Arron's Chronicles III (Mg, gg, MFgg, MMF, inc, pedo brief ws)


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FIRST things first I guess. This is an erotic story written for the enjoyment of consenting adults. If you are not consenting don't read it (now that made a lot of sense). If you are not an adult don't read it. This story contains pedophilia and incest. If this offends you or violates your personal moral code DON'T READ IT.


SECOND: While I have the soapbox I want to say something about the nature of fantasy. That is what this story is FANTASY. I do not condone or agree with the activities portrayed in this story. Anyone in real life who harms a child deserves to be castrated then shot. That said, what is harm? Is a consenting, loving, sexual relationship between a child and an adult harmful? If done with care it is not physically harmful but there are other kinds of harm. Is it emotionally harmful? Perhaps, perhaps not, in actuality it probably varies case by case. Children don't have labels; there is no tag that says 'I can handle sex'. So for that reason alone caring adults should not consider a sexual relationship with a child (uncaring adults are going to do as they damn well please).


THIRD: Now I wish to speak on incest. I have no problem on a moral level with incest. I even consider the idea erotic (go figure) on an abstract level. I only have problems with incest is when it involves an adult and a child. The adult whether he/she be a parent or uncle/aunt or whatever is in a position of authority over the child. That brings in the possibility of coercion. Even if this is not intended there will be an element of it there just because of the authority position. Most children want to please their parents. A child that is subject to sexual advances by a parent may acquiesce even if this is not something they wish to do. I would have the same problem if the adult were a teacher or a principle. Other than that I have no problems with incest. If a brother and sister want to play around under the sheets, as long as certain precautions are taken, more power to them.


LAST:  Let’s change the tune a little.  If you want to know my theory on erotic writing then read the preamble to some of my other stories (a few are missing it entirely).  I’ve thought more on the nature of child sex and harm and want to put my thoughts down here.  Above I mentioned the possibility of emotional harm to a child as a result of a sexual relationship, even a loving sexual relationship with an adult.  I’ve thought some more on the subject and have concluded that the relationship itself is not likely to cause harm….but!  Big word but….really big in this case.  But, unless you are stranded on a desert island or on the dark side of the moon that relationship is not going to happen in a vacuum.  Children are bombarded these days with all manner of cautions and warnings about strangers or even not strangers.  They are told about bad ‘touching’ and encouraged to report even the most innocuous intimacies.  As an adult you may be able to convince the child to keep the secret but what kind of message are you sending.  You are in effect teaching deceit and dishonesty.  You are also creating confusion and apprehension in a mind that is young and very, very impressionable.

            If you are caught it gets worse, not just for you but for the child as well.  Suddenly strangers move in and tear her from the people she loves.  She is subjected to endless questions and shuttled through a sterile foreign system away from all that she knows.  At the end she will be left with the knowledge that her answers to all of those questions were instrumental in locking away someone she dearly loves, perhaps forever.  There will be fear, remorse and an aching emptiness.

            So, can a loving adult-child relationship cause harm.  In an ideal world, no, I doubt it.  In the one we live in the answer is almost certainly yes. 





Arron unzipped the tent and stuck his head out.  A thick pre-dawn fog covered the camp and the air was wet and clammy.  Every surface dripped and glistened.  He eased through the flap and re-sealed the tent behind him.  He skirted the campfire and made his way to his own tent.  As he moved across the well worn grass he left dark footprints on the dew silvered blades. 

            He quietly unzipped the door of his tent and peered into the green-tinted gloom within.  Both children were still asleep, each in there own bag.  After Jenny’s ‘nightcap’ it was completely possible they wouldn’t even be aware they’d slept alone.

            He sealed the tent and made his way back to the fire pit.  At first it looked gloomy; the wet fog had soaked everything; however a little digging unveiled a puff of smoke and then live coals.  He used his pocket knife to whittle some dry shavings into place and then gave his lungs a workout.  In short order he had a small blaze going.  He fed progressively larger and wetter chunks into place.

            When Carl finally shivered out thirty minutes later a cheery blaze was going and the coffee pot was perking away.

            Carl grinned at his older brother and sauntered over to the fire.  He yawned theatrically.  “You know, if we’re ever going to get that house done we have to work more and fuck less.”

            Arron smirked back at him.  “Didn’t notice you backing off of seconds or thirds.”

            Carl stretched, “Yeah well, fuck the house.”

            “Oh, I though I was the one getting all the fucking!”  Jenny stepped from the tent in jeans and bare feet.  She took only a few steps before pivoting and retreating back to the tent, “Damn that grass is cold!”  She saluted the male chuckles that followed her with a single upraised finger.

            By the time the girls emerged the sun was peaking over the hills and the perfume of bacon and eggs were overpowering the dank smell of wet earth.  They frolicked for a few moments in pajamas and slippers before being ordered back to the tent for more serviceable clothing.

            After breakfast the men loaded up and rumbled out to the house site.  The first several hours were again spent removing the excess water then they stood around and discussed what to do next.  With the second floor joists and planking down Arron thought it seemed logical to continue with the fireplaces.  Carl was about to agree but then almost sheepishly mentioned that Jenny had a point about the second floor access.  Real stairs would be nice.

            Arron wavered a bit, trying to find holes in that logic.  He couldn’t.  He gave in with a minimal of grumbling.  It took them an hour to find and rip two suitable twelve inch wide boards for the stringers.  Measuring and laying out the notches then cutting them with the circular saw took longer.  After lunch they started framing up the landing.  It went fairly quickly and early afternoon found them fitting the stringers.  These were cut to length ‘on site’ then nailed into place.  Arron had plucked ten inches out of the air as a good tread width; of course they had no planks that wide.  These were ripped then cut to length.  At least they went down fast.  They’d install the damned risers at a later date.   

            Supper was uninspiring, at least Arron thought so.  He did like the desert course though.  He was growing rather fond of bald, little girl pussy.

            The next day dawned foggy and wet.  The damp seemed to cling and oily rivulets clung to every surface.  The breakfasted on sweet rolls and coffee then got to work.  Cutting and fitting the rocks for the second floor hearths stretched into the afternoon with only a brief break for lunch.  The fog was long gone and a hot sun beamed down, turning the world into a sauna.  Jenny and the girls arrived to mix clay and by the time they knocked off both hearths were bedded in and a start had been made on the fireboxes.

            A spring romp eased sore muscles and washed several pounds of red West Virginia mud from two giggling moppets.  Supper was pot pie from a Dutch oven that had spent the day buried in the fire pit.

            After a cup of cocoa the girls were sent to bed.  The adults enjoyed a few rounds of fortified coffee then Carl and Jenny headed for their tent.  Arron was not invited to join them and knew enough not to ask.  He finished his own cup then headed for his darkened tent.

            Hissing whispers came to his ears as he neared the structure.

            “Did not!”

            “Did too!”

            “Did not!”

            “Did too!”

            He stepped inside to find two bristling, pajama clad children facing each over the no man’s land of his sleeping bag.  They started when he crawled through the door and drew apart a little bit.

            Arron started pulling his boots off.  “What’s this about then?”

            Lena tossed her dark hair.  “Rachel says she swallowed your dick!”  She blurted it in a voice loud enough to make Arron wince.  She recognized her indiscretion and clapped a hand over her mouth but pulled it away a second later to hiss, “Well she did!”

            Rachel had stuck her nose in the air and struck an aloof pose.  A martyr who knew vindication was at hand.

            Arron pulled off his second boot and tossed it aside.  “Yes she did.”

            Lena blinked then misunderstanding, grinned in triumph.  “You heard her?”

            “No, I didn’t hear her but she did take me all the way down her throat.”

            Lena bit her lip and glanced sheepishly at her baby sister who was now beaming like a 200 watt bulb.  When she turned back to Arron her face fell, “Why can’t I do it!” she wailed.  She seemed on the brink of tears.

            Arron cuddled her up and kissed the top of her head.  “You can baby, I’m sure of it.  You’ve just got to get the angle right and learn to relax your throat.” 

            Seeing her sister’s distress Rachel’s superiority evaporated and she crawled up to offer her support.  "S’right Lena.  You can do it.  It tickles an’ hurts some an’ you cough at first but you gets used to it.”

            Lena pulled her head from Arron’s chest and peeked at her sister, “really?  You think I can do it?”

            Uhuh,” some of Rachel’s earlier gloating came through, “course I was first.”

            Lena chose to ignore the last and turned back to Arron.  She began to fumble with his zipper.  “I wanna try now!”

            Arron closed his hand over hers, stopping her.  “Hold it.  First, I have some questions of my own.  Where did you two get the idea to try that in the first place?”

            Had they giggled and admitted to a late night brainstorming session he would have dropped it there but they both went stock still at the question.  A glance passed between them.  Lena licked her lips, “Try what?”

            Arron gently took her chin in his hands and tilted her face up to his.  “What have we been talking about?”

            “You mean deep throating?”

            “Yes, deep throating.”

            She licked her lips again and tried to look at her sister but Arron’s gentle but firm grip on her chin prevented that.  Finally she met his eyes, “We’re not supposed to say.”

            “Did your mother tell you?”

            Lena jerked back.  “We’re not supposed to say!”

            “You didn’t say, I guessed!” Arron snapped.  The children recoiled at his tone.  Seeing this he held out his hands in supplication.  “I’m sorry girls but I need to know this.”  He gathered them in on each side and gently stroked their hair.  “I won’t say anything but I need to know where I stand.  Did your mother talk to you about the things we do together.”

            Long seconds passed without a sound; finally he pushed Lena back slightly and tilted her head to meet his gaze.  “Did she?”

            Lena stared at him for a moment then jerked a reluctant nod.

            “Tell me about it.  Both of you.”

            Over the next half hour a faltering story tumbled out.  It came in fits and starts and sometimes needed much prompting but it came.  On the day Arron and Carl had finished the second story planking Jenny had gathered her brood for a little morning chat.  She’d asked what went on at night and the children had apparently answered quite frankly.  She’d asked what Arron did to them and then asked if they liked having their little cunnies and bottoms licked and sucked.  When they both given a rousing affirmative to that she asked if Arron had tried to put his dick in them and on being assured he hadn’t asked what they did for him.

            She questioned her daughter’s closely on their cock sucking techniques.  She asked if they liked cum and if they spit it out or swallowed it.  She wanted to know if Arron came on their faces, in their hair and on their tiny bodies.  Finally she’d asked if they sexed each other.  Lena’s denial had come out quick, too quick.  Jenny had dug and soon had the admission that her two pre-teen children were enthusiastic pussy eaters and butt rimmers.  She’d assured them it was no problem then tottered shakily to her tent.  Strange noises came out for some minutes.

            “I think she was givin’ herself a ‘gasm,” Rachel said sagely.  Lena nodded in agreement.

            It was during the truck ride to the house to bring lunch to the men that Jenny had suggested the girls try a little sword swallowing; she’d even thrown in a little coaching on technique.

            Lena bit her lip and looked up at Arron with large eyes.  “You won’t tell mommy we told will you?”  Both children held there breath and waited his response.

            He cuddled them both in and ran callused hands through their silky hair.  No babies, I won’t say anything.”

            Lena heaved a big sigh then giggled and pushed back from him.  “Good, now teach me to eat your dick,” she giggled again, “all the way to the root!”

            She dove and started to unfasten his pants.  Rachel joined a second later.  “I’ll show you Lena.  It’s not thaaaaat hard.”  The four year old’s lips slid over his cockhead.  With the head of his cock filling her mouth she licked the shaft.  She bounced a few times to wet it then took a deep breath and pushed forward.

            To her chagrin she didn’t make it the first time, forced into a coughing retreat.  She took several deep breaths and attacked from a slightly different angle.  This time there was only a slight hesitation as Arron’s prick head lodged at the back of her silky throat.  He groaned as it moved past and began to slide down the hot tightness of the child’s throat.

            She stopped with her tightly stretched little lips just touching his pubic hair.  When she came slowly up Arron and Lena were treated to the obscene sight of a seemingly never ending length of fat, glistening cock sliding from her sexy barely four-year-old mouth.

            She stopped with her lips locked behind the ridge of his helmet and pushed forward again.  There was hesitation as he entered her throat but less than on the first stroke.  Her third dive was the surest yet, his throbbing dick sliding smoothly from mouth to throat as she steadily regarded him with her big brown eyes.

            Lena had smirked when her sister failed her first try.  When she subsequently succeeded the older child’s expression had turned to near awe.  That didn’t last long however.  Before Rachel had completed a half dozen strokes her sister was trying to pull her off Arron’s cock.

            “Okay, that’s enough Rachel…I get the idea…It’s my turn to try…Rachel!”

            The youngest Winters finally pulled off of her uncle’s cock with a lewd ‘pop’.  She regarded the pulsing, wet prick for a moment then leaned in quickly and planted a kiss on the head.  She giggled at the look on Arron’s face then turned to her sister.  “See it’s easy.”

            It was of course anything but, even for Rachel.  The four-year-old did seem to have a knack for eating hard dick; her older sister had a far tougher time of it.  Lena stayed at it though, repeatedly ignoring Rachel’s offers to demonstrate again.

            So long did the practice go on that Arron twice had to call rest breaks to avoid painting the child’s face.  Rachel had given up by then and had pulled off her pajama bottoms and panties.  She lay on her back, her chubby thighs spread and her fat, bald, swollen little pussy on display.  She wet her fingers and started to diddle herself. 

            When a panting Arron called the second halt a better idea came to her.  She grasped her older sister by the hair and pulled her vacant mouth down between her thighs.  Lena had no objections and went right to eating slick baby sister pussy.  The display did nothing to hasten Arron’s recovery.

            When her sister rolled to her hand and knees and returned to the main course Rachel crawled around behind her and pulled her elder sister’s pajamas and panties down to mid-thigh.  Her head vanished.  A moment later Lena moaned around her uncle’s cock.  She grinned up at him. 

“Sissy’s in my bottom” Her eyes closed and she moaned again, “She’s got her tongue a foot up my butt!”

She swayed for a moment then returned to the assault.  Despite the distraction of being energetically rimmed by a pre-school analingus expert she finally managed to get her lips into her uncle’s pubic hair.  She bobbed up with a grin, “I did it!”, and immediately dove again.  She was not to get a third stroke this night.  All of the practice had tuned Arron to a razors edge.  With a whole throbbing dick stuffed in her face the child again groaned at her sister’s oral butt love.  That was too much.  Moaning like a leaky boiler his balls fired pulse after pulse of scalding spunk down his sexy little niece’s tight throat.

So deep was his dick that Lena didn’t even realize he was cuming till she pulled back and caught the third spurt in her tiny mouth.  She glared at him over his pulsing cock as she swallowed the remainder of his cum.

The weather held off for the next week and men took full advantage.  With the experience gained on the lower floors it took only three days to finish out the fireplaces and chimneys, but they were hard days.  They were generally on site at first light and never quit till dusk.  All they had energy for in the evenings was a quick splash in the spring and then it was to bed.

With the fireplaces in the second story walls were bolted to the chimneys then they went to work framing up the roof.  At first they tried building the joists on the ground.  The green lumber was heavy however and it proved beyond the two of them to haul the assembly into place.  Nor could the Ram be of service with nothing to hang a pulley on.  They ended up having to knock the completed assembly apart and haul it up piecemeal.

Despite this setback the work went with a fair bit of speed.  This project was actually starting to take on a house shape and enthusiasm grew.

It was a Tuesday when the skies finally opened up again.  They had only two roof joists to go but the grumbling was minimal.  The grueling dawn to dusk pace had worn them to a frazzle and left them tired and sore.  On top of that they were down to eating canned goods.  It was time for a break so another overnight stay in Avery was laid on.

