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Some response from readers: "My panties are soaking wet! Great job." "I adored this story." "I read your story and headed off to the bedroom for some much needed stress relief." "Incredible." "Very, very erotic." "You write well and elegantly." "This one made me cum!" "You're a great writer. Your stories really turn me on." "Your stories excite me more than any on the entire web." "WOW!!! That was HOT!" "All of your stories are good." "Love all the Fdom stories." "Absolutely the best stories I have read in years." "I got so involved in your writing that ... I need to change my underwear and slacks." "Original and exciting."

Standard Disclaimer: This web site contains sexually graphic and explicit material. It is NOT suitable for minors.If you are a minor, LEAVE NOW as it is illegal for you to be here. If it is illegal for you to read or view sexually explicit material in your community, LEAVE NOW. If you are offended by sexually explicit stories, LEAVE NOW. The stories and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance to events or persons (living or dead) is purely coincidental. These stories are pure fiction and do not promote or condone the activities described herein, especially when it comes to unsafe sexual practices or sex between adults and minors.


  "A Gentle Master"
A 13-year-old boy discovers his submissive nature under his best friend's guidance. (mm)
  "Discovering Heatherís Intentions"  
A husband and wife learn the local bartenderís sexual intentions. (FF MF Fdom wife)
  "Another Man's Lap"
Two couples, two spankings, one exciting night. (MF MMF MDom spank wife)



"Hiking With Daddy"
A couple role play their incest fantasies with Al. (mf voy mast)
"Bad Husband, Mad Wife"
A wife discovers her husband's secret and punishes him. (MF FDom Spank)
"No Turning Back "
A woman meets her online lover for a a DOM/SUB encounter. (MF MDom Mild-Humil Oral)
"Helping Out a Single Mom"
A single mom offers her services to help pay her bills. Al offers to compensate her if he can give her an erotic massage. (MF panty massage)
"More Than A Quick Peek"
On a first date, Paula gives Al more than a quick peek at her sexy new panties! (MF panty mast)
Al gets a massage from a husband and wife who offer special services, like "reciprical touching." (MFM bi toys oral )
"The Surprise Visitor"
Sarahís expecting her secret online boyfriend to come to her house for a night of wild sex. When she answers the door, she finds a woman there instead. (FF FDom)
"The Massage - Her Turn"
A woman meets her online lover in a motel room. He gives her an erotic massage. (MF)
"She's No Stripper"
After Tom's wife finds out he was at a strip club, she puts on a how of her own. (MF)
"In the Parking Lot"
In a deserted parking lot, two strangers have sex in the backof her van. (MF)
"Surprising Kerrie "
Kerrie's boyfriend finds out she enjoys DOM/SUB porn. He surprises her by giving her what she wants. (MF MDom )
"Spanking Maddy"
Maddy has an internet friend give her a 'real' spanking. (MF MDom spank mast)
"Two for Kerrie "
After a night of drinking, Kerrie seduces her boyfriend and another man. (MMF anal)
"Look, But Don't Touch"
A submissive woman and a dominating man with a panty fetish - they meet in a coffee shop. (MF Mdom voy mast panty)
"A Secret Discovered"
When a man's secret - wearing his wife's panties - gets discovered, he finds himself dominated in his own house. (MM MDom cd mast panty)
"Tom's Restaurant Fantasy"
Two men - wearing panties - take their wives to the same restaurant.After dinner, they meet in the men's room. (MM MDom cd oral panty)

Al submits to his married neighbor.
"The Neighbor Takes Control"
After learning of her neighbor's secret desire, Doris invites him over and begins her dominance of him. (MF Anal Oral FDom Panty)
"Servicing The Neighbor"
Doris continues to dominate her neighbor. She calls him to her house. After having him service her orally, she takes him to the bedroom and opens a drawer filled with her toys. (MF Anal Oral FDom Toys)
"Humiliated by the Neighbor"
Doris continues to dominate her neighbor. She forces him to do humiliating things like cleaning her after she urinates and eating her husbands cum. (MF FDom Humil Oral Cum-Swap Piss)


A Latina BBW dominates a man at work.
"Well Done"
She has him clean her office, her feet, her ass. (MF FDom oral anal panty)
"Cleaning Up"
Further humiliation,including cleaning up a cum-filled panty. (MF FDom oral humil mast panty)
"The Going Away Present"
Their last time together. She has him 'clean up' her husband. (MF MM FDom oral anal creampie)


After catching her husband masturbating, a wife turns her husband into a panty boy sissy.
"His First Day As a Sissy"
A wife becomes dominating and forces her husband to wear her panty. (MF FDom oral mast panty)
"His Second Day As a Sissy"
She introduces dildos and vibrators to their sissy sessions. (MF FDom oral mast anal toys panty)
"The Sissy's Secret "
She learns that her sissy husband has secret bi cravings. (MF FDom oral mast anal toys panty)
"The Sissy in the Theater"
She takes her sissy husband to an adut theater so he can suck a real penis. (MMF FDom oral )
"The Sissy's Anal Adventures"
She has him clean up her vagina and ass with his tongue, then uses a large dildo on him. (MF oral anal creampie CD FDom)
"The Sissy Gets A Visitor"
He gets used by a male friend of his dominating wife. (MM oral anal CD)
"The Sissy's Ultimate Fantasy"
His ultimate fantasy is to see another have sex with his wife. (MMF oral anal creampie CD)


Dan wants tanother man to cum in his wife's panty.
"A Present for Al"
Dan gets a panty "good and wet" from his wife's sex. (MF oral panty)
"Motel Room 17"
In a cheap motel room, Dan masturbates Al into his wife's panty. (It's going to be a present for Dan's wife!) (MM mast panty)
"The Fantasy Realized"
Dan has sex with his wife - as she wears the soiled panty! (MF panty)


Mary craves to be dominated, humiliated and spanked roughly. Al agrees to help!
"Thursday in the Park with Mary"
In a deserted park she gets dominated and has her tits abused. (MF Mdom mast tit)
"Mary's Outdoor Spanking"
Her first real spanking, in a deserted park. (MF Mdom spank anal oral)
"Motel Room Spanking"
In a motel room, she gets spanked with objects. (MF Mdom spank anal oral)
"Her Boyfriend's Punishment"
Her secret discovered, she willingly pays the price. (MF spank anal oral)

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