Lisa's Chronicles Book 1 by 7.92x57

(Fg, Mg, MMMg, beast rp, beast, tort, scat)

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FIRST things first I guess. This is an erotic story written for the enjoyment of consenting adults. If you are not consenting don't read it (now that made a lot of sense). If you are not an adult don't read it. This story contains pedophilia, bestiality and incest as well as elements of bsdm. If this offends you or violates your personal moral code DON'T READ IT.

SECOND: While I have the soapbox I want to say something about the nature of fantasy. That is what this story is FANTASY. I do not condone or agree with the activities portrayed in this story. The central adult character, Lisa, abuses her child physically, sexually and emotionally for her own sexual gratification.

Lisa is SICK (I don't like her very much). Anyone in real life who harms a child deserves to be castrated then shot. That said, what is harm? Is a consenting, loving, sexual relationship between a child and an adult harmful? If done with care it is not physically harmful but there are other kinds of harm. Is it emotionally harmful? Perhaps, perhaps not, in actuality it probably varies case by case. Children don't have labels, there is no tag that says 'I can handle sex'. So for that reason alone caring adults should not consider a sexual relationship with a child (uncaring adults are going to do as they damn well please).

THIRD: Now I wish to speak on incest. I have no problem on a moral level with incest. I even consider the idea erotic (go figure) on an abstract level. I only have problems with incest is when it involves an adult and a child. The adult whether he/she be a parent or uncle/aunt or whatever is in a position of authority over the child. That brings in the possibility of coercion. Even if this is not intended there will be an element of it there just because of the authority position. Most children want to please their parents. A child that is subject to sexual advances by a parent may acquiesce even if this is not something they wish to do. I would have the same problem if the adult were a teacher or a principle. Other than that I have no problems with incest. If a brother and sister want to play around under the sheets, as long as certain precautions are taken, more power to them.

LAST: I want to speak on the nature of eroticism. This is in two parts, the first ties in with the nature of fantasy above. I find many things erotic in literature, these include, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, torture, rape, water sports etc... Very few of these things would I find erotic if I was a participant. Let me state that again, not only would I not do them (for moral reasons) but the thought of actually doing them turns me off like a light. Curious, I enjoy reading about them but the thought of doing them is repellant.

Now for the second part, I have for many years read erotic stories, starting with filched copies of Penthouse Letters as a teenager then downloading them from BBS's and finally the internet. I have found many, many erotic stories that I have enjoyed immensely. I have also found a great deal of duds. To be erotic a story needs several things. It has to be believable both in the setting and the actions/reactions of the participants. A story where a child walks into a pool hall, raises her dress and takes on everybody in the place would not be erotic for me no matter how hot the sex, because I would not believe it. A story has to be descriptive. Adjectives and adverbs are important. Don't tell me that Jane dropped to her knees and fucked the dog. Tell me what she feels, what she says, how she moves. Don't tell me a child is cute. Describe her, what is her skin tone, what color are her eyes, her hair? How soft is her skin? What is she thinking?

Lisa Seeles sighed as she modeled before the mirror. At 33 she still had a body that any man would drool over. Certainly on her infrequent trips into town there was no lack of appreciative glances tossed her way. At 5'3'' and 95 pounds she was not tall but she was perfectly in proportion. Platinum blond hair framed a face that still qualified as ravishing. A slender neck led to smooth tanned shoulders and a pair of perky 32-inch breasts that still stood proudly up without need of a bra. Her stomach was flat with just a hint of muscle moving beneath the thin layer of subcutaneous fat that made women so delightfully soft. Her hips flared invitingly into a heart shaped ass and a pair of smooth, long legs that seemed to go on forever. Her delightful cunt was surmounted by a carefully trimmed bush of the same platinum as that on her head.

She sighed again as she twisted and turned, "nothing wrong with the package" she decided. The problem was that she was the only one who ever got to unwrap it. At twenty-four Lisa had met and married Paul Seeles after a brief passionate courtship. He had been a rancher ten years her senior but handsome and strongly built. Lisa had taken to married life on Paul's remote spread like a fish to water, quickly taking over the ranches small side operation of breeding dogs for hunting and show.

Camelot it had seemed and so it was but it had come to a fiery end just three years before. Their only child, Kaley had just turned two the day before a state police car had made its somber way up the mile long gravel drive. Paul had been returning from a cattle show late at night. A long drizzling rain had made the roads treacherous. When he had called earlier in the afternoon he had indicated that he would stop for the evening and finish the drive in the morning. He had apparently changed his mind and tried to drive on in. Fatigue was a decisive factor the police decided. The heavy trailer with three prime breeding bulls aboard had begun to fishtail according to witnesses. Instead of slowing or tapping the trailer brakes to pull it into line the driver had done the worst possible thing; he'd tried to counter-steer to cancel the swaying. This had only exaggerated the problem, on the wet road it had taken little for the swaying trailers tires to give up their grip. The trailer had jackknifed, swinging the Suburban tow vehicle across the centerline of the narrow state two-lane like a weight on a string. The driver of semi loaded with new farm tractors had barely had time to blink before his cab rose skyward as the sturdy suv was rolled over and crushed beneath his tractor.

No one knew if Paul was alive at that point, the painfully shy state trooper had tried to reassure her that he wasn't. It didn't matter. As the stunned semi driver had slithered down from his cab and other witnesses pulled to the side of the road to render aid the Suburban's long range tanks, installed by Paul himself from a mail order parts house just weeks before, had burst into flames. So fierce was the fire that the semi-tractor was consumed as well.

Stunned Lisa had listened numbly as a legion of lawyers had led her through the minutiae of death. Paul had made sure she and Kaley would be provided for in case the worst occurred. The ranch, all 600 acres of it was deeded to her and paid off in full by several insurance policies. Three more policies provided generous trust funds for her and Kaley as well as providing nearly a half million in cash. Neither Lisa nor her now fatherless daughter would ever need worry about money again.

She had sunk into despair after the accident; her lover and best friend had suddenly been snatched from her. Despair was only to be expected. It was Kaley that had drawn her back. The toddler had grieved as a child does when she learned that daddy wasn't coming home, intensely but briefly, within days she had sprang back and grudgingly as the weeks then months passed she had drug her mother along with her.

Lisa had sold the cattle and laid off the hands, each of the latter were given good references and a generous severance package. She kept the small dog-breeding operation. The money it produced was trivial next to what the trust fund provided but she enjoyed working with the animals and it gave her something to invest her energy in.

She had let a year pass before tentatively moving back into the dating scene. Living thirty miles the backside of nowhere with a three-year-old daughter had complicated things but she had managed, only to find only disappointments the only reward for her efforts. She was looking for a friend and father for her daughter. Her suitor's were either looking for a quick piece of tail or a chunk of the money that Paul had thoughtfully left behind. After six months she had given up in disgust. Since then she had devoted herself to Kaley and her dogs. Fingers and a carefully hidden vibrator took care of the occasional baser urge.

She was sorting laundry upstairs when a shriek from below sent laundry and basket flying in different directions. A thousand scenarios of disaster flew through her mind as she charged down the polished oak runners but none prepared her for what she found when she finally reached the bottom.

Kaley, her five-year-old daughter was on hands and knees on the oriental rug that adorned the bare wood of the entrance hall. The child's short dress had been rucked up over her back clearly displaying her lack of panties. That fact in itself was not remarkable the girl often forgot to put them back on again after going to the potty. What made the situation unusual was the large black Dane, the family dog 'Rooster', that had his nose shoved up the pre-teen's dress and was avidly licking at the child's exposed charms.

Lisa's first reaction was to run forward and yank the filthy animal off of her baby. She actually took two halting steps before stopping. Despite Kaley's continued whimpering the dog was not harming her and Lisa could not deny the sudden tingle in her own neglected cunt. She pulled back to the cover of the stairs and snaked her hand up her dress. Her fingers quickly found her moistening pussy and began their magic dance through the cotton of her panties.

For some minutes Rooster pillaged the child's pussy and ass, Kaley's whimpers died off to a low cooing punctuated by and occasional yelp when the big animal caught her tiny clit or cuntlip with a tooth. During this time Lisa continued to masturbate, finally yanking her panties aside to go at her bare pussy.

Suddenly Rooster withdrew; Lisa had not cum yet and was a little disappointed. That changed in the next instant when the dog threw himself on Kaley's back and prepared to mount. Lisa was up in an instant again prepared to rescue her daughter but again she halted before reaching the scene. The burning in her pussy had become an inferno at the perverse thought of Rooster fucking her daughter. Motherhood warred with arousal and locked her in stasis.

Rooster decided the issue himself, still unaware of his mistress's presence he continued to root around, desperately trying to find a place to stick the aroused red pole that his cock had become. It had elongated to seven angry red inches while he had eaten the child now it wanted satisfaction. He thrust and wiggled to no avail then his victim came to his aid. Kaley had decided to try and get away, in preparation she rose off her knees to try and gather her feet. This act put her immature dog-spit wet pussy at just the right height. The tip of Rooster's impressive cock just barely penetrated between the child's lips as soon as he felt it the dog gave a little surge, like a fisherman setting his hook, and sent almost an inch of horny dick into the pre-teens unsullied cuntlet. Kaley screamed as if being disemboweled.

Lisa had finally started forward when it looked like Kaley would extricate herself. Her hands were reaching for the dog's sleek black back when he finally found his target. At Kaley's scream Lisa halted hand outstretched. She screamed at herself, ordering her hands to move but nothing happened. Rooster pulled out slightly and the arched his back. Lisa recognized the action he was preparing for the decisive plunge. Again she tried to move but it seemed she was locked in immobility.

Rooster surged forward like a coiled spring, in an instant the rapists cock surged three inched into Kaley's tiny cunt, destroying her hymen forever. Another jerk and then another and Rooster's whole cock was encased in a tight wet vise. He howled in delight. For her part Kaley didn't make a sound, the child was in shock, unable to draw a breath as the massive invader tore into her pussy. She gasped and gaped as the dog withdrew and rammed in again.

Lisa finally was finally able to move but to her horror she went backward not forward. A part of her tried to rationalize, Kaley's virginity was gone, there was no great harm to letting the dog finish. She knew it was a sham however and raged at her own weakness as she retreated to the stairs and knelt. Her pussy was now a sopping mass; she pulled her panties aside so violently she tore one leg out of the sodden garment. With here ruined panties hanging around one leg Lisa Seeles settled down to watch the family dog rape her five-year-old daughter, both hands busy on her hot wet pussy.

Rooster picked up the pace, fucking like only a dog did, his jackhammer thrusts shaking the child under him while her not yet ripe pussy quailed at the friction of his cock. Kaley finally found her voice, a scream was followed by several pitiful sobs, "Mommy!" she called before trailing off into another gurgling sob, "Mommy!"

Far from returning motherhood to the fore the cries just inflamed Lisa more. Her pussy lubricated left hand snaked toward her asshole while her right was a blur on her dripping cunt. Her eyes never left the perverse scene before her. "Rape her Rooster", she mumbled under her breath, "tear her little pussy up, fuck her to death." Her own ranting stoked her fires higher and she shoved three fingers into her cunt and began to saw them in and out.

Rooster was in the stretch. His aching balls were rumbling as he fucked the child faster. His knot inflated and began to bang for entrance but the pre-schooler's pussy was just too small. The child's flawless round butt cheeks jiggled appealingly as the huge dog continued his assault. Seeing their creamy perfection scraped and battered by the beast's hairy belly only pushed Lisa's passion to new heights. She shoved a finger up her ass and stuffed a fourth into her passion inflamed cunt.

Abruptly Rooster rammed his cock to full depth and went rigid. His balls exploded and his watery spunk spewed from his deeply buried prick to hose the child's burning passage. Surprised at the surprisingly soothing sensation of the hot slime flooding the depths of her abused pussy, Kaley halted in mid wail. Her screams dropped to low whimpers as the dog continued to empty his seed into her. Her tiny, tightly packed pussy soon could hold no more, dog sperm backed up and began to run from the juncture of her tightly sealed, bald cuntlips and her rapists throbbing prick. The normally clear fluid had been tinted red by Kaley's virginal blood.

Seeing Rooster cumming in her daughter sent Lisa over the edge, bright colors invaded her vision and blackness closed in around the edges as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced exploded over her. The cream flowed from her pussy like water, gathering in a slimy aromatic puddle on the floor and coursing down her shapely legs. The last thing she saw before the thunderous cum stole her sight was Roosters abundant spunk pouring from her darling daughters fucked out pussy as Rooster withdrew with a wet pop.

When she came to her senses a moment later the dog was curled at her feet lazily licking his shrinking cock. Fearfully she looked up but Kaley had dropped to her stomach in exhaustion with her legs slightly spread and her cute little buns and darling pussy still fully exposed, red tinged spunk still trickled from her now sealed slit. Thankfully she had not seen her mother in such a compromising position

Lisa stepped out of her ruined panties and used them to wipe her slick thighs then dropped the sodden mass into her denim mini's front pocket then stepping over the preoccupied Rooster she approached her softly crying daughter.

"Kaley darling what's wrong?" She knelt by the exhausted girl, her voice holding nothing but motherly concern. "Are you okay?" One had smoothed the child's sweaty hair while the other dropped of its own accord to the tiny rounded ass. The smooth skin of reddened butt cheek felt like velvet under her touch. One finger idly traced the pre-schooler's crack.

If Kaley noticed her mother's liberty's she didn't show it. She twisted around and shot into her mother's arms. "Mommy, Rooster hurt me!", she wailed, burying her tear streaked face in her mother's arms.

Lisa stroked her child's hair. "There, there baby", she cooed, "did he bite you?"

"No", Kaley sniffled.

"Did he scratch you?"


Lisa pulled her daughter up and pushed her gently to arms length. "Then what did he do baby?"

The tiny child's angelic face dropped downward, her cheeks reddening. "He licked me, then..then" she drew a deep shuddering breath, "then he poked his thing in me."

Lisa tugged her daughter's face up so their eyes met. "Show me where baby."

Slowly Kaley tugged up her dress until her until recently virgin pussy was exposed to her mother's gaze. The smoothly rounded lips, so like a tiny butt were reddened and glistened wetly under a thick layer of dog slime. "There mommy."

Lisa slid her hand down her daughter's smooth thigh and then gently crossed over to caress the abused cunt with one finger, "Poor baby, does it hurt?"

The five-year-old nodded gravely, "It burns."

Lisa stood, scooping her daughter into her arms her hand sliding beneath the short little girl dress to cup the child's bare bottom. "Well, we'll make it better. I think a hot bath and then a nice soothing salve will help a lot. Then I'll have a talk with that bad dog." There was no sign of Rooster as Lisa stepped over the cooling puddle of her own cum and mounted the stairs. All the way to the master bath her hand continued to take liberties with her daughters smooth round butt.

She filled the tub and then pulled off Kaley's dress, pausing for a moment to admire her darling daughter's nakedness. Her recently sated pussy gave a twinge as her gaze traveled down her baby's violated body. Rooster's claws had reddened Kaley's chest as he had scrabbled for a hold but the fabric of the child's dress had prevented any actual scratching. She seated the child in the hot tub; Kaley winced as the water stung her abused pussy.

Lisa reached for the soap but then inspiration struck and she grabbed the shampoo instead. "Let's do your hair first baby." It was a reversal of Kaley's normal bath order but she made no objection. Lisa wet her daughter's head and then poured on a generous dollop of shampoo, much more than she would normally use. Soon a thick lather was building as she worked the suds, cascading down Kaley's neck and face. As was her habit the child clenched her eyes tightly shut. The shampoo stung her sensitive eyes badly and she would not re-open them until she was thoroughly rinsed. Lisa finished washing the girl's hair and then for good measure scrubbed her ears and face with the suds. "Stand up baby."

"Aren't you going to rinse my hair mommy?"

"Not yet baby, let me wash the rest of you then I'll rinse you all at once."

It was another departure from routine but again Kaley made no protest.

Once the dripping child was standing Lisa took up the soap and began lathering her upper body. She gently worked over the flat chest, both arms and then the girl's smooth back. She then gently replaced the soap and spoke softly. "Baby we've got to wash out where Rooster put his thing. We need to make sure there are no germs."

Kaley whimpered softly, "It's sore mommy."

"I know baby, I'll be gentle but we've got to get it clean. This might feel a little funny."

"Okay mommy", Kaley sniffed.

Lisa retrieved a stray scrunchy from the vanity then pulled her hair back severely and secured it. Then she dropped prone and grasped her daughter's tiny perfect ass with one hand and pulled her close. With her face still covered in shampoo Lisa knew her daughter would not open her eyes. Thus she would never see her mother eating her freshly dog-fucked pussy.

Lisa leaned close, Kaley wasn't old enough yet for her little cunt to have taken on the musky aroma of a mature pussy, but it there was something over the smell of wet skin, a strange exotic spice. The smell of Roosters cum. Being careful not to breathe on her daughter's sensitive cuntlet, Lisa extended her tongue and traced the tiny slit from top to bottom. She pulled back to breathe then darted forward again, this time using her tongue to pry the delicate lips apart then pushing it slowly inside. Several times she probed deep as Kaley whimpered from something that was not pain then withdrew for another breath. In she went again, this time swabbing the abused walls of the child's immature pussy. The taste of her daughters sweet cunt mixed with Rooster's cum to create a flavor that was like ambrosia. Minutes passed as the sucked the heady mixture from her daughter's pussy. Several times she glanced up but Kaley's eyes were still tightly closed.

Finally deciding she had pushed her luck far enough the young mother took up the soap and finished her daughters bath. After rinsing she got the girl out of the tub and toweled her dry, once darting in to kiss her little ass as she knelt behind her, feverishly wishing she could find an excuse to get her tongue up the little pink asshole that winked at her as she padded the last of the water off the tiny frame.

After putting Kaley down for a much needed nap Lisa went to her own room and fingered herself to a series of thundering orgasms, though none quite as intense as the one only an hour of so before. "I watched a dog rape my daughter", she thought. "I ate her sweet pussy. I kissed her little ass." As each depraved thought thundered through her head she came again and again.

The next three days were terrible for Lisa; guilt was now taking its toll. She felt awful, lower than the lowest scum. She had taken advantage of her own daughter for her own perverted needs. What kind of filthy excuse for a mother would do such a thing? During this time she kept Kaley at arms length, baths were a clinical affair of minimal duration. Touching was limited to brief pecks on the cheek and the occasional perfunctory hug. Still despite her guilt and despite her vows to the contrary each night she frigged herself to a mind-blowing orgasm before sleep took her.

Kaley seemed little altered by the event. She quickly made up with Rooster and was soon romping through the house happily with the big dog in pursuit. Though to Lisa's relief and shameful semi-disappointment the child's former forgetful attitude about panties had vanished. Her little charms were now constantly encased in demure white cotton.

On the fourth morning after the rape Lisa heard a commotion from the living room and emerged from the kitchen to find that Rooster had again knocked her daughter down and was attempting to mount. Kaley's panties frustrated the attempt however and the dog gave up before Lisa could intervene. Kaley sprang to her feet and shot her mother a brilliant smile and went right back to her play, a barking Rooster in pursuit.

Lisa realized she was going to have to do something about that situation.

She did it that afternoon while Kaley was down for her nap. Three times she entered the child's pink and white lace decorated room. Each time self-doubt and shame drove her back. The fourth time perverted fantasies won through and she began to rummage through the girls pink lacquered dresser. It was summer, too hot for these things she told herself as she removed every pair of panties from her daughters wardrobe. For good measure she removed all shorts too, then going to the closet she pulled out every dress that was more than mid-thigh length. She made her way to the attic and locked the looted clothing in with the winter coats and blankets.

She was sweeping the next morning when Kaley appeared at the head of the stairs, "Mommy, I don't have any panties!"

Keeping her voice level and head down Lisa replied with what she hoped was nonchalance. "I put them away honey. It's really too hot for them right now."

"But mommy people might see my butt."

Lisa smiled up at her daughter, "there's nobody to see but me baby." A tiny twinge of shame fought its way to the surface as she thought of just how much she wanted to see her darling's butt. "Besides, I need the room to hold your new clothes. I thought we'd go into town and get you some new dresses."

"Yippee", Kaley said, jumping into the air. Though only five she already had a woman's full share of vanity when it came to her wardrobe.

That afternoon with Kaley modestly dressed and a pair of the purloined panties covering her little butt Lisa fired up the farm's seldom used truck and they made the thirty-mile drive to Owensburg, the nearest town of any size. They made a whirlwind circuit of the three clothiers the burg boasted of. Lisa smiled as she let Kaley pick out a dozen new dresses of any style she wanted, only shooting down those that failed to meet one criteria. If Kaley noticed that none of her new outfits came to more than a few inches below her crotch it wasn't evident. As Kaley emerged from the dressing rooms to model outfit after outfit, often twirling so her little panties showed Lisa noticed more than one man casting covert glances at the display. A week ago that would have infuriated her. Now it only increased the itch in an already itchy pussy.

When they left the last store Kaley insisted on wearing one of her new outfits, a tiny dress of back velour that was not at all practical for the summer heat. They had supper at a western themed steak house. Kaley sat against the wall and happily munched her way through a junior meal with ice cream for dessert. All though the meal she had sat with her legs partially spread, the tiny dress had pulled up to put her crotch on plain display. Her thin panties had been dampened by sweat during the long day and her plump mons with its prominent slit was clearly evident. Lisa munched through her meal pretending not to notice the display but she took every opportunity to glance around the restaurant to see how many men were taking in the free show. She caught several men and even one woman. All turned away when she caught their eye.

They made the thirty-mile drive back to the ranch. Lisa bathed Kaley and put her to bed then dug out her vibrator and attacked her sudsy pussy. Only after three cums could she think clearly.

She once again entered the attic. She located a sturdily build case of some girth and opened it. Inside rested various pieces of video equipment, including a three camera remote setup that could be operated from a specially equipped laptop computer. Paul had used these to film his bulls at cattle shows, more recently she herself had taken to using it when she showed her dogs. She ignored the remote equipment for now and pried a small handheld unit from its foam compartment. She also took a fresh tape and the camera's charger and the retraced her steps. Only after making sure the battery was charging did she return to bed. She opted for fingers this time and let the vibrator rest.

Guilt again reared its ugly head the next morning when Kaley appeared in a blue jumper that was possibly even shorter than the black outfit she had worn back from town. As she came down the stairs her horny mother got a full view of her perfect little pussy. Lisa shoved the guilt aside; her baby had taken no harm from events to date. So there was no reason to think she wouldn't be fine in the future.

Kaley played inside that morning, her short dress pulling up no matter how often she tugged it down, her delighted mother was treated to shot after shot of her delicious ass and immature cunt. Lisa wore a short sundress and had herself forgone panties. As morning wore toward afternoon her hand kept creeping beneath the light fabric to churn her increasingly wet pussy.