Decision made they set out immediately.  Breakfast was greasy omelets and grits in Huttonsville then they pressed on into Avery.  They had planned to drop the women folk at the mall and hit the home center.  At least the men had planned that.  Jenny had different ideas.  Muttering something about ‘threadbare rubes’, she drug them all into the big department store that anchored the complex of shops.  For the next two hours the two men grumbled and griped their way through numerous outfits. 

Laden with purchases they lunched at the food court then the men folk finally departed for some ‘real’ shopping, leaving the ladies behind.

Both Arron and Carl had gotten into the ‘frontier ethos’ of building the house, taking great pride in doing the work themselves with little in the way of processed materials.  When you got right down to it however there wasn’t much of a ‘natural’ alternative to things like roofing, insulation and drywall.  They had actually considered shakes for the roof, splitting them themselves onsite from the local timber.  Neither had any experience with the method however and a roof seemed like a serious thing to gamble with.  Prudence prevailed.  They looked at drywall and insulating materials but left them for now.  Till the roof was in place they had no way of keeping those water susceptible materials dry.

They looked at various roofing materials including the new vinyl and metal roofing.  In the end they decided on good old low-tech shingles however.  They were cheap, durable and Arron had some past experience installing them.  They wandered over to the hardware section and picked up some odds and ends then Carl backed the Ram up to the ‘contractors’ loading dock.  When they pulled out of the lot the big 4x4 was noticeably down at the rear.  Even its massive springs took notice of the load of shingles and felt in the bed.

They picked up Jenny and the girls and headed for the motel.  Their room fronted the pool which had just opened for the season and the girls insisted on trying it.  Arron and Carl were convinced to come in but the water still held winters chill and they soon retreated shivering to their deck chairs.  The girl’s higher metabolism stood them in good stead however and they splashed and frolicked in the shallow end for nearly an hour.

After a shower and some really good pasta in the motel restaurant they rumbled off to the drive in.  The girl’s quickly grew bored with the 50’s era black and white horror movie that was showing and amused themselves playing made up games in the darkened back seat.

With the children’s attention diverted Arron and Carl amused themselves by groping Jenny who was wedged between them.  They couldn’t do much but they could and did wind her up good and tight for possible later festivities.

Halfway through the flick Arron’s supersized drink wanted out.  He popped open the door, ‘Gotta see a man about a horse.”

He slipped to the ground and was about to close the door when Lena started bouncing in the back seat.  “I need to potty, I need to potty!”

Jenny smiled at Arron.  “Would you, please?”

Arron grinned and helped the squirming pre-teen to the ground.  Hand in hand they began the long walk to the bathrooms which were in the combination concession/projection house.  There were only a couple of dozen cars in the place.  The several in the back row were older models with the occasional flashy appurtenance that said ‘teenager’.  He supposed they were doing the things teenagers have always done at movies.

The night was cool and refreshing and soon they reached the single, squat block building that held the facilities.  There were a couple of tables set to one side of the concession, insects, large and small, batted and buzzed at the singe high mounted gas light. 

A half dozen giggling girls were gathered in the light.  Most seemed to be young teens but at a guess a couple had not yet reached that defining age though they were working hard at pretending they had.  Arron would have bet money that most of the parents of the group had not let them out dressed as they were.  Very short shorts and minis so brief that a panty shot was a real possibility seemed to be the norm.  These were topped by cutoff tees or tube tops, though about half of the group had nothing perceptible to cover up.

 Arron eyed the little clique as they approached.  They were sexy, especially to his newly liberated libido.  He felt Lena’s hand clench his tighter and the child bristled as she sensed the direction of his interest.  Shit, was it a female thing?  Only six and she was already jealous.

The group had noticed their approach too.  They had been giggling to themselves but quieted down as the man and little girl approached.  One of them, either genuinely interested or more likely showing off for her friends called out, “hey mister I can do things for you that your little girl friend can’t!”  A few nervous gasps and shocked giggles followed her outburst. 

Arron just grinned, not deigning to respond.  He’d reckoned without Lena’s affronted competitiveness however.  The child jerked her tiny hand from his and pulled up short.  She planted her fists on her hips and stared at the heckler.  “I doubt that.  Can you deep throat a man’s dick?”  She stood for a second as the shockwave of the question spread then dropped a proclamation into the following dead silence.  “Well I can!”

Arron was paralyzed in shock for long seconds, then recovering somewhat he quickly hustled the child toward the bathrooms.  Normally he would have sent her on her own into the women’s but at the moment his icy guts didn’t want to let her out of his sight.  He hustled her into the men’s, not even bothering to check occupation first.

Wordlessly he led her to a stall and then sought his own relief at a urinal.  His guts churned and twisted and fear nibbled at his bowels.  Lena seemed to sense the enormity of what she had done and went about her business in silence.

There were high screened windows set into the concrete walls of the un-air-conditioned restroom.  After washing his hands Arron moved to one and listened.  He could here excited feminine murmuring from outside but could not make out what was being said.  There was definitely no giggling going on.

A toilet flushed and a sheepish Lena joined him.  The child’s tan seemed to have faded a few shades; the full implications of her little tantrum were obviously starting to hit home.

It took several minutes but the voices outside eventually drifted off.  Luckily no male types needed the facilities during the interval.  They waited a further minute then Arron slipped out for a peak.  The coast was clear.  He motioned Lena to him and they set off for the truck.  The little girl had to almost trot to keep up with her uncles leggy stride.

They had gone perhaps a dozen paces when a figure materialized from the darkness.  It was one of the girls from the group, one of the younger ones from the look of her.  She was alone and seemed very nervous.  “Excuse me mister but can I talk to you for a moment?”

Arron faltered and then halted.  Lena, seemingly shrunken, oozed in to shield behind him.

The young girl, Arron guessed her age at eleven or twelve was wearing cutoff jeans brief enough to expose the bottom of her sleek cheeks and a brief halter top.  She had a plain if pretty face and long, sleek black hair. 

Not waiting for a response the girl went on.  “Does she really….I mean…She’s so young….”  She seemed nervous and hesitant, licking her lips before stumbling on in a rush.  “I mean…I mean…look, I won’t say anything…I promise but…”  She bit her lip, “I’d like to watch…I mean…if I could.”

Arron shook his head and moved past her.  “My sister was mistaken.  She watches too many trash movies on cable.”  It sounded hollow even to him and why had he claimed Lena was his sister.  It came to him after a moment.  Any amount of misdirection at this point couldn’t hurt.

As they left the girl behind Lena turned and squeaked into the darkness.  “I don’t, not really, I really don’t.”

Lena started to cry and he scooped her up and continued walking.  “Hush baby hush”, he said calmly as he stroked her hair.

“I messed up”, she blubbered into his shoulder.

“Yes baby you did but it’s done.”

“I’m sorry” She pulled her tear wet face from his shoulder and looked him in the face.  “Are you mad at me?”

“No honey I’m not mad.  I’m scared but not mad.”

Her face crumpled again and was soon buried in chest.  “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m really sorry.”

Arron stroked her soft hair then dropped his hand down to stroke her back.  “It’ll be alright baby.  Hush, stop crying.  If we get back to the truck with you like this then your daddy is going to want to know what’s wrong and that won’t make things any better.”

She sniffed a few more times but then dried her eyes on the back of her hands.

When they reached the truck Arron rapped gently on the passenger side window.  He caught Jenny’s eye and motioned to her.  Puzzled the woman popped the door and slid to the ground.  Past her Arron could see Rachel asleep in her father’s lap.

Hurriedly Arron whispered a capsule history of events into her ear.  Her eyes widened and she looked first as Lena then around at the darkened drive in.  She looked back at Arron then hissed in a low whisper.  “Get Lena in the truck.”

Arron opened the back door and started strapping the child into her seat.  As he did so He heard Jenny speak to her husband.  “Honey, Lena’s got a belly ache and to tell you the truth I don’t feel so good myself.  Why don’t we head for the motel?”

Carl seemed to have actually have become engrossed in the movie now he blinked and looked around.  Finally he nodded.  “Fine by me.”

Arron took the sleeping Rachel and belted her in then walked around and climbed in alongside Jenny.  As the Ram clattered to life Jenny said, “Leave the light off honey we don’t want to ruin the movie for everyone else.” 

Carl nodded and pulled just the parking lights on as they rumbled into motion.  Jenny quickly leaned across them and shut them off.  “Even parking light can be pretty bright when you’re trying to watch a movie honey.”

Carl looked puzzled but didn’t argue the point.  Arron nodded to himself and despite the frost that still gripped his gut marveled at Jenny’s adaptability and quick thinking.  License plate lights could be pretty bright too.

All the way to the motel Arron watched the mirror.  Every time a vehicle remained behind them more than a few blocks his stomach started to knot.  When it passed or turned off the tension would drop and the cycle would begin anew.

The breakfasted at the motel the next morning and then hit the grocery store.  So full was the truck bed with roofing supplies that the victuals had to be shoved in every nook and cranny with several bags having to go in the cab.  They then fueled up and hit the highway.  Only when Avery dropped away behind them did Arron start to relax.  Soon enough he was asleep.  Despite begging off on the anticipated threesome with Jenny and Carl he’d gotten little of that commodity the night before.

With good weather they hit the roof hard.  Joist after joist went up one painful board at a time.  Jenny’s paranoia about the floors, which she had taken a lot of good natured ribbing for, was proved not so paranoid when on the second day back Arron missed a step from one rafter the next and fell eight feet to the rough planks of the second floor.  All he got out of it was a bruised rump that a soak in the spring did wonders for.  Had the floors still been unplanked he could have dropped a fatal thirty-five feet to the basement.  It didn’t help that Jenny and the girls had been delivering lunch at the time and witnessed the mishap.  The woman was insufferable for the next several days.

The finished the last joist on a cool, blustery Saturday morning and immediately fell to planking.  There were a few one inch boards left over from the floors but these were exhausted by lunch forcing Arron to fire up his mill to rip more.  The bastardized machine had not been used in a while and despite its coverings corrosion had set in.  It took several hours and nearly a can of penetrating oil to coax it to life.  It ripped three boards and then promptly broke.  The welding and adjusting ate the rest of the day so it was Sunday before they got back to laying planks.

Despite the delays the planking went quickly.  By the end of the day almost a third of the structure at least had planks overhead.  They couldn’t lay planks in the dark but they could and did fetch lanterns from camp and rip boards long into the dark hours.  Only hunger and mosquitoes finally stopped them.

They were back at work with the sun the next morning.  All through the day hammers sounded their tap, tap, tap, interrupted of course by the occasional sharp ‘ping’ this was generally followed by an outburst of bad language.  By the time they knocked off at dusk the roof needed only shingles to properly be called a roof.

That night they held a ‘topping out’ party, as if they were building a forty story steel tower instead of a two story wood frame house.  Jenny baked a cake and the adults proceeded to get drunk.  All tromped down to the spring where the adults passed a bottle and got drunker.  Upon the return to camp the girls were put to bed whereupon the adults got truly stinking!

Arron became aware of several things in a sort of semi-fuzzy sequence.  One, he was cold.  Two, his bladder was painfully distended.  Item one could be ignored and item two could be solved by pissing himself thus allowing him to go back to sleep if it hadn’t been for item three, something or someone was persistently nudging him in the ribs.

He made a few halfhearted shoo swipes without opening his eyes but his tormenter was nimble enough to avoid the clumsy gesture.  Receiving another nudge he growled and slowly pried open his eyes.  The sky was brightening with dawn and the clouds were red-tinged but there was as yet no sign of the sun.  Lena towered over him, occulting a quarter of the visible sky.  The expression on her face was something halfway between amusement and curiosity. 

He blinked several times and willed her to vanish.  She didn’t and when his eyes stayed closed too long on blink number three she toed him in the ribs again.  Groaning he roller over and forced himself shakily to his knees.  That’s when item number four crowded into his consciousness.  His head fucking hurt.  He was about a dozen feet from the dining fly.  Dew glistened on the matted grass and made his skin and clothes clammy.  That explained the cold part.

He was just working up a good mad at Carl and Jenny for leaving him outside when he spotted his brother sprawled half in and half out of a collapsed lawn chair.  Carl’s mouth hung open and he snored sporadically.  Rachel stood looking at her father, one thumb in her mouth.  Arron shook his head then dropped to his hands and spewed the sour contents of his stomach onto the ground.  Lena jumped back with a ‘eww gross!’.  Rachel just smiled and giggled.

By the time Lena had tortured her father back into the land of the living Arron had stoked up the fire and had a pot of coffee bubbling away.  Carl lumbered up to the fire and burned his hand twice before he shakily poured a cup.  After downing most of the contents he grunted at his brother and shambled off to the privy.

With the novelty of the drunks passed the girls clamored for breakfast and then started a makeshift game of tag.  Arron watched them play and thought of what he and they had done.  For a second the enormity of it crushed down on him but the feeling passed as quickly as it had arrived.  There had been little sex between them since Avery. He’d fingered them each off a few times but had refused to let them service him.

Part of the reason was fear, Arron’s fear at nearly being found out.  Part of it was also a return of the guilt.  It had snuck in on the coattails of the fear and nagged and gnawed at him in quiet moments.  The girls seemed to sense his mood and were perceptive enough not to push.  Lena of course knew the cause but Rachel went along as quietly.  He shook his head, life went on, and it had to be fed.

He burned the bacon but managed to get a semblance of breakfast ready.  They fed the girls then he and Carl tucked in themselves.  By the time Jenny rolled out of the tent the two brothers felt at least remotely human. 

Jenny didn’t normally get as drunk as the men did and was quick to rub it in the next morning.  This time she had matched them drink for drink and was clearly paying the price.  She took the ribbing the men dished out and the giggling of the girls with the ill grace of the truly hung over.  After taking care of her toilet she slumped at the table and downed three cups of scalding black death before allowing a plate of runny eggs and overcooked bacon to be shoved under her nose.

By mutual consent there would be no house work that day.  The din of hammers was just something not to be borne in the present state.  They went down to the spring and soaked the poison from there pores for an hour or so then traipsed back to camp.

Arron climbed in his truck and drove out to the old tractor shed.  The contents were as they had been left after the great snake hunt, still covered in their tarps.  The remains of the former denizens were still there as well but had by now been reduced to scattered bones.  He walked up to the house and came back with a push broom and a shovel.  He swept the old slab clean then got down to the icky business of mucking out the grease pit.  There were lots of bones as well as the remains of scores of tiny eggs mixed in with aromatic black muck.  He shoveled it all out and flung it into the woods then made several trips to the house for water and washed both the pit and the floor down.

He pulled the tarp from the old tool box then attacked the exterior with spray cleaner and paper towels.  It took most of a bottle and a roll but in less than an hour he’d cut through the layers of grime to reveal an attractive oak chest with tarnished brass reinforcements and fittings.  The old cabinet had its share of battle scars but was in almost remarkable condition given what it had been through.

He pulled open the drawers and started in on the tools.  They were removed and laid out on the slab.  The spray cleaner proved inadequate to cut the ancient grease and grime that caked some of them so he drove back to camp and liberated some of Jenny’s dishwashing liquid and a box of fine steel wool.

The tub they had used for mixing mortar proved to make an acceptable wash tub after the dried cement was pounded out of it.   He scrubbed and then dried all of the old tools.  The metal parts were then treated to a buffing with steel wool to knock off the surface rust; none were really badly pitted, then oiled.  The wood handles were heavily wiped with lemon oil.

With the drawers empty Arron cleaned them out.  There were some bits of paper but most of it disintegrated.  He did manage to salvage a hand written receipt for an exhaust valve for a Studebaker truck.  It was dated 1936.

