mouthful of Hank's jism.

She led me into the bathroom. As she flipped on the light she caught a glance at me through the sink mirror. "I guess I should pee before Hank gets home. Help me."

She walked in front of the toilet and waited for me. I walked to her and knelt down. I reached up her dress and found the waistband of her panty. As I pulled it down her fat thighs, she said: "You're a good slave."

"Thank you, Mistress."

As I pulled the panty down to below her knees I spied the big yellow stain in the crotch. "Maybe I'll give you my panty for a souvenir! Would you like that?"

"I would love it," I told her.

"Of course you would. You are a panty pervert."

I lifted her dress up above her big ass and she sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs. "Get a good look," she said as she grabbed my head and pulled it between her knees. My face was just inches away from her sex, and seconds later I saw her vaginal lips twitch and release a stream of hot, stinking urine. Most of it fell into the water, but some splashed about and landed on my face. Soon the stench from the bowl rose up, and as it did she suddenly let out a loud fart that reverberated in the bowl. The smell of her gas and urine was almost sickening, but as I knelt there, she stroked the back of my head. I should have gagged or even threw up. Instead I found myself sporting an erection.

She moved her hand and pulled at the hair near my forehead, forcing my head upwards until I was looking up at her. She looked at, then at her dirty vagina, then back at me. She raised her eyebrow.

I knew what she wanted. "May I clean you?"

She smiled. "I don't know what you mean. Can you be a little more ...explicit?"

"May I lick your pussy clean?" I stared up at here, ashamed, and when she didn't respond, I added: "May I lick your piss from your dirty pussy lips? May I clean your cunt with my tongue?"

"Of course you can," she answered as she slid her ass forward, giving me ready access to her pungent vagina. As I licked up the stinging urine from her mound of graying pubic hair, she said, "But do hurry. Hank should be home soon." I licked her crotch and even dug my tongue along her slit. She started getting turned on and soon pulled my head closer to her. She grinded her wet groin into my face. My nose was pushed into her clit, my tongue darted in and out of her, and soon another wetness seeped out of her. She finished up just as we heard the door open downstairs and Hank call out: "Anybody home? Doris? You home?"

"I'm in the bathroom, honey," she yelled. "Wiping up after I pee. I'll be right down."

She positioned me in the back room, behind a spare bed. She left each of the bathroom doors open half-way. With the bathroom and spare room lights turned off, I was in total darkness, but I had a narrow view into their bedroom.

She headed downstairs, and I waited in the darkness. My heart pounded, and my penis was fully hard. I couldn't believe I had allowed myself to get into this situation, and I wondered how far Doris would take this. I had ceded all power to her. I was fully in her control.

About ten minutes later I heard their voices in the hall. "I sure missed you," Hank was telling her. I could here the wanton craving in his voice. "I can't wait to see your naked body."

"And have you been thinking about what I promised you?"

"Were you serious? You'd really let me cum in your mouth?"

By now they were bounding into the bedroom. And as they got into view I could see that Hank was behind her, wrapping his arms around her, feeling her breasts through her dress. She was rubbing her big ass in his groin, obviously getting him hard.

"Your cock feels so nice. I missed it so much." As she grinded her ass into him, he pulled the dress up and over her body, She stood there in just her panty. One of his hands palmed her left breasts, squeezing her nipple, while his other hand trailed down her stomach and into her panty. "You're wet already!"

"Thinking about you," she told him, but she looked through the doors in my direction and smiled.

"I missed your sweet pussy, honey."

I watched as she grabbed his wrist. He must be fingering her, I thought.

"Did you miss my mouth, too, Hank?" She broke free and spun around. She gave him a long French kiss as her hands found his belt. His hands clasped her breasts and he kneaded those large mounds. They were both wild now, and when she broke the kiss she licked his neck then slid down onto her knees before him. "Get your cock out for me. I can't wait to taste you."

He hurriedly unzipped his pants and their four hands pushed his pants and underwear. As she reached for his organ, she had him sit on the edge of the bed. Now I could only see her back and her legs, but I could tell she had her head buried in his lap. "God, your cock is so big."

"That's it, honey, lick it like that."

"Are your balls full of cum, Hank?"

"Full of cum for you, dear." I could see her body rocking, and imagined her licking her husband up and down. "You make me feel so good."

"I want you to spurt your nasty cum in mouth."

"Are you sure?"

"I want you to fill my mouth with it."

"Then just keep sucking; I'm so close to cumming."

"But I can't swallow it, you know I-"

"You don't have to swallow. Just let me cum."

"And if run in the bathroom to spit it out" - she paused now and I knew she was taking long slurps of his rock hard cock - "you just let me be."

"Of course," he said, his voice getting higher in pitch.

"When I go in the bathroom" - another lick - "you'll crawl in bed" - another lick - "and you wait for me to come out."

"I promise, Doris, I promise." He raised both his feet. "That's it," he told her, "play with my asshole." And then he was cumming, for they were both silent, and I could see Doris's body moving faster, her back arching up and down, up and down. This was my cue: I stood up and crept by the bathroom door and waited. Seconds later I heard Hank: "That's it baby, I'm cumming. Take it all, honey, take it all. It feels so good!"

Standing in the darkness I wasn't sure I could do this. To swallow another man's cum! And yet I knew I had to do it. And I knew there was a part of me that desired it. Craved it even. To be used like this by Doris. My thoughts were interrupted by Doris running into the bathroom from the bedroom door. She closed the door behind her and flipped on the light. I stepped in from my doorway.

She stood there in all her glory. Naked, except for her panties, her huge tits swollen and hard. Her chin and lips were wet and sticky. She motioned for me to approach. I knelt on the small rug at her feet. She lowered her head and opened her mouth just enough to show the wad of cum that was waiting to be transferred. I opened my lips and stuck out my tongue. Doris shook her head as if she couldn't believe I would stoop to this, but she had no second thoughts.

She opened her lips and soon a large glob of white jism slipped out. I caught it with my waiting mouth. A long line of jismy spittle trailed from her lips to mine, and when she pulled away it broke and landed on my chin and chest. As I kept my mouth open she reached over and inseted a finger inside, to push the cum against my tongue. Then she moved her hand to rub my throat, her signal that I was to swallow. I did.

But this wasn't enough for her. She swished what was still in her mouth and then suddenly spat it down at me. It landed on my nose and lips. She seemed to enjoy this for she continued to spit on my face, again and again, until I was sure there was no more cum in her mouth. It was a final degradation, which I willingly submitted to.

She had me stand up then, and out of pity rubbed my crotch through my pants. A moment later my underwear filled with my own cum. She ordered me back to the spare room, to wait until they dressed and left the house to go out to dinner. For over an hour I sat, her degraded slave, in shame and darkness, and sticky, soiled underwear.


Written during May, 2007 / Revised May 12, 2007

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