It was early afternoon; Kaley and Rooster were romping on the open-air patio when Lisa again heard a shriek. She dropped the dust cloth she had been wielding and dove for the dining alcove where she'd left the camera. She yanked the battery from its charger and slammed it into the appliance with fumbling fingers then crept toward the sliding glass door.

Kaley was bent over the seat of a padded lawn chair, her little dress shoved almost to her armpits exposing most of her creamy back as well as her round little ass and delightful little slit. Rooster held her pinned with one paw while he licked away, this time the big dog was alternating between the child's pussy and asshole. Kaley shrieked but not as bad as the first time.

The angle did not please Lisa; Kaley lay in such a way that if she turned her head to the left she would see her mother. Lisa crept sideways a dozen feet to clear the zone of danger before bringing the viewfinder to her eye. She tested the zoom then pulled the trigger and began to film her daughter's second rape.

Rooster was really going at the child's holes. His tongue would first lick at her cunt for a few strokes then slip inside, the agile muscle shoving the tightly closed little cunt apart. Kaley yelped when this occurred because generally one or more teeth got into the mix. After ravaging the five year olds pussy for a few moments Rooster would change targets and send his large, wet tongue slithering over her asshole, he'd lick at this a few strokes then curl his tongue and force it past her sphincter. Kaley really yelled the first time this happened setting off a sympathetic twinge in her mother's dripping cunt.

The camera was a good one with a 12-power zoom; Lisa sent it all the way in till Kaley's stretched asshole stuffed with Rooster's probing tongue filled the viewfinder. Thankfully the camera also had electronic stabilization; Lisa was frigging herself so hard with her free hand that the video would have been useless otherwise.

She dropped the view briefly to capture several frames of the Danes swelling prick. It had expanded all the way out of its hairy sheath and hung throbbing, red and angry beneath his belly. When she returned to the oral action Rooster had attacked pussy again. He'd pried Kaley's cuntlet apart and shoved most of his tongue inside. Now he seemed to be trying to follow with his whole snout. She zoomed in again; the child's whole left lip was pried outward and trapped between the dog's sharp teeth. Lisa had a vision of him actually biting through the tender cunt lip and it sent a firebolt sizzling around her own gushing twat.

She shoved four fingers into her cunt. "Bite through it boy", she mumbled in her passion, "bite right through her little cunt lip. Give her a doggy piercing."

To her disappointment Rooster did not do so, though from Kaley's yells you would have thought he'd bit it off. The dog backed off then reared up and mounted, his scrabbling claws actually pulling the girl's dress down a little, though not enough to hide any of the show. Kaley tried to rise but Rooster outweighed her three to one, she was going nowhere. Once in position the dog began to root around trying to find the entrance to that wonderful place he'd been before but the height just wasn't quite right. He banged around futilely for nearly minute and seemed on the verge of dismounting when Lisa intervened.

Setting the camera on an end table and zooming till Kaley's thighs and bare ass filled the viewfinder she approached the mismatched pair. Stroking Rooster to keep the dog from starting she dropped down behind Kaley's tiny form and took Rooster's cock firmly in hand. She'd had to do this often enough before, but this time the bitch was her own daughter. Unable to resist she leaned forward and sent her tongue root deep into her daughter's slimy pussy. She wiggled it around a little then bit the girl's tiny clit. She was about to pull the dog forward but her baby's wriggling asshole caught her eye. Stifling a moan she drove her tongue like a spear past Kaley's sphincter. The muscle spasmed around her tongue, gathering herself Lisa pushed deeper, feeling the little ring give as the broad blade of her tongue pushed past. She ended with her wide spread lips sealed to Kaley's butt and nearly two inches of tongue buried in her squirming bowels.

Reluctantly, Lisa pulled her tongue from her daughters beautiful asshole, noting that the ring took several seconds to reseal. Pulling Rooster forward by the cock she pulled until the tip entered her daughters soon to be sullied cunt. Sensing this was the place the dog shoved and sent half his prick into the hot, tight sheath of Kaley's pussy. As he began his first preliminary stroked Lisa dropped onto her butt, one hand busy in her pussy as she enjoyed this up close look; her daughter's anguished wails only made it better.

As Rooster began to pound in earnest Lisa scrambled back to the camera. She did her best to capture all of the action as Rooster enthusiastically raped her daughter. As before the dog's knot simply wouldn't fit, once inflated it banged bruisingly against her lips but the portal held. Lisa zoomed in as the dog's huge balls slapped Kaley's mound just below her slit. Kaley's cries had dropped to a dull whimper that issued forth in time with the dog's thrusting prick. Lisa mauled her pussy as she tried to hold the camera steady. She wished she could get a finger up her ass but she was one hand short.

She had a moment of panic as Rooster shifted to the right and drug the impaled Kaley with him; she was caught square in her daughter's peripheral vision and froze in shamed terror. Quickly however she noticed that her child's tear streaming eyes were tightly closed. She eased out of the danger zone and resumed filming and frigging.

The climax came suddenly. Rooster gave a low growl and then thrust deep. The dog howled as his nuts burst sending his seed coursing into the impaled five-year-old. Lisa could have easily gone over the edge herself at that point and desperately wanted to, she would surely have lost control of the camera however. Sacrificing her own cum she zoomed in on the juncture of beast cock and immature, ravaged pussy. Through the viewfinder she could actually see Rooster's cock pulse as he delivered his hot, slimy load. Dog cum spurted from Kaley's chubby lipped cunt and pooled on the nylon covered chair cushion before dripping to the floor.

Rooster gave one last low growl and then began to back out. Lisa backed toward the door even as she kept the camera focused and zoomed in closer. The dog's cock pulled free with a low, wet pop followed by a river of dog cum. Kaley's cunt gaped open for a moment before the lips began to reluctantly seal. Lisa dropped to her knees' and pushed the zoom to its limits, for a brief moment the camera looked right up the cum gushing little pussy. Not wanting to be caught she stopped taping a few seconds later and made her exit before Kaley recovered.

She went straight upstairs. Placing the camera on her dresser, she threw herself onto the bed and attacked her cunt and asshole, grunting like an animal gone wild as she climbed toward orgasm. Higher and higher she climbed. The walls closed in as she mauled her pussy and asshole, the whole world shrunk to those two sopping openings. Even Kaley's tearful cry of "mommy" from the base of the stairs only added fuel to the conflagration raging in her pussy. She had left the bedroom door standing wide open, if Kaley climbed the stairs she would find her mother fucking herself with both hands after she had just been assaulted a second time by the family dog. That thought pushed her over the edge, her breath gushed out as she crashed into the orgasmic abyss.

She was in fact almost caught. She came back to herself just in time to hear the last footsteps as Kaley climbed the stairs. She rolled off the bed and yanked down her dress, she threw a glance at the foot wide wet spot plainly obvious on her now wrinkled bed but had no time to do anything about it for her daughter chose that moment to appear in the doorway.

Kaley sniffled and wiped her tearful eyes on one sleeve of her now wrinkled new dress. "Mommy, can I start wearing panties again?"

Lisa thought fast, "I told you it was too hot honey....", she stopped as if a thought had just occurred to her. "Did Rooster hurt you again?"

Kaley nodded sadly.

"That damned dog, I swear I'll put him down if it happens one more time."

Kaley looked puzzled, "What is put down?"

"I'll have to shoot him honey, like we did with that retriever that got run over by the truck." Kaley had cried days after that despite wounds that even a then four-year-old Kaley knew were fatal.

The child's face screwed up and she began to cry in earnest. "No mommy, don't shoot Rooster?" Despite the attacks Kaley still dearly loved the big animal.

Lisa took two steps, knelt and pulled the trembling girl to her. "Okay baby if you don't want me too I won't." The child's defense of her rapist went far to convince Lisa that the attacks were causing little real harm they had also served a second purpose, tabling the question of panties for now. Her awakening conscience shuddered and withdrew under a renewed spurt of desire as she eased her right hand under Kaley's dress and palmed the smooth little girl ass. Wetness in the child's crack deserved investigation. Lisa rocked her daughter as she rubbed slimy dog cum into those delightful cheeks. She finally pulled free and kissed her daughter on the nose eliciting a delighted giggle from the recipient. "I'd say somebody needs a bath then we'll go for a picnic at the creek, sound good."

Kaley gave an enthusiastic nod then hand and hand mother and daughter made their way to the bath.

Once again Lisa shampooed Kaley's hair first then left the lather on as she worked her way down the child's body. "I'm going to wash inside honey like last time okay?"

"Okay mommy". There was no trepidation in the voice; there might even have been a hint of eagerness. Making sure her hair was pulled back Lisa gently leaned in and lightly swabbed Kaley's beautiful pussy with her tongue. Taking care to avoid any other telltale contact between her head and Kaley's body she pushed inside. As before the taste of baby pussy mixed with dog cum had a powerful effect, her own pussy gave a twinge and began to lubricate heavily as she ate her daughters sweet, immature cunt. She stopped before she would have liked and took up the soap again. Finishing the front she gently turned Kaley around.

The sight of that perfect little ass just inches from her nose caused a renewed flow from her insatiable twat. She debated with herself then spoke, "I'm going to make sure your back hole is clean to baby, okay."

Kaley giggled, "Rooster didn't do anything there mommy."

Lisa's cunt again twinged at that thought, it might need looking into. "Well we need to clean it anyway okay?"

"Okay mommy."

Lisa jammed a hand up her dress as she pulled Kaley to her with the other. Bringing her nose close she inhaled the scent of wet little girl butt then gently kissed each delightful cheek. Reluctantly pulling her cunt slick hand from under her dress she used both to gently pull those soft cheeks apart. She nearly swooned as her pre-school daughter's perfect little asshole appeared only an inch from her nose. She leaned in and planted a gentle kiss on the tiny ring then sent her tongue out to bathe it in hot saliva. Ever so gently she pushed till the little muscle relented and the tip of her tongue entered her baby's delightful ass. She didn't dare push deep as she had while the child was preoccupied by her coming rape but was content to gently rim the girl for several minutes.

After her bath Kaley was excited about the promised picnic but her mother had a very needful chore to perform. Setting the little girl to gathering supplies she slipped back upstairs and in a few thunderous minutes mauled her cunt into submission. When she had finished the wet spot was nearly a yard across.

Lisa saddled Ranger, her big roan mare and then the little pony Kaley had christened 'Barney' after a certain purple dinosaur. They mounted and were off, Rooster sped ahead barking as if urging the horses to keep up. He was answered by a not very melodious baying from the kennel as several dozen dogs announced their desire to join the outing.

They made the creek in less than fifteen minutes. Lisa pulled the saddles from the mounts and set them to grazing beneath a big willow while Kaley romped onto the slick stones above the little pool they used for swimming. Lisa finished the chore and returned to find Kaley morosely staring at the cool, shaded pool.

"What's wrong baby?"

"I forgot my bathing suit."

Lisa knelt, "Come here honey."

Kaley carefully made her way to shore over the slick stones.

Lisa pulled her in and kissed her forehead than grasped the hem of the child's dress, this one an old garment, and pulled it off before Kaley could protest. "There, now you can swim."

Kaley stared at her mother with all the indignation a five-year-old could muster, "naked!"

"Sure baby, there's no one around to see." As if to prove it she shucked out of her own tee shirt and ragged cutoffs. She wore a rather conservative yellow one-piece beneath but this followed the outer garments. Nude, Lisa took her equally bare daughters hand and led her into the cool water.

They romped joyfully for several hours. Lisa took no new liberties with her daughter, settling for flashes of bare flesh and the occasional caress of the privates as they splashed and played. Finally Kaley held up one hand, "I'm getting wrinkly."

The exited the water and toweled dry then attacked the basket Kaley had packed. Lisa soon discovered the folly of letting her daughter pick the victuals, wet pussy or no. The girl's idea of a perfect picnic consisted of hohos and chocolate milk with twinkies thrown in for desert. Kaley grinned mischievously at her mother's grimace. "You told me to pack what I wanted."

Once back at the house Lisa gave Kaley another bath, this time with no elaborations then deposited the child in front of the TV with a Teletubbies tape then wearily climbed the stairs and drew her own bath.

As she soaked she thought idly back to the last several days and then lowered her defenses and let the guilt in. To her surprise their was very little of it. To the contrary she felt more excited and alive than she had since Paul's death. Sexually frustrated she had searched in vain for the fulfillment and stimulation she needed in the arms of a dozen men and then she had found it right here at home. She took the soap and lathered up her still sated cunt then on impulse reached for a razor. When she had made the last swipe she was as bald as her daughter. Idly fingering her bare pussy Lisa vowed that as long as Kaley came to no lasting harm she would ride this exciting new diversion as far as it would go. As she soaped the rest of her lush body a thousand scenarios played through her horny mind. She would try them all and damn the guilt.

The tape was still playing as Lisa descended the stairs. Careful not to bang the door she slipped out the door and made her way to the kennel. The dogs began baying enthusiastically at her approach but she ignored them and took a key from her pocket. She entered the feed room and unlocked the drug cabinet. She quickly found the bottle she wanted then closed everything up and made her way back to the house.

In the kitchen she set water to boiling then took down two mugs, she poured a pouch of instant cocoa into each but her daughter's got an extra spice. Reading the label on the bottle for dosages she tapped out two of the little white pills and carefully crushed them into one of the mugs. The drugs she had were veterinary in nature but would work equally well on humans. Both she and Kaley had used antibiotics meant for the dogs to get over a bad bug during the winter. Her doctor might not have approved but then he wasn't thirty miles from town with two feet of wet snow on the roads.

She poured the steaming water into both mugs then stirred them thoroughly, before placing them on a tray she took a tiny sip of Kaley's. There was perhaps a trace of bitterness but it was hardly noticeable.

Kaley clapped her little hands' in glee when she spied her mother's burden. The credits were rolling so Lisa put another tape in then the two curled of the sofa and sipped their hot drinks. Lisa had been very careful to make sure her daughter got the right mug. Within fifteen minutes Kaley was nodding, the powerful sedative had done its work. Lisa pried the now empty mug from her fingers. "Bedtime baby, let's get you tucked in."

It was all she could do to get the girl up the stairs. Once they reached the child's bedroom Lisa pulled off her daughter's dress and began to rummage in her dresser for pajamas. She was only just in time to reach back and catch the child as she started to topple. To hell with the pajamas she thought, Kaley was too far-gone to notice and she'd just have to remove them for the night's festivities. Picking up the naked girl she placed her face down on the bed.

Downstairs Lisa rummaged through the house for the items her imagination had shown her in the tub her newly bald pussy was dripping before she finished. Re-climbing the stairs she detoured to her own room to strip and retrieve the camera. She had not put the battery back on the charger but the indicator showed good, there was plenty of tape left too. A rummage through the closet revealed an old tri-pod, she pulled it out then carried her burdens to her daughter's bedroom.

Her first order of business was to make sure her daughter was all right. She checked the child's breathing and pulse. Both were fine. That done she tried to rouse the tiny form, she got not even a grunt for her troubles. Satisfied, Lisa set up the tripod and mounted the camera. She focused on the bed and then zoomed in until Kaley's still form filled the viewfinder then locked down the trigger and started taping.

Back beside her daughter's bed Lisa was at first at a loss what to do first. So many ideas passed through her head that she just stood for a minute of so. Well, first things first she decided, she had yet to taste any of Kaley's little charms to the extent she wanted. Dropping to her knees' Lisa pulled those tiny, perfect legs apart and attacked her child's lovely ass. She kissed the soft little cheeks; not the chaste little pecks she had stolen before but wide, wet kisses with plenty of tongue contact. She sucked and pulled little mounds of soft cheek into her mouth, then bit them hard enough to leave marks before releasing them to move on. Minutes later Kaley's little but glistened under a layer of saliva and teeth marks marred the smooth flesh everywhere.

Lisa detoured to the camera long enough to zoom in for several seconds of that fantastic sight then reset the instrument and returned to the bedside. This time she went straight for her darling's enticing but crack. Extending her tongue she licked from the small of the child's back to her puckered asshole then retraced the path. Unable to wait any longer she pulled the little cheeks apart to reveal the prize, she let the camera stare at the little ring for a moment then dove in tongue first.

With no need to worry about being noticed Lisa dug for gold. She shoved her tongue deep into the little asshole and fluttered it about. Trying for more penetration she pulled Kaley's cheeks wide and shoved her whole face into the child's stretched crack. The tight opening sucked at her buried tongue as pulled out and then shoved in again. She pushed in till the wide blade of her tongue stretched Kaley's sphincter wide then pulled out and stared as the hole slowly closed. She feasted on delicious pre-school ass for another moment then rolled Kaley up onto her side. Lifting one of the girls legs she shoved her face into the child's perfect little pussy and gently flutter kissed it for an instant before delving inside. She ate cuntlet like a madwoman, slobbering and burrowing deep. Pulling, out she took one lip and then the other into her mouth, chewing them until both were red and dimpled by deep teeth marks. She captured the immature little clitoris between her upper and lower canines and pulled the little organ until it stretched alarmingly. She wanted to crush it between her molars' but couldn't get it that far into her mouth so she settled for nipping with her front teeth till it was red and throbbing.

Reluctantly Lisa pulled back after fifteen minutes of snacking on her daughters delights. She would have been content to spend hours at that task but the sedative wouldn't last forever and there was so much else to do.

She felt a returning twinge of guilt as she reached for the kit she had gathered downstairs but her raging hormones stomped it down, besides she told herself, no permanent harm would be done. Kaley would be a little sore tomorrow but the wounds would heal.

First came the straight pins. Lisa had an assortment she normally used for sewing; they had multicolored plastic bead heads. Excitedly she opened the box and selected one. Grasping Kaley's right cunt lip she drove the sharp implement completely through with a single thrust. She took another pin and similarly impaled the left lip. Alternating right and left she began to turn her daughters tiny pussy into a pincushion. She varied her technique as she went, sometimes jabbing the pin in with a single thrust, sometimes going slowly, almost drilling the point through that tender flesh.

When Lisa finally rocked back onto her heels over twenty pins were sticking from Kaley's abused little cuntlet. They fanned out like a perverse bouquet. Lisa went back to the camera and zoomed to capture a close up of her work.

She removed the pins then leaned in and licked up the blood that had trickled from a number of the tiny wounds. Putting away the pins she grabbed another item from her kit. The cigarettes had been Paul's and were over three years old. She nearly gagged, as she had to puff to light the rancid weed. She took several pulls then blew on the end to make a nice hot cherry before rolling Kaley back onto her tummy. She caressed the sweet unmarred little ass for a long moment then went to work. Her pussy spasmed as she pushed the hot coal hard enough into one tender cheek to dimple the flesh, she held it for a long second and moved to the other cheek. Back and forth she went, burning and marring that perfect little ass. Sometimes she only held the coal to Kaley's butt for a second, other times she held it till she smelled burning flesh. When the cigarette burned low she pulled those little cheeks apart and crushed the butt out in Kaley's asshole.

She leaned back onto her heels and using both hands frigged herself to a thunderous and wet orgasm as smoke from the still smoldering cigarette curled lazily up between Kaley's tiny scarred cheeks. She recovered in time to zoom the camera in on that tiny plume before it finally gutted out.

Setting the camera back onto automatic she made her way back to the bed and regarded her handiwork for a second. She searched for guilt but there was none there. With her pussy starting to itch again she lit another of the old cigarettes and pulled Kaley over onto her back.

This time the child's pooching, pin pricked cunt was the target. As the camera silently watched she attacked that darling pussy with a will. No portion of those oh so cute little lips were spared as she repeatedly brought the hot tip of the cigarette jabbing in. The smell of burning cuntlet mixed with the perfume of Lisa's own drooling cunt. The second cigarette burned low, she puffed on it till it had a large cherry then pried Kaley's burned little pussy lips apart and shoved the whole thing inside.

She zoomed the camera in on the smoke oozing from Kaley's ruined pussy then fumbled through her kit. She came up with an unopened package of fishing hooks; the type that already had about 18 inches of monofiliment line attached to each hook. She tore at the shrink-wrap with her teeth as she watched the smoke rise from inside her daughter's cunt.

Extracting two hooks from the package she again approached the bed. Being sure not to block the camera's view she grasped the five-year-olds tortured left cunt lip and pulled the barbed hook through it in a single tug. She then pulled the leader tight, wrapped it around Kaley's leg and tied it off. The right lip received the same treatment. Gently she grasped Kaley by the knees and pulled her smooth little legs wide. Kaley's immature, pockmarked pussy gaped open like the mouth of a fish revealing the pristine pink treasure inside, along with one burned out cigarette butt. Blood oozed from the hook punctures as the flesh tore slightly.

She removed the burned out cigarette. It had dried out and cooked a quarter inch square patch of inner pussy. She fingered the damage for a second then retrieved her pins. Like a matador spearing a bull she plunged pin after pin into the pink perfection of her daughter's inner cunt. The final pin she shoved completely through the tiny clit.

She lit a third cigarette as she studied her handiwork. Her own cunt was begging for attention but she ignored it for them moment. The clock was ticking and she wanted to make the best use of the time remaining. She grasped the bead plastic head of the pin protruding from the five-year-old's skewered clit.

Using it as a handle she twisted and rotated the little nubbin of flesh as she burned it savagely with the cigarette.

Next she moved inside. There were over 50 pins impaling the interior of the child's tiny pussy but there were still a few places where the glowing tip of the questing cigarette would fit. Lisa found them all. The ambrosia stink of burning cuntlet filled the air and sent thick slimy cunt lube running down Lisa's legs.

She paused to move the camera closer then zoomed it in on the pre-schooler's abused little pussy then went back to work with the cigarette. She burned every place she had been before then found a few new ones.

Finally the third cigarette burned low. She again grabbed the pin impaling the little clit and slowly ground the butt out on top of the little nubbin.

She didn't have much time left on the sedative so she set about cleaning up. The pins were pulled from the ravaged little cunt then she rolled the child slightly and dug the cigarette butt from her little pink asshole. After putting her things away and moving the kit into the hall she took the camera from the tripod and moved back to the bed. Lovingly she chronicled the damage done to Kaley's little body. She rolled the child onto her stomach and panned slowly over the abused little ass. The burns had already started to blister. On impulse she drew back her hand and slapped Kaley's little right cheek hard. The whole little ass jiggled and an angry handprint remained behind.

She rolled the child onto her back; her breath caught when the still tied open little pussy gaped wide as Kaley's leg's flopped open. The wounds where the hooks pierced the little cunt lips tore slightly more. She panned across the wrecked pussy then zoomed in on the ruined interior.

She put the camera back on its tripod and checked the time. She still had thirty good minutes before Kaley could conceivably awake. That was enough for a damn good cum. Quickly she knelt beside the bed, grabbing a leg she flipped Kaley back onto her stomach and dove face first between the blistered little cheeks. At first the child's sphincter resisted but then it slowly gave way allowing Lisa's tongue access to the hot dry chute of her tiny daughter's delicious little butthole. With one hand on her own burning cunt and the other fluttering over her own ass she slowly shoved her tongue to its wide bladed root in the tight little ass. After long minutes she reluctantly pulled her tongue from the sucking little butt and rolled the child onto her back.