Once everything had dried Arron replaced the tools in the box and drove back to camp for lunch.

Carl accompanied him on his return.  While the younger Winters watched with interest Carl grabbed a handful of wrenches and climbed down into the grease pit.  The old tractor was almost perfectly positioned which was good since they didn’t know if it would even move.  The bolts holding the pan on came off readily enough and he lowered it and its cargo of semi-liquid black goop to the floor.  There was no rust in the lower end of the old engine.  He gave each of the four connecting rods a health push-pull.  There was no play, the old babbits were tight, better and better.  He sprayed the bearings and everything else in sight with penetrating oil then the brothers pulled the old engine cowling.

Three plugs came out with out much effort but the fourth was stubborn.  Arron was tempted to put a breaker bar to it but the image of stripped threads in a cylinder head that had not been manufactured in three-quarters of a century stopped him.  He settled for spraying the offending plug with the penetrating oil and then finished the can by spraying generous amounts into each of the three accessible cylinders.

That night they again toasted themselves in the spring then Carl and Jenny slipped out, managing to indicate they wanted some quality time to themselves.  Arron saluted them with a half empty beer can and then eased down till only he was neck deep in the roiling water.  The girls were playing at the far end and his mind drifted.

His first indication that something was up was a too silent silence.  This was broken by a giggle from behind just as he began to take notice.  Before he could turn his head a pair of trim wet thighs slid like smooth, warm rubber past his cheeks.  Lena had climbed onto the rock he was using for a headrest and deftly mounted his head.  She leaned over, bringing her upside down, pixie face into view and kissed him on the forehead.  “You need to shave uncle Arron, you’re prickly.”

“I’ll get right on it.”

She giggled, “You can do it later.  Right now,” She pushed on his head, lifting her weight off his shoulders and athletically pivoted 180 degrees, deftly rotating the split softness of her smooth, bald pussy into view before his face, “eat my pussy.”  She dropped her slight mass back onto his shoulders as his hands came up to support her tiny, taught bottom.

He was faced with the perfection of her smooth, little twat just an inch or so from his mouth.  Dewy drops of water beaded its perfect plumpness.  The perfect little lips of her fuzzless split peach were slightly open and there was a definite odor of child arousal.

Arron sighed and his cock shifted and began to lengthen.  He leaned in and deposited a chaste kiss on her slit.  He backed off and contemplated a moment then went in again.  He let his lips slide over the perfection of that baby twat before slightly opening his lips and applying suction.  He slowly opened his lips wider, keeping up the vacuum till he was sucking her entire six-year-old pussy into his mouth.  The taste of little girl cunny began to overpower the lingering flavor of beer as her passion increased.

When his tongue came out to trace her slit Lena moaned and pushed herself at his face.  He began to knead the compliant tautness of her sexy bottom as his mouth got more into making love to her pussy.

Fuck she was sweet.  He spread her lips with his tongue and speared into her inside.  Her lack of a hymen allowed him to push in till the root of his tongue hurt from the extension and he did. 

Lena squealed and pushed harder against him, mashing his lips against his teeth as she tried to get him deeper.  The honeyed warmth of her passage pulsed tightly around the invading member, the sliding passage so restricted and impossibly smooth that he had to pull out and do it again.

The child began to breathe heavily as he began a slow, deep tongue fuck of her intimate place.  Each exhale was followed by a little squeak and her hands curled in his hair and began to gently pull, urging him on.

His fingers had been roving her bottom now one trailed into her crack and began to circle the smooth perfection of her little pink nether entrance.  She squeaked again at this and pushed at him harder.

He pulled his tongue from the sucking depths of the child’s twat and licked the smoothness of her lips before sucking one lip into his mouth and gently biting it.  Her screech trailed off as his tongue started questing for her tiny clit.  He found the fleshy protuberance of her hoot and rolled it around till he felt a hardness like a grain of sand.  He pushed at this and battered it with a series of rapid tongue flicks.  The small child went berserk, pulling at his hair and humping his face.

When his tongue again slid deep into her pussy and his finger slowly pushed into her ass a keening shriek split the night and her sexy little thighs convulsed around his face as she came.

Arron sucked the small amount of secretions from her cunny then eased the limp child down into the water.  She was so out of it he had to support her head to keep it above water.  While he waited her to recover he peered into the night beyond the hissing lantern and hoped her outburst didn’t bring Carl prowling.

Rachel had stood to one side with her thumb in her mouth and gently swayed as she watched her uncle molest her older sister.  Now she moved up and tried to tug her sister out of the way.  The four-year-old wanted her cookies too!

Rachel’s insistence seemed to help Lena recover faster.  The older child weakly fended off her younger sibling and then grudgingly moved aside.  She dropped down in a shallow area with all the grace of a dropped sack of potatoes.   She may have been mobile but her expression still said ‘TILT’.

Rachel wasn’t in the mood for style.  The child simply stepped up and straddled her uncle’s face.  Again Arron had a puffy, bald child pussy in his face.  Rachel still possessed a goodly amount of baby fat making her little slot even plumper than her sisters.  At the moment it looked juicer too, the split halves gaped and moisture glittered in the pink darkness within. 

He started on her much as he had her sister and from her squeals and groans she was appreciative.  She had something different in mind however and pulled away after only about thirty seconds.  Balancing with her knees on his shoulders she gently pushed his head back till it rested on the rock then reversed herself and gingerly lowered her plump, round, and oh so soft bottom to his face.  Little Rachel wanted some butt love!

He gripped her by the waist and began to lick and nip at her tiny, full cheeks.  So soft and fleshy was her bottom that he could suck portions of her sexy little ass into his mouth.  This he did where said portions were treated to various indignities at the ‘hands’ of his tongue and teeth.  The tot alternately cooed in pleasure and squealed in outrage depending on whether it was the tongue or teeth doing the molesting at the moment.

Only when he had liberally covered the child’s cheeks in saliva and teeth marks did he snuffle his way into her cleft and start to rim her little ass.  His tongue circled the tiny opening then skipped over it several times.  Rachel grunted at each contact and tried to wiggle onto the intruder but each time he skipped away. 

He heard a splashing and felt Lena crawl into his lap.  She knelt with her knees on his thighs.  A second later Rachel gurgled and lurched as her sister began to feast on her pussy.

With Lena at the front Arron relented and pushed his tongue in the back.  Rachel cooed as her uncles tongue pushed into the humid tightness of her bottom.  He pushed in deep, the muscles of the 4-year-old’s rectum resisting each millimeter of progress.  When he bottomed he wriggled his tongue and then slowly pulled out only to drive in again.

Rachel began to rock back and forth, trying to alternately fuck herself on her sister’s tongue and bugger herself on her uncle’s.  She was squealing and moaning constantly now, unable to take much of the abuse she was getting.

The two molesters sped up.  Arron held his tongue at full extension and began to bounce his face off of Rachel’s sexy butt.  He held the child by the waist and fucked up into her with his mouth.  Lena picked up on this and intensified her own attack. 

The end came quickly; Rachel’s legs came out of the water and stuck straight out, the muscles almost jumping in their tension.  She gave an almighty squeak then went silent except for a spittle spraying buzz as she came and came and came.

When she finally came down she crumpled like a wet rag.  Arron gently lifted her off of his face and eased her  into the water.  He bathed her face and caressed her coltish legs as she began to slowly come around.

Arron though it time to get back but the girl’s insisted he get his.  They led him out of the spring where they then knelt in the loam of the forest floor to either side.  What he then got was a bizarre and highly erotic double blowjob.  One child would lean in and take him as deep as she could, if that was a full stroke, down the throat that was fine.  If the angle was wrong and his throbbing dick ended up clogging a choking gullet that was fine too.  In any case the mouth came up and off and the other sister leaned in to try her luck.  Back and forth they went; his iron hard dick changing mouth’s every stroke. 

The sensation alone was amazing but the visuals were mind blowing.  Watching the two children at his feet trading his cock like seasoned whores soon had him nearing his peak.  Arron looked for the guilt and it was there.  So was the realization that getting a blowjob from a child was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him and that he had two ready to suck anytime, anywhere.  That thought alone sent him over the edge and he started to spray with his cock in Lena’s mouth.  The six-year-old swallowed three pulses then pulled off to let her cock sucking sister have her share of steaming spunk.

The next day they got started on the shingles.  It seemed bizarre roofing a structure that still had no siding on it but they talked it out and decided that once the roofing was in place they would have something that would keep materials at least moderately dry walls or no walls.  Besides, they were in the mood for something different.

The felt went on fast with new super dooper staple guns they had bought.  The guns weren’t electric or pneumatic, in fact they had no power source at all other than human muscle.  They still had no problem sinking a staple flush into fat green pine.  Since any tree that had been in the way had ended up as grist for the mill a few of the boards were a little harder.  They still had no real problems however; the worst they found was one dark board that the guns would only sink about half the staples flush in.  The offending staples got a few whacks with a hammer.

By noon the felt was on and trimmed.  They had a lunch of Irish stew with way too many seasonings, a Jenny experiment, then got back to work.  A lazy hour was spent with a chalk line then the shingles started on.  The plan had been to secure these with roofing nails and a supply had been purchased.  The staple guns were doing so well though, and were so much faster, that they decided to try them for the shingles as well.  Before the mosquitoes drove them off at dusk they had about half of them on.

After supper Arron grabbed a lantern and headed down to the old tractor.  The penetrating oil had worked its magic and he managed to free the last sparkplug.  He got a generous dollop of the wonder lube into the cylinder then covered the old Fordson back up and joined the others at the spring.

That night the girl’s were given generous helpings of hot cocoa then sent to bed.  After a suitable interval the adults adjourned to Carl and Jenny’s tent for a little three way acrobatics.  It was after two when Arron finally got back to his own tent.  He found the children naked atop Rachel’s sleeping bag.  Lena’s head was pillowed on her sister’s thigh while one of the four-year-old’s hands was still entangled in the older girl’s hair.  Both were covered with goosebumps from the chill.  He debated pajamas but finally just stuffed them in their respective bags in the raw.

Since the roof geometry was so simple, no valleys, gables or anything else to complicate the installation, they easily had the remaining shingles on by noon.  After lunch they policed up the roofing debris then began to discuss the siding.

Standard siding boards had a step milled into one edge to allow the upper board to lock over the one beneath it.  They were using rough sawn lumber and had no way to create such a step.  There was some discussion about routing them in but that would have meant a massive amount of work, not to mention the electronic lives of about four to five of the hobbyist grade routers the home center carried.

The final decision was just to start at the bottom and overlap the boards clinker fashion without benefit of a step.  That would require careful measurement and attention to the fitting if small errors weren’t to multiply into major headaches a few courses up but that was table stakes.

The discussing and gesturing had eaten several hours so they decided to get started in the morning,

There was still plenty of light left so Arron wandered down and tinkered with the old tractor for a bit then headed through the woods for some more exploration.  He reached the old Buick they’d discovered on their previous recon and headed downstream.  He hadn’t gone more than a few dozen yards when something caught his eye.  He clambered down the bank and pulled some brush aside.  A concrete footer, half buried in the silt spanned the width of the stream.  It disappeared into either bank.  A little more investigation revealed that some of the moss covered ‘rocks’ scattered about were actually chunks of concrete.  There had been a dam here.  It had either been deliberately destroyed or given way during a flood at some time in the past.

He stepped back and examined the area upstream.  He mentally filled in the confines of a good sized pool the structure would have created.  He grinned and headed back toward camp.  He’d been thinking it would be nice to have a cool place to splash and play during the summers. Soon it would be hot enough that the waters of the spring would be a trial rather than a treasure.  They had no cold spring and damming a creek involved more officialdom than buying a good used atomic bomb.  If you could prove there was a pre-existing structure you were simply restoring however the red tape fell away.

They were again getting low on groceries.  The men didn’t want to cut into the house construction (and Arron did not want to go back into Avery, not yet!) so it was decided that Jenny would take the girls and make a victual run the next day.  She raised her eyebrows at several things that Arron added to the list but took the slip of paper and his check card without protest.

That night Arron finger fucked little asses and ate little pussies to two pre-teen orgasms.  He then jacked off into Rachel’s tiny mouth and watched the girls kiss his cum back and forth.

Jenny left the next morning as soon as the men had transferred their tools from the Ram to the F-150.  As soon as she rattled out of site the men mounted up and headed to the house.

It was slow, slower than expected.  They stapled roofing felt to the studs as a vapor barrier, that went quick, it was the last thing that would do so that day.  Several times boards had to be pulled back off after post installation measurement showed them to be too high or too low.  After the third such they huddled and decided to start using the chalk line to mark the overhang.  That worked well with the straight boards but much of the green lumber had warped since it was cut.  The long runs of the siding made this a real issue.  They used the straighter ones and set the really crooked ones aside for other uses.

They had just gotten into a stride when they exhausted the supply of one inch thick boards.  The mill was coaxed into life and they ripped lumber till noon.

Lunch was a bachelor’s feast of baloney sandwiches and beer.  Miraculously they still had some ice so at least the beer was cold.

It was after dark before Jenny got back, she had a bed full of supplies, a speeding ticket and a very bad attitude.  Several cold ones cured the attitude, though good natured razzing about the ticket might have delayed this for a beer or two.

Toward the latter part of the evening a now mellow Jenny was sitting on Carl’s lap with Rachel on her knee.  Jenny dropped her head down and nuzzled her daughter’s raven hair.  She must have said something because the child looked up at her mother and smiled.  They shared a giggle then Rachel settled back against her mother’s stomach.

A moment later, Jenny managed to catch Arron’s eye.  She gestured downward where she had lifted the front of the child’s nightie to her waist, baring her daughter’s plump, bald twat to the lecherous gaze of her pedophile brother-in-law.  Rachel added fuel to the fire by sticking her finger between her lips and finger fucking herself.

Arron’s dick hardened like a length of cold iron.  It wasn’t the view.  While stimulating in itself he had seen Rachel’s sexy little pussy on numerous occasions.  It was the way the view was presented and where.  Jenny was displaying her own daughter’s bald cunt to a child molester while seated in her husbands lap.  Fuck!

Mother and daughter shared a giggle at his discomfiture.  Carl hugged them both and shot a crooked grin at his brother, the silliness of the female of the species…If only he knew.

Over the next week they planked like crazy.  They were averaging a little less than half a wall a day.  That meant there was just one wall open when the fresh food and ice again gave out.  Arron was ready to go into town this time.  His days had been filled with grinding work and his nights with bald kiddy pussy and ball draining kiddy mouths.  He needed a break.  Besides, the nearly two weeks without a police cruiser climbing the mountain had gone a long way toward easing his anxiety.

They stopped at the ranger station long enough for Arron to inquire about rebuilding the dam.  He was given a handful of forms and told to return them along with pictures of the structures remains if possible.  They then lit out for Avery.

They were in town by early afternoon.  Jenny didn’t have any extra shopping to do so they dropped her and the girls at the motel then headed for the home center.  This time they were interested in insulation and drywall.  They looked at the big rolls of fiberglass batting, sheets of styrofoam and finally at big bales of cellulose, the latter was actually shredded and treated newsprint.  They liked that, it was more environmentally friendly than either fiberglass or styrofoam but it took a special machine to blow it into the walls after the wallboard was up.  The store had the machine for rent but the logistics of getting it and then getting it back while working out the timing of it all weighed against that option.  They finally decided on the fiberglass.

At Arron’s suggestion they also visited the electrical department.  Several large rolls of romex as well as a huge contractor’s box of plastic outlet boxes went into a cart as did a big breaker box.  There was no power available to the property but Arron had thoughts along those lines.  The wiring and boxes would be easy to install now though and a cast iron bitch to retrofit later.  The additional expense was only a few hundred dollars, an investment well spent if they did eventually come up with some kind of power arrangement.

They picked out the door hardware, knobs, deadbolts and the heaviest hinges they could find.  They’d actually considered pre-hung doors.  It would have been easy but it went against the ethos.  Besides, those on display were either plain or ugly; the good stuff all had to be ordered.

They’d wisely trimmed out the window openings to take standard size glass so it was only a matter of picking a style.  Arron’s philosophy was that a window was a window so they grabbed the cheapest ones they could get with a brown frame.

At the loading dock they burdened the Ram with insulation and sheet after sheet of drywall then headed back to the hotel to pick up Jenny and the girls.  Supper was breakfast at Denneys.  Carl was all for going to the drive-in again but he didn’t look that disappointed, or thankfully suspicious, when both his wife and brother quickly begged off.

It was still a little cool for the pool, at least for the adults.  Lena and Rachel however donned suits and charged in.  There were several other children in the water and the two Winters girls had soon made fast friends.  Arron watched this with some apprehension but apparently Lena had learned her lesson in discretion and communicated it to her sister as well.

They stopped at a discount store the next morning and Arron bought a cheap digital camera.  They then hit the grocers.  So full was the truck with building supplies that most of the food had to go into the cab.  It was a cramped ride back.

While Jenny and the girls put the food away the brothers drove to the house and began to unload the truck.  The insulation and drywall were piled in a back corner, as far away from the open wall as they could get. 

“We could plank some more.  We’ve got several hours of daylight left”, Carl said.  He didn’t sound enthusiastic.

“Could”, Arron answered.  He damned well knew he wasn’t enthusiastic.  Still, they needed to get something done.

The stood in silence a further moment the inspiration came.

“We could bake in the fire places.  I’ll bet the clay’s good and dry by now.”

Carl perked up at that.  “Let’s check!”  They trooped up the stairs.  The upper fire places had been the last ones built.  They poked and prodded but the joints seemed good and dry.  They exchanged a grin and a nod.  It was always good to combine work and fun when at all possible.

Carl went to get Jenny and the kids while Arron started piling up bits and pieces of lumber.  There was plenty of that.  Mill scrap, odd cutoffs from the flooring and planking, there was a lot and it was lying all over.

The Ram clattered back and the remainder of the Winters clan pitched in.  With Jenny and the girls gathering lumber the brothers began laying the fires.  A little paper and some shavings were piled in each of the four fire places then some bigger stuff placed on top.  When it was ready they were lit together. 

The fires caught quickly.  Arron and Carl took the second floor fire places, Jenny and the girls handled the lower ones.  They had to feed them and keep feeding them.  They needed the fires hot, hotter than they would ever get in actual use and keep them that way for several hours.  The goal was to set the clay, firing it into a strong, weatherproof ceramic.

The fires got hot and then hotter.  Arron was pleased to feel a warm breeze coming from the gap between the outer and inner liners.  They were supposed to work that way, circulation by convection but he’d had a few doubts.

It was a lot of work, keeping the voracious flames fed, the blast furnace heat didn’t help and soon they were sweating profusely.  Jenny had it the worst.  As soon as the sweating started her ‘help’ decided this wasn’t fun any more and opted out of their contract.  At least she didn’t have to haul wood up the slope and a flight of stairs.

At dusk flames were shooting several feet out of the chimneys and the fires were sucking with a dull roaring sound.  The kept at it, shoving in the wood for nearly an hour after full dark.  Arron then called a halt and they mopped sweat and watched the fires wane and then finally, begin to die back. 

When they had died back enough Jenny produced a bag of marshmallows. The girls had great fun burning the little confections to a cinder.

“I’m for a bath, any takers?” Carl asked.

“Yep, me”, Arron answered.

“I’d like one too but…”  She motioned to the girls who were both flagging badly.  Rachel had already curled up on the hard planks and was sound asleep.  Lena was still upright but she was blinking and swaying.

“Hell”, Carl said, “Just wash the goo off and put them to bed then we’ll go down.  They can have a bath tomorrow.”

That sounded like a plan.  Lena protested her lack of tiredness all the way to the truck, then fell asleep in the two minute ride to camp.

Arron tucked them in, taking the liberty of pulling their little girl panties down and kissing their little twats then backed out of the tent and joined the other adults for the walk to the spring.

They did more than bathe of course.  What started as a splashing contest evolved into a grope fest and then morphed further into a three-way fuck with a squealing Jenny held out of the water by four strong arms while two hard cocks pillaged her pussy and ass.  It was the first time they had tried this particular perversion and all pronounced it thoroughly enjoyable.

The brothers got to work early the next morning they cleaned out the fireplaces then examined them and the chimneys.  The liners and joints had cooked hard and their were no cracks.  They were pleased.  They started planking and before lunch had half the last wall up.  They had hamburgers and canned beans for lunch and got back at it.  They actually might have finished but a late afternoon thunderstorm blew in.  They moved all of their tools to shelter then stood in a doorless doorway and watched the rain and lightning.

They visited the spring but only for a brief cleanup then adjourned to the dining tent for a supper of pizza and beer; the girls had to settle for the root variety. 

Arron sat up drinking with Jenny and Carl till late so the girls were asleep when he finally reached the tent.  Lena he noted, seemed to have learned something about discretion, at least they were both in their sleeping bags.  One night he had come in and found them both sleeping naked on top of his bag, still locked in the 69 position.  When he’d asked Lena what would have happened if their father decided to look in on them before turning in her hand had flown to her mouth and her eyes had gotten very big.

The next morning they started a side project before returning to the house.  Pine needles, brush and scrap wood were piled on the dozen or so large stumps that made the ride to the house so bumpy.  These were then fired.  Jenny and the girls used Arron’s truck and played combination fire Marshall and fire bug, keeping the fires burning but making sure they didn’t get out of control.  Just in case Jenny took a radio and Arron and Carl had the other.

With the fires going they got back to planking and, despite having to coax a balky mill to rip more boards, had the last wall solid by ten or so.  They had a beer and wasted thirty minutes patting themselves on the back then started hanging windows.  As was to be expected there were fit problems and a dozen times Arron cursed himself for a fool for not buying the four dollar bundle of shims the home center sold.  He’d reasoned that they had enough wood to make there own, and they did, but having to ferret out the right pieces and whittle and carve them turned a several hour job into a daylong affair.  They got all the windows in but it was full dark with a dew on the ground before they finally loaded their tools.

The fires on the road had been allowed to die back hours before but the coals of the stumps still glowed sullenly as they picked their way around them.

Everyone else went to the spring but Arron was tired and not really in the mood.  He saw them off then resorted to a sponge bath.  He helped himself to a baloney sandwich then stripped off and went to bed.

He hadn’t been in his bag long when giggling voices and a bouncing light announced that the girls at least were back.  They tumbled into the tent with Lena proudly proclaiming how her mother had trusted her to get them back on their own.  Of course by now there was a well worn path and the children certainly knew the way.  Rachel simply nodded, “Mommy and daddy wanted to baff some more.”  Arron suppressed a grin, he figure he knew what his brother and sister-in-law were doing and it had little to do with bathing.

Lena opened her robe and let it slide to the tent floor.  She was bare beneath, not even a pair of panties covered her lithe form.  Rachel giggled and followed suit.  “Now we want ‘gasms.”

Arron groaned and sat up, throwing the flap of the bag aside.  The girls stood to either side of him.  He put an arm around each set of tawny calves then slowly slid his hands up, past the hollows of their knees, over the impossibly smooth, soft perfection of their thighs and onto the pillow softness of their butts.  Both were still slightly damp and their flesh felt cool to the touch.

He caressed their asses for a bit then let his fingers slide into their bottom clefts.  Rachel giggled and Lena moaned when he began to toy with their little assholes.  He circled and tickled then pulled away just long enough to wet his fingers before sinking one digit deep into each child’s bowels. 

Their bottoms sucked hotly at his fingers as his hands sodomized them.  He pulled them in closer and kissed and licked first Rachel’s and then her sister’s bald cunnies as he kept finger fucking their bottoms.

They were getting into it, both pushing back onto his fingers and alternately pushing forward onto his tongue when it was their turn for some oral molesting.

About five minutes of that was all Arron could take.  His dick was an iron bar.  He pulled his hands free and opened the bag wider then yanked his shorts to his knees.

“Rachel baby, suck my dick”, he croaked.  Lena, eat her bottom.”

They had both been disappointed by the loss of his fingers but both eagerly moved to comply with this new play.  Rachel dropped to her knees then waddled forward.  She bent and licked her uncles bobbling cock a few times before sliding the hot ring of her lips around it.  Lena shuffled in the shadows more sensed than seen but Arron knew where her tongue was when he felt her four-year-old sister moan around her mouthful of prick. 

His hand tangled in her short raven hair and began to urge her to greater effort, gently pushing down as his hips rose to spear his cock into her hot, wet mouth.  Lena kept up her sisterly butt loving and from the squeaks and squeals that Rachel was puffing around his throbbing dick she was really pulling out the stops.

Rachel climbed her peak quickly.  Soon she was twitching and wiggling too much to properly eat cock and just let it rest in her mouth as she squeaked and moaned around it.

Arron eased her head back till his cock popped free then gently pushed Lena back.  Rachel moaned in frustration when her sister’s tongue slid from her little asshole but that changed to a squeak when her uncle bodily picked her up.

He rolled the child into a ball with her knees the either side of her face then hoisted her into the air.  Lena helped stabilize her then they both moved in.  Arron ate her bald pussy while her sister sent her little lapper again worming into that tight baby ass. 

Whatever ground the pre-school child had lost she quickly made up and she was soon a quivering mass of nerves racing toward orgasm.  When she came she shrieked her pleasure to the night.  Arron winced and hoped that her parents were still at the spring.

They tucked the youngest Winters into her sleeping bag then crept outside for a look around.  All was still quiet.  Arron turned to go back into the tent but Lena stopped him.  The child dropped to her knees and started to blow him under the stars.  Whatever powers of protest he had were soon lost to the hot tightness of her sucking mouth and the caressing of her agile tongue.  His hands tangled in the softness of her blond mane and he moaned her name as pulse after pulse of steaming cum shot into her mouth only to vanish down her throat. 

Lena wanted the favor returned right there so he ate her there, out in the open.  She shoved her fist in her mouth to muffle her own noises of passion.  When her thighs finally tightened around her uncles cheeks a blob of bobbing light was just visible as it made its way through the woods toward the camp.  Giggling they stole back into the tent and were soon fast asleep.

At breakfast Jenny was calmly buttering a slice of toast when she asked.  “What did you do with the girls last night?   We heard one of the scream all the way to the spring.”  She smiled at him as she took a bite, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

The dew still glistened when the men attacked the burned out stumps with axes and hoes.  Most had burned to at least flush with the ground, two actually low enough to leave holes, only one stump still protruded enough to cause problems.  The charred material was chopped away then spread and the holes were filled.  They stacked more wood around the last stubborn hold out and set it alight.  Once again Jenny drew the job of fire marshal. 

Carl and Arron were both coated with a fine dusting of ash.  By mutual consent they walked to the spring and had a quick rinse before returning to the house site.

“What now?”  Carl asked.

Arron lit a cigarette, “Well I was thinking about starting on the doors.”

“Makes sense to me.”

“If we get them hung today we need to start on the inside walls.”

Arron had some ideas about the doors but had not actually thought them fully out.  He grabbed a pad from the truck and the brothers sat on a log while they talked and sketched.  What finally emerged was your classic frontier cabin door, a layer of planks with the ‘Z’ style cross bracing.  Carl had wanted a window but that extravagance would have added complication and seriously weakened the door, not to mention the fact that they had nothing to make the window from.

The sat up some saw horses and started to fabricate two doors side by side.  The planks were cut, laid out then butted together.  The cross bracing then went on.  After the holes were drilled the mating surfaces got a thick coat of waterproof glue then carriage bolts and nuts bound it all together.

Arron had secretly expected to be done by noon.  That was optimistic.  The doors only took a couple of hours to build but the trimming, framing, hanging, shimming and hardware installation ate the rest of the day.  The house had two doors, both would open inward to accommodate screen doors, it was the back door, the one facing down slope toward the demolished tractor shed that presented the real problem.  A porch and stairs were planned there but at the moment it hung over a twenty foot drop.  That meant the entire installation had to be done from inside.  They finished that one by lantern light.  They tried it several times then promptly nailed it shut to appease Jenny.  She hadn’t even seen it yet but both knew how she’d react to that first step.

The next morning they had to un-nail it to get the varnish on.  Both doors got a coat, without it they would swell so tight they’d be impossible to open after the first rain. 

The inside walls would actually have been far easier before the roof went on.  They’d been in a rush to get something weather tight however, now it was time to suffer for there hurry.  The boards had to be carried in, stick by stick, and the walls built in place.  Arron insisted on doing the second floor first.  It was going to be the biggest bitch in any case but having to haul it’s planks through the framed maze of the lower floor would have made it far worse.  It was bad enough as it was.  The studs could be carried through the house but the long boards for the floor and top plates had to be hoisted up and fished through a window.

It was hard work, made no easier by the fact that summer was coming on and they were now working in a closed, un-insulated box.  Even with the doors and windows wide open it was a sauna inside and frequent breaks were required. 

They were three days into it when ice was again required.  Jenny took the Ram and the girls and clattered off while the brothers trudged back to the sweatbox. 

They were just finishing off the second floor when the Ram rumbled back, it’s bed laden with unstowed groceries and one industrial sized pedestal fan.  They put the latter to use right away and finished the remaining two hours of the day in relative comfort.

That night after a supper of store bought fried chicken and a good spring soak Arron fingered and ate two rambunctious hellions to delicious cums then jerked off into a six-year-old’s waiting mouth.

The next morning Carl’s cell phone rang during breakfast.  He wondered off to take the call but they could still here him arguing with someone on the other end.  When he came back he was grumpy.  He wasted no time

“I’ve got to go to New York again.  Those incompetents fucked something up!”

“When?”, Jenny asked.

“They want me there on Tuesday.  There’s a meeting then I have to sign more damned papers.”  He looked up from scrambled eggs.  “You don’t have to go this time honey.”

Jenny bit her lip.  “No, I’ll go.”  She hooded her eyes and giggled.  “Maybe I’ll do some shopping, go to Fredrick’s, pick up some things that sleepy little ‘ol Avery doesn’t offer.”  The emphasis she put on ‘things’ set both men’s hearts to beating a little faster.

It was currently Saturday, Carl and Jenny would have to leave Monday that meant it was time to get some work done.  The got to work framing up the inside walls on the lower floor.  The big fan really increased the comfort level and they were soon into a groove.

In layout the house would have a kitchen, a large living room and a generous general workroom on the lower floor and four bedrooms on the top.  There would be a bathroom on each floor as well.  There would be no closets.  By consensus they’d decided to go back to the old way, storage would be in cupboards, chests and dressers.  It had been Jenny’s idea, it seemed more ‘quaint’.  It also simplified the framing.

  The fewer rooms on the lower floor and a generally more open layout let then finish the framing by late Sunday afternoon.  They had an early spring romp then while Carl and Jenny began to pack Arron dug out the camera he’d bought and wondered off to take a score or so of pictures of the old dam site before the light failed.

That night Arron was invited to a three-way.  The girl’s had to fend for themselves as the brother’s conspired to fuck Jenny into a squirming pile of protoplasm.  She didn’t seem to mind much.