With three fingers in her own cunt and one in her ass she dined on splayed open baby pussy. With the hooks still firmly bedded she could get deeper than ever before. She shoved her face into the pinkness and sent her tongue deep into Kaley's pussy. She had withdrawn and was biting Kaley's roasted little clit when she came in a series of thunderous orgasms the last of which stole her vision and left her teetering on the edge of consciousness.

When she had returned to Earth, Lisa went out to her kit and retrieved a small pair of snips. She came back in and was preparing to snip the barbs from the fishhooks in Kaley's twat when a cramp from her bowels stopped her. She started for the bathroom and then stopped. A last perverse thought surfaced from the depths of her mind, a perfect, perverse, perverted cap for the night's activities. Pulling Kaley till her knees' hung over the edge of the bed, Lisa lined her ass up over the still spread little cuntlet then knelt. She glanced up to make sure she was not blocking the camera then dropped her gaze to between her legs. With an oh so gentle push, Lisa began to shit into her daughters hook spread pussy.

The tird was slim and long and slim. Lisa adjusted her stance slightly so the tip of the tapered tird oozed right into the five-year-olds tiny fuck channel. As slim as it was Kaley's tiny pussy was slimmer only about an inch of the foul invader penetrated before the remainder began to pile up on the splayed open pinkness of the child's battered pussy. Ignoring her bowels protest, Lisa pinched the flow off when a good pile had built up then fighting her cramps she quickly spun her tiny daughter about so that her head hung over the edge of the bed. Lisa quickly found the right point on the pre-schooler's jaw and gently squeezed. Kaley's mouth popped open wide.

With a sigh of relief and a renewed twinge from her ever-horny pussy Lisa completed her interrupted shit into her five-year-old daughters sweet mouth.

When she finished she stood and looked down. Kaley's mouth actually had been able to hold most of her remaining shit, only a small amount was mounded over the child's lips. Kaley had automatically started to breathe through her nose when her mouth was filled, she had also began to instinctively swallow but since she hadn't chewed up the mass of her mother's shit in her mouth she wasn't making much progress.

The sight drove Lisa almost mad. She desperately wanted to frig herself off again but she was really pushing the time limit now. She again pulled the camera from the tripod and advanced on the bed. She spent a long minute getting close ups of Kaley's shit filled pussy and mouth then turned the appliance off and moved it and the tripod into the hall.

Cleanup was messy. She got a plastic garbage bag, a roll of paper towel and some baby wipes and then started in. She dug as much of the shit from the child's mouth as she could then stroked her tiny throat to get her to swallow any remaining bits. It worked with dogs; it worked with little girl toilets too. She wiped Kaley's lips and face clean with paper towel and then used a baby wipe. Her tiny daughter's pussy proved more problematic. Pussies couldn't swallow. It took a long time but finally she had gotten most of the shit out with a paper towel. She followed with a baby wipe. Finally she took up the neglected snips and cut the barbs from the fishhooks and eased them out of her daughters destroyed pussy. The battered lips slowly began to close.

She cut the line from around her daughter's darling legs then pulled the child up into her bed and rested her head on the pillow. She debated trying to get her into her pajamas but decided not to. She pulled the sheet and coverlet of to Kaley's chin then gave her a final kiss on the forehead.

Lisa grabbed her remaining gear and packed it into the hall. Most she just shoved into a closet but the shit filled garbage bag went outside. Tired now herself she headed for her own bed. Tired or not she still fingered herself to a final thunderous orgasm before drifting off to sleep.

She awoke groggily before dawn to the sound of Kaley crying. She found the child standing nude beside her bed with tears streaming down her face. Lisa knelt and pulled the five-year-old into her arms, "What's wrong baby?"

"Mommy I hurt."

Lisa ran her hand down her daughters smooth back then gently pushed her back to arms length, "Show me where baby."

Tearfully the tiny girl indicated her tortured pussy then turned slightly to show her blister covered little butt."

Lisa ran her hand up the outside of Kaley's shapely little thigh and then around to her burned little ass. Her cunt began to seep as the tiny bumps of scores of blisters passed beneath her palm.

"Oh honey, looks like you might have caught a bug. It might be the mumps again."

Kaley dried her eyes on the back of one tiny hand, comforted, in spite of her pain, by her mother's presence. "But it's just on my bottom and my pee place."

"I see that honey, well bugs work funny sometimes. Let's get you taken care of."

She ran a hot bath and helped Kaley into the tub. The child whined as the water reached her burned and punctured ass and pussy. Lisa made soothing noises and took up the soap and a soft rag. Being as gentle as possible she washed Kaley from her face down. The child winced and cried out as the soap made contact with her injured parts but Lisa calmed her with gentle words. Once she was clean on the outside Lisa gently prized apart Kaley's battered little cunt lips and took up a douche bottle she had prepared.

"That hurts mommy"

"I know baby but we have to get it clean." She meant that. She planned to snack on that little pussy and didn't want to taste shit. As she gently worked the slim nozzle into her daughter damaged pussy a little scent of that foul substance wafted to her nose. Yes, they definitely had to clean inside.

She helped her sore daughter from the tub then wrapped the child in a fluffy white towel and gently patted her dry. Lisa carried her daughter to the master bedroom and gently placed her on the bed.

"You lay here on mommy's bed honey. I've got to get the medicine and I'll be right back."

Lisa rummaged in her bedroom till she had what she needed then returned. "Roll over on your stomach baby. Let's do your butt first."

Lisa gently stroked Kaley's burned little ass then leaned in and planted a kiss on each cheek. Despite her pain the child giggled.

"Mama that's my butt!"

"And a pretty little butt it is too. Don't you know mommy's kisses make the pain better?"


"Then I made it better. To prove her point she kissed the little blistered butt again, this time on the crack. She had to restrain herself from shoving her tongue up the child's asshole. She squeezed out a portion of an anesthetic balm into her hand and gently began to rub it into her daughter's tiny butt. She started at the outer cheeks and worked her way inward. Kaley visibly relaxed as the slightly greasy salve began to have an effect.

When Lisa reached Kaley's little crack she gently spread the cheeks and delved inside. She drew her fingers lightly up and down the child's crease before circling in on her asshole. She squeezed a little of the concoction onto her index finger and rubbed it into her daughter's pink little sphincter. Kaley's breath caught as her mother's finger lightly skipped across her tiny butthole. Lisa smiled to herself and gently applied pressure. Reluctantly the little muscle dilated and Lisa's finger slipped into her daughters butt.

"Is it sore inside too baby?"

"Uhuh," the child sounded slightly breathless.

"Well we'll fix it honey." With that Lisa began to slowly work her finger in and out, finger fucking that darling asshole.

She stopped after less than a minute. "Roll over baby, let's do the front." With the pain in her rear diminished Kaley flopped over and presented her ravaged pussy to her mother's gaze. Lisa stared into her daughter's eyes for a brief moment then bent and kissed her little cunt. Before she withdrew she couldn't resist letting her tongue out for a tiny taste but she didn't penetrate the marred outer lips. She squeezed out more salve and gently worked it into the child's cuntlet. Since the tiny girl had less pussy than she did butt the spreading went faster and soon Lisa's fingers were gently delving inside. She generously spread the healing salve inside Kaley's tiny, scarred twat.

She saved her little darling's broiled clit for last. Kaley gasped and tensed anew when her mother took the sore little organ between her fingers but she quickly relaxed as the pain faded under the healing balm. Lisa's gentle nursing now slowly gave way to fondling as she stroked her daughter's pretty little cunt. She had hoped for a reaction from Kaley but it was for naught. With the pain gone the child had closed her eyes. She was soon asleep. Lisa put the medicine away then with a deft shrug let her nightgown slip to the floor. She turned out the light then slipped into bed alongside her naked little daughter.

Kaley recovered rapidly. Thrice daily applications of the anesthetic balm along with regular applications of vitamin E soon had the little girl again thundering through the house bent on a child's mayhem. Her short skirts flying up and giving tantalizing glimpses of her bare pussy and ass. Three days passed with Lisa taking no further liberties with her darlings delicious little body. She satisfied herself each evening by frigging herself to mountainous orgasms each evening as she watched the videos she had made.

On the fourth morning after the torture session Rooster again raped Kaley. Lisa had been waiting for this. She'd actually helped a little, locking up the two bitches that the dog sometimes used to empty his balls. She was lying out an early lunch when Kaley's distant giggles rose to a shriek. Lisa dropped what she was doing and went in search of the pair. She found them again on the patio. A discreet peek through the living room window showed Kaley on hands and knees with Rooster already on the child's back. This time her daughter faced the sliding door. If Lisa went out that way she would be seen immediately. There was a simple solution to that. She withdrew and went out the front then circled the house.

By the time she quietly let herself in by the screen door behind the rutting pair Rooster had already managed to get his cock seated and was fucking with abandon. Kaley simply hung her head and shuddered under his assault. Lisa didn't have the camera today so she could relax and enjoy the show. She crept forward till she was just behind the rutting pair and snaked her hand up her dress and went to work on her drooling pussy.

Even though this was the third time she had seen it the sight of the big dog raping her five-year-old daughter had lost none of its erotic appeal. Lisa's fingers kept time with Rooster's brutal thrusts and soon she was headed over the top. She peeked in a blissful shower of cum that soaked the coarse carpet beneath her. She luxuriated in the after-cum-glow as Rooster began to fuck harder and faster as he looked for his own relief.

She watched Kaley as the dog picked up the pace. The child was making very little noise now; just an occasional grunt as the huge animal on her back made a particularly brutal thrust. Lisa could not see her face of course but she examined her daughter's body language. Try as she might she be able to see no sign of arousal and was a little disappointed at the lack.

Finally Rooster thrust deep and held that stance. He gave a series of low whimpers as his balls drained into the five-year-olds tight little pussy. Lisa quickly stood and slipped back out the way she had came. Within a half-hour the child was running and yelling again. She never mentioned the latest attack; possibly still afraid her mom would kill Rooster if she did.

For her part the latest rape got Lisa's juices stirring again. As her pussy bubbled her newly awakened and very perverted imagination pushed to the fore. After bathing and tucking in Kaley that evening she set to work. Her first stop was the attic where she dug out the remote camera equipment she had earlier ignored. All of battery packs were dead and her plans didn't leave time to charge them but the cameras could each use six C cells in a pinch. Because of their remote location Lisa kept a goodly supply of alkalines on hand in case of an extended outage. She had just enough. She next placed a new cassette into each machine. Assembling and testing all of the gear took an hour or so then she dismantled it all and carried it back to the kennels in several loads.

All of the dogs took to baying and barking as she came up but a few stern commands silenced all but the occasional low whimper. The Kennel's were actually a single, long concrete shed, enclosed only on the ends with steel support pillars toward the middle to support the slanted roof. Chain link fencing formed the back wall as well as subdividing the concrete floor into twenty separate spaces. Individual gates formed the front of each pen. All of these pens were occupied, some by more than one animal where their personalities permitted cohabitation.

Running in front of the Kennels was a rutted lane barely large enough for a pickup truck to fit through. Both ends terminated in big cattle gates, the one gate let out into the farmyard. The other opened onto a large cattle pen, disused since the cattle had been sold. The Kennel formed one wall of the lane, the opposite wall was made up of the feed room, tack room, and a section of weather beaten but serviceable rail fence. Sandwiched between the feed room and the rail fence was a rusty neck trap. This was a contraption whereby a cow or calf could be induced into the opening and then the device closed with a lever. Unable to withdraw or go forward the animal would have no choice but to stand still for whatever the rancher planned, be it de-worming, branding, or the worst from Lisa's experience, horn removal.

Lisa went into the tack room and returned with a few tools and a spray can of penetrating oil. She used the latter first, spraying all of the moving parts and working the lever till the device opened and closed smoothly. The device was adjustable for both height, and how far it closed, a calf's neck wasn't as big as an 800-lb. steer's. She sprayed down the adjusting bolts then went to work with the wrenches. It took some elbow grease but finally the reluctant fasteners began to turn. She moved the trap to its lowest position and then adjusted it for the smallest possible opening when closed. She worked the lever a few times then closed it and stared at the small opening, yes that would work nicely. She opened the trap then went back into the tack room. She returned with a length of clothesline. One end of this was tied through the eye in the release lever. The line was paid out and the other end poked through the window of the tack room.

It was dark before Lisa had finished this so she went to the breaker box and turned on the seldom-used pole lights that were stationed along the run. This set the dogs to barking again but a few words calmed them back down. Lisa stepped back and surveyed the freshly oiled trap from the lane side. She had three cameras. She wanted to make the best use of them. The first went above one of the middle dog pens; a long rusty steel rafter ran the length of the pens at the front. There was nearly a foot of clearance between it and the galvanized roof. The camera fit nicely, and it was all but hidden in the shadows. The second camera she placed in a disused shed that sat about thirty feet out from the cattle trap. The ramshackle structure was nearly ready to collapse and had many missing boards. She has no trouble finding a gap to aim the lens through.

Lisa stood for a long time with the third camera before inspiration struck. She stepped back into the tack room and retrieved some plastic wrap and a roll of tape. She set the focus and zoom for minimum distance then wrapped the camera right up to the lens in plastic then taped it securely. She poked a tiny hole and fished the wire antenna through then taped the opening. Retrieving a shovel she stepped outside and began to dig a hole directly in line with the trap and about two feet back on the lane side. When it was deep enough she set the camera in it with lens pointed up and pulled the antenna up to lay on the ground beside it. She now back filled right up to the top of the lens, tamped it down and scattered the remaining dirt. Unless you looked closely the lens looked like an old piece of glass lying on the ground.

Lisa placed the laptop in the tack room, plugged it in, hooked up the special radio transmitter and turned it all on. She waited while the machine booted then brought up the camera control software. To her relief all three cameras came up. She selected the one in the shed and played around with the zoom and focus till she was satisfied, the aim had to be fined up as well but since it was on a powered mount that was easy.

The camera in the kennel was more problematic. It was pointed at nothing but clear air. Lisa got a stool and some slivers of wood. She began to chock up the back of the camera by degrees, each adjustment requiring a run back to the tack room to check the aim. It would have been much easier to take the laptop out with her and get in right once and for all but as that machines batteries were as dead as the camera's power packs that was not possible. Lisa berated herself for lack of preparation during each of the half dozen or so trips it took to get it right.

Satisfied, she turned off the cameras and powered down the computer. Only a few things left. She grabbed the can of penetrating oil and moving back to the kennel began to spray down the hinges and latches on all of the gates. The dog's all regarded her oddly; several backed away from the unfamiliar smell of the lubricant.

She put the lube away then popped into the feed room. Alongside the drug cabinet was an old refrigerator with a hasp and padlock. She unlocked and removed the lock and opened the door. The thumping old machine was used to store the few medicines she had that required such. She popped open the small freezer compartment. Inside were several zip lock freezer bags. She tugged one from its nest of frost then closed and locked everything. It was past midnight before she finally headed back to the house. She sniffed the night air; it was going to be a beautiful morning. She smiled at that thought, in more ways than one

Lisa and her daughter breakfasted the next morning on jam and toast. Lisa put the few implements they'd dirtied into the dishwasher then turned to her daughter. "Let's see how your little butt and pee hole look this morning."

"They feel fine mommy."

"Raise your dress and let mommy see."

The child tugged her dress past her belly button and did a quick spin, "See."

Lisa halted her with a firm hand and caressed her darling little ass. It had healed well, only a few marks remained, there would probably be no scarring. She smacked the little butt playfully. "Let me see the front."

Kaley's tiny pussy had recovered well also. Lisa fingered it for a moment then forced a frown onto her face. "I think we need some more medicine here."

She stepped to counter and removed a bottle she'd prepared the night before. It was mostly just hand cream, but mixed in was a generous dollop of the contents of the bag she'd retrieved the night before, the preserved droppings of a bitch in heat. Some females just didn't have that strong an odor and the dropping were occasionally needed to get a male interested. Like now for instance. She applied a generous amount of the concoction to Kaley's little cunt, delving inside to coat it well. She capped the bottle and blew a zoober on Kaley's exposed belly button. "C'mon baby, let's take care of the dogs. As they headed out the door Lisa's pussy began to drip as she thought of just how much her darling would soon be taking care of the dogs.

Once they reached the kennel Lisa set to work with a hose, washing the dog's droppings into the cesspit behind the pens. She then watered and fed the animals. They bayed and barked through the entire process, all the shouts in the world wouldn't shut them up when they knew food was coming. As she did her morning chores, Lisa kept an eye on Kaley. As usual the child was racing around the run, ducking into the various doors and openings. She was like a tiny jack-in-the-box that jumped around of its own accord.

After she'd fed and watered all of the dogs Lisa corralled her daughter, "I've got some work to do in the tack room. You play around here and don't bother me okay?"

"Okay mommy," with that she was off again.

"I might have to go down to the barn for a little bit as well," she shouted to a tiny departing back.

"Kay mommy."

Lisa stepped into the tack room and booted the laptop. She rubbed her wet pussy against a bench leg as she waited for the machine to boot. Once it was up she activated the cameras and settled down to wait.

The trap had always been one of Kaley's favorite playthings; her and Rooster would spend hours chasing each other through and around the old device. At other times Kaley would play 'prisoner', squatting with her head shoved through the bars like a convict in a cell. This morning she wasn't sitting still long enough to play prisoner, and Lisa had been forced to lock Rooster up to keep him from jumping the child before they'd reached the kennel. She hoped the lack of her favorite playmate (still after three rapes! She thought) wouldn't change the child's itinerary much.

She'd waited over a half-hour before the kennel cam finally picked up Kaley nosing around the trap. She abandoned the camera view and pressed her eye to a chink in the tack room wall. To her chagrin Kaley seemed to have discovered the buried camera and was trying to dig it up. She held her breath but as quickly as she had found it the child abandoned the find. What she did next was perfect; she dropped to her hands and knees and thrust her head through the opening of the trap.

With her heart in her throat Lisa yanked the clothesline. The freshly lubed trap closed silently. As soon as she felt resistance she gave a final hard tug. With a click audible in the tack room the trap locked.

Kaley was slow to realize what had happened. She tugged at the bars for a second then tried to back out. When she realized her head would no longer clear the opening she tugged harder. Only when that failed did panic begin to set in.

"Mommy!" she wailed, "Mommy!"

The dogs were baying like crazy, the males had probably already picked up the bitch-in-heat smell wafting from Kaley's little twat.

Another, "Mommy!" wailed out as Lisa told the camera's to start recording then slipped from the tack room. The pens could be opened individually but there was also a lever on one end of the kennel that would pop all of them at once. Lisa, her cunt now leaking down her legs, threw the chain off and pulled the lever. There were twenty-seven dogs in the kennel at the moment. Four were pups and another four bitches, two of those pregnant. The remaining nineteen were perpetually horny males accustomed to stud service. Lisa had just released them all on a trapped five-year-old little girl that smelled like a bitch in heat.

Lisa ran back to the tack room. Kaley's sobs had turned to screams before she covered half of the distance.

Half a dozen horny dogs were crowding about the child, none quite sure what to make of this offering. She had the right smell though and that's all that counted. As Lisa watched two of the beasts dipped their head at the same time to try to lick under the child's short dress. The bang as their head's connected looked painful. A big Rotty shouldered between the two and shoved his head under the short little skirt. He gave the five-year-old's cheeks a little lick then went in for more, his washcloth sized tongue bathing the little ass in dog spit and setting the cheeks to jiggling. Kaley screamed as if she'd been impaled. Confused the Rotty backed off.

A shepherd shoved in next, his big cock already protruding angrily from its hairy sheath. He threw himself on the child's back and began to hunch but Kaley's skirt still covered her butt and cunt and the dog got nothing but fabric. Confused he dismounted and vanished into the milling pack.

Over the next five minutes as many dogs moved forward. Some shoved their heads up under the short skirt while others had tried to mount. None seemed as smart as Rooster however. At least she had always assumed Rooster was smart, now she wondered how many times the animal had knocked Kaley down before that first memorable rape. It might have taken the dog weeks or even months for the dog to realize he had to push the dress up if he wanted to wet his dick. She considered going and retrieving the Dane but that would take a while and she was too anxious for the festivities to begin.

She had stripped out of her dress and hopped up onto the bench, assuming a semi-reclining position. Her hand already idly stroked her seeping, bald pussy as she waited for the show. With a muttered "stupid dogs" she dropped to the floor and made her way out of the tack room. Several of the dogs whined as she pushed through the mass, a few took tentative licks at her seeping cunt. A gentle cuff was enough to discourage them. She pushed the last aside and stood behind her lovely daughter. The child's cute black dress was already dirty, mud and bits of grass and weeds imbedded in the fabric by the dogs. She grasped the dress and pulled hard. There were a few pops but the seams held. Kaley screamed, "Mommmmmmmiiiieee!" a long wail that emptied her lungs and sent fuck lube running down mommies legs. Mommy had to respond to that cry. Mommy threw her back into it and with one mighty tug tore the child's dress off, leaving only a scrap of left sleeve and tattered neck ring on the child's otherwise naked body. She dropped the destroyed rag and headed back to the tack room. The first of the pack had mounted before she'd regained her position on the bench.

The Rotty had pushed back in and thrown himself on the pre-schooler's bare back. His cock hunched at her thighs and bare butt as he tried to find the hole. Lisa touched a key and switched the laptop to the camera buried right between her darling's legs. The image was perfect. Kaley's perfect thighs and smooth baby pussy filled the screen just as the rutting dog finally found the place where his cock belonged. He stiffened and shoved two inches of slimy dog cock between those tiny lips. Lisa winced and drove three fingers into her own cunt as those puffy little lips were brutally stretched. Kaley's scream shook the tack room and nearly made her mother cum on the spot. In three lunges the beast sheathed his entire cock in that little pussy then began to rapidly fuck.

Lisa fingered her drowning cunt in time with the dog's thrusts.

"Fuck her you shits. Shove your slimy dog cocks into her stomach. Rape her little pussy bloody." She raised her hips a little off the rough bench and snaked a finger up her ass. "Oh god, I've given my baby's pussy to nineteen horny dogs. Destroy that little twat you bastarrrrddds!" She trailed off as she peaked in a swirl of sensation. Flames sprouted from her cunt and fire quickly raced through her being. On the screen the Rotweiler pushed deep and began to fire off his own load, trembling and growling as his nuts emptied into the little-girl's twat.

Over the next hour-and-a-half all nineteen dogs fucked little Kaley. Long before they were finished the child had screamed herself out and just lay there and shuddered as another dog used her little body for a fucktoy. Filthy dog cum had saturated her cunt and ran down her legs, the ground beneath her knees was muddy where the overflow had mixed with the dirt. Three times Lisa had been forced to venture out and clean the lens on the camera buried below the child's ruined little twat.