After breakfast Arron gave Carl the camera and asked him to get some prints made.  Then husband and wife mounted up and headed down the mountain.  When the clatter had died away Arron got his own keys and headed for his truck.  They’d transferred the tools the night before.  “Come on girl’s.  Let’s get to work.”  A giggle from behind him caused him to turn.  Rachel was just stepping out of her panties.  Lena was already naked.  He sighed and willed his dick down.  It was going to be a long several days.

He spent an hour wondering through the house using a carpenters pencil to mark the location of power outlets, switches and light fixtures.  Twice he had to ward the children away from the ‘door to nowhere’.   Finally he gave up and again nailed it shut.

He nailed a length of scrap between two studs on an interior wall of the workroom then muscled the big breaker box into place.  After making it fast he started installing the switch, outlet and fixture boxes.  These went quickly.  All he had to do was make sure they were flush with the studs and straight.  They even had their own built in nails.

He had just finished with the bottom floor and was heading up the stairs with an armload of boxes when a sight stopped him cold.  Rachel was on all fours atop a pile of sawdust.  Her sister’s face was completely hidden by the pillowy lushness of her little white butt.  Her eyes had already started to glaze and a little sliver of saliva drooled from her mouth as her bottom was lovingly reamed.  She sighted Arron and merely opened her mouth wide.

He groaned and dropped his burden then stepped up.  He dropped his pants then fell to his knees before plugging the four-year-old’s mouth with dick.  She gave him a lazy fifteen minute suck that got him close but not over before she herself succumbed to her sister’s tongue and collapsed.  Lena finished the job, sucking him off and then vacuuming every drop from his cock. 

When he picked up the boxes and finally headed upstairs the older child was trying to revive her younger sibling by giving her mouth to pussy resuscitation.

It took only an hour or so to finish installing the boxes.  He then fired up the generator and got out the drill.  Drilling the studs and pulling endless lengths of Romex was a bit slower but he got a good start on the first floor before lunch.  He then rounded up his naked charges and they rode back to camp for sandwiches and Kool-Aid, the latter left orange and blue rings around the girls mouths, each to their flavor.  When they headed back to the house this had already been metamorphosized into orange and blue little bald pussies.  The little trollups were insatiable!

Arron planned the wiring runs to minimize the amount of wire needed, and thus the amount of work he had to do.  Still, there was a lot of wire.  Each bulky gray cable fed three, four or sometimes five boxes.  Each had to be then routed up, through holes drilled in the second floor joists and down to the breaker box.  It was then on to the next run.  It was twilight when he finally finished the lower floor.

The girls, worn out by an unaccustomed opportunity for all day sex, had been asleep for several hours.  They were in a corner, atop a balled up tarp, cuddled up in each other’s arms.  He gently woke them and half guided and half carried them to the truck.

They ate fairly well, even though the fare was simple then they headed for the spring.  The water completed the revival and within minutes they were screaming and romping.  Their libidos’ had recovered as well. 

He was washing Lena’s soft back when there was a swirl in the water and a dark head surfaced between the older child’s thighs.  He caught one flash of white teeth then Lena moaned as the youngest winters applied mouth to sisterly pussy.

The older girl’s hands stroked her sister’s hair, “Yeah, like that Rachel, suck the goodies out of me.  Oh, get your tongue inside my….my…PUSSSSYYY” The last was nearly shouted as little Rachel drilled deep.

She leaned her head back on Arron’s shoulder.  “I love how Rachel sucks pussy.  She’s real good at it and she really, really likes to do it!”

Arron nuzzled her neck while keeping up the slow massage of her soft back.  “So do you.”

Lena giggled.  “Yeah, she’s got the sweetest little cunny.  ‘Course I love her butt too.  The way she squeezes my tongue when I’ve got it all the way up her bottom makes my cooter all hot and wet.”  She twisted her head about and met her uncle’s lips with her own in a chaste buss.  “I like sucking your dick too.  I think I’m going to want some here soon and I want you to really fill my mouth.”

Rachel pulled off her sister’s cunt.  “You drank the last cums he had.  I wants it this time!”

“Well you could have had it.  You were just too slow about it.”

Rachel popped a thumb in her mouth then yanked it back out.  “Can’t go fast with you eating my butt!”

“You have before!”

“Couldn’t this time!”

“Could too!”

“Could not!”

Arron decided to intervene before the argument got out of hand.  “Girl’s that’s enough.  You have to learn to share.”  He kissed Lena again.  “She’s right you know.  If she wants it it’s her turn.”  He felt faintly ridiculous mediating an argument over who got to eat his spunk but it was damned erotic too.  His dick was already hardening against Lena’s soft bottom.

The older girl giggled; maybe she felt the silliness of it too.  “Okay, but I get to suck some.”  She gently reached out and pulled Rachel’s thumb from her mouth.  “Right now I don’t want you to share Rachel, you can have it all.”  So saying the put her hand to the back of her sister’s head and pulled the elfin little face back into her cunny.  “Eat my pussy!”

Little Rachel must not have had any objections; she went right to it in either case and brought commendable enthusiasm to the task as well.

Something, maybe a noise, maybe only a stray breeze caused Arron to turn his head and gaze at the bank behind him.  What he saw froze his blood and made his incipient hardon wilt like a soggy cornflake.

A blonde wraith, made silver by the filtered moonlight, stood on the bank.  She doffed her robe and hung it on a branch.  Feeling his gaze she raised a finger to her lips in a gesture for silence then slowly began to ease into the water.

She moved with admirable stealth, raising hardly a ripple as she ghosted up behind Arron.  A moment later Jenny whispered into his ear.  “Are we having fun?”

When he made to respond she shushed him, “don’t talk, watch and enjoy”, she whispered.  There was the smallest of swirls and then she was gone.

Lena had again leaned back against Arron’s shoulder and closed her eyes.  That meant that only Arron saw the girl’s mother stealthily surface behind her youngest. Her hands slid around the four-year-old’s thighs, lifting the child from the spring floor and spreading her legs.

Rachel, used to this treatment merely cooed into her sister’s soft sex and kept eating pussy.  Jenny tossed her hair back over her head then descended to plant feather light kisses all over the shapely white bottom before her.  Her tongue followed her lips; she lathed the child’s cheeks before licking the length of her cleft.  She licked it again, going deep then deeper.  When she hit bottom she moved forward till the tip of her tongue found the smooth, pink little dimple of her daughter’s ass.  She poked at it a bit, gauging the resistance then pushed inward, forcing the sphincter to open and allow her access.

Four-year-old’s are not known for cognitive reasoning but Rachel was bright for her age.  While she was enjoying the yummy bottom molesting she was getting it finally occurred to her that the numbers did not add up.  She was still tongue deep in Lena pussy so it wasn’t Lena in her bottom.  Lena was sitting in their uncle’s lap so it wasn’t uncle in her bottom.  With the lack of concern only the young have it didn’t really distress her that a stranger was tongue fucking her ass, she was curious though and with a flexibility also born of youth pulled her tongue from her sister’s gooey twat and twisted her neck nearly 180 degrees.

“Mommy!”, she shrieked, perhaps a bit in alarm but mostly in joy.  “Mommy’s here and she’s got her tongue in my butthole!”

That got Lena’s attention.  Her eyes flew open.  She was older than her sister and a measure more mature, she also had a recent example of the problems a lack of discretion could cause.  All this meant she registered her mother’s presence before her mind processed exactly what her mother was doing.  Despite recent whispered intimacies and giggling confessions her reaction was fright.

“Mommy!” Lena shrieked, mostly in alarm and very little in joy.  She covered her sex and pushed Rachel back, anything to distance herself from the fact that her baby sister had been making a meal out of her cunny!  M..M..Mommy”, she stuttered,” we were just having a bath!  I promise!”

“Oh really”, mommy purred.  “And I guess Rachel was just making sure the inside of your cute little pussy was clean.”  Without waiting for a response she went on.  “That’s okay though.  I was just checking your sister’s bottom.  Now I guess I’ll check her little pussy too!”

She spread Rachel wider then, after a last lap at her sweet little ass, descended to taste baby daughter pussy for the first time.

Rachel goggled then spoke, “M…M..Mommy you’re..your’re…”  Giving up she turned to Arron.  “Mommy’s eating Rachel’s pussy”, she whispered fiercely.

Arron had yet to recover himself and was still formulating a response when Jenny pulled her mouth from her youngest’s bald little goody hole.  “That’s right baby and when I’m done I’m going to eat your little pussy too if you’ll let me.”  She kissed Rachel’s ass then addressed the child.  “Speaking of eating pussy don’t you have a job to do?”  Her mouth went back to the child’s cunt while a hand gently pushed her face into her sister’s cunny.

Lena moaned when her sister resumed her snack but her little mind was still trying to get around the fact that her mother…her own mother wanted to eat her pussy!

So was Arron’s cock.  His incipient hardon had returned with a vengeance.  He had a lot of questions but at the moment they could fucking wait!  With a gentle touch he turned Lena’s still wide eyed face and sealed his lips to hers.  His tongue slipped into her mouth but it was long seconds before she began to respond.  She couldn’t ignore the stimulation she was getting for long however and soon she moaned into her uncle’s mouth and a small hand slid out to pull her sister in tighter to her randy little cunt.

Their position was awkward so Arron and Lena slipped off their perch and let Jenny stretch out little Rachel on her back.  The child’s mother then lifted her daughter’s coltish legs and placed them on her shoulders before diving back in for more baby pussy.  Arron diddled Lena and they kissed some but mostly they watched Jenny molest her youngest child.

Rachel was getting into it.  Her hands grasped her mother’s head and pulled her tighter.  “Lick mommy, lick my cooter.  Lick it deep mommy….Oh mommy you’re gonna give me a gasm!”

Jenny upped the ante, literally devouring her offspring’s tasty little girl slot.  True to her own words Rachel was soon rocketing to a fantastic cum.  She shuddered and shook then went noodle limp.

Jenny seemed shocked by the power of the child’s climax.  She gently lowered the thin, shapely legs and backed away.  “She said it felt good but I didn’t know she could actually cum”, she said softly to no one and everyone. 

Arron, more used to Rachel’s orgasms, rushed forward and rescued the child just as she was sliding into the water.  “She tends to pass out when she has a good one”, he explained to Jenny.

He gently laid Rachel out on one of the ‘couches’ while Jenny sized up her eldest daughter.  With the surprise gone and the passion banked if not sated there was an awkwardness between them now.  Jenny licked some of Rachel’s juices from her lip then bit her lip. 

Lena honey, can mommy….can I suck your little pussy.  I’d really like to.  But you can say no.  You can always say no.”

Lena bit her own lip, she was nervous but just the thought of her mother wanting to suck her set her to tingling.  She finally jerked a nod.  Arron gently stroked Rachel as Jenny led her eldest to the stone and helped her up.  They kissed for a bit, Lena again showing shock when her mother’s tongue entered her mouth.  Jenny stroked her daughter’s smooth, soft skin as their lips caressed each other.  In a bit Lena’s tongue came out to play and banked fires were stoked up again.

Jenny pulled away from her daughter’s mouth.  “You are beautiful baby, and very, very sexy.”  She turned and looked at Arron.  “It took me a while to realize that.”  Turning back to Lena she kissed the child’s eyelids.  That earned a giggle.  She then kissed her nose and the hollow of her throat.  She slipped up the delicate line of the child’s left jaw then kissed the dainty shell of an ear before running her tongue inside.  That got a squeal.  Her lips slid back down and left another row of kisses across the graceful neck before sliding up to give equal time to the other ear.

Slowly, lovingly the woman worked her way down her daughter’s body.  She kissed and licked the flat chest, teasing the nascent nipples then slid down the soft belly to play in the child’s belly button.

Avoiding the flushed, swollen little cunny Jenny kissed her way onto Lena’s leg then spent some time loving the soft, sensitive flesh of her left, inner thigh.  She moved to the knee and lifted the leg to get to the delicate hollow behind it.  She moved down the child’s shin then kissed her way onto a foot.  When she reached the toes she licked between each pair then sucked each tiny digit into her mouth for a bit of sucking.

She moved to the other leg and worked her way back up, her oral exploration soothing yet immensely erotic.  By the time she was again near Lena’s crotch the little girl had lost whatever reluctance she had possessed.  She was moaning and twitching.  She was ready for mommy’s mouth on her pussy and she was ready now.

 Rachel had returned to the land of the living and together she and Arron watched as Jenny worked her way around her older daughter’s sex, kissing and teasing.  Lena was no longer passive.  Her hands grasped her mother’s blond head and tried to bring face to pussy while her lithe hips swiveled and gyrated in an attempt to bring pussy to face.  She was panting now and each time Jenny avoided the prize the child released a small, frustrated mew of disappointment.

After a further minute of teasing Jenny relented and allowed herself to be reeled in.  Both mother and daughter groaned in passion as hot, wet tongue slid over hot, slick child cunt.

Lena was perhaps a tad more sensitive than Rachel because of her more advanced age, that was a small thing though, she also been through a prolonged, sexy buildup that had been denied the younger child, and that was no small thing.  In less than a minute she was squeaking and hunching her mother’s face.  In two, her head was back and inarticulate sounds emerged from her mouth as she writhed in passion.

Jenny kept pace, ramping up her incestuous, oral abuse to match her daughter’s level of arousal.  Another twenty seconds finished it, Lena convulsed and screamed her cum to the night before her eyes rolled back in her head and she slipped from the conscious world.

“Wow”, Rachel said softly into the sudden silence.

While Lena recovered they talked for a bit.  When confronted Jenny sheepishly admitted she had been pumping her daughters about the sex they had with their uncle, and each other, ever since that memorable day she caught them all three together.  At first she was simply gathering information but almost from day one there had been a titillation factor as well.  That built week by week; many times she had frigged herself late at night while imagining her face between one of her lovely daughter’s slim thighs or one of their pixie faces between her own.  In the beginning that caused guilt the next morning and not a little resentment toward Arron for leading her mind and fantasies down that path.  She’d watched her daughters and discreetly grilled them while the men worked.  They were unhappy and subdued; there was little doubt of that.  The picture that finally came together though was that they were unhappy about being caught having sex with their uncle and the consequences of that, namely no more sex.  At no time did either child express even the least remorse about the sex itself.  Her libido raged hotter and the guilt faded into the background.

When she suggested the girls go back to sleeping with Arron she had expected the orgy to ramp back up but from her daily interrogations found it hadn’t.  This had both relieved and disappointed her.  There had been relief in the confirmation that her brother-in-law was not in fact a lecherous fuck just out to take his own pleasure from her daughters.  There was disappointment however in that there were no new tales of pedophile debauchery to set her fingers dancing in the wee hours.

When she had satisfied herself that the children dearly missed their nighttime amusements she’d prodded Arron again and only then had he risen to the occasion, she giggled as she pronounced ‘risen’.

After a bit she had started suggesting things for the girls to try, like swallowing the whole length of their uncle’s cock.  Their reports on that front had kept her in cums for a month.  The girls had never told that Arron had wrangled her part in that from them and she was surprised to learn it.  She glanced at Rachel and a still recovering Lena but neither looked particularly contrite.

She went on, “After a bit I realized that I wanted more.  I realized I wanted in on the deal.  I was convinced that you weren’t harming them by having sex with them nightly so I reasoned that it would do no harm if I joined in.  Several times I though about trying to seduce the girls while you and Carl were off working on the house but I always chickened out.  When Carl got that call Saturday I saw an opportunity.  I let everyone, including Carl think I was going to New York with him then once we were on the road I changed my mind.  I told Carl that I really didn’t need to go and I felt bad about leaving you with the hellions so I dropped him off in Beckley and drove back.”  She grinned, “Ta-da, I couldn’t have timed it better.”