For her part Lisa had lost track of how many times she had cum. So many that at the last she could only stroke her sated cunt and watch as Kaley's now scratched, filthy cheeks bounced under the latest canine rapist. The tack room smelled strongly of female cum.

Finally the last dog dismounted, and giving the cum covered little cunt a single lick, turned and trotted off.

Lisa slid to the floor and used an old rag to wipe her legs, twat and ass dry then pulled on her dress. She smoothed the fabric as she exited the tack room. Quietly she climbed the gate and began to walk toward the distant barn. She went about 200 yards and then turned and began to walk back.

"Kaley, where are you baby," she yelled as she again approached the kennel's.

"Kaley answer mommy, this is no time for games."

"Kaley, answer me!"


She continued in that vein as she approached the kennel. She was almost back to the gate before she heard a croaked, "mommy," issue from the child's tortured throat.

She noisily climbed the gate and rushed around the tack room, the perfect image of the concerned mother. "Kaley baby, oh my god, what happened to you!"

She ran back and grabbed a blanket from the tack room. Returning, she worked the lever to open the trap and then enfolded her darling's abused little body into the blanket.

Back at the house the concerned mother looked the child over. The concern was not faked, Kaley was worse off than she expected. The child's buttocks and thighs were deeply scratched as were sides and back. The skin had been rubbed off the top of the little girl's shoulders and the sides of her neck where she had been repeatedly shoved against the pitted steal of the trap. Worst of all was her little pussy, her vaginal tissue had actually torn under the repeated assault.

Kaley was incoherent, crying and mewling. So great was the child's various hurts that Lisa sedated her before she even tried to bathe her. She mixed the same drug she had used for the torture session into a little soda then coaxed it all down her daughter's throat. She then rocked the child till she was asleep. Bathing the unconscious form was awkward but she managed. She then laid the child out on her bed and started administering to her wounds. The scratches and abrasions got a thick coat of healing salve. That done she took a closer look at her daughters damaged pussy. After a closer look she was pretty sure a few stitches would put everything right. She left the child and returned to the kennels. After putting the dog's back into their pins she grabbed a veterinary sewing kit and returned to the house.

She selected a needle and threaded the surgical suture into it. A few deft strokes to each side of Kaley's wounded cunt and the torn tissue was together. A final examination convinced her that the damage would now heal completely. She filled two syringes, the first was a tetanus shot, the second a stronger sedative, one that would insure Kaley would sleep through the day. As an afterthought she filled a third syringe and sent a load of penicillin into the child's right butt cheek. She put the medicines away then carried Kaley into her own room and tucked her in.

That afternoon she dismantled the camera setup, retrieving the tapes in the process. Guilt began to invade her consciousness again as she put the equipment away, the first she had felt in some time. The guilt was not for the physical abuse her daughter had endured, that would heal, and the thought of it still sent a twinge into her cunt. The guilt was for the psychological harm that may have been done. She enjoyed her little sex toy, but she didn't want to break her daughter in the process.

That evening she managed to rouse a groggy Kaley just before midnight. She walked the barely aware child to the bathroom then managed to coax several glasses of water down her. After re-medicating her wounds she again stuck a needle in that scratched up little butt and sent her daughter back to la-la-land.

Kaley was up and around the next day but was quiet and withdrawn. She stayed mostly in her room, only coming down for meals. Lisa let it slide for now, concentrating on the child's physical hurts. A week passed with Kaley seldom coming out of her shell. The child moped quietly around doing a good job of doing nothing. In particular she avoided Rooster, to the big Dane's dismay. Once he cornered her and began to lick her face, an act that would normally have sent the little girl into fits of giggles. She screamed and cried till Lisa pulled him off and sent him on his way.

Exactly eight days after the gang rape Lisa removed the stitches from Kaley's pussy. The rest of the child's wounds were doing well with many scabs now peeling off to reveal pink, new skin beneath. Kaley sat on the patio table as her mother gently snipped the last thread and pulled it from her twat. She winced as it pulled free. Lisa set aside the scissors and hemostat then grasped her daughter's little face in both hands. "Baby, tell me about the attack."

Kaley glanced at her mother and looked away.

"Kaley, tell me!"

The child licked her lips and looked back at her mother, "I don't want to."

"I know you don't want to but you need to."

The child looked away again. Lisa waited a long moment then put steel into her voice, "Kaley, tell me now!"

Kaley looked back at her mother and tears filled her eyes, in moments she was bawling. She jerked her head from her mother's hands. "They hurt me mommy, they all hurt me. They kept hurting me." She looked up angrily at her mother, "I yelled but you didn't come. Why didn't you come mommy?"

The guilt that had been playing at the edges of Lisa's psyche for the last week came crashing down, these was real hurt in her daughters tone.

"Baby I was at the barn, I had some things to do there. I don't even know how the dogs got loose. Did you release them?" Despite her guilt Lisa stuck to the script.

Kaley shook her head and sniffed. "They hurt me. I hate them."

Lisa gently picked her daughter up and pulled her onto her lap as she settled into a chair. "They weren't trying to hurt you baby. What they were doing is supposed to feel good. It only hurt you because you were so little and so scared." Kaley swiveled her head to give her mother an incredulous look but Lisa pressed on, "and because there were so many of them. It's not supposed to hurt."

Lisa smoothed the child's hair then tilted her face up. Leaning down she kissed her baby on the lips. "The dogs weren't trying to hurt you baby. Rooster wasn't trying to hurt you. What all the dogs did was supposed to feel good"

Kaley sniffed, "It's supposed to feel good?"

"Uhuh," Lisa leaned over and grabbed a tube of lubricant from the kit she's used on the sutures. She squeezed a great glob onto one hand then smeared the slickness onto the other. She slid one lubed hand up under Kaley and caressed the child's still scab-covered butt. She let her hand wonder over the delightful little ass then zeroed in on her baby's little sphincter. She circled her finger lightly over the little ring, coating it with the lubricant. She took a deep breath. Kaley had been unaware of her mother's liberties in the past. She was about to push past that milestone. With a little pressure a finger pushed past the barrier into that perfect little butt. Her other hand worked up the child's dress from the front. She caressed her daughters smooth, little pussy for a moment the sent a lubed finger in there as well.

Kaley squirmed at the twin invasions. "Mommy, that's my poop and pee holes."

"I know honey, it's alright. Mommy just wants to make you feel better." Lisa was thankful she had never given Kaley the good touching/bad touching lecture. Living as far out as they did it hadn't seemed necessary. As a result she didn't have that little bit of conditioning to overcome.

She picked up the pace of both fingers and began to use a thumb on the child's clit as well. Kaley's breath caught for a moment then settled down again. Lisa leaned down and kissed her pretty little daughter again. This time however she sent her tongue into the child's mouth. Kaley made no objection but did look at her mother oddly when she withdrew.

"Mommy loves you baby", Lisa said as she began to increase the speed of both fingers. After a moment Kaley's breathing began to pick up.

Lisa kept fingering till Kaley's breathing was very rapid and shallow then stopped. The child whimpered at the sudden withdrawal of her mother's fingers. Lisa lifted her daughter off of her lap then stood and placed the child back into the seat. She slid her hands up those sexy little legs, shoving her daughter's dress to her waist.

"Let's have Rooster apologize to you baby. He was the first one to hurt you." The dog was lounging on one corner of the porch. Lisa called him over as she spread Kaley's legs. "Rooster, come here boy." Kaley started but her mother held her in place. "It's okay baby, mommy's going to make sure he doesn't hurt you. Rooster had come to her call and she gave an affectionate scratch then guided his snout to Kaley's little twat. The Dane sniffed for a moment then his tongue slapped out over the puffy little cuntlet. He sniffed again then dove in; his tongue quickly bathed the outside of the sexy little pussy and began to lap at the slit. Helpfully, Lisa prized Kaley's little twat lips apart.

"There you go boy, fresh little girl pussy. Eat it up."

Kaley again tried to rise as Rooster moved inside but her mother held her down with one hand while holding her cunt open with the other.

"It's okay baby. He's not going to hurt you." She leaned down and kissed her daughter on the forehead. "Just be still honey."

She returned her attention to the little cunt that Rooster was now rooting in enthusiastically. The dog was trying to get his entire snout up the five-year-old's pussy so with a final gentle pat Lisa removed her hand from her daughter's chest. It joined the other between the child's smooth legs. Using both hands she pulled the little cunt wider. Rooster dove in with renewed vigor, his tongue burrowing deep into the little girl's immature pussy.

Kaley's breathing had again began to speed up. She looked at her mother with wide eyes and then down between her legs' where Rooster was digging for gold. A minute passed with no sound but the wet slap of the dog's tongue and the increasingly ragged gasps of Kaley's breathing.

"Feel better honey?", Lisa asked.

Kaley was still unsure of this new activity but she nodded anyway. A second later she winced and jumped as Rooster dug a tooth into her tender cuntmeat.

Lisa grasped the dog by the collar and pulled him back, "No teeth Rooster. No teeth." The dog simply looked at uncomprehendingly, struggling to get back to Kaley's lovely little pussy. Lisa sighed in mock exasperation. "I guess I'll just have to show you." Quickly she flung her hair back over her head and sealed her own mouth to her daughter's pussy. An electric tingle shot through her body as her tongue pushed into Kaley's sexy, undersized cunt. She'd eaten her darling's pussy several times before but this time the little girl was fully aware and staring down at her. Lisa went deep, caressing the satiny walls of that perfect little cunt then pulling out to flutter kiss the crease between those soft little lips. She was fast becoming addicted to her daughter's tiny pussy.

She looked up at Kaley as she ate. Smiling at the girl with her tongue buried in her little cuntlet. Kaley simply stared, wide eyed but her flat little chest now rose and fell like a bellows. Lisa closed her eyes and again dove deep, her tongue questing for the pre-schooler's cervix.

Rooster had at first tried to push back in between the child's legs. Not having any luck he had backed off. Now Lisa felt him nosing in under her own dress, snout, questing for her cream drooling pussy. She now had both hand's cupping Kaley's little ass, pulling that little cunt onto her face. She removed one just long enough to drag her dress up to her waist then spread her legs, giving the dog easy access to her overheated cunt. The animal wasted no time, after a couple of swipes at her slick, bald pussy his tongue snaked inside and began to do all manner of wonderful things.

As Rooster's tongue began to ravage her burning pussy Lisa returned both hands to Kaley's little butt and pulled the child's cunt hard onto her face. She was delighted when she felt two little hands grasp the back of her head as Kaley tried to pull her in deeper. A glance up showed the child had her eyes closed, her mouth was open and she was breathing very rapidly. With her own fever rising from Rooster's wild licking Lisa sensed that Kaley was close. She pulled her tongue from her daughters sucking little cunt and attacked her little clit with a vengeance. The little organ had inflated and hardened, now Lisa battered it with the tip of her tongue like a boxer on a punching bag. Kaley's reaction was immediate; she arched her back, crushing her cunt into mother's face. A second later her chubby little thighs tightened around her mother's head and she nearly pulled out two handfuls of hair as she exploded in her very first orgasm.

Kaley came back to Earth as her mother kissed her puffy little cunt.

"What was that mommy? It was scary-good."

"You had an orgasm baby. Did you like it?"

"Uhuh. Can I have another one."

Lisa, on the verge of her own cum from Rooster's tongue, laughed and kissed Kaley's little cunt again. She had intended to just get Kaley off once but she had reckoned without Rooster ravaging her own cunt.

She had just began to gently probe her daughter's little twat again when Rooster pulled his tongue from her bald pussy and mounted her.

Lisa hadn't counted on this. She loved seeing her baby fucked by dogs but had no inclinations that way herself, and unlike Kaley she was big enough to do something about it. She was preparing to shrug the dog off when a glance at Kaley's face stopped her. The child was staring intently at what Rooster was doing to her mother. Lisa considered and reached a quick decision. If she wanted to convince her daughter a dog fucking demonstration in which she was not involved might help.

Rooster was humping madly at her buttocks and thighs but he had not yet come near her hole. With a sigh Lisa reached back and grasped the dog's swollen cock and guided it into her itchy, burning pussy. As soon as he felt the wet, warmth on the head of his cock the beast gave out a low, howling bark and buried his prick in her twat.

Lisa groaned as Rooster began to fuck. It actually felt good. She grasped Kaley's little butt and again drove her tongue between those tender little lips. There was little gentle about this time. Moaning, Lisa ate baby pussy like a madwoman, nipping and biting at Kaley's little lips and clit. At first her daughter tried to squirm away from this new, violent stimulation but Lisa just tightened her grip on those little cheeks and dug deeper. After a minute or two Kaley's movements changed. Lisa's actions had frightened her but the stimulation could not be denied. She began to again hump her tiny pussy against her mother's ravenous mouth. They all came together in a delirious, thundering cum. Dog, woman and child howled, moaned and screamed in that great thunderclap of pleasure.

When her senses again returned Lisa began to gently lap Kaley's cunt while she waited for Rooster to dismount. In her passion she hadn't been able to keep the dog from shoving the knot in and they were tied tightly. Kaley ran her hands through her mother's soft hair as she watched her lick her tiny pussy.

"That was fun mommy but Rooster hurt you."

Lisa kissed the five-year-old's cunt and looked up. He didn't hurt me baby, he fucked me."

"Fucked you?" Lisa was not prone to swearing so Kaley had never heard the word.

"Yes baby, the same thing he did to you. The same thing the other dogs did to you. It feels good. Or at least it's supposed to."

"Like when you licked me?"

"Yes baby, like that." She punctuated the statement with another brief trip into her daughter's sweet twat. "That's called eating pussy."

"Is that what my pee hole is called, pussy?"

"Yes baby, that's your pussy and it's a darling little pussy. Mommy loves eating it."

Kaley giggled as Lisa again sent her tongue on a brief reconnaissance into her cunt. The sound was music to Lisa's ears. It was the first she had heard all week.

The next morning they again rode down to the creek, though Lisa had picked the food this time. She tied off the horses then shimmied out her dress; she was wearing nothing beneath it. Kaley made no objection when her mother pulled her short dress off over her head leaving her naked as well. They sported in the water with Lisa openly groping her daughter's ass and pussy at every opportunity. After several hours they halted for lunch. They lay around afterwards enjoying their full bellies and the warm sun.

Lisa was half dozing when she felt Kaley settle near her. She opened her eyes to see her cute little blond headed daughter leaning back on her hands with her shapely, tanned legs spread. "Mommy can I have another orgasm?"

It was an invitation impossible to refuse. Lisa rolled onto her stomach then she grasped one slim ankle and pulled her daughter to her. Kaley sighed as her mother's mouth descended on her tiny, pooched out cuntlet.

Lisa ate her daughter for a minute then backed off. "Roll over baby, get on your hands and knees."

Without question Kaley assumed the position. For a moment Lisa simply stared at the sumptuous sight of her daughters round little butt poking up into the air. The water had soaked off the last of the scabs, leaving the smooth, white, little mounds covered with the pink whelps of new flesh. She leaned in and began to tongue and kiss those tiny, cute buns.

She drug her tongue up Kaley's little butt crack, delving deep into that soft cleft then gently parted the cheeks and ran the tip over Kaley's pink little sphincter.

"Mommy, that's my butt hole!"

"I know baby, mommy loves your butt hole."

"Mommy I poop from there!"

"Well I don't think there's any poop there now." She again ran her tongue over the perfect little bung. "Nope, no poop." With that she pushed the tip against that little muscle and applied pressure. The sensation of the child's ass opening up and allowing her tongue to enter was exquisite. She kept pushing till the tip was two inches into her darling's ass.

She pulled out slowly then kissed the closing ring. "Push back onto mommy's tongue baby. Fuck your little ass onto mommy's tongue. She shoved her tongue back up her daughters butt then grasped the child by the hips and began to bounce her soft little moons onto her face. Kaley soon got the idea on her own and began to jam her butt onto her mother's invading tongue. That allowed Lisa to employ her hands elsewhere. She found good use for them, one for her baby's pussy and one for the sodden swamp her own had become.

Kaley was soon screwing her ass hard onto her mother's tongue, trying to get that wonderful instrument deeper up her tiny butt. Her pace quickly increased till she was fucking her mother's tongue with abandon. Lisa kept pace with the fingers in her baby's twat and her own. Kaley peaked and crashed over the edge with a strangled cry, her spasming little ass tried to rip her mother's tongue out by the root. This triggered Lisa's orgasm and she followed her daughter into that wonderful pit.

They cuddled; mother and daughter till their food had settled a little then went back to splashing in the creek. After a while Lisa laid back on a mossy rock in the sun while Kaley began trying to dam the stream for the umpteenth time. After a time Lisa realized she no longer heard the rattle and splash of displaced rocks. She opened her eyes to find Kaley standing before her. She was biting her lower lip; one little hand was rubbing at her twat. Lisa smiled, "You don't want another cum do you?"

Kaley giggled and nodded her cute head, and action that set her blond hair to swaying. Lisa sighed then reached up and tugged her daughter down beside her. Her right arm slipped around the child's back, the hand dropping to her little ass. The other hand turned her daughter's little face so mommy could plant a deep soul searching kiss on her baby's lovely mouth. Kaley's eyes widened when her mother's tongue slipped into her mouth. Her tongue did not join in the celebration but she didn't pull back either. Lisa kissed her daughter again as she gently pushed her finger up her daughter's cute butt.

Lisa finally withdrew both tongue and finger. She slid off the rock and pulled Kaley along by one hand. Once on the bank Lisa positioned her five-year-old daughter on her little hands and knees then dropped down behind her. She began to alternately eat the child's perfect pussy and her pink little asshole.

Kaley's breathing had picked up and she had begun to hump her mother's face when Lisa abruptly pulled back. She caressed Kaley's round, little butt as she kissed her way up the little girl's smooth back. She pulled her daughter's blond mane aside and planted another gentle kiss on her slender, golden neck. She kissed her daughters silky cheek then her temple, before gently tonguing inside one perfectly shaped little ear. She with drew her tongue then whispered into the child's ear, "Why don't we have Rooster help you with your cum baby?"

Kaley had been purring like a cat under her mother's lips and tongue. Now she stiffened. She turned to regard the face only inches from her own. "Have him lick me?"

Lisa planted a gentle kiss on her daughter's lips. "I want to see him fuck you baby. Mommy want's to see dog cock up her baby's little cunt." Lisa's cunt drooled at her own words.

Kaley trembled and let out a little whine, her only contact with dog cocks had been multiple rapes.

"No, mommy", she whined.

Lisa stroked daughter's smooth little ass. "Mommy will make sure he doesn't hurt you baby. Mommy really wants to see him fuck you."

"No mommy, please no." The child's pleading only made Lisa's pussy burn hotter.

She slapped her daughter on the ass with a resounding crack. "Kaley Seeles, Rooster is going to fuck your slut little pussy. Quit being such a baby about it." With that she roughly jerked the child around and shoved her face into that perfect little ass.

Kaley trembled as mothers tongue again invaded her asshole. She was still in shock from the slap. Kaley had been a good child; seldom punished and even in the few cases where she had required discipline it had rarely been physical. The confused five-year-old was still trying to figure things out when the actions of her mother's hot tongue in her tight little rectum began to again push her again toward that scary wonderful peak she had so recently discovered.

Lisa shoved her tongue up Kaley's tight little butt till the wide base stretched the child's sphincter wide. She wiggled the tip as much as possible, shoving against the resilient walls of her daughter's bowels.

She slowly withdrew then again forced her tongue through the little muscle. Setting up a rhythm she kept her tongue at full extension and began to bounce her face against Kaley's moons. The slap of her face on her daughter's satiny cheeks inched the heat in her bubbling pussy up a notch. Kaley made small cooing sounds as her mother orally sodomized her.

After dining on immature butt for a while Lisa pulled her tongue out and dropped to Kaley's pussy. That her daughter was turned on there was no doubt, her tiny cunt had started to moisten on its own. Her mother's tongue eagerly licked up the aromatic baby slime and then dug eagerly inside for more. She pushed between those fat little lips and speared it down the child's tight little channel. In and out she drove, tongue fucking her daughter. Kaley began to tremble under the assault. After a bit Lisa withdrew and used her tongue to prize the lips outward so she could get her teeth on them. She nibbled on first one then the other then attacked Kaley's tiny clit. She batted the little organ back and forth with the tip of her tongue then swooped in and locked her teeth around it. Her daughter stiffened and began to make low whooping sounds as if having a seizure; she was cumming hard on her mother's face.

Every muscle in Kaley's small body seemed to become iron. Her back was bowed down to an improbable degree, her head was high, and her sexy, round little backside was shoved hard into Lisa's face. Like a statue she held that pose for long seconds, then she sagged like a puppet with cut strings. Her arms collapsed and her front half dropped to the warm grass. Lisa released the tiny clit and pulled her mouth from her daughter's pussy. A tiny string of baby cum briefly connected mouth and cunt before snapping.

Supporting her daughter with one hand, Lisa turned and whistled for Rooster. The big, black Dane had exhausted himself trying to catch crawdads and now lounged in the shade of a tree on the far bank. He perked up at Lisa's whistle then came bounding across the creek in a spray of rainbow hued water. He pulled up next to his mistress and happily licked her face briefly before taking time out to shake. Cold droplet's showered both mother and child causing the latter to moan briefly. The dog moved in to lick Lisa's face again then halted. He sniffed; he'd caught the scent of her overheated pussy.

Seeing she'd gotten the animals attention Lisa returned her own to Kaley's delightful charms. She hadn't intended to make her daughter cum but hadn't been able to resist. Now she needed to stoke up the child's banked fires again before she could help Rooster put his big cock up the five-year-old's tiny cuntlet. She put her tongue back to work, alternating between her daughter's pussy and ass. At the same time she spread her legs and waved her own upturned ass at Rooster.

Rooster went to work immediately. He started by licking up the fuck slime that had run down the insides of Lisa's shapely thighs. Exhausting that source, he worked his way up. Soon he was wildly lapping at the never-ending fountain of the source. Kaley stirred and at first tried to pull her oversensitive privates from her mother's untiring tongue. Lisa gently held on and moderated her oral stimulation; her tongue became feather light, just grazing the child's pussy and bottom hole. Soon Kaley stopped her feeble struggles and instead began to circle her tiny hips. She began to coo softly.

Rooster's washcloth sized tongue was working its own magic on Lisa's oozing twat. The dog had started out just licking her lips but soon he'd pried her outer lips apart and pressed inside. He pushed deeper, in moments it felt like he was tonguing her uterus. She responded by increasing her mouth action on Kaley. She opened wide and covered her daughters entire cunt with her mouth then sucked till the fat little lips bulged into her oral cavity. Her tongue became a sword, lashing and beating at whatever was in its path.