“You left the truck at the bottom of the hill again didn’t you?”

Her grin widened.  “It worked once before.  At least it isn’t stuck this time though.”

Lena had by now fully recovered and was propped up on elbows examining her well chewed cunny.  Jenny smiled and leaned down and kissed it then bussed her daughter’s nose.  “I’m hotter than a firecracker but what I’d really like to do now is watch my darling daughters suck some hard pervert dick.”  She grinned at Arron, “Would you happen to know where we can find one of those.”

Within seconds Arron was seated and the two girls were at work.  They were doing the tradeoff thing, each one bobbing once or twice then letting her sibling have a turn.  They were aware of their audience and really hamming it up as a consequence.

The audience in question was most appreciative.  Jenny was soon hissing and moaning as she stimulated her own tits and pussy.  She did find the breath to cheer her daughters on though.

“Oh yes babies, suck that dick.  Take it all the way down Rachel; take it into your throat!  That’s it, suck the cum out of your uncle!”

When Rachel, pumped by the motherly coaching, tried to keep possession of her uncles dick for a third and then a fourth deep suck Lena pulled her free with a ‘hey!  My turn,” then proceeded to eat three-fourths of her uncles throbbing cock.  Jenny moaned at the way her neck bulged as the dick slid into her throat. 

“Oh yes baby, you’re only six and already an expert cocksucker.  Show your uncle what a blowjob is!”  She was now sawing three fingers in and out of her gushing pussy.

Rachel cried foul on Lena’s fourth swoop, a real deep one that left her uncle’s pubic hair tickling her nose.  “No, fair!”  She yelled then tugged her sister clear by her blonde tresses.

The youngest child took a deep breath and then pounced.  Arron’s dick slid into her mouth and kept sliding; inch by inch the cock vanished till her lips were smashed against her uncle’s hairy abdomen.  Her mother gawked and even Lena seemed impressed.  On the next stroke she went one better and her little tongue came out to bathe the upper third of a nut with four inches of pervert dick in her four-year-old throat.

It went on, the two girls traded off till their uncle was a gibbering wreck.  The intervals when they switched off cooled him just enough to deny the next pre-teen felatio artist a mouthful of pungent spunk.  His cock was bleeding pre-cum, it trailed in long strands from both girl’s mouths and literally dripped from their chins.

Arron’s groans and puffs set the girls to giggling and they rivalry was forgotten as they decided to see just how long they could keep their uncle on edge.  Jenny joined the fun and egged them on till she decided that her brother-in-law had had enough.

She went to work faster on her own pussy then said.  “Rachel baby, finish it.  Eat his cum.  I seem to recall hearing it was your turn.  Do it baby.  Make him cum in your cocksucking mouth!”

Lena withdrew with good grace and Rachel went into high gear.  Her head bounced as she let three-fourths of her uncle’s cock slide back in forth in her tight, silky throat.  After a half dozen strokes she began to swallow and Arron moaned as her esophagus massaged his dick.  She kept it up and the moan was choked off by a rather unmanly scream as his long denied cock began to fire pulse after pulse of cum into her mouth and throat.  Jenny’s voice joined his as her simmering cunt boiled over and she dissolved in a fantastic explosion of an orgasm.

They all were getting an advanced case of the wrinklies so they adjourned to the camp.  Arron built up the fire and they sipped cocoa and the girls tormented marshmallows.  Afterwards little fingers pried Jenny’s legs apart and Arron slowly jerked his cock as Lena and Rachel ate their mother to another searing cum.  When she’d recovered from that one Arron pulled her to her knees and, in the firelight, mounted her doggy style.  Her daughter’s watched with voyeuristic joy as their mother was royally fucked.

They all slept together in Arron’s tent that night though sleep is a relative word.  Jenny couldn’t get enough of her daughters and caressed them with hands and tongue till the very early hours.  The girl’s were up to it and lovingly returned the favor till all finally collapsed from exhaustion.

  When Arron finally arose the next morning it was to find breakfast on the table and Jenny leaning against it.  Her short skirt had been rucked up onto her back and her youngest daughter was hungrily rimming mommy butt.  Her little face was nearly completely buried in the crack of her mother’s trim, sexy ass.  Her head twisted slightly from side to side and growling noises escaped from between her mother’s cheeks.  Lena stood naked on one bench, holding her mother’s busy mouth to her bald little cookie with both hands.

Food forgotten, Arron climbed onto the tabletop.  By crouching just a bit he was at the perfect height to feed the six-year-old his hard morning wood.  It was an intense little before breakfast orgy that had the three on the receiving end cuming together.  Afterwards Arron and his eldest niece shoveled in the scrambled eggs while Jenny orally raped the pussy and asshole of her youngest.

Arron climbed in the Ford and drove out to the house.  He got started on the upper floor wiring.  This was the hardest part because instead of going up the walls the runs had to go down through the floor.  That itself wasn’t any harder but having to go downstairs to do the horizontal run to the breaker box was.  The stiff romex inevitably caught on things or jammed in the box so each separate circuit required multiple trips up and down the stairs.  The task wasn’t made any easier, at least initially, by his aching bladder.  He reminded himself a dozen times to always piss before sticking his dick in a child’s mouth.  It was nearly an hour before he could go!

He heard the Ram clatter up about around noon but the expected company did not materialize.  He was on a long outside wall run, cutting the romex and pulling it into each box.  It was about fifteen minutes before he finished the wall and started shoving wire down the hole in the floor plate.  He headed downstairs to start the horizontal pull.  Still not seeing any side of Jenny or the kids he went to a window and peered out.

Jenny was leaning on a sawhorse, legs spread wide.  She wore only a well filled T-shirt.  Her daughter’s were front and back beneath her, Lena was eating ass and Rachel was dining on her mother’s shaved pussy.  Jenny had her eyes closed and slowly caressed her breasts as she was expertly serviced.

He shook his head, fought down his cock, and got back to work.  Ten minutes later the three ladies bounced happily inside.  Jenny was now fully clothed and bearing a bulging picnic basket.  Lena was struggling with a big thermos jug.  Rachel proudly brought up the rear with a checkered tablecloth.

They sat up above the house and were soon digging into roast beef sandwiches, macaroni salad and sweet coleslaw.  All was washed down with copious quantities of lemonade.

Hardly had the last crumb been consumed and the last belch (Rachel’s to her giggling delight) been issued when the girls were tugging on Arron’s pants.  Jenny reclined and watched her daughters pull their uncles shorts down and expose his stiffening dick.

Lena vacuumed it in while Rachel peeled out of her own skin tight shorts and stepped up, thrusting her own glistening little prize in his face.

“It’s so sexy watching them do that.  They clearly love doing it.”

Arron kissed Rachel’s smooth little cunt.  “Which part the sucking or the being sucked?”

“I think they like both”, Jenny answered as she wiggled out of her shorts.

Lena pulled off his throbbing cock with a pop.  “Yeah, I love sucking your dick.”  She giggled at the naughtiness of her own words and returned to her blow job.

“’Gasms!”, Rachel somewhat agreed and thrust her wet little pussy hard against her uncles mouth.

Lena sucked cock and Arron ate immature pussy.  After a bit Jenny oozed forward and start rimming Rachel’s little ass.  Molested fore and aft, the four-year-old was soon rocketing to a cum that left her unable to stand on her own.  The taste and feel of her little twat in orgasm tipped Arron over and he flooded Lena’s mouth with cum.  He groaned with each hot pulse and fell back exhausted with the last.  Lena stayed with him, gently nursing till he went soft in her mouth.

When he finally pulled up his pants and staggered back to work Jenny had turned on Lena and was giving her a not so motherly tongue bath while Rachel twitched in the opening stages of recovery.

He worked until dusk and managed to get about half of the second floor wiring in.  He got back to camp to find a good stew bubbling away and two proud little girls almost completely covered with flour.  They’d made a pie, crust and all and though they’d had motherly supervision they proudly proclaimed that the actual execution had been all theirs.

Both were good, the pie crust was on the lumpy side but it was still tasty.  They then gathered up robes and towels and headed for the spring. 

Getting clean was the first order of business and the water was soon frothy with soap, shampoo and not a little flour.  Jenny took Rachel and Arron took Lena.  Together they scrubbed clean two ragamuffins who were perhaps more interested in play than hygiene.  After a short but intense conference that involved only facial gestures and eye movements the two adults reached an agreement and without warning the children were scooped up and tossed toward the far end of the spring.  They landed in the deeper water in a welter of limbs and came up sputtering and vowing revenge, incidentally doing a pretty good job of rinsing off in the process.

Jenny and Arron took care of their own bath while the children sulked then dutifully conspired to lose the splashing war that followed.

Mollified the kids decided they now wanted a different form of play and the adults weren’t really that averse either. 

Jenny played master of ceremonies and the guest of honor was Arron.  He was led to the shallows and made to recline in only a few inches of water.  Jenny then picked up her youngest and deposited the child cunt first on his face.  She and Lena then went to work on his cock, mother and daughter licking and sucking together.

Arron fidgeted a bit then concentrated on the sweet, soft, hairless little pussy that was against his lips.  He gently began to lap at the smooth lips as his hands slid up the child’s sexy thighs to cup her round little bubble butt.  He weighed each cheek then began to delve into the cleft between them.  Rachel cooed as a fingertip found and began to circle her little ass.  That was joined by a delighted squeak when his tongue finished its external reconnaissance and pushed between her lips and into her tiny vagina.  He licked his way to her hymen then quested up till he found her minuscule clitoris and beat up on it a bit.

Jenny and Lena had abandoned his cock, at least for the moment.  Jenny had brought some scented bath oil and the two squirted a generous portion onto their prostate victim and began to massage it in to his chest and lower legs.  It wasn’t particularly erotic but it felt wonderful.  Arron concentrated on baby pussy and idly tried to guess who was who.  After a bit he decided it Jenny massaging his calves, the hands felt a tad large.  He wasn’t really sure though.

Rachel wanted a better view herself and abruptly stood, pulling her uncles tongue from her cunny and his finger from her bottom.  She reversed herself and Arron got just enough of a glimpse to find out he was right about his masseuses before the round whiteness of a perfect four-year-old bottom descended to block the view.

The youngest Winters liked this position.  With just a twitch of her hips she could line up either her drooling little pussy or her itchy little bottom hole over her uncle’s hungry mouth.  She couldn’t seem to decide which hole she wanted molested the most so she switched at rather short intervals.

The twin massagers were closing in on his crotch.  Jenny had reached his thighs and Lena’s little hands were slipping and sliding over his stomach.  She seemed to like his body hair and gently pulled and teased it as she rubbed the warm oil into his skin.

Rachel pulled her pussy from his mouth and slid her round, sexy ass into its place.  He flutter kissed her little pink funnel then began to kiss and suck on her cheeks.  His tongue came out and he used it to caress the smooth flesh of her sweet little butt.

She was disappointed that he didn’t immediately shove his lapper up her tight butt but at the same time she enjoyed the wet abuse being visited on her jiggly moons.  She cooed and shifted about, presenting whatever part of her pretty bottom she thought needed to be molested the most at the moment.

Arron groaned into her ass as his tormentors at last reached his crotch and added tongues and lips to the work that nimble hands had been performing.  The hot oil went on then hotter mouths followed.  He could clearly tell the differences as his cock slid into one mouth and then another but he was again hard pressed to say which was which.  They took turns blowing him for a bit then one mouth took up the burden.  He was sucked for another minute then that mouth too vanished.  He felt a general shifting of bodies then a pair of smooth thighs slid around his hips.  Above him Rachel gasped and started to say something but Jenny shushed her.  A moment later a smooth softness began to caress the head of Arron’s cock.

His head was stroked three times then a hand grasped and held him upright.  An exquisite tightness slowly slid over his cock head.  He distinctly felt it as the soft heat snapped over the rim of his helmet.  There was a pause then the grip slowly began to slide down his shaft.  A groan came…a child’s groan.

Immediately Arron grasped Rachel and lifted her from his face.  The view that greeted him was of Lena with a good third of his cock in her little pussy.  Her mother massaged her miniscule clitoris as they kissed.

He sat Rachel aside and reached for her sister.  “Damn it Jenny she’s too small!”

The sexy mother intercepted his hands.  “She doesn’t think so, does she look like she’s about to double over in agony?”

Arron looked at Lena; the child’s face was tense.  It was plain that she was having some discomfort but she didn’t look on the verge of tears.  She smiled at him.  “It’s ok uncle Arron.  It’s not that bad.  It feels like I’ve got a real big poo but its in my peepee instead of my bottom.”  She actually giggled, “and it’s going in instead of comin’ out.”  She relaxed her stance slightly and another inch of dick slid into her underage vagina.  Ooooh!”

Jenny kissed her eldest again.  “Take it slow baby, don’t take more than you can handle.”

Lena bit her lip and nodded.  Her face was a study in concentration as a little more slipped inside.  She took that and then a fraction more then at Jenny’s urging pulled up till just the head was in.  Arron groaned as her velvety tightness slid up his shaft.

Having established her limits the child began to slowly fuck her uncle under her mother’s watchful tutelage.  In just a few minutes her legs began to tire so Arron gently cupped her bottom and struggled first to a sitting position and then, slowly to his feet.  Lena moaned as the movement pushed his dick deeper, and rubbed and pushed it against her insides.

He turned and sat her on the rock then waited a bit while she readjusted to the new position.  He started slowly, just gently rocking but in a minute he was gently fucking two inches of hard dick in and out of the six-year-olds hairless cunt.

They fucked for a further ten minutes but neither got off.  For Lena the cause was likely the discomfort and the slow pace of the stimulation.  In Arron’s case, though what he was doing was pistol hot, his concern for the child served as an inhibitor, that and the fact that she was really too damned tight!

He pulled out and Rachel swallowed him nearly too the balls.  The four-year-old bobbed and slurped for a spare ten seconds then her adam’s apple bobbed as she ate his load.  Arron stroked her hair as his balls emptied then looked over at her sister.  Jenny was comforting her daughter with her head between her thin thighs.  The way the little girl stroked and pulled her mother’s hair it was plain she didn’t object to the comforting.

They had a final scrubbing to rinse the oil off then adjourned to the camp.  There all had a round of hot cocoa.  Afterwards Jenny rimmed Rachel’s hot little ass and after applying a bit of Vaseline convinced Arron to try putting his recovered dick up the little girl’s bottom.  It was obvious to Arron that the fucking was Jenny’s fantasy, not that of the children.  Still, they seemed intrigued by this new perversion and Arron did not believe Jenny would let her libido lead her children to harm.  Again he didn’t come but Rachel did, of course that probably had as much or more to do with her sister’s tongue in little coo as it did her pervert uncles cock in her bottom.

Arron was up before the others the next morning.  He silently fixed himself a cold breakfast then slipped off to the house.  He had some thinking to do.

All morning he pulled bent and wrestled wire.  Jenny must have known he needed some space because he was not disturbed. 

He worked through lunch and finished the last of the wiring rough in around two.  He went back to camp for a quick bite.  Everyone was dressed and there were no extracurricular activities.  He excused himself quickly and drove back to the house.

The next task would have been insulation and wallboard but that was really a two man job so instead he drove down to the, now open air, tractor shed and pulled the tarp from the old Fordson.

He’d sprayed down the head bolts on his last visit so he decided to try them.  The old bolt heads were so corroded that the correct size socket just rounded them off.  He tried the next smaller size but it wouldn’t fit.  He solved this with a hammer and one by one the head bolts surrendered. 

A few taps from the hammer and the head released its grip.  He pulled it off, about half of the gasket came with it but that was to be expected.  He looked at the cylinders.  They’d been sealed off by the plugs all these long years and had only a minimal dusting of surface corrosion.  There was no noticeable step at the top of the cylinder.  That was surprising.  He’d seem some where you could lift the engine with your fingernails.  The lack of such here meant cylinder wear was minimal.

He went to the tool box.  As he remembered there was a steel stamp kit.

He went beneath and marked the first rod and its cap ‘1’.  He then broke the bolts.  They spun out easily and he removed the cap.  He applied pressure to the bottom of the rod and the old piston ‘slooped’ up and out of the cylinder.  He climbed up then pulled it and its rod up and out of the engine.  As he’d expected the rings were stuck.

            He repeated the procedure on the remaining cylinders then placed the pistons into the purloined mortar tub head down.  The prescription at this point was kerosene but they had none.  He substituted gasoline from the five gallon can in the truck.  He poured in enough to cover the rings grooves then a little more.  Finally he covered everything up and drove back to camp.

              Supper started out subdued; perhaps Jenny was having second thoughts as well.  However, two sexy little hellions had had enough of subdued.  When Arron stated that he was ready for desert, and reached for the Jell-O that Jenny had made, Lena pushed the bowl out of his reach.  She pushed his plate aside as well and dropped her little butt down in its place.  The little first-grader then pulled her tiny denim mini above her hips showing all present that panties were not part of her attire.  “I’m still too ouchy down there for more fucking uncle Arron but I bet my peepee makes a pretty good desert.

            The presentation was irresistible.  Instantly hard, Arron dropped his face between the child’s thin, shapely thighs and began to love her pouting sex with his lips and tongue.  She grasped his head and used it and her mobile hips to direct his lapper to whatever needing lapping the most.  After a minute of that she ordered him to stick his tongue inside and go as deep as possible.  He couldn’t refuse and was soon tongue fucking his sexy niece as her little ass slid around in a pool of spilled gravy.  It wasn’t long before she pulled him in tighter and moaned her pleasure to the night as her cum stole over her.

            Jenny and Rachel had sat through the show but now the woman picked up her youngest and placed her on the table.  She began to strip the child, throwing each article here and there as she peeled it off.  When Rachel was naked save for her frill socks her mother rolled her over then positioned her on her hands and knees with her bottom facing the edge of the table.  Mommy then spread her daughter’s baby fat butt cheeks and bored into the squeaking child’s rectum.  She tongue fucked ass for a bit then went lower and orally molested pre-school pussy.  She began to nip and bite, using her teeth to grasp one plum little labia then the other and pull and worry them.  Soft growls exited from deep in her throat as she tried to devour her daughter’s pussy and sexy round butt.

            Arron groaned and moved around behind the woman.  In one stroke he pulled her shorts and panties to her knees.  He was lining up his cock with her dripping, shaved twat when Lena darted in ahead of him.  The six-year-old shoved her face between her mother’s cheeks and rimmed her savagely.  Jenny’s bottom rotated and fluttered like a flag as her tiny daughter orally sodomized her.

            After a bit the child pulled out.  Jenny’s asshole was visibly distended and glistening with saliva.  The child licked her mother’s butt flavor from her lips and looked at her uncle.  “Do mommy’s bottom, I want her pussy.”  So saying she sucked his throbbing cock into her mouth and gave a couple of bobs to get him wet then ducked beneath the bench and fastened like a lamprey onto Jenny’s drooling twat.

            Arron groaned again, that display alone threatening to make him cum.  He squeezed his wet cock till the crisis moment passed then lined up and pushed into Jenny’s ass with one long, steady push.

            The night sounds of crickets, whippoorwills and distant frogs were for a while overwhelmed by grunts, groans and squeaks as the eight legged orgasm machine spooled up.  Rachel, Jenny and Arron managed to cum almost together with Lena’s busy fingers in her own twat putting her only a second behind.  Afterward they all lay exhausted and silent, only the occasional ‘oooh’ or ‘aaah’ came from Jenny as Lena sucked her uncles cum from her mother’s butt.

            They trooped down to the spring but the previous activities had pretty much done for the adults.  They cuddled and kissed while they watched the children enjoy a languid 69 that left then both drained and sleepy.

            Jenny headed out to pick up Carl the next morning.  At Arron’s urging she took the children with her.  He enjoyed their company but his balls ached and he knew that if they stayed there would be more work done on his cock than on the things that needed doing.

            He tried to boot his laptop but the batteries were dead.  He could have driven over to the house and used the generator but he didn’t want to listen to that racket.  Finally he found the 12 volt adapter and plugged it into the lighter on his truck.  He sat sidesaddle in the seat with his legs out the door as the machine came up.

            It was slow going, a cell phone makes a shitty modem but it does work, but after a bit he found an old tractor enthusiasts site with a link to full pdf files of Fordson service manuals.  He scrolled down the list till he found his model and spent thirty minutes downloading the entire file.  Leaving the computer plugged in he then drove out and parked alongside the old relic.

            Thirty minutes with calipers, micrometers and one truly ancient T-gage confirmed a hunch.  The lack of wear in the old cylinders had puzzled him.  Why had the old beast been parked?  He now knew that the engine had been bored oversized then had a set of standard sized rings installed.  When he’d pried one from its piston and put it in the cylinder the end gap had been four times the maximum allowable.  When the incompetent and probably long dead mechanic had finally fired the old machine up doubtless it had produced more smoke than power.  At that point he’d given up in disgust.

            He scrolled down the pages of charts.  If he needed oversized pistons he was screwed.  He finally found what he was looking for.  The oversize was within limits for standard pistons.  He did need bigger rings though.  He went back online and surfed a bit more.  Finally he found a site that had 0.040 oversized rings, those would do.  He ordered them as well as a carburetor kit and sparkplugs.  As he was getting ready to check out he noticed they had water pump kits and ordered one of those as well.  He input his check card information and gave the ranger station as a delivery address.  That wouldn’t be a problem.  His vagabond lifestyle had long ago forced an agreement between him and the bank.  He’d had to sign a dozen forms but he could have put the moon down as an address and they wouldn’t have balked.

            He spent another two hours with wd-40 and various wrenches and managed to get the radiator, water pump, starter and generator off the old machine.  He loaded these in the truck and then covered everything up and drove back to camp.

            He paused only long enough to change his oil and grease soaked shirt and headed down the mountain.

            He was in Huttonsville shortly after noon.  He had lunch at a small tavern where the entertainment consisted of a toothless old codger with a banjo.  He’d never cared for that instrument but the old man’s gummy grin and the catchy, fast paced tunes grew on him and he left with a smile on his face.

            He found a phone booth, they were getting rare these days, the cell phone was driving them to extinction, and looked through the book.  He noted addresses and after a bit of driving managed to find the radiator shop that was in the book.

            The bearded young man in the grease stained coveralls took one look at the old tractor’s radiator and whistled.  “Where did you get that old codger?  Model-T?”

            “Close, Fordson tractor.”

            The man whistled again then retrieved a light with a long flexible body and peered in through the neck.  “Man it is shot.  I’ll hafta completely recore it.”

            Arron’s asshole puckered at that.  “How much?”  he asked with some trepidation.

            “Oh, bout a hunnert and a half.  You can pick it up day after tomorrow.”

            The auto electrical shop was only one street over but the luck was not so good here.  The portly, graying man behind the counter took one look at the generator and the starter and shook his head.  “Wouldn’t even know where to start son.  My pappy might have known how to get them critters apart but he’s long gone.”  He pushed the box containing the starter and generator back across the counter.  “You get ‘em apart I can check the windings for you.  Won’t charge for that.  Might even be able to rewind them but I’ll have to look at ‘em first.  You need any parts, brushes and stuff or maybe bearings you bring the old ones in and we’ll try and match ‘em up.”  He shrugged, “Sorry son, best I can do.”

            Arron left and found a parts house.  He bought several cans of carburetor and electrical spray cleaners as well as three feet of radiator hose and a 6 volt battery.  The latter was meant for a golf cart but should work.  He also picked up a small portable multimeter.  He started to buy the cheapest one on the shelf but after thought grabbed one that could handle up to 240 VAC as well.  They might need it for the house.  He had a private chuckle at that.  ‘There aint a power line in fifteen miles but I’m worrying about trouble shooting the wiring.’

He stopped at the grocer and picked up some fixings then headed back.  He arrived several hours before the rest of the brood.  By the time the Ram clattered up the hill stuffed pork chops, twice baked potatoes and fresh bread steamed on the table.  To his chagrin Jenny climbed out of the truck with a large takeout bag brimming with Chinese.  She paused for a moment looking from the bag to the laden table then shoved her burden back into the truck.  “Hell, it’ll keep.”

After supper they unloaded the groceries, including the takeout and got everything put away.  They then trooped to the spring.  The kids stripped off and waded in, playing as much as washing.  Carl looked at them with a smile.  “I really have some good looking kids.”  Arron and Jenny shared a look, both agreed with that simple statement.

After bathing they put the kids to bed and started in on a fresh bottle of Dewers.  Normally that was the sign of a night headed downhill but they moderated their intake and discussed the house and the next day’s work.  Arron was hoping for an invite for some extracurricular activities but Carl and Jenny were making eyes only at each other.  He withdrew with good grace and made his way to the tent.  The children were both asleep so he tucked himself and his unrelieved balls into his own sleeping bag and followed.

The next morning they drove out to the house.  Insulation was on the agenda and both wore long pants and long sleeved shirts.  No matter how you looked at it, fiberglass batting was a pain in the ass, and the arms and legs too.  They were strolling through the top floor, talking and working up to starting when Carl asked a question.

“What are we going to do about these floors?”


“Their rough, right from the mill.  What are we going to do with them?”

“Well I figured we would sand and varnish them.”

Carl looked about.  “A fuck of a lot of sanding.  It’s going to make a mess too.”

Arron looked around himself then nodded.

Carl went on.  “Wouldn’t it be better to do that before we have insulation and wallboard up?”

Arron pursed his lips and kicked himself mentally in the ass.  Bro was right!  Arron was used to being the one doing the thinking where the house was concerned and his sibling had picked up on something that had slipped right by him.  He had enough ego for that to sting a bit.

“Yep.  It would.”  He grinned at his brother.  “I didn’t even freaking think about that.”

Carl grinned back.  “It’s nice not to always be the village idiot.”

They drove back to the camp.  They were just getting out of the truck when Jenny stumbled from the tent.  She looked flustered but recovered rapidly.  When the children followed a moment later, Rachel still straightening her shorts, Arron figured he knew what had been going on.  He was going to have to have a word with Jenny about discretion.  Luckily, Carl took no notice.

They explained things then mounted back up and headed down the mountain.  Once on 55 they pointed the blunt snout toward Avery.  They did stop at the Ranger station long enough to drop off the pictures of the old dam and the forms Arron had filled out.   Arron also explained about the package he was expecting.  The package was no problem but the portly woman, the same granny type who had been on duty when Arron had arrived, simply blew out her cheeks as she shuffled through the pictures.  Several were blurry but there were a number of very clear shots.  She finally admitted that she had no idea what to do with them and asked them to stop by again on their way back.  She was shoving the entire package in a large manila folder when they left.

The home center in Avery had several large floor sanders available for rent.  The biggest was a huge ride on affair that resembled a small Zamboni and was probably best suited for refinishing the floor of say the Superdome.  The next step down resembled a floor buffer but had a beefier motor.  They rented one of those, paying for three days and buying several boxes of the sanding disks in various grits.  They also bought a five gallon bucket of a good floor grade polyurethane finish.  It had the advantage of not needing to be waxed.  They discussed stains but finally agreed to leave the wood its natural color.  They had planned on picking up a bunch of the disposable foam brushes to apply the finish but Carl spotted an airless sprayer with a damaged box on the closeout table.  They looked through it, making sure the damage was limited to the packaging then bought it instead of the brushes.

A surprise was waiting at the Ranger station.  Bobby Weaver was there.  He waved them into the inner area then pointed out several places Carl needed to sign on yet another form, this one rather official looking.  After Carl signed as the property owner the Ranger countersigned then affixed a seal.  He stripped the carbons before handing Carl the top sheet.  “File that and hang onto it.  Somebody might get nosey enough to want to see it one of these years.”

“That’s it?”  Arron asked.

The Ranger grinned.  “That’s it.  Try not to flood the forest.  Also, the state has the right to inspect the structure every five years but for small private impoundments where there is no chance of property damage downstream they never do.  Hell, they’re so understaffed that half the dams they do need to look at are operating on waivers.  I wouldn’t worry none about it.  Try not to lose that there certificate though.”

They got back in time to give the sander a good test run.  After muscling it to the top floor they mounted one of the coarsest disks and fired it up.  It became plain fairly quickly that the machine had a mind of its own and that was possessed by demons.  The contraption wanted to go everywhere but straight and if given even the shadow of a change would gouge half moon valleys in the floor or leave unsightly burns behind.  The fact that they had used whatever planks were at hand for the floor didn’t help much either.  The planks had come from various trees and thus had a wide range of hardnesses.  Since the sander handled differently on hardwood than it did on the softer planks another intriguing dimension was added to the labor.  The shut down at dusk and repaired to the camp for stew and cobbler.  

That night after a quick wash down Arron abandoned the spring to the others.  He strolled back to camp and cleared off a good portion of the table.  Working by a pair of hissing lanterns he then set to dismantling the starter and generator from the tractor.

He had the laptop set up and scrolled though the appropriate sections of the old service manuals as he worked.  Working carefully and methodically he pulled the mechanisms down to the component level.  Each part was then taken outside and liberally sprayed with cleaner before being labeled and put in a box.  Once he had them apart he used the multimeter to check the stator and armature windings on both.  To his happy surprise the starter windings checked out good but the armature winding on the generator showed a resistance that was way too low.  That was no mystery, the old varnish had broken down through the years and somewhere there was a short.  It was actually a miracle that they all weren’t bad.  He was still contemplating the offending armature when he heard giggling voices approaching.  He hurriedly boxed the remaining parts and put everything away.

Jenny had purchased a Monopoly game at some time in the past.  It still had the shrink wrap on it.  It was drug out and a game started.  Arron had never been real fond of board games but he got into the competition and was soon crowing and groaning with the rest, depending on his fortunes at the moment. 

The game was a bit advanced for the children and despite coaxing from their mother Rachel and Lena both did some dumb things and were soon in trouble.  It was probably lucky for young egos that fatigue took them out of play before Arron did.  The game staggered on a bit once the children were abed but the sudden influx of so much available property really skewed the playability and they quit after only a few more turns.

This night Arron was invited to join the festivities in Carl and Jenny’s tent and the two men did their level best over the next hour or so to fuck Jenny into oblivion.  The scream she let out as her final orgasm rolled over her shook the tent.

The next morning at breakfast Rachel looked up from her cereal and spoke in the matter of fact tone of a serious four-year-old.  Mommy, can’t you ‘gasm quieter?  You woke us both up last night.”

Carl had just forked in a hunk of sausage and it shot across the table and impacted with the screening of the enclosure on the far side.  Arron had a mouthful of coffee and sprayed the large platter of scrambled eggs.  Lena tried to snort cheerios and fell to hacking as one actually entered a nostril.  Luckily Jenny had nothing in her mouth but the serving spoon she was holding did tumble to the floor.

Carl recovered first and turned to his youngest.  “What do you know about it?”  There was no anger in his voice but there was concern, plenty of concern.

Rachel was confounded at the reaction her question had produced.  She bit her lip and squirmed before replying in a small voice.  “You and uncle Arron were sexing mommy and she had a ‘gasm.  It sounded like a big one.”

Despite herself Lena nodded at that.  It had sounded big.

Jenny stepped in before Carl could speak again.  “They’ve asked questions in the past dear and I’ve given them a simplified explanation.  You didn’t expect them not to notice did you?”

That was just what Carl had expected, or at least hoped for.  He licked his lips and looked at his wife.  “You should have told me.”  He turned back to Rachel.  “Does it bother you for me and your uncle to ‘sex’ your mother?”

Rachel looked perplexed for a moment then shrugged; the motion set her dark bangs to swinging.  Uhuh, it makes mommy happy.”  She bit her lip then blurted her next question.  “Is it bad?”

Carl colored and seemed at a loss for words so Jenny stepped in again.  “No baby, it’s not bad.  Some people don’t think anyone but a daddy should sex a mommy but other people don’t agree.  Some people think that anything that feels good is good as long as no one gets hurt.  Me and your daddy think that way.  Still, sexing is a private thing that little girls aren’t supposed to ask about.  I’ll try to be quieter in the future.”

Rachel nodded then grinned.  “Ok mommy.”  With that she went back to her frosty bears.

Arron mopped coffee and avoided eye contact with anyone.  He marveled that Jenny could even utter that last bit of hypocrisy.

They got to work on the sanding.  Their previous days observations proved true and then some.  The machine took some serious managing but it cut rapidly and they only had a few ‘oh shit’ incidents.  After chewing through three of the coarse disks in forty minutes they put an 80 grit on.  It was the difference between night and day.  The machine settled right down.  It went where it was pointed and did what it was asked.  They decided then and there to use the 40 grit only at dire need. 

They grabbed only a sandwich apiece for lunch and kept working.  By now they were down to 150 grit and the machine could almost be controlled with one hand.  One of them was now sanding while the other kept the shop vac howling in a desperate attempt to keep the sanding dust at bay. 

A fine 220 cut would be there final.  They switched disks, the Jekyll and Hyde machine seemed almost thought controlled.  It was late before the final pass was done. 

They pitched in together and with broom and vacuum managed to get the last of the dust up by dusk.

            Arron filled a garden sprayer with water then went through the upper floor, wetting every where.  This would raise the grain and, after additional sanding, make the final product far smoother.

            The managed to sand out the lower floor by mid-afternoon the next day then they went back upstairs and sanded the raised grain.  Carl then wet down both floors while Arron put the tools away.

            The next day was the last on their rental so they started early.  They did the second fine run on the lower floor then Arron took the machine upstairs for the final pass there while Carl cleaned up and again wet down below.  With that done they sat up the big pedestal fan downstairs to speed the drying.  After that they sat around and talked; only occasionally stopping to check the floor or reposition the fan.

            The conversation ranged here and there but finally the topic Arron had been dreading came up.

            “You don’t think we’re warping the girls do you, I mean with the sex and all.  Shit, I guess I was naïve not expecting them to notice.  I don’t want to be uptight about it but…well you know”

            Arron nodded and fought down the irreverent urge to tell his brother that if he wanted uptight try getting his dick up Rachel’s ass.  The child’s little outburst had certainly cooled the passions in camp the last few days.  There had been no more three-ways with Jenny and Arron’s contact with the girls had been reduced to fingering them each to a quiet cum one night.  Rachel had been subdued as well, he suspected that Lena had scolded her little sister about her outburst but he hadn’t asked.  He wondered what to tell Carl then finally decided to try the truth, just not all of the truth.

            “No, I don’t think it’s warping them Carl.  Children are curious and they notice things.  I didn’t know that the girl’s had asked Jenny about what we did at night but they questioned me a couple of months back.  It seems that Lena got up to pee and heard us going at it.  She woke Rachel and they listened outside the tent for a while.”

            “Shit!  Why didn’t you tell me?”

            “Because I didn’t and don’t think it was a big deal.”  ‘At least not nearly as big a deal as some of the other things going on in these woods’, he thought.  Aloud he continued, “I gave them a little lecture about privacy and private things and they seemed to take it well.  Like I said they were curious.  I told them that it was an adult thing and they would learn about it when they got older and that was that.  Neither one of them mentioned it again and I didn’t either.  Look bro, it’s not uncommon for children to hear their parents having sex.  Kids being kids it’s probably not that uncommon for them to ask about it either.  All parents have to deal with that.  The only thing odd here is the third dimension, me.  I think they pretty much accepted Jenny’s explanation and that will be the end of it but if it still presents a problem in your mind then the obvious thing to do is cut out that third dimension.  Your wife is one hell of a hot babe Carl and I’ve enjoyed you sharing her with me but if its going to create an issue maybe it’s time that stopped.”

            “Do you want it to stop?”

            “Are you freaking nuts?  Of course I don’t want it to stop but I will completely understand if you or Jenny think it should stop.”

            “Hmmm, we’ll see.  Is that damned floor dry enough yet?”

            It was, at least parts of it.  So they put the fan on the wet parts and started sanding on the dry ones.  It was late afternoon before they got it all.

            They loaded up the sander.  The gas was getting low so they loaded the drum as well and headed for Avery.  It was just the two of them so they made fast passage.  They stopped in Huttonsville and Arron picked up the tractor’s radiator.  It was complete and had even been swathed in a fresh coat of Fordson gray.  The proprietor handed Arron his receipt and just shrugged off the thanks.  “I had a can laying around that looked like the right shade.  Yall have a nice day.”

            They drove a block and Arron laid the failed armature on the auto electric shop counter.  The portly man frowned when he looked it over.  “Well I said I would do it if I could.  I checked and pops actually had an old book with the specifications.  I’ll have to set up a machine just for this.”  His tone made it clear how little he wanted to do that.

            “Would it help if I kicked in a setup fee?”  Arron asked.

            The man nodded.  “It might, it just might.”

            They dickered a bit more but they finally agreed on twenty bucks to set up the machine and another twenty for the winding.  He told them they could pick it up in a day or so.  Arron pointedly did not mention that he would have paid twice that without blinking an eye.

            It was only about forty minutes before closing when the Ram bellowed into the home center parking lot, scattering birds and timid shoppers.  They parked in the contractor lane at the front and unloaded the machine.  They hadn’t used all of the sanding disks and a clerk, made a bit grumpy by the hour, gave them a refund on the remainder.  The same clerk didn’t want to do the machine check in.  Arron simply nodded and insisted on a receipt for the return.  A receipt said the machine was fine.  Grumpy knew it would be his butt, and money, on the line if he checked in a broken rental.  He found the time to do the post rental checkout.  Paper in hand the brothers went looking for supper and a gas station.

            It was early morning before the truck climbed the final hill and trundled to a stop beside the still camp.  The dew had settled and everything had an oily film of moisture.  The fire was a smoldering memory, the coals more ash than heat though they did manage to emit a slight pop now and then.

            Carl headed for bed immediately while Arron tarried for a final cigarette.  There was something magical about this hour.  It was almost dead silent, only the distant mutter of the wind in the treetops intruded.  Even the crickets had called it a night.

            He snuffed out the butt and unzipped the tent before crawling inside.  As he’d expected the girls were long asleep.  He stripped to his underwear and slipped quickly into his own bag.  It was still early enough in the year for there to be a bit of a chill.

            Jenny laid on a full spread for breakfast.  She’d been experimenting with yeast biscuits for a while and her latest efforts were big and fluffy.  Between them they demolished the lot, most went to their doom smothered in a really good sausage gravy.

            At the house they spent several hours with the shop vac and clean rags, once all detectable dust had been removed the floors were given a final going over with a just dampened mop.

            Arron assembled the sprayer while they waited for them to dry.  The appliance had a hose that allowed it to pull directly from a one gallon can.  With duct tape and a little ingenuity they managed to adapt it to the larger container.

            They started on the top floor and backed there way to the stairs.  The wisdom of doing the floors before the wallboard went up now became clearer than ever.  Despite the package claims the sprayer did have some overspray but since the studs it was overspraying on were going to be covered it mattered not at all.

            It went quickly, by ten they were on the first floor and by noon they were done.  The sanding had tended to wash out the color difference between the various woods.  The polyurethane brought it back in beautiful contrast.  They were both glad they had opted not to stain.  The floors would get a second coat but they were going to give the base coat a day minimum to cure first.  They cleaned the sprayer then drove back to camp for lunch.

            With a rare free afternoon Arron decided to hike over and inspect the old dam site in greater detail.  At the last minute Jenny pressed him to take the girls.  Doubtless she and Carl wanted some ‘afternoon delight’ but that presented Arron with a problem.  He really did want to examine the dam site.  He also really did not want Carl to come looking for him and find his older brother getting a little ‘delight’ of his own.

            He needn’t have worried; the kids were still despite everything…kids.  They had never been to this part of the property and whooped and jumped, hell bent on discovery.  Arron’s only problem was keeping them from breaking their silly, darling little necks.

            He’d brought a note pad and a tape measure.  While the children made clay pots from the stream bank he took measurements and sketched the site.  He turned over a few of the old chunks of concrete and generally moved the remains around a bit but he didn’t come any closer to finding out the fate of the original dam.

            With the girls flying about him like loosely connected satellites he made his way to the tractor shed.  The gasoline had loosened the gunk in the ring grooves of the pistons and he managed to pry all of the old rings off.  He scrubbed the grooves and set everything aside to dry. 

Jenny was not happy when he returned.  The girls had discovered the grease pit and their clothes had suffered for it.  The clay underlayer might not have helped either.

            They got the second coat on the floors the next morning.  The first coat had settled like glass and the second seemed to go on even smoother.  They were both almost giddy with the effect of it.  It wasn’t yet noon when they got back to camp.  Neither mentioned anything to Jenny about the results they’d achieved, it was almost like a schoolboy conspiracy, they were both looking forward to her reaction.

            Arron spent the bulk of the day on the internet, researching dam design.  He found a university site with surprisingly good information.  There were also several government sites that proved a gold mine.  He was surprised to learn that when the dam height would be less than ten feet that wood and even unsupported dirt made acceptable materials.  He copied a number of pages then doodled and sketched till nearly dusk.

            Jenny and Carl had taken an early bath so the girls went with Arron when it was his turn.  They’d both been good about the need to reign in the sex but he could sense that was wearing thin.  Had they never experienced it they would have been merely goofy little girls and bounced about in happy, goofy little girl ways.  They had experienced it though, they had become sexual junkies and like junkies everywhere they were getting twitchy after going too long without a fix.

            He figured he was in for it when Rachel started stripping when they were barely out of the fire light.  First her shirt came off, then her shorts.  Each article was carelessly cast on the ground.  Arron picked up each in turn but his hissed scolding only set the child to giggling.  Lena had been in front and looked back to see what her sibling was so amused at.  She giggled too and then decided to join in.  As each piece of fabric hit the ground the giggles got more intense.  Before they hit the woods Arron had two very giggly and very naked children on his hands. 

            There was a fallen tree just before you got into the trees.  Lena draped herself over it belly down and spread her thin legs.  “Fuck me uncle Arron, right here.”

            The wantonness of the display and the invitation got Arron hard in an instant, he’d suffered too these last few days.  What he hadn’t done was taken full leave of his senses.  Instead of a cock the little minx got a hand, it was delivered palm down over her cheeks and arrived with enough speed to cause a moderate pop and bring the squealing child to her feet.  Her hands went back to rub her wounded hiney; however she was still giggling when they stepped into the woods.

            At the spring Arron stripped slowly while the girls waded on in.  His cock remained hard and bobbed obscenely in front of him.  The girls were quick to take notice and both reached out to stroke it as he stepped into the warm water.  Lena bit her lip and looked up at him, “I’m not sore anymore if you want to try putting it in me again.”  She definitely sounded willing but not necessarily eager.  

            He groaned as Rachel leaned in to lick his helmet through her sister’s fingers.  Her warm little lapper slid into the hole.  There must have been something good there because she tried to shove her whole tongue in.  He groaned again as the slight roughness of the tip contacted the sensitive interior flesh.

            He looked back at Lena.  “Did you like it the last time?”

            She squirmed, “A little.  It didn’t feel that good, not as good as a mouth anyway but it made me feel tingly and naughty.”

            “Why did you offer to let me do it out in the meadow?”

She giggled.  That made me feel real naughty.  It was only the dark hiding us, no trees or nothin’”

            Rachel looked up from her dick snack.  “Real, real naughty.”  She giggled too. 

            Lena tried to take his cock away from her sister but the four-year-old tugged back then ovalled her lips and swallowed him to the balls in one gulp.  The sensation as he slid down her throat was indescribable. 

            Lena watched her sister withdraw and take another full stroke.  “She does that good.  Better’n me I think,” a rare candid admission.  Both girls loved each other but there was a full measure of sibling rivalry as well.

            Arron reached down and pulled her to her feet then slip her up on a smooth shelf.  “Well since she’s busy I guess you get the consolation prize.  Pull your legs back to your chest.  I’m going to eat your little butt and pussy till you explode.”

            She giggled at the mental image, “That’s be messy.”  Even as she spoke she was laying back and producing her round bottom and soft bare cunny for some serious molestation.  Fucking might still be iffy in her mind but this she ‘was’ eager for.

            They were all hot; it took less than a minute for Lena to start hunching her assaulted crotch against her uncle’s face.  A minute later she was moaning her sweet passion to the night.  It wasn’t long afterwards that her smooth, shapely legs locked around her uncles head as she rode his face to a fantastic cum.  The sounds of the child’s release and the sweet fluid that seeped into his mouth set Arron off and he proceeded to blast a huge load into Rachel’s cum sucking mouth.

            After they recovered they ganged up on the youngest Winters.  Sucking baby pussy and baby bottom they sent the four-year-old screaming into oblivion.  So loud was her release than Lena had to pull her tongue from her sister’s bottom and seal her mouth to her sisters.  With Arron’s tongue in her bald twat and his finger replacing sisterly tongue in her ass the child feverishly kissed her sister and screeched her cum into her mouth.

            They got on the insulation at the crack of dawn.  The days were starting to seriously get warm now and both wanted to get as much of the itchy task done in the cool morning as possible.

            Luckily the bats were the perfect size to fit between the studs so it went fast.  They again started on the upper floor first.  The quickly found it was easier to measure then cut the thick stuff on the floor rather than try to unroll and trim in place on the wall.

            They’d finished two walls by ten-thirty, but at that point the heavy clothes they wore to protect against the worst of the fibers were completely soaked with sweat.  A break was desperately needed.  They came out and sucked down a cold soda apiece before going back at it.  By noon they had completed one more wall but both were completely miserable.  A conference was held and it was quickly decided that the insulation work was going to have to be done in the cool of the day.  Rather than go straight back to camp for lunch they took a detour to the spring and used handfuls of mud to pull the sticky fiberglass from their bodies as they bathed.  When they finally walked into camp in their underwear Jenny whistled and the girls giggled.

            After lunch they did get back to work but instead of insulation they started hanging drywall.  They elected to tackle the second floor ceilings first since the insulation there couldn’t go in till it had something to lay on.  They’d discussed renting a drywall jack but hadn’t for the same reason that they’d decided not use the blown cellulose insulation, the schedule hassles with equipment rental.  They were already regretting the insulation decision, hell the floor sander had worked out ok.  They both feverently hoped they weren’t going to look back on this latest bit of tightfistedness as another mistake!

            It actually went pretty well.  A couple of short scrap boards were nailed to some longer scrap boards and using these improvised ‘jacks’ they had little trouble hoisting and squaring the first sheet.  The drill with a driver bit made short work of the dry-wall screws.  They did wish for a cordless drill, the racket and fumes from