Lisa knew it was time when Kaley again started to bang her ass back into her mother's face. She had already had to discourage Rooster from mounting her three times. She reluctantly pulled her mouth from Kaley, then in one fluid motion rolled aside while pulling Rooster forward by his collar. At first the dumb beast wanted to lick, his tongue going for Kaley's cunt, but Lisa urged him up and he got the idea. Clumsily, Rooster jumped onto the pre-schooler's back and draped his front legs over her shoulders. Kaley jerked at this and started to protest. Ignoring her, Lisa grasped the dog's throbbing red cock, fully engorged after Rooster's cunt licking, and pulled it to her daughter's wet pussy. She eased the tip between her daughter puffy lips. Rooster did the rest.

The Dane had started to hump the minute he felt Lisa's hand on his cock. No sooner had cock met cunt than he was several inches inside. Lisa withdrew her hand and like a carpenter on a nail Rooster seated his prick in three hard jabs. Kaley stiffened when she felt Rooster's throbbing dick at the portal of her tiny cunt. When it spread her lips and forced its way inside her angelic face crumpled and she screamed.

Lisa quickly gripped the little blond head in a gentle two handed grasp, her fingers massaging the child's silky hair and shapely ears. "No baby no, relax honey. That's what makes it hurt when you tense up like that." She leaned down and kissed her daughter's cute little nose. "Relax baby, give Rooster your little pussy." She removed one hand from Kaley's head and sent it sliding sensuously down the child's smooth back. She placed the other under her daughter's chin and tilted her head up for a gentle, chaste kiss on the lips. She continued speaking very softly, her tone as important as the words. "Relax baby, remember how good mommy's tongue feels in your little pussy? Rooster's cock will feel better. Let him show you how much he loves you." Lisa's gentle voice and her caressing hands were beginning to have an effect; she could feel her daughter relaxing. Kaley's lovely face was no longer a mask of pain and the child had begun to breathe deeply and rapidly.

As her voice was calming Kaley her mother was finding the words she used were inflaming her more. She felt depraved, utterly, deliciously depraved. She was giving her sweet child to a rutting dog. It was a dirty act and she wanted to get dirtier still. She wanted to degrade Kaley, to sully her, to turn her into a Rooster's little slut bitch. She kissed her daughter in the lips again, this time harder. "Mommy's little slut likes dog cock doesn't she? Fuck back on him baby. Ram that slimy little pussy onto his cock. That's what your little pussy's for baby, to give dogs a place to dump their nut."

As she spoke Lisa's hands continued their gentle erotic dance over Kaley's tiny body. She shoved one hand between the child's firm little ass and Rooster's hair belly and began to diddle the five-year-old's clit. Kaley's breathing picked up further. Her mouth hung open and a low whining noise came out of it. Rooster now had his paws under the child's chin. His head hung over hers; his gums were pulled back to display a canine grin. Drool dripped from his mouth only to land in Kaley's hair as the tiny pre-schooler shuddered under the machinegun pace of his strokes.

Lisa moaned and dropped back onto her butt in front of her daughter. Her burning pussy could no longer be denied. She thrust three fingers inside and began to pound them in and out. So wet was her cunt that a fine spray of lube showered out with each thrust. She threw back her head and arched her back, fucking her shapely hips up to meet her plunging fingers. In her sex-dazed mind a new neuron fired, a new perversion bubbled to the top of the seething cauldron of desire she had become. Lisa pulled her glistening hand from her cunt. Grasping her daughter behind her pretty blond head she pulled the child's angelic face down, her cunt rose to meet it. "Eat mommy's pussy baby. Eat mommy while Rooster reams your little twat." She began to rub herself off on her daughter's face, using Kaley's cute nose to stimulate her throbbing clit. "Stick out your tongue baby, put it in your mommy's hot cunt." She moaned because Kaley had begun to lick.

The shuddering child took a tentative lick of her mother's dripping sex then pulled her tongue back into her mouth. She must have liked the flavor because her little pink tongue came back out and began to gather the dew from her Lisa's bald cunt. For Lisa time seemed suspended and she held her breath as she watched the incredible sexy sight of her tiny five-year-old daughter lapping at her pussy as a 150-pound Great Dane serviced the child from behind. Kaley began to lick more enthusiastically, her little tongue digging at her mother's slot. Suddenly the child stopped and raised her head. Her eyes went wide and her back arched. The child's mouth dropped open but nothing but a little streamer of Lisa's pussy cream emerged.

Lisa recognized the signs; Kaley was cumming on Rooster's invading dick. The thought sent Lisa into an orgasmic tailspin of her own. She grabbed Kaley's head and jammed the child's face into her cunt just as her darling screamed in release. The feeling of her daughter screaming into cunt released Lisa's floodgates. She came with a shuddering explosive violence. Cum fountained from her pussy, drenching Kaley's face and flooding the child's mouth. A second later Rooster howled as Kaley's spasming pussy sent him over the top and he began to inject scalding dog spunk into the pre-schooler's cunt.

They all collapsed back onto the warm grass, spent by the incredible passion that had been released. Kaley moved first, crawling up her mother's heaving chest to lay on her soft tits. "Mommy, you peed in my mouth!"

Lisa pulled the child up till they were face to face. She kissed her daughter's glistening face. "That wasn't pee honey, it was mommy's cum. You made mommy feel very good, just like when she licks your little pussy." She smoothed the child's hair. "Did you have a good cum on Rooster's dick?"

"Uhuh," she gave an impish grin. "Can I have another one?"

"Oh you darling little slut." She again drew Kaley's mouth to her own. When her tongue invaded this time Kaley's was there to meet it.

That evening after supper Lisa sat on the porch with Kaley in her lap. They lounged quietly, mother and daughter. Kaley was dressed for bed in a long T-shirt that came to mid thigh. She was freshly bathed and smelled of soap and strawberry shampoo. Lisa raised a hand and idly stroked her daughter's soft, blond hair. Kaley leaned into her mother's caress for a moment then turned her face to her mother's. "Mommy, what's a slut?"

Lisa felt a little twinge of guilt but answered, "A slut is someone who likes orgasms."

"That's the same as cums right?"

"Yes honey."

Kaley giggled and nodded her head. "I'm a slut", she proudly proclaimed.

There followed a fifteen-minute question and answer session during which Kaley asked the meaning of the other words Lisa had used during their idyll at the creek. Her mother was quietly amazed at her daughter's memory. They relaxed and just enjoyed the evening and each other's company for a bit then Kaley squirmed from her mothers lap and stood facing her.

"Mommy, did you like it when you had me lick your pussy?"

Lisa's chest tightened and her cunt twinged. "Yes baby, I liked it."

Kaley dropped her gaze then placed a hand on her mother's knee. "I couldn't do a very good job 'cause Rooster was giving me cums." Her hand slid up her mother's thigh till it reached the hem of her light summer dress. Looking up, she asked shyly, "Can I do it again." The look on her face said she was afraid her mother would say no.

Lisa leaned forward and kissed her daughter on the top of her blond head. "Baby, you can do it anytime you want."

A bright smile broke out on Kaley's face. "Goody", she giggled.

Lisa raised her butt and pulled her dress to her waist. Her pussy already lubing at the thought that her cute little five-year-old daughter actually wanted to eat her pussy. "You take my panties off honey."

All enthusiasm Kaley attacked her mother's panties. In seconds the scrap of cotton was on the floor at her feet. Lisa still sat with her legs together and her daughter seemed at loss for what to do next. She placed a hand on each of her mother's knees and pulled her legs apart but the arms of the chair wouldn't let them spread very far. Finally the child used both hands to lift her mother's right leg and drape it over the arm of the chair. She repeated the performance with the left then stood and stared at her mother's exposed crotch.

Kaley placed her hand's on her mother's thighs then leaned in and stopped with her face mere inches from her mother's now dripping pussy. From that distance she could easily smell the musky perfume of arousal. After a moment she darted in and kissed her mother's right cunt lip. She backed off and licked her mouth; the taste of her mother's fuck lube was pleasant. She kissed the other lip then opened her mouth and daintily dabbed at it with her tongue. She backed off again and looked up at her mother's face. Her mother's expression made the child feel delightfully naughty, giggling she dove in and began to smother her mother's pussy with her lips and tongue.

Lisa groaned then leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Her daughters inexpert but enthusiastic cunnilingus having its effect. The fact that it was her own pre-school daughter eating her pussy was as arousing as any action of the child's tongue. Kaley blew a goober onto her mother's wet twat and then giggled again as the woman jerked. She began to massage her mother's thighs as she licked, fascinated by the soft, warm smoothness of her mother's skin.

Lisa was about to tell Kaley how good she was making mommy feel when a new sensation stole her breath. Lisa's spread legs pulled her lips apart slightly and that dark musty crack proved too great for the child to resist. Lisa moaned as Kaley gingerly penetrated the folds of her steamy twat. The taste proved agreeable and in moment the child had her mouth glued to her mother's cunt as her tongue probed deep inside.

Lisa began to gently hump up at her daughter's face. She placed her hand behind that darling blond head and pressed that wonderful little mouth deeper into her drenched twat. She began to encourage the child in a hoarse whisper. "That feel's good baby. Eat mommy's pussy. Get your tongue in deep. Oh that's it, flutter it around baby. Explore mommy's pussy with your tongue."

She reached down and began to diddle her clit with one hand as she urged her daughter on with the other.

In minutes she felt herself climbing that wonderful slope. "Mommy's going to cum baby, mommy's going to cum hard. Keep eating baby." She pulled her daughter's face in tighter, nearly smothering the child in pussy, at the same time she pinched her throbbing clit. That sent her over the edge.

Lisa's shapely ass came off the chair and a scream forced its way past her lips. "I'm cumming baby. I'm cumming in your mouth. Oh you darling little slut eat momma's pussssssssssssssssyyy."

It seemed to Lisa that a quart of cum sprayed from her cunt and into her daughter's mouth. Most of it pooled on the vinyl cushion of the chair but quite a bit vanished down Kaley's tiny throat. She could feel her daughter swallowing even as the little tongue kept up its dance.

When Lisa came down she pulled her still sucking daughter from her cunt and lifted the child's to her own. She licked her own cum form Kaley's giggling face then sent her tongue deep into the child's mouth.

She finally broke the lip lock and pulled the tiny face to her breast.

"Why didn't you let me keep going mommy you still had cums all over your pussy?" She licked her lips. "Your cums taste good."

Lisa kissed the top of her daughter's head. There was fuck slime soaked into the child's hair. "If you kept licking like that baby mommy's pussy was never going to dry out."

Kaley giggled, "Goody."

Lisa stood, bringing her daughter with her. "I think someone needs another bath."

The next morning Lisa was surprised to see Kaley at the top of the stairs wearing only a brief T-shirt. From the belly button down the child was completely bare. Her little pussy opened and closed delightfully as. She descended.

"Where's your dress honey?"

Kaley giggled, "I decided not to wear one mommy. It'll be easier for Rooster to fuck me this way."

That set Lisa's pussy to lubing heavily. She had planned to get some housework done today but the thought of Kaley's sleek little ass dashing around the house then dropping to all fours occasionally to let the family dog pop a nut in her underaged pussy was already threatening those plans.

Dog fucking wasn't the only thing Kaley had come to like. Lisa was at the stove frying the mornings bacon when she felt Kaley's hands on the backs of her legs. Before she could turn around her dress had been pushed up and her panties pulled to her knees. She spent the next fifteen minutes with Kaley's nose in her ass crack as the child ate her pussy from the rear. When she had finally brought her gasping mother off she sweetly kissed her mother's ass and took her place at the table. The bacon was burned.

Over the next weeks things began to settle back into routine, though it was a far different routine than the one that had proceeded it. Kaley practically gave up her room, sleeping with her mother most nights. Her room was only a place to store her clothes. That function became nearly obsolete as well since the child seldom wore any.

The day generally began with Kaley's head between her mother's legs. She would sometimes eat and rim Lisa to three or four orgasms before the two ever rose. Lisa still loved jamming her tongue up Kaley's yummy little cunt and asshole but her daughter was the more frequent aggressor in their sexual games. A half dozen times a day the child would shove her mother's dress up and yank down her panties before jamming her little face between Lisa's legs or ass cheeks. Kaley loved the way her mother writhed and moaned on her increasingly talented tongue and often got off herself as she tongue fucked her mother to a shuddering orgasm.

Fucking Rooster had become another of Kaley's favorite pastimes. Whenever the dog showed the slightest sign of a boner Kaley was on her knees with her little butt in the air. She would giggle and coo as the big dog reamed her little pussy. She would circle her little hips and ram her tight little buttocks back at the dog, gasping as the animal's prick battered her cervix.

When she could combine her new favorite pastimes the child was in her glory. Lisa would sit on the couch with her well formed, tan legs spread and Kaley's face smashed into her smoldering cunt while Rooster plowed the child from the rear. At other times Lisa was on her knees, her face in the cushions while Rooster pounded the child, the horny animal's every thrust shoving the five-year-old's tongue deeper up her mother's hot, slick asshole.

Lisa brought out the video cameras and began to tape her darling little slut's performances. At first Kaley was put off and perhaps a little camera shy. This eased as the two of them began to make a habit of curling up on the couch every few days and cuddling as they watched the taped debauchery. Soon the child was ignoring the camera, performing the filthiest most perverted acts for posterity.

The isolated ranch had never had internet service; the static filled phone lines would simply not support a dial up connection. During her infrequent trips to town Lisa had heard several acquaintances bemoan the filth and smut that permeated the world wide web. She had even signed a civic sponsored petition to ban access to the web in their little corner of paradise. Now she wanted access to that filth and smut. Lisa called around and did some research and within days a battered, ladder hung, white van rumbled down the long dusty drive.

A small satellite dish was installed on one eve of the rambling old house and finger thick cable routed down to Lisa's battered old PC. The installer, a nice middle aged man named Edgar, set up the modem then began to explain the principles of operation. Lisa asked a few questions then went to the kitchen to pour glasses of lemonade for them both. When she returned she again began to question the installer but the man seemed distracted, his eyes directed over Lisa's shoulder.

Lisa started to turn around to see what held the man's attention so strongly but the big mirror behind her desk told the tale before she did anything so obvious. Kaley had entered the room and plopped onto her stomach on the floor in front of the television. The child was wearing her black velour dress, one of her shortest, and nothing else. The dress had ridden up so that the five-year-old's round, taut, little butt was fully exposed. As Lisa watched Kaley raised her legs at the knee and spread them slightly, giving the middle-aged man a clear view of her bald little twat. Lisa suppressed a smile. She doubted the little vixen's show was accidental.

Edgar fumbled through the rest of his spiel, trying unsuccessfully to hide his growing arousal. When he had finally finished mother and daughter escorted him to the door. Remembering her manners Kaley gave the man a deep curtsy, again flashing her plump little pussy. Lisa hugged her daughter as the van headed down the drive.

"And just what was that show about?"

Kaley smiled mischievously, "I wanted to see if he liked my butt an' cooter. I think he did."

Lisa slid a hand under the tiny dress and began to fondle the butt in question. "I think so too." In truth she had considered offering Kaley's little ass to the installer. Her pussy lubed at the thought of Kaley bent over the couch while the middle-aged man humped her from behind. She'd desisted for two reasons. First, Kaley had no experience with human males and she wasn't sure how the child would have reacted. Second, her daughter's little body might have turned Edgar on but an offer of actual sex just might have pushed his middle class mores beyond their limits. A visit from the sheriff was the last thing she wanted.

Kaley giggled and wiggled her little ass against her mother's thigh, "I think I made him horny."

Lisa pulled up her own mini and jerked her daughter's face into her wet, pantyless cunt. "He's not the only one you little slut, eat!"

Linda familiarized herself with the intricacies of web browsers and newsreaders in the evenings after she had tucked Kaley in. At first the variety of web sites with their lurid advertisements excited her. She quickly was disillusioned however. Very few had content approaching their promising electronic shills, most were in fact useless trash. The topsites where web sites were ranked piqued her interest but she quickly learned that most of the links went only to other topsites. The few actual content sites turned out to be more useless trash.

The newsgroups however, that was a different story. Within hours of first touching a newsreader Lisa was swimming in oceans of delicious perversion. She set up a directory and was soon sending an endless stream of images and movie files into it. So many new ideas, she hardly wait to try them all.

Lisa coiled the big hose and put it away. She had just finished hosing the dogs' nightly droppings into the cesspit behind the kennels. The animals never liked this portion of the morning ritual since inevitably they got wet. They were barking and baying in excitement now however. Feeding always followed the poop wash.

Kaley played in the dirt in front of the tack room, refusing to approach the kennels. The child was still reserved around all dogs but Rooster. The memory of her gang rape still painful. Lisa frowned, that was the next barrier to be excised.

"Want to help me feed the dogs baby?"

The child raised her head long enough to shake an emphatic negative and went back to her play.

Lisa finished with the hose and then went to her daughter.

She picked the child up, her hand cupping the dirty little bottom under the equally dirty dress, her longest Lisa noted.

"Why not baby?" She soothed fine blond hair from her daughter's big blue eyes.

Kaley bit her bottom lip and shot a quick look at the kennel before meeting her mother's eyes. "They hurt me."

"Baby, Rooster hurt you too remember. Think of the fun you have with him now. The dogs didn't mean to hurt you, they were just horny that's all."

Kaley got a shy look on her face, "I made them horny?"

Lisa stroked the fine blond hair and leaned in to plant a kiss on her daughter's little button nose. "Baby, you make everyone you meet horny."

Kaley giggled as her mother slid her supporting hand lower. Her fingers quested for that magical place between the five-year-old's sleek legs. She found the soft, rounded entrance to the pre-schooler's twat and discovered it was already wet. The little vixen was getting turned on!

Still holding her daughter, Lisa walked slowly toward the kennels. She stopped before a cage holding a single Rotweiller. The big beast had been baying with the others but stopped at his mistress's approach. Lisa pushed her hand through the chain link and let the washcloth sized tongue bathe her fingers as she stroked the dogs nose.

"See baby, he doesn't want to hurt anyone."

After a moment the child's hand joined her own. Kaley giggled as the dog licked her hand.

Lisa withdrew her own hand and kissed her daughter on the cheek.

"Mommy's got to feed the dogs. While I feed the others why don't you go in the cage and make friends with this one."

"How mommy?"

Lisa kissed her daughter again. Her fondling fingers spread the child's little lips and one of them speared inside.

"Give him some of your sweet little pussy baby. You like fucking Rooster, try this one out. You might like him as well."

Kaley began to wiggle, wanting down. As she let the child slip to the ground Lisa wondered if she had gone too far. Kaley didn't run off however. With a shy glance at her mother the child worked the manual latch on the gate and stepped inside.

At first the excited Rotty just danced around the child, his claws making frantic clicks on the concrete. Soon he ventured in and began to lick her face however. This brought renewed giggling from Kaley and she reached out and hugged the powerful neck.

As Lisa watched the courtship her own pussy began to drool. She pulled her dress up and shoved two fingers in her twat, moaning at the perversion she was about to watch.

Seeing her mother pleasuring herself increased Kaley's arousal and returned her to the business at hand. The child pushed off from the dog and quickly dropped to all fours on the damp concrete. Using one hand she pulled her dress up to her shoulder blades and wiggled her little ass at the Rotweiller.

For his part the big dog was not actually sure what was being offered him. There was not the imputes of the bitch droppings this time and he went back to Licking the child's face. Her continued wiggling soon drew his tongue to her back though and then he caught the scent of aroused cuntlet. Down he went, kicking his way down the smooth little back and into the crack of the child's delicious butt. Kaley alternately cooed and giggled as the big tongue tugged at her asshole.

She gasped as the wet muscle slapped over her pussy; the dog paused for a moment as if contemplating the taste then dove in snout first. Tasty pre-school asshole was forgotten as tasty pre-school pussy nectar registered on the dog's taste buds. Snuffling like a pig after swill the beast began to devour the tiny pussy. His head shoved Kaley's legs wide as his snout invaded the immature little cunt.

Kaley's giggles stopped and her mouth dropped open as the dog feasted. Lisa fucked herself harder as her daughter's eyes glazed with lust. For several minutes the dog dined on Kaley's tiny pussy then without warning he reared up and mounted. The animal banged around ineffectually for a few moments, his fumbling actions bringing Kaley's giggles out again. Before Lisa could intervene her daughter reached back and guided the Rotty's fat red prick to its target. She moaned as the thick animal cock invaded her tender small twat.

The other dogs were now baying franticly. Reluctantly Lisa pulled her fingers from her pussy and set about feeding them. As she shuttled back and forth with the heavy bag of food her eyes kept straying to the perverted lovers rutting on the wet concrete.

She finished to find the Rotweiller had as well. The animal had curled up and was licking its wilted dick. Kaley stood just outside the pen and fingered her dog cum filled pussy, a still horny look on her elfin face.

Lisa fed the Rotty then went to her daughter. She smiled.

"You want more baby?"

Kaley seemed to consider for a moment. When Rooster was done he was done. More was a foreign concept. After a pause she nodded. Lisa went into the tack room and returned with a cushioned footstool that was kept on hand for the farrier to use when he came to shoe the horses. She carried it to the middle of the run then led her daughter to it. She pulled the child's dress off then placed her stomach down across the stool. Patting her daughter on her delightful, dirty little butt, Lisa went to release the child's next suitor.

Over the next twenty minutes five more dogs drained their balls into Kaley's wet little cunt. Kaley cooed and moaned as dog after dog stepped up to hammer her little cunt. Sensing that her daughter had had enough, Lisa led the last of the animals back to its kennel then scooped up her sated daughter. Watery dog come ran from the child's fucked out little pussy and down her legs as Lisa pulled her into a hug. She gazed at her daughter's satisfied face and planted a kiss on her sweet little lips. As they started toward the house the dogs set to baying again, plaintive baying it seemed from those who had not gotten in on the gangbang.

Lisa kissed her daughter again and knelt to pick up the child's dirty dress.

"I think the rest of them are jealous baby?"

Kaley had closed her eyes as her mother held her, now she nodded sleepily.

"I'll fuck them tomorrow mommy."

That night Lisa sat at her computer with Kaley on her lap as the two perused Lisa's growing library of smut. Most of what she had were bestiality files though there was a fair amount of pedophilia as well. To her disdain she had utterly failed to find any picture or video files that combined the two. There were several newsgroups devoted to the subject but they seemed to contain only spam advertisements for lying operators of trash sites. Did she have the only child in the country that fucked dogs?

Kaley kept asking for her mother to switch to the next picture or back up to the previous one. After a time of this Lisa showed her daughter how to manipulate the viewer and leaned back and let her have at it. The child giggled and squirmed as she viewed image after image. Lisa closed her eyes and allowed her hand to idly caress her daughters warm little thigh. She crept higher, pushing the child's short dress up as she went, till her fingers found Kaley's pooched out little mound. It was wet, no surprise that. To her mother's delight Kaley seemed almost permanently in heat.

She noticed that the giggling had stopped and opened her eyes. Centered on the monitor was the image of an older Hispanic woman with a throbbing dog cock of impressive dimension buried in her mouth. The woman stared at the camera, her lips ovaled wide around the fat prick.

"Mommy, that lady has a dick in her mouth!"

Lisa nuzzled her daughter's soft hair. "Yes baby, she's sucking it."

"But it's in her mouth!"

Lisa kissed the top of her daughter's head. "It's hard to suck something without putting it in your mouth baby." Kaley had not yet been exposed to oral sex with males yet, of any species and Lisa was curious as to how she would respond. Silently Kaley brought up the next image. The woman had taken more cock in, her lips now only an inch from the knot. The child stared at this image for a while then hit the 'next' button but that was all of that series.

They had cocoa then Lisa carried her nodding daughter up and put her to bed. Afterwards she came back down and brought up the newsreader. After telling that application to log onto the bestiality groups and grab anything with 'oral' or 'suck' in the title she minimized it and brought up her browser.

She found a plethora of on-line lingerie and sex-toy shops and spent several hours browsing them. She had a little problem finding some things in the sizes she wanted but finally persevered. Tired, and several hundred dollars poorer Lisa abandoned the computer and headed to her warm, daughter filled bed.

Lisa came awake to the sound of a blood-curdling howl. A vague dream fled as she sat bolt upright. She fumbled for the bedside switch and the room flooded with light. She was alone in bed, the warm little body she'd been cuddled up to when sleep had taken her noticeably absent.

There was no repeat of the hackle raising cry that had awakened her but a low, painful, whining drifted in through the door. She swung herself out of bed and stood. She had a vague idea of what she would find as she stepped into the hall and followed the noise to her daughter's seldom used bedroom.

Kaley sat on her old bed; the coverlet pulled up to her chin and a frightened, guilty look on her face. Rooster was in a corner of the room curled up and licking at his wilted cock. Every now and then he gave a low whine.

Kaley's face crinkled and burst into tears at the sight of her mother. Within seconds she was sobbing. Lisa climbed onto the bed and pulled the crying child to her, rocking her and making soothing sounds. Soon the sobs slowed to sniffles. Lisa kissed the top of her daughter's head, "Tell me what happened baby."

"I hurt Rooster mommy, but I didn't mean to."

"What did you do?"

"I was......", she sniffled, "I know......what the lady was doin' in the picture."

"You tried to suck his dick?" Lisa's pussy turned over at the nature of that perverse question.

"Uhuh, but I hurt him. I'm sorry mommy." She began to cry again.

"Hush, hush baby. It's all right. You didn't mean to."

It took several long minutes to pull the story from the remorseful and frightened child. Kaley had awakened to potty and had remembered the picture. She'd roused Rooster and led the dog to her bedroom. When they were both on her bed she'd allowed the dog to lick her seeping little twat till his throbbing cock had made an appearance. Not knowing exactly how to go about sucking a dick she'd simply crawled under the dog and pushed her lips onto the pointy-head.

Rooster unfortunately knew no more about having his cock sucked than the randy five-year-old knew about sucking it. The child's mouth was warm and wet however just like her little cunt and he knew what to do with that. In his doggy brain if two and two did not equal four it was damn well close enough. He'd began to hump, jamming his thick cock into Kaley's mouth and hacking at her throat. Kaley had begun to choke and in a panic tried to push the dog off of her. Rooster had a three to one advantage in the weight category however and his dick in a tight hole. He wasn't in the mood to be pushed. With that failure Kaley had done the only other thing she could think of. She'd bit.

Lisa checked Rooster and ascertained that the animal was more frightened than hurt. With some coaxing she managed to get him onto the bed and onto his back. She rubbed his belly to keep him calm then with a burning, swampy pussy began to instruct her pre-school daughter in the esoteric art of canine cock-sucking.

While Lisa held the beast down Kaley ovaled her lips and gently let the shrunken cock invade her sweet mouth. At her mother's prompting she used her tiny fist as a stop to prevent over penetration and began to bob her blond head on the dog's prick.

Rooster had at first wanted no part of a repeat encounter with Kaley's mouth but as his cock began to grow his struggles diminished. Soon he was trying to hump up to get more penetration but Lisa's restraining hand and Kaley's little fist kept things from getting out of hand.

Kaley raised her head, "I like sucking dick mommy!"

Lisa nearly swooned at that. She'd been fucking her cunt franticly with the hand not restraining Rooster. Now she pulled her pussy slick fingers out and pushed Kaley's head down.

"Keep sucking baby. Suck Rooster's nasty dick. Blow him and he'll give you a reward."

Kaley started to ask about that but her mother's hand forced her mouth back over the dog's cock.

Lisa kept her hand on Kaley's head, urging her daughter to bob faster. She threw a leg over Rooster to free

her other hand for her burning, wet pussy. The slurping sound of the five-year-old sucking dog cock for the first time was music to cum by. Rooster began to hump faster and Lisa's hand forced Kaley to match the dog's pace. The animal was close. Lisa speeded up her cunt plunging fingers as well. She wanted to cum with Rooster. To feel her pussy melting as the dog spewed nasty dog spunk down her cock sucking daughter's cherry throat.

Rooster stiffened and howled. Lisa felt Kaley try to pull back and she knew Rooster was cumming in the child's mouth. Her own cunt exploded as she pushed harder on Kaley's head, forcing her daughter to drink Rooster's slimy cum. Lights went off in Lisa's head. It seemed as if her cunt expanded and swallowed the rest of her body. The orgasm raced through her body, radiating upward through her stomach and chest and making its tingling way along her limbs. The massive cum paralyzed her muscles and left her teetering on the edge of consciousness.

When she finally came down Lisa found that she was still pushing Kaley's head onto Rooster's wilting cock. Dog cum was running down the child's chin and oozing from her nose. She pulled the child's mouth off the cock, it came out with a wet popping sound. Kaley began to cough, a mixture of saliva and dog cum spraying from her mouth with each spasm. She lifted a recriminating eye to her mother but whatever she was going to say was lost as Lisa pulled the child into a fierce embrace. Lisa rocked her daughter, making soothing sounds as she caressed the child's smooth back and showered her blond tresses with motherly kisses.

The next morning, while Lisa fed the dogs, Kaley passed the time on her hands and knees. Seven studs had been loosed into the run and the child screamed and moaned as they took turns fucking her into oblivion. When the last had finished, Lisa pulled the fucked out pre-schooler's face into her own soaked pussy and did some screaming herself as Kaley ate her to two thundering orgasms.

Lisa had a small dildo she had purchased mail-order shortly after her husband's death. That evening during their sex play she used it to demonstrate deep-throating to her five-year-old daughter. At first Kaley choked and gagged but under Lisa's coaching she was soon taking the slim, black wand into the depths of her throat. After practicing for a while the child demonstrated her new competence. She lay back on the floor with her mother's head between her spread legs and her head elevated on a thick pillow. While her mother ate the child's smooth, tasty little pussy, Rooster pounded his angry, red cock down Kaley's five-year-old throat.

Kaley began to gag and Lisa raised her face from Kaley's twat, a slender string of her daughter's immature pussy nectar trailed from her lip. "Swallow baby, just like with the dildo."

The child tried to answer but whatever she said was lost in the fleshy pole piercing her gullet. The message must have been received though because the gagging lessened and another inch of dog cock vanished down the tiny throat.

Lisa returned to her feast but sent one hand up to caress its way to her daughter's throat. She could FEEL Rooster's cock sawing in and out of that slender neck. Another inch vanished and Kaley's head was driven into the pillar as Rooster's knot banged against her lips. Eight inches of hard dog dick were buried in the pre-schooler's tiny throat. Rooster howled and pulled back before slamming home again.

Lisa intensified her assault on Kaley's sex. She wanted this to be an enjoyable experience for her daughter. She wanted the little slut to associate pleasure with sucking the filthy slime from throbbing dog cocks. She wanted Kaley to be a slut, an utterly depraved little tramp that would drop to her knees and offer her mouth or pussy to any dog as casually as most children sucked on a lollipop. She thought of her future plans and her pussy creamed. Pain was next, consensual pain. She imagined her darling daughter sucking a dog's prick while her mother savaged her little twat with a cigarette and nearly came at the thought. So many plans, pain, exhibitionism, maybe......maybe anything. The future was wide open and the depraved mother wanted to try it all.

She pushed Kaley's legs back, pulling the child's round little butt off the floor. The pink little anus winked between twin baby fat jiggling cheeks. With a moan Lisa drew her tongue the length of her daughter's delightful cleft before sending her tongue washing over her tight little sphincter. She put the tip on the little muscle and pushed. Kaley squirmed as the tight little ring gave way and her mother's hot tongue slid into her ass.


Book II

The UPS driver swung back into his cab and started the big, boxy truck bouncing back down the dusty drive. Lisa let Kaley wave for a moment then pressed her daughter into helping her carry the half-dozen assorted boxes into the house. This time she had taken no chances with her increasingly exhibitionist child. Kaley was dressed in a demure little-girl blouse and jeans. She was wearing panties too.

They stacked the packages on the dining room table. As soon as Kaley's arms were free she began to strip. Lisa raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Within a minute the little girl was bare save for her lace trimmed socks.

As Lisa began to sort through the parcels Kaley crept around the corner of the table. She knelt as her mother's feet and gently began to massage Lisa's left calf with her right hand. When this gained no response she slowly slid her hot little hand up past her mother's knee, her knuckles just brushing the hem of Lisa's modest dress. Her left hand began to caress the back of Lisa's right calf, he little fingers following the paths of her mother's well toned muscles.

Lisa spared a glance down. Kaley's cherubic little face smiled up at her, the child's big, blue eyes swimming with mischief and her mouth slightly parted. Her little pink tongue just peaked from one corner of her cupids-bow lips. Her left hand rose slowly to match her tight and both slid into the hollow at the back of Lisa's knees. The little fingers massaged from a moment then the tiny hands resumed their stealthy climb.

Lisa tried to pretend nonchalance as her daughter's fingers lightly caressed their way up the backs of her thighs but her face had began to flush red and her breathing had picked up. Observant, Kaley had picked up the signs of her mother's arousal and with a giggle thrust her head beneath Lisa's skirt. The child rose till her head was even with Lisa's now damp pussy and her tiny hands just cupped the lower swells of her mother's ass.

"Mommy, you're not wearing panties." The voice was slightly muffled by the fabric of Lisa's dress but the accusatory tone came through." Her mother had made her wear panties AND pants!

"Mommy didn't have to worry about mommy raising her skirt and flashing her butt at the delivery drivvvvvvverrrrr." She finished with a moan as her daughter's slick little tongue slid between the lips of her wet cunt. Her hand dropped to the cantaloupe-sized lump in her dress and pulled her daughter's head in tighter, grinding Kaley's tiny nose into her swelling clit.

Kaley giggled and pulled free. Her tongue slid from her mother's pussy with a sucking sensation. Like an eel she squirmed between her mother's legs then turned so her nose was just touching the cleft between Lisa's cheeks. Her hands rose and massaged her mother's perfect ass for a moment before gently pulling the cheeks apart.

"You should have mommy. I think he would have liked your butt." Lisa felt her daughter's breath on her anus. "I like your butt", Kaley said in a low sensual whisper.

Lisa moaned as Kaley's tongue bathed her sphincter with saliva. The child then stiffened her tongue and drove it into her mother's ass. Lisa grunted and abandoned the package she had half opened. She grasped the edge of the table and bent forward to give the little, blond hellion greater access. Her breath came in convulsive gasps as Kaley's tongue wormed deeper. 'Damn she's good', Lisa thought. The child began to bounce her cute face against Lisa's moons, deepening her strokes and increasing her penetration

Lisa dropped a hand to massage her clit. Fire arched out from her pussy and asshole.

"Oh god baby, suck momma's ass. " She twisted her clit. "Nobody eats butt-hole like you baby. Oh rim mommy's ass. Shove your filthy little slut tongue up mommy's tight butt."

Kaley continued to bob, her cheeks smacking her mother's cheeks with each inward thrust. Her mother's filthy language made her hotter and she increased her pace accordingly.

"Oh fuck me baby, tongue fuck your mother's butt. Fuck, fuck, fuck, eat my asshole."

Kaley's hand snaked between her mother's legs and pushed Lisa's hand off her pussy. Taking over, Kaley shoved four fingers into her mother's drowning slot while she used her thumb to batter her clit.

Lisa moaned, "Oh you little slut. You darling little slut. Eat me. Fuck me. Oh shitttttttttttt!"

Abruptly Kaley yanked her fingers from her mother's twat, pussy drool splattered across the table. Using both hands the five-year-old grasped the front of her mother's thighs and pulled her face hard into her humid ass cleft. With her tongue completely buried the preschooler peeled back her lips and bit at the tender ass flesh where her mother's bung protruded around the invading tongue.

The feel of Kaley's teeth was the last straw and pushed Lisa over the edge. Caught with her lungs empty, she could only make strangled grunts as her orgasm rolled over her like an express train. Abruptly the strength left her legs and she crashed bonelessly to the floor, taking Kaley with her. Somehow the preschooler kept her lip lock on her mother's ass even as they both thudded to the polished hardwood. Lisa came again and again as Kaley's voracious mouth tried to suck her mother's stomach out her asshole.

With a wrench Lisa rolled onto her back then grasped the little blond head that rested low beneath her dress. It took several tugs but she finally managed to pull Kaley's lamprey like mouth off her ravished butt-hole.

She pulled the child up her body and their lips locked in a fierce kiss. Lisa massaged Kaley's tiny ass as her tongue dueled with Kaley's. Finally she shoved her grinning child to arms length.

"Face mommy's feet and sit on her face baby. Mommy's got a longer tongue and she's going to destroy your little asshole."

Within squirming seconds Kaley's tiny, white butt was dropping over her mother's face. Lisa stiffened her tongue and held it at full extension, allowing Kaley to rub her pink little opening around on its hardened tip before pushing down and impaling herself. As Kaley forced her mother's tongue into the hot, spicy depths of her tight little rear passage Lisa's cunt spasmed again, cuming just from the perversion of having her tongue up her daughter's butt.

Kaley began to bounce her little ass on her mother's tongue, driving it deeper with each stroke. Soon the wide blade at the base was splitting her little angels ass open. The room began to resonate with the 'smack..smack..smack' noise of Kaley's smooth buttocks slamming into her mother's face. The impact set her baby-fat little buns to jiggling delightfully on each upstroke.

Kaley increased her pace and son a rising keen began to echo through the house. She smacked harder with each downstroke, her little tailbone threatening her mother's nose. On the upstroke her sucking little asshole tried to pull Lisa's tongue out by the roots.

The commotion they were making had roused Rooster from where he sleeping on the patio. The Dane clicked into the dining room and stood regarding the incestuous rutting on the floor. He sniffed the air, the distinct smell of two overheated pussies was thick and redolent and in the depths of his doggie brain he began to wonder how to join in. Beneath his belly his cock began to stir, preparing the physical equipment.

He was to be disappointed at this time however. Kaley cared for nothing but the hard motherly muscle that was repeatedly violating her tiny ass. Lisa cared for nothing but the tight little passage that was molesting her tongue. The Dane was on his own.

Kaley slammed down hard and kept her butt shoved into her mother's flattened features. Her keen rose to a shriek as her pussy tipped over and spilled baby cum down her mother's chin.

Lisa's nose smarted as Kaley slammed down for the final time. The child ground her hips for a second, her little asshole twisting on her mother's tongue. Then a wetness flowed over Lisa's chin to pool in the hollow of her throat. At the same time the passage surrounding her tongue tried to crush the life from that deep buried implement as it spasmed with Kaley's powerful orgasm.

Kaley rested for a moment then toppled sideways, the torque of her fall pulled her mother's tongue from her butt with an obscene slurp. Lisa was just in time to catch her daughter before the child's head struck the floor. So powerful was her cum that Kaley had passed out.

Lisa gently laid her daughter on the floor then rose and smoothed her dress. She went to the ground floor guest bathroom and wet a soft washcloth and headed back to the dining room. She intended to clean her daughter up and then put the exhausted child down for a nap but a rhythmic slapping sound that drifted to her before she rounded the final corner told her Kaley might have other plans.

She stepped into the dining room and stopped cold. She stared for a second then dropped the rag and sent her hand snaking up under her dress. Kaley had recovered in her absence and noticed Rooster's aroused state. Now the child sat on the floor with her back against the legs of one of the heavy oak dining room chairs. Rooster had his big front paws on the cushion and was fucking his angry cock down the preschooler's throat.

Kaley sighted her mother and grinned around a mouthful of dog dick. Her little adams-apple bounced with each throat-spearing jab of the beast's prick. Lisa sighed and drove three fingers into her again aroused twat. The little minx was going to kill her.

That night, mother and daughter held their own fashion show. They showered together then Lisa lovingly brushed out her daughter's hair before arranging it into two cute little pigtails. She then powdered her daughter and applied lipstick, eye shadow and rouge. Done with the cosmetics she led the naked child down to the living room where the day's deliveries had been laid out. The video camera had also been set up in one corner.

Lisa started the camera then led the child to the couch. Lisa sat and pulled Kaley to stand before her.

She dug into the disemboweled packages and came up with a garter belt in virgin white. She adjusted it and then fit it around Kaley's waist. The stockings came next, sheer and white, Kaley giggled as her mother lovingly pulled the soft material up her legs and fastened the garters. White pumps finished up the ensemble.

As Lisa took manual control on the camera Kaley walked back and forth. At first she had trouble with the heels and tottered about like a toddler taking his first steps. After a while she became steadier though and strutted around striking various sexy poses, offering first her pussy, then her sweet little ass to the silent eye of the camera.

After a moment Lisa locked the camera to the tripod and with a mysterious "it needs something" vanished into the kitchen. She was back in a flash and knelt in front of her five-year-old daughter.

"Turn around baby."

Lisa uncapped the black permanent marker she had found in a kitchen drawer and began to write on her daughter's white butt in big, block letters. "DOG", she wrote on one perfect little cheek. "SLUT", she carefully blocked out across the other. Kaley giggled at the touch of the marker but held still till her mother finished. As soon as the last letter was done the child tottered for the full-length hall mirror. She sounded out the words then squealed, "Dog slut, it says dog slut!"

She bounced back into the room forgetting about the heels and nearly measured her length on the floor. She recovered then carefully walked across the room to stand in front of her mother. Her big blue eyes smiled up at Lisa. "I am a dog slut."

Lisa bent down and kissed her nose. "I know you are baby."

The fashion parade continued with Kaley modeling another half dozen assortments. All were the same, garter belt, stockings and pumps, only the color varied. Kaley strutted around in each assortment, always wiggling her freshly monikored little butt at the camera.

The next morning Kaley played in the run while Lisa fumbled with hammer and saw in the tack room. She was no carpenter but with all of the things that generally needed fixing around the ranch she was no stranger to tools.

While her mother worked Kaley danced about pursuing a little girls fun. She wore a frilly white dress that incased her from neck to mid thigh. Sheer white stockings incased her sleek, coltish legs. The white heels that finished off the ensemble made her thin legs seem longer and pushed out the cute bulb of her tiny butt.

The child giggled as she and Rooster chased a disreputable old soccer ball around the dusty run. Kaley would kick the ball and the big Dane would lope after it, his big tongue hanging from the side of his mouth like an afterthought.

The rest of the dogs had been fed but were still in their kennels. They bayed and barked as Kaley and Rooster romped just outside their cage doors. Tails thumped concrete in their desire to join in. Noses wormed under gates and the air was thick with plaintive whines.

Lisa emerged from the tack room with her creation. She strode to a center spot in the run and placed it on the ground. It was an odd two-layer bench with four stubby legs. The lower platform was two feet by 18 inches and was padded by an old pillow that had been tacked to the plywood. The upper was wider though the same length. Its surface was covered by an old scrap of shag carpeting.

Kaley had come bouncing up and now stood looking at the contraption. "I go in the bottom right mommy?"

"That's right baby, are you ready for this?"

Kaley bit her bottom lip and looked up at her mother. Her blue eyes seemed huge in her elfin face. She nodded. "You'll stop 'em if I start to get ouchy?"

"You know I will baby, mommy wouldn't hurt you." Lisa felt a twinge of guilt at that lie but if passed. She didn't intend any further hurt. At least not today. She knelt and hugged the tiny child then backed off and took up the camcorder that rested of a fence post. The next post down held a big boom box. She pushed play and music began to issue forth.

As Lisa brought the camera up Kaley began to sway to the rhythm. Soon the child was spinning and twirling. Her skirt flaring out to show a hint of bare thigh at the top of the stockings. Rooster pranced and barked around her, unsure what to make of this new game. For most of the first song the child simply danced and swayed, her little hips jiggling as she sent her skirt swaying, offering tantalizing glimpses of soft bare skin. Lisa backed off and slowly circled till the chain link gates of the kennels were in the background. Their jumping baying occupants seemed to caper for the camera.

As the song neared its end Kaley increased her gyrations. This sent her lacy hem higher and exposed her lower butt cheeks for the first time. At its highest point the flying tail of the child's virginal, white dress exposed just a tiny smudge of black on the pale, creamy cheeks.

The next song was faster and Kaley increased her movements to match. Her hands went to her high collar and her dress began to split at the rear. The child faced away from the camera and slowly swayed her little butt as she pulled the zipper down, exposing the smooth, tanned skin of her back. When her prominent shoulder blades came into view she shrugged the fabric off of her shoulders and turned to face the camera, one hand holding the fabric to her throat.

Teasingly, Kaley lowered the fabric till one of her tiny nipples came into view. She played hide and seek with her little points for a few seconds, first exposing one and then the other before finally whipping her top off completely. She tossed it in the general direction of a clean tarp that had been laid on the ground just out of the camera's view. As the second song ended she thrust out her flat chest and stood with her skirt swirling around her shapely little thighs.

She started the next set with a fast spin that sent the skirt flying out nearly horizontal, exposing first her bald little twat then her graffiti covered little ass. She completed two full revolutions before jerking to a halt facing the camera. Her skirt swirled then settled around her thighs. Looking directly at the camera and licking her lips the child sent her hands behind her. A moment later the skirt sagged as the catch was released. She lowered the fabric slowly, exposing the lacy garter belt and finally the top of her plump little slit. She began to sway again to the music as she played peek-a-boo with her cunt

After displaying her pussy for thirty seconds Kaley spun and began a similar routine with her butt. Still swaying and throwing in a bump and grind number as well the child began to again lower her skirt. She alternated, flashing first one little cheek, then the other, all the while the fabric crept lower so that more of each delightful moon showed with each cycle. After a minute of the tease routine she abruptly froze let the skirt fall to her ankles. The 'DOG SLUT' moniker was now readable for the first time.

She stepped out of the skirt then used one leg to fling it in the general direction of her blouse. Turning to face the camera she squeezed her legs tightly together, squeezing her bald little cunt between her nylon clad thighs and making it pooch out even more than normal. She smiled at the camera and slowly let one finger slide sensuously down to her tiny twat. She rubbed the plump lips for a second then wormed her way inside. She fucked herself for a few strokes then held up her finger, displaying its glistening coating for the camera. Slowly, still looking directly into the lens she brought the fragrant digit to her mouth and sucked it clean.

Lisa, her hand clutching at her cunt through her dress, moaned. This set Kaley off and the child dissolved in a fit of giggles. Lisa stopped taping and placed the camera on its tripod before striding toward her daughter.

"Enough of that you little slut. Let's get you fucked."

Kaley held out her arms to her approaching mother and Lisa swept the child into her arms.

"Did I do good mommy?"

Lisa hugged the preschooler and planted a kiss on her tiny nose, the child's blue eyes seemed huge.

"You did great baby. Are you ready for a cock?"

Kaley looked toward the pens and their cavorting occupants. "I'm gonna have more than one cock mommy. I'm gonna get fucked lots!"

"That's right baby, lots."

"Lots and lots and lots and lots", the child giggled. Suddenly her elfin features turned serious. "You'll stop 'em if I get too ouchy?"

Lisa kissed her daughter again. "You know I will baby."

Lisa eased Kaley to the ground then helped the child thread her self through the lower portion of the double bench. She ended up on her stomach with her butt sticking out one end and her head and thin shoulders out the other. Kaley dropped her knees to the ground and wiggled to get comfortable. The action made her tiny cheeks wiggle enticingly.

"Oh you darling little slut." Lisa dropped to her knees behind her daughter and spread her smooth buttocks. She drug her tongue up the child's crack before driving it up her tight ass. She fucked in and out a few strokes then withdrew and dove into the preschooler's fragrant twat.

Kaley moaned and then giggled. "Mommy that's the doggies' pussy. You had yours this morning."

She giggled again and wiggled her round little ass. "You can have some more butt if you want it though."

In response Lisa gave her daughter a light smack on her little ass and rose. "Suck Rooster's cock you little minx while I find something to fuck you."

Lisa detoured to the camera and started the tape rolling before striding to the near end of the kennel and pulled the master release. The dogs thundered out in a baying tide as the gates popped.

By the time she made it back to her daughter a half-dozen of the big studs were circling the child. Kaley had snagged Rooster by one leg and pulled till he reared up and planted both front paws on the carpeted shelf above her. The smell of baby pussy already had the Dane's prick half hard and as designed the bench put his cock at the perfect height for sucking. Kaley leaned extended her neck and slid her lips over the throbbing, red cock. Her cheeks caved in as she immediately applied suction. With a howl Rooster hunched and drove for her throat.

The other dogs continued to circle the child. As before, they were a little unsure how to proceed. The whiff of hot cuntlet was in the air however and activity ramped up quickly. A rangy Shepherd sent a dishcloth sized tongue swiping across the five-year-old's ass. His next swipe was lower, just brushing the drooling little pussy. The dog considered the taste for a moment then dove in snout first. Kaley squealed around Rooster's throat filling prick as the big tongue forced her lips apart and forged inside. The big tongue began to lap madly as the dog tried to drink this delicious fountain dry. It was a vain attempt. As fast as he slurped the nectar up Kaley's tight little twat secreted more.

A second Shepherd approached. His cock was already hanging loose and he had a better use for pussy than just licking it. He planted his feet on the bench alongside Rooster's and tried to mount. The problem with this was that first dog was still licking pussy and that put his head between a hard dick and its goal. At first he held his ground, but when he got a dick in the ear for the third time he withdrew, shaking his head.

The second Shepherd now pulled himself up till his upper body was alongside the Dane's and began to hunch in earnest. He made a half-dozen strokes before Kaley's wiggling pussy finally captured his cock. The child screamed around Rooster's cock as she was speared at her other end.

Lisa removed the camera from the tripod and began to slowly circle the rutting trio. The two dogs quickly developed a rhythm and soon they were thrusting together. The little girl moaned and gurgled as she was alternately stuffed and voided by the beasts. Both dogs now had their tongues out and were grinning at each other over their conquest. Saliva dripped onto the child's back in a steady rain.

Rooster sped up and began to hump harder. Low choking sounds began to slip out around his driving prick but Kaley showed no other sign of distress. The other dogs were now becoming very excited. Most now had their throbbing cocks hanging free. Several tried to horn in on one or the other of the rutting pair but low growls of warning backed them off. Two of the beasts tried to get under Lisa's dress, the smell told them their was another overheated pussy there. She sent them off with a scold and a shove.

A series of low woofing sounds from the Dane's throat told Lisa he was nearly there she pushed through the milling pack till she could kneel and aim the camera up under the dog's rippling stomach to where his cock mated with a five-year-old little girl mouth. His knot had inflated and was now mashing the child's lips into her teeth with bruising force. He was really driving now, Kaley's head was being driven hard into his chest with each thrust. Lisa zoomed in till the camera could see her slim neck bulge each time the beast's cock drove into her tight throat

Rooster began to cum with a low growl. Lisa zoomed in till Kaley's adams apple bounced in the viewfinder as the child swallowed. The Dane's morning load was too much for the child-bitch and dog cum began to drool down her chin. Rooster gave a mighty lunge and watery dog spunk sprayed from the little girl's nose. The Dane jerked again, this time pulling his cock from the child's mouth on the outstroke. Kaley tried to capture it but the still spurting dog dick slid across her face, leaving a trail of slime from her mouth to her hair line. The next jet sprayed into her blond tresses. With his cock still venting the Dane dropped from the platform and hunched his way across the run to collapse in the dust outside one of the empty pens.

A coal black Labrador quickly took Rooster's place. Lisa held her breath at the dog thrust his impressive slab of meat at Kaley's pixie face. The child had never blown any dog but Rooster and Lisa was afraid she would balk. She need not have worried. Kaley was on the brink or her own first orgasm and pure lust ruled her mind. The five-year-old stretched her mouth and met the cock halfway, quickly pulling half its length into her throat and sucking for more.

The Shepherd in Kaley's cunt drove deep and howled. The feel of his hot spunk spraying her cervix was the last straw for the child as well. She let out an impressive howl of her own around the cock stuffing throat as dog and preschooler came together.

The Shepherd dumped his nut quickly and tried to withdraw but he had difficulty in that endeavor. His knot had never seated, the child's tight little cunt was far too small for that, but Kaley was still caught in the throes of her own orgasm. Her little pussy had locked the beast's cock into a death grip and wasn't letting go. The dog whined as his now painfully sensitive prick remained locked in that velvet sheath. For a long moment Kaley remained suspended, a cock locked in both ends. Then the child pulled her mouth back enough to take a shuddering breath around the Lab's cock, a long stream of dog spew poured off her lower lip. Freed, the Shepherd backed off, his dick pulling free with a long obscene 'schloop'.

The first Shepherd dared in and again began to lick at the child's twat. This time their was far more fluid to drain from the tiny hole. Again he had barely started when another cock jabbed into his head. Whining, he withdrew as a Rotweiller jammed his already dripping prick into Kaley's sloppy little slit. The Rotty was big, bigger than most of the studs, with a prick to match. Kaley had just started to suck the Lab again when the massive slab of Rotweiller cock forced her lips wide and burrowed between. She screamed around the Lab's dick, a sound half agony and half ecstasy.

Lisa darted around, taping the action from all angles. She fingered her own cunt as the dogs pounded her tiny daughter from both ends. Her cunt burned so much Lisa was tempted to drop to her knees and allow one of the beast's that were constantly trying to nose under her dress to mount and pound her pussy to oblivion. She held back for two reasons. First, it would mean losing control of the camera. Second, the idea of being fucked by a dog, even though she had already done it once, was disgusting to her. Only the foulest of the foul would willingly let a dog violate their body with their filthy cocks. The fact that her own sweet baby daughter was being defiled at both ends in just that way was so erotic to her because of just that belief. It was degrading and shameful, but she wanted Kaley degraded, she wanted Kaley shamed. She wanted Kaley to become the lowest, filthiest, most perverted nympho slut on the planet. She wanted her darling to be all that and more, and she wanted it before the child turned six.

The Shepherd and the Rotty came together, the hosing from both ends kicked off Kaley's second orgasm. She was still cuming when both beast's pulled clear and two more mounted up. The preschooler was now nothing but pussy and mouth. She moaned whenever either hole was emptied and tried her best to fill it. After the third pair had finished with her and no other's immediately took over the child crawled from the bench and directly into the milling herd. She shoved her face under a shaggy belly and slurped up a cock even as rough paws yanked her ass into position for mounting. Claws now marked and tore at her buttocks and back but she seemed not to notice. More dog cum poured down her throat and she swallowed with gusto. She spat that cock out as soon as it began to soften and dove for another.

For over an hour the child was pummeled by nearly twenty pricks. Lisa dutifully waited for Kaley to scream 'uncle'. She truly would have stopped the gang bang at that point. It never occurred however. Like a trooper Kaley kept up till the last cock pulled from her twat with a wet 'plop' a gooey mass of dog cum splashed from the fucked out little hole.

The owner, the hard luck Shepherd finally getting his cookies, dove in snout first and began to clean the tiny child. He licked up the rivers of cum that had run down the little girl's thin tan thighs then up past her pussy to tongue up the mass that had squirted over the little white moons when still cuming dogs had withdrawn. His tongue washed over the firm little ass then descended into the humid crack. He licked the length of this for a second then parted the pert little cheeks and zeroed in on the little pink bud of Kaley's anus. The child moaned as the dog pushed past her sphincter.

After dining on butt for a minute the Shepherd moved lower and finally cleaned the gaping little twat. Kaley fidgeted and whimpered as her raw little pussy was roughly tongued clean. The dog dropped to his belly and cocked his head up for better penetration and drove inside, each lap pulling out wads of slimy dog spunk. For long minutes the animal painted the inside of the preschooler's cunt with his tongue.

When the Shepherd finally finished several of the dogs were milling around with signs of renewed interest in their eyes and half exposed cocks hanging under their shaggy bellies'. Lisa decided Kaley had had enough however and began to shoo the animals back to their pens. Most went meekly enough but several of the perennial trouble makers decided to play hard to get. With sharp words and more than a little bit of physical intervention Lisa finally rounded op the last stray and locked him behind the wire.

Lisa cradled her nude, fucked out daughter in her arms and carried her back to the house. She adjusted the taps in the master bath till the temperature was hot but not scalding then added a dollop of bubble bath. Showing more animation Kaley clapped her hand's with glee at this. It was a rare treat, mainly because the child made such a mess with the heaps of wet foam.

Lisa slid Kaley in through the mountain of suds then stripped and followed. Mother and daughter giggled and played till the water cooled below the comfort point, somehow getting clean in the process. Lisa drained the tub then turned on the shower. The two rinsed the last of the foam from their bodies. After turning off the water Lisa stepped from the tub and leaned over to get the thick fluffy towels she had placed on the toilet. She never made it.

She was just reaching out when a pair of tiny hands spread her firm ass cheeks and a voracious mouth clamped to her anus. Kaley ate ass like she was possessed, growling and moaning as she tried her game best to stuff her entire face into her mother's butt. For fifteen minutes Lisa shuddered and moaned as her tiny daughter reamed her bowels. Her pussy was never touched but she came a dozen times from the action of the insatiable little muscle that was savaging her ass.

Finally she could take no more and Kaley slowly pulled her buried tongue from her mother's anus. It slithered out like a snake, wriggling as it withdrew. Lisa turned around and swept her daughter into her arms. They kissed, a deep sensuous tongue kiss then Lisa pulled back.

"Thank you baby, that was wonderful."

Kaley giggled, "Thank you for letting all the doggies fuck me mommy."

"Did you like it?"

Kaley nodded then laid her head on her mothers tit. "Uhuh, but I'm feeling ouchy now." She looked up a hopeful expression on her face, "Can we do it again tomorrow?"

Lisa laughed, "Let's wait a little longer baby. You're probably really going to be sore tomorrow."

That night after bedding Kaley down Lisa fired up the computer and went surfing. It was time to broaden Kaley's horizons and the necessary materials were not available on the ranch. They in fact were not for sale at all but available if you knew where to look. The knowing where to look part proved to be somewhat of a problem however. It was the early hours before she felt she had at least made a good start. Wearily she shut down the machine and climbed the stairs to where her little lover lay sleeping. Maybe an early morning snack of baby pussy would help her sleep.

Kaley didn't get any dog cock for two days after her second gang bang. She'd tried to give Rooster a before breakfast fuck the day after but had proven to be too sore. She'd settled for sucking his cock while her mother sucked her pussy. On the morning of the third day the naked child was on her hands and knees sucking the big Rotty while her mother washed down the pens. Rooster strolled over and after exchanging a perfunctory doggy greeting with the other animal, mounted from the rear and speared his cock into the five-year-old's cunt.

While Lisa put the hose away and got the feed her daughter gurgled and whimpered contentedly as she was fucked from both ends. The 'slurp-suck' sound of the depraved coupling accompanied Lisa as she dished out the food down the baying line of pens. As it was Lisa, Kaley, and the dogs managed to finish almost together. Kaley gulped the Rotty's pungent cum as Rooster sent his hot slime spraying into the child's cunt. Afterwards Lisa put the Rotweiller away and the three of them skipped back to the house.

The next days were busy. There was a dog show in Phoenix and Lisa had three animals entered. On the night before the departure Lisa bathed the three and groomed them before placing them in a smaller holding pen attached to the house. She fixed a late supper then called Kaley to eat. When their was no answer she went looking. She found her rambunctious daughter in the holding pen with a Mastiff pounding her pussy. The other two occupants lay curled on the old rugs that adorned the floor, totally uninterested in the sexual proceedings only a few feet away. That was a sure sign they'd already been serviced.

Lisa waited till her offspring had brought the third animal to a howling cum with her tight little pussy then escorted the little minx from the pen. Kaley grinned at her mother without apology. "I thought a little pussy might calm them down for the trip mommy."

Lisa smacked her naked daughter on her cum slick butt then chased the giggling preschooler into the house.

After supper the two settled in front of the computer. Lisa booted the machine and brought up a graphics viewer while Kaley playfully pulled up her mother's shirt and began to suck her tits.

"Baby, how would you like to suck a man's dick?"

Kaley pulled her mouth from her mother's tit and turned to stare at the monitor. A male model reclined on a bed with his stiff cock in his hand. The slab of meat was nearly ten inches long.

"That's a big dick mommy, but it's not red and the shapes funny."

"Would you like to suck it?"

The child turned and looked at her mother. "You can suck man's dicks. I though you could only suck doggy dick?"

"You can suck any dick that will fit in your mouth baby."

Kaley returned her gaze to the monitor. "Can I suck it?"

"Maybe not that exact one baby but mommy can get you some men's dicks to suck if you want to. Most won't be that big."

Kaley stared at the image for a long moment then jerked her head. "I'd like to suck some mens."

It was a six hour drive to Phoenix. Mother and daughter shared the cab of the pickup while the dog's rode in a portable cage in the back. Kaley fidgeted most of the way, her dress was the familiar micro-mini but her charm's were encased in now unfamiliar white cotton. Twice they stopped for gas and bathroom breaks. Both times Lisa had to practically order Kaley to put her panties back on.

Lisa went directly to the convention center where the show was to be held. Filling out the reams of paperwork took several hours and it was evening before they finally reached their hotel. It was the same place Lisa always stayed, a slightly seedy Ramada that had the distinction of being the only establishment within five miles of the show venue that allowed dogs. That ensured it a full house when the show circuit came around. The big sign said 'WElcoMe DoG BreeDers" the 'W' was crooked and only hung by a corner. They checked in, taking the last ground floor room. Lisa pulled the truck around and parked at the door, they then unloaded luggage and dogs.

The attached restaurant served Thai food hot enough to pit armor plate but Lisa was too tired to look for anything else. They ordered the mildest thing on the menu then sipped iced tea while they waited for the food. The restaurant was decorated in funky 70's dark. The walls were and ceiling were covered with dingy mirrors that had been marbleized with red and black paint leaving the reflective surface only here and there. Wall sconces like those used in movie theatres provided dim light. Small tea candles burned on most of the tables.

Despite the full motel the restaurant was nearly empty. Lisa counted only a handful of patrons besides themselves. These were widely spaced, small pools of movement and murmured conversation in the vastness of the dark dining room. The food arrived and proved surprisingly good. Lisa ate with gusto while Kaley picked at her plate. If it didn't have lots of sugar and at least 10 kinds of artificial coloring and preservatives the child seemed to have to have trouble thinking of it as food.

After supper Lisa and her daughter strolled over to the attached cocktail lounge. A single patron sat at the bar while two of the twenty odd tables were occupied. The single bar sitter came right out of 'Leisure Suit Larry'. He had been chatting up the tired 40 something barmaid but soon turned his attention to Lisa. She turned him off with a glance then scanned the room. The place was dead so she abandoned the idea of an after dinner cocktail

Back at the room mother and daughter showered together. The cramped tub and a temperature selector that seemed only capable of too hot or too cold kept the duration to a minimum and assured they kept their minds on getting clean. Lisa dried Kaley first then let the naked child run loose in the room while she dried herself. Once dry she pulled on the fluffy white complimentary robe and stepped out into the room.

What she saw stopped her in her tracks. Still naked, Kaley lay on one of the beds with her legs wide spread. The Mastiff was licking away at her pussy. A largish Irish Setter lay alongside the child while she did her best to coax his cock out of its sheath. The room's drapes were wide open.

Thinking fast Lisa forced herself from her paralysis and strode forward. She pulled the Mastiff out of her daughter's crotch and smacked it on the nose. The blow looked harder than it was, still the animal looked at her in puzzlement. Lisa next shoved the Setter off into the floor. The beast gave a yelp of surprise as it landed on its side. Claws scrabbled on the wall as the dog tried to right himself. Lisa gave her daughter a stern look then moved and pulled the room's heavy drapes closed.

"Why did you do that mommy? I haven't had a cum all day long."

Lisa turned to her daughter her features softening. "Do you remember what I told you last night?"

Kaley giggled, "Uhuh, you said I had a perfect butt. Then you stuck your tongue up it."

"Before that you little minx, when we were getting ready for bed."

"You mean about description?"

"Discretion", Lisa corrected.

"Uhuh, that's why I had to wear panties today." She made a face at that.

"That's also why you don't play around with the dogs with the drapes open. People might see. We talked about this."

"Sorry mommy. I forgot."

Giving her daughter one last hard look Lisa eased the door open and stepped out, pulling the robe tightly around her. The parking lot was hot, dark and empty. Apparently no one had witnessed Kaley's little show. She looked at the window and confirmed that the drapes offered full privacy with no gaps then stepped back into the room. With her mother's permission Kaley resumed the festivities. All three dogs dumped their nut in the five-year-old over the next half hour. The last one pounded into her sloppy little pussy as the tiny slut ate her mother's gushing cunt.

They were up early the next morning. After loading the dogs they breakfasted at a Denny's then it was on to the convention center. The show proceeded by breeds. As a result Lisa was only showing the Setter today. For three hours mother and daughter sat while dog after dog was paraded before a mostly empty house. Dog shows were of little interest to the public at large, the audience was mainly other breeders with a smattering of enthusiasts and the truly bored for seasoning.

Each animal was allowed two minutes to show his stuff. They were ran out to a center display area then the handler would run through a brief series of commands to showcase the animal's intelligence then it was on to the next dog. A few breeders did not bother with training their animal's. They were simply showcasing their beast's breeding and therefore potential for stud service. Lisa fell into that latter category. So when she was called she simply trotted the Mastiff out and walked him around showing off his rippling muscles and sleek coat. Lisa was wearing a low cut black cocktail dress with medium heels, she garnered as many appreciative stares as the dog did. As she was leading the animal out of the display area she ironically thought that maybe she should let Kaley show the dogs. She was sure the child could get them to demonstrate tricks no one had ever seen at a dog show before.

After her showing Lisa talked with a few interested parties, gathering a small pile of business cards and giving out a few of her own, then they were free for the day. Lisa drove to the hotel and dropped off the dogs. She was confident they wouldn't trash the place. That was one bit of training she did do. They grabbed a bit of lunch at a sandwich shop then it was off to the days main event. With a map of the city she set out for a park on the far side of town. It wasn't hard to find but the lunchtime traffic made the trip a hassle.

Once there Lisa parked the truck in a half-full lot and the two got out. The park was big, about twenty acres and was fairly popular with the city dwellers. There was a small swimming lake complete with beach and a generous wooded area but most of the grounds were mowed grass. Pavilions and rusty barbecue grills were spotted about. A jogging trail with exercise trails wondered through the grounds. Their was also a paved way for bicyclists and roller bladers.

For several hours the two wondered through the park getting the feel of the place. The swimming lake seemed fairly popular. Some kind of organized children's summer activity group was splashing away. Adult and near adult counselors dashed around blowing their whistles at regular at intervals and generally tried to keep the mayhem from getting too far out of hand. Only a few of the pavilions were in use, several more had little 'RESERVED' placards on them but no sign of what they were reserved for. They passed one where a noisy birthday party was in full swing. The guest of honor was a child about Kaley's age though chubby and not nearly as cute. The jogging trail was all but empty but the paved way was getting a lot of use. Most of the crowd were roller-bladers and most of those seemed to be young teen and preteen girls. They dashed around with great verve, many showing an unseemly amount of ass cheek from beneath the legs of their too-short shorts. A few months before Lisa would have been scandalized by the display. Now she took a convenient bench and enjoyed the free show. She mentally undressed many of the cuter skaters as they dashed past her vantage point. She imagined peeling those painted on shorts down and then burying her face between those supple white cheeks. The thought got her pussy drooling and she found herself rubbing her thighs together for stimulation.

She stood and tugged her short skirt down before she created a scene of her own and the two wondered off. One leg of the little used jogging trail led off into the wooded section of the park. A sign warned women not to jog alone at night. They moved deeper into the woods. The canopy was thick and the trail was dank and dark. The trail was a layer of mulch over muddy ground. Lisa soon found the going hard in her heels so she removed them and proceeded barefoot. About 300 yards in the trail made a dogleg to the left, on the outside of the turn was a cleared area and centered in it was their goal.

The park had four separate restroom facilities, this was the least used. It was an oblong box of concrete blocks. The roof was raised a foot off the walls for ventilation. Lisa took Kaley by the hand and the two moved across the muddy ground to a door with a rusty sign that said 'WOMEN' on it. Inside were a half dozen stalls opposite a long sink-filled counter. The floor was bare concrete with the memory of gray paint. The stalls were yellow painted plywood. The air had a faint medicinal smell.

Lisa tried the stalls and as advertised discovered that the partition between the men's and women's side of the facility was not the normal concrete block but only a thin sheet of plywood. Six of the stalls had suspicious holes at about crotch height. Their was evidence that multiple attempts had been made to cover these up. Satisfied, Lisa took her daughter by the hand and the two exited. Their was time for a good supper before dark.

When the idea had first formed in Lisa's head to get Kaley some man dick for her little mouth the glory hole had sounded like the perfect solution. The anonymity nicely solved the problem of the mouth being only five years of age. The problem was that other criteria were involved. Once she'd started her search on the internet it became apparent that many glory holes were in adult theaters or bookstores. That was obviously out of the question. Many of the others were meant only for male-male sex and therefore were between the adjoining stalls of men's restrooms, again not an option. Lisa had almost given up when she'd stumbled across a new website that listed 'holes' by category including stating whether they were suitable only for gay sex or otherwise. Viewing the boy-girl list and dumping those in adult establishments had left half-a-dozen in the north west, including one that just happened to be in the same city as the latest dog show.

They drove to a Japanese steak house and had a fine supper. Kaley clapped her hands in delight when the chef prepared their meal right at the table. Afterwards it was back to the motel. Lisa changed out of her dress, donning baggy pants and tennis shoes along with a light sweater. Kaley got a similar rig. Lisa put the camcorder and light in a small suitcase, she also tossed in several of the motel's towels.

It was evening by the time they pulled out and they made good time across town. Lisa parked in the furthest lot from the restroom and the two hopped out. Almost as an afterthought Lisa reached beneath the trucks seat and retrieved the .38 she kept there. She dropped the gun into one pocket then the two set out.

The park had a roving security guard but the web site had promised that he only checked the isolated restroom once in the evening and again just before dawn. The Phoenix police sensibly seemed to think that consensual sex no matter how kinky should have a rather low priority in the scheme of things and generally never came by at all. Lisa checked her watch as they approached the trail. She spotted a low pavilion and the mother and daughter seated themselves in the dark. Within fifteen minutes a flashlight came bobbing down the trail and past without pointing in their direction. Lisa again checked her watch, right on time.

She pulled Kaley up and the two dashed to the trail. They jogged the short distance to the restroom and quickly made their way into the women's side. Lisa retrieved a small stone and propped the door open about a foot. According to the web data that was the agreed upon signal that a woman was available.

She then hustled Kaley into the first of the hole equipped stalls. Lisa assembled the camera and light then they settled down to wait.

It proved to be a long wait. For nearly an hour the two squatted in the cramped cubicle. Finally Lisa relented and the two moved out into the bathroom. Lisa let Kaley roam about the room but she kept a watch at the door. The planning and the doing were different things and her apprehension was climbing by the minute.

She was on the verge of giving up when she spotted movement on the trail. She pulled back and soon sighted a lone figure moving toward the bathroom. It was a man in his early forty's, thin of hair and with a slight paunch. He stopped and stared at the women's and for a panicked second Lisa thought he had seen her through the crack. He apparently was only trying to tell if the portal was propped open however because he quickly hustled through the men's door. She caught a strong whiff of liquor as he passed.

Lisa silently signaled to Kaley and the two again stuffed themselves into the stall. They had discussed the need for silence and Kaley had followed the script to the letter so far. Lisa was proud of her. They could here the man moving around then the creaking sound of a stall door opening. Their was silence for a moment then a gentle knock on the wall a dozen feet down. Lisa returned the knock, they heard the man exit his stall and move toward them. Lisa gave another light knock to help with navigation and in another second the stall on the opposite side of theirs opened then closed.

They heard heavy breathing then a muffled curse as the man barked his shin on the toilet. A second later the man spoke in a low voice.

"You want some cock lady?"

The voice startled Lisa. The web site had stated that these affairs were normally carried out in silence. She decided not to respond and motioned Kaley likewise. Her heart was hammering in her chest.

"You want some cock lady?"

A long moment of silence stretched out then, "Ahh fuck. Have some cock, have at this big dog."

Lisa activated the camera and light just as a man's semi-hard prick thrust through the hole in Kaley's face.

The child looked up at her mother in shock but on receiving no further guidance returned her gaze to the cock hanging before her nose. Tentatively she reached up a hand and stroked the anonymous dick. It twitched and a groan sounded through the plywood. Gaining confidence the child gripped the prick, her tiny hand would not span it, then leaned and gently kissed the tip.

Lisa stifled a groan of her own and tried to hold the camera steady. Dirt fuck horniness replaced her earlier apprehension as Kaley began to lick the fat helmet of the big circumcised cock hanging before her. The strange dick twitched again and began to stiffen. Kaley turned to grin briefly at the camera her dimples dancing then turned back and opened her mouth wide. The five-year-old engulfed the entire head and sealed her lips around it. She began to suck, her cute little cheeks caving in with the effort.

"Oh shit, oh damn, woman you got a tiny hot mouth! Fuck keep doing that!"

Kaley did that and more. Still sucking she bobbed forward and took two inches of rigid shaft between her lips. She slowly eased off till only the head was in her mouth leaving the exposed area wet with saliva. She paused a moment then surged forward again. Slowly the child built up a rhythm sucking about half of the exposed dick. From the grunts and groans drifting through the thin plywood she was doing a good job.

For a minute the preschooler bobbed steadily then on the fore stroke she suddenly halted. Lisa saw Kaley take a deep breath through her nose then her cute face shoved forward. Another inch of prick vanished. The child's throat worked as she tried to take the now iron hard cock into her throat. She was just achieving a measure of success, another half-inch had vanished, when a bellow rose from beyond the wall.

"Shit girl! You're eating my dick. Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

Cum blasted from around Kaley's lips and spewed from her nose as the stranger blew his slimy load in her five-year-old mouth. Caught by surprise Kaley gagged then coughed around the invading dick. She backed off, releasing the head and coughed up cum. It drooled down from her lower lip as another blast painted her face. With her eyes closed against the burning spunk the sleek preschooler lunged forward and captured the cock by feel. Her throat worked as she drank the rest of the man's load.

The man backed up, pulling his wilting dick from Kaley's tiny mouth and withdrawing it back through the hole. They heard the sound of him zipping. "That was the best honey. The fucking best." The stall door opposite them banged and they heard the man making his way out of the restroom. The entrance door creaked then thumped shut on its pneumatic closer. Silence followed.

Lisa waited pulled coarse industrial grade toilet paper from the dispenser and used it to clean her tiny daughter's face. The cute blond was covered in glistening, aromatic spunk and her mother did her best to blot it up.

Lisa again took her post at the door, her oozing cunt had dried out somewhat as apprehension again pushed its way to the fore. Ten minutes passed, then twenty. Lisa had almost decided to call it a night when she saw a figure approaching. A portly man appeared in the feeble light. He rolled like a sailor as he left the path and headed for the restroom. Lisa pulled back from the crack. A second later the men's room door squealed open.

Lisa and Kaley had time to enter the stall before a light, almost tentative, knock sounded from the far side of the wall. Before Lisa could respond her daughter brought her own tiny fist up and responded with the sharp raps.

Nothing happened for a long moment then they heard a rustling sound, a short, thick cock pushed through the hole a second later. Lisa raised the camera and began to tape as Kaley leaned forward and began to give her second blowjob to a member of her own species.

The child was less tentative and more aggressive this time around. The fat man's dick was limp when shoved through the hole. She attacked it with her tongue, licking and batting at it like a kitten with a toy mouse. Slowly the member began to stiffen under the assault. As soon as it was moderately hard Kaley opened wide and forced her tiny mouth over the bloated head. She screwed her face from side to side, forcing more prick into her mouth.

With half of the fat six-inch dick in her mouth she paused then drove forward again. Her throat worked as she swallowed and then the anonymous prick bent slightly as the applied pressure. Abruptly the fat head slipped into her throat. She kept going, four inches, five, she pressed on. When she stopped her lips were crushed against the plywood and the fat dick was buried in her throat

The fat man was now breathing very hard. But he made no move, he seemed to be waiting for what was to come next.

Lisa raged to herself, 'fuck her throat you idiot. Use her five-year-old baby mouth like you would a crack whore's pussy. Fuck my little slut's mouth.'

Her own perverted thoughts set Lisa off. Suddenly her pussy was five-alarm hot.

The man must have gotten the idea because he began to pant. The thin plywood wall boomed and shuddered alarmingly as his gut banged into it. Kaley made choking sounds but kept her face planted to the dirty wall as the anonymous cock ravaged her preschool throat. Her neck bulged rhythmically as the dick drove over her tongue and into her tiny cocksucking gullet.

Lisa supported the camera with one hand as she attacked her pussy with the other. The image in the viewfinder tilted and jiggled as she fumbled shoved down her pants and fumbled with her panties. The soaked material was being obstinate. Nearly crying with frustration Lisa shoved her pants lower; she grasped the wet crotch of her underwear and ripped the flimsy garment apart with a single tug. She moaned as her fingers' found their way to her hot, wet pussy. Steadying the camera against her shoulder she fucked herself to the timing of the fat pedophiles mouth fucking thrusts.

Whatever else the fat man was, he had staying power. For nearly five minutes he fucked the child's face. Twice Kaley briefly pulled off to cough and take a shuddering breath. Both times long beards of thick pre-cum drooled off her lip before she dove back onto the fat, glistening cock. Lisa had nearly cum a dozen times by then. Deliberately she held back. She wanted to cum just as her five-year-old cocksucking daughter finally got slimy, smelly man spunk washing over her tonsils.

The noises from the other side of the wall got louder. That fat man had began to blow like a steam engine from the exertion. Now he began to take big open mouthed gulps of air as he picked up the pace of his fucking. The wall boomed faster and gave off a series of protesting squeaks. Dust sifted down onto mother and daughter.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!"

Abruptly the wall gave off a crackling sound and bowed in a few inches. Kaley's mouth was shoved away from the hole as the man's dick drove deep. Quickly she recovered and recaptured the length of lost cock.

"Oh, fucking shit!"

Lisa saw pull back till just the head of the fat dick was in her tiny mouth and start swallowing franticly. The knowledge that her tiny baby was drinking cum set off her own long delayed orgasm. Her world exploded and her vision redded out as her own cum melted her guts. The camera strayed up and over Kaley's head to record the grimy ceiling as Lisa slid down the wall of the grimy stall. It was all she could do not to cry out as a fountain of girl-cum sprayed from her cunt, some of it spraying her tiny daughter.

When Lisa recovered moments later the cock was gone, leaving an empty hole. Over her own ragged breathing she could hear the fat man departing his stall. He seemed to have trouble walking, at least he banged into a lot of things on the way out. Lisa picked up the camera from where it had slid to the floor and taped Kaley licking spunk from the corners of her mouth. The child smiled mischievously and opened her mouth to reveal her tongue still swimming in a lake of white spunk. Streamers of it hung from the roof of her mouth. Still smiling she closed her mouth and swallowed. She opened it to show the cum was gone just as the men's door banged and the fat man staggered into the night.

Lisa decided that was enough for the night. They gave the last man a few minutes to get clear then mother and daughter exited the restroom and made their own furtive way through the darkness. Only when they reached the safety of the truck did Kaley giggle and speak.

"I like man's cum mommy. Can I have some more?"

Lisa started the engine then leaned over to ruffle the little minxes blond tresses. "You little slut. You can have all the cum you want."

That night Lisa ate her daughter to a half-dozen shrieking orgasms. Kaley then returned the favor while the dogs took turns taking her from the rear. It was nearly two a.m. before they finally showered and slipped beneath the sheets. Kaley still wasn't done though. When Lisa rolled onto her stomach the child slipped downward beneath the cool linen and gently prized apart her mother's shapely nether cheeks. Lisa drifted off to sleep with her daughter's tongue gently fucking deep into her ass.

The show seemed to drag the next day. Lisa's last dog wasn't to show till nearly five so she and Kaley had to stay for the duration. The lack of sleep finally caught up with her just after noon and she snuggled down into her chair and went to sleep. She awoke several hours later with a crick in her neck and her butt smarting from the hard metal of the chair. She blinked awake and looked around. The dog's were lounging around her feet, their leashes secured to one of the concrete weighted ring's the promoters provided for that purpose. There was however no sign of Kaley.

Lisa sat up straighter and looked around. Out on the floor a series of small lap breeds were preening and prancing as the too cheerful voice of the announcer pointed out the best points of each. People were sitting around in the rows of folding metal chairs, others were standing next to the rope that demarked the show area or standing around in small clots but nowhere did she see one diminutive blond dynamo.

Alarmed Lisa stood and slowly circled the floor. Seeing no sign of her daughter she started another circuit, this time asking after the child. Finally a 50ish, heavy set woman patted her graying bun and gave Lisa a condescending look.

"I think I saw her playing around those doors over there." She waved a hand and then took a deep breath, "You know dear you really should keep better track of her. I declare there are enough sick people in the world that---"

"Thank you", Lisa cut off the old blowhard before the lecture could really get started and moved toward the indicated doors. They were wide, double doors with paper covered windows. A chain hung sign said 'employees only'. She gave a tentative push and the right hand panel swung open. With a last look back at the show Lisa stepped into the darkness.

The hallway beyond led off toward another exhibition hall, this one unused at present. For particularly large gatherings the doors could be locked open and the two joined. Lisa paused for a moment to let her eyes adjust. The darkness was not quite absolute. Light filtered through the closed door at her back and a red 'EXIT' sign at the far end of the hall made its own feeble contribution. Lisa stepped off and strode to the far end. Unconsciously trying to mute the light thud of her heels on the low pile carpeting.

The double doors at the far end were locked and the room beyond dark. Lisa turned and retraced her steps. Midway down the hall were two doors, one on either side. The door to the left was a single steel pane and was locked. A low electrical hum came through the panel. The portal opposite was a double door, the right panel moved at her touch and she pushed it open and stepped inside.

This area appeared to be a dining room. Long trestle tables filled the large space. On the far side stainless glittered dimly from a cafeteria style serving line. Lisa circulated the room, the darkness and silence spooking her somewhat. She was about to depart and contact the hall's security people when a noise stopped her. She moved in the direction she thought it had come from and then paused. After a moment she heard it again, a murmured voice, almost a groan.

There was a door behind the cafeteria counter. Lisa moved to it peered through the wire-reinforced window. More stainless gleamed from a darkened kitchen. Lisa twisted her head from side to side and leaned left and right to see all she could through the small glass area but she saw no sign of anyone. She backed a step and was debating her next move when the groan came again.

Summoning her nerve, Lisa gently pushed open the door. It moved with only a light, well oiled, hydraulic hiss. She stepped inside. The floor here was ceramic tile, her pumps would click loudly in the quiet room. She reached down and slipped them off before easing the door closed behind her. Her view was limited by two rows of pantry shelves that reared to her left and right. They formed a corridor down which she could see a mammoth sink against the far wall.

A muted rustling directed her attention to the left. There was a gap of about two feet between the left-hand shelf and the wall. Ducking low, Lisa eased through it. The left half of the room opened out. Ranges and grills took up the far wall. Their vent hoods were dimly seen shapes above. The center of the area was devoted to a long butcher-block topped preparation area. Three men stood on the far side of this, visible only from the waist up. One had his arms rigidly at his side, his head back, and a look on near pain on his face. The other two were clustered around him, their eyes downcast and wide.

There was another pantry shelf at the far end of the space, this one at right angles to the one at Lisa's back. If she could make the far side of it she would have a clear view of just what was happening on the other side of the preparation island. As she pulled back toward the doorway she already had an idea what that would be. One back in the cover of the shelves Lisa crouched low and made her way to the far end of the room. She paused by the sink and peered around the end of the shelving. It was ten feet to the cover of the next pantry shelf. Ten open feet. If any one of the trio glanced up Lisa would be spotted.

She took a deep breath then crossed the gap at a light trot. There were no cries of alarm or surprise. Lisa crouched behind a stack of flour cans and willed her heart to stop hammering. Once recovered she eased her way down the shelving till she found a gap she could peer through. She crouched and looked.

What she saw took her breath away. The three men, all in their early twenties, wore the light blue shirt and pants of the hall's maintenance and custodial staff. Two of them did at least. One of them had his pants and underwear bunched around his ankles. Kaley was on her knee's before him. Her cute head bobbing up and down on his cock.

The receiver was Hispanic, he swore lightly in Spanish then looked down at the child who was sucking his dick. The other two were both fondling the bulges in their own pants. The one on the right, a tall blond with spiked hair, facial jewelry and the hard buff body of a surfer started to unzip his pants. "Man this is fucking wild!"

The third man nodded. He was black, with a thin build and less height than the blond. The Hispanic grunted, "Man, she just came up to me and asked if she could suck my cock! Damn she's good!" He had begun to thrust his hips. The room fell silent except for the obscene slurp of a hard cock pistoning in and out of the wet mouth of a five-year-old slut. Kaley choked occasionally as the hard prick filling her throat drove deep.

The black now had his own cock free. It was slender, but with an impressive length. The circumcised head was a deep purple. "Yeah right, you were just back here relaxing huh? I bet she caught you pulling on your wick again."

"Man, fuck you." The statement ended in a groan as Kaley took his cock deep. The child paused with her lips buried in the man's wiry black pubic hair. Gagging sounds emerged from her slender throat as she swallowed around the deeply embedded cock. "Oh fuck she's good man".

The surfer had his cock out now. It was only moderate length but it was as big around as Kaley's wrist. He stroked it a few times then leaned forward to rub it on the kinderslut's cock sucking face. He leaned over and with one hand pulled the child's dress up to expose her plain white panties. The sheer cotton had bunched up and pulled into the little girl's crack leaving a tantalizing expanse of small creamy baby fat buttocks exposed. "I bet you've sucked a lot men's cocks haven't you honey?"

Kaley pulled off the Hispanic's prick with an obscene slurp. She turned to face her questioner, "Only a few man's dicks. Mainly I suck dog's dicks."

The black had knelt behind the child. Her bunched panties revealed just the ends on the printed moniker on the child's sexy little ass. He'd just started to pull the undergarment down off her little hips when that bombshell dropped into the nearly deserted kitchen. With trembling fingers he peeled the cotton down to reveal the glory of the child's lovely white butt with the faded 'DOG SLUT' written across both tiny cheeks. "Oh shit dudes, she's got 'dog slut' written on her butt!"

Kaley giggled at the look these twin shocks had on the surfer then returned to the Hispanic's cock. She swallowed the man's weapon, driving forward in one long obscene slurp till her lower lip collided with his balls. The combination of the paired revelations and the tight hot throat was too much for the Hispanic. He reared his head back. "Fucccccccck I'm cuming!"

Kaley pulled back till only the inflamed, throbbing head was in her mouth and alternately sucked and swallowed. She already knew that men put out more cum per spurt than dogs did but they didn't do it as long. This was proven as the Hispanic cock fired a final weak volley and began to wilt. Its owner staggered back on weak legs, pulling his slimy dick from the kinder-slut's mouth, and nearly tripping on the pants around his ankles. He caught himself on the edge of a table and slumped against it. "Fuck dudes.. Oh Fuck!"

Kaley swallowed the final mouthful of cum then turned expectantly to the surfer, her mouth open like a baby bird waiting to be fed. The muscular blond wasted no time. He leaned forward and stuffed his iron-hard dick into the five-year-old's waiting mouth. Kaley's tiny mouth at first resisted the fat intruder but the child stretched her lips wider and the thick cock slid slowly past her lips.

Lisa had worn a medium length skirt and panty hose. The latter were causing her problems at the moment. She desperately wanted to get her fingers into her drooling hot snatch but the thick, reinforced crotch of the garment was resisting her efforts. Finally in frustration she dug her nails into the shear fabric just below the strengthened area and ripped. A nail broke but the thin nylon ripped with a low 'shssssssk' sound. She looked back at the floor show but none of the participants seemed to have noticed. With an opening, Lisa managed to shove her hand into her crotch and with a series of three sharp tugs destroy her undergarment.

With a low sob of passion she thrust her hand into her bald cunt and returned her attention to her tiny, slut daughter.

The surfer was on fire from what he had witnessed and heard. His blood already boiled and the cum simmered in his balls. This led to a certain lack of finesse. With an almost animal grunt he clasped Kaley's blond head in his strong hands and began to fuck her tiny mouth hard. Kaley grunted under the pounding and choked as the thick cock forced its way into her throat rather than waiting for her to allow it entrance. The violence of the obscene coupling startled the child and she began to struggle. The surfer merely clasped her head harder as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. His hard stomach smacked into the pre-schooler's forehead and his dangling balls bruised her tightly stretched lips as he brutally raped her mouth.

The sound of Kaley gagging and her obviously panicked struggle set Lisa's pussy to boiling. She frigged herself mercilessly while wondering if the trio would now rape Kaley's little pussy. Better still, maybe they would split open her little ass. The thought of her daughter, her screams gagged by a fat prick, having a hard, hot cock shoved forcefully up her still cherry ass caused her already overheated pussy the burn with glorious fuck passion. She swallowed a moan and forced another finger into her sopping cunt.

The surfer was too turned on to last long. Kaley had brought her hands up and was trying with little success to push the buff chest way when the man suddenly yanked her tiny face into his groin and groaned. He held the child, his cock balls deep in her throat as his prostate fired burst after burst of scalding spunk down her gullet.

After a long half a minute, during which Kaley became increasingly frantic in her struggles, surfer-dude released his grip on her head. Kaley fell backwards onto her tiny rump, the cock leaving her throat with a wet, audible 'slurp'. A string of spunk stretched from mouth to prick for an instant then snapped.

The black man was in shock over the child's oral rape but his cock was rock hard. He seemed torn between beating hell out of his co-worker or taking his own turn with the child. The Hispanic seemed uneasy about what he had witnessed but his own prick was showing signs of recovery. Surfer-dude had backed against the counter and was breathing heavily, his wet, limp cock dripped on the floor. Kaley was simply drawing in ragged gasps of sweet air, but her face had been to crumple as the tears gathered.

Whatever might have happened next didn't because at that moment Lisa's own orgasm tore through her like a Kansas twister. She suppressed her moans but her wildly frigging arm struck a stored saucepan and sent it and a half dozen similar implements crashing to the floor. The Black turned around and saw just the crown of Lisa's blond head.

"Shit! There's someone there!"

The effect was like a bomb going off. Pants were hauled up and suddenly limp cocks stuffed inside. In seconds Kaley was alone on the floor. Only the diminishing arc of the exit door's swing attested that anyone other than mother and daughter had ever been in the room. Lisa shakily stood. Her pantyhose were ruined so she shucked the undergarment and used the tattered remains to clean the slick cunt-cream from her thighs and buttocks. She then moved to her crying daughter and swept the child into her arms.

"There, there baby it's okay. Mommy's here. Everything's going to be all right."

She pulled the child's panties up and straightened her dress. When mother and daughter exited the kitchen and re-entered the main hall none of the three employee's were in sight.

End of Book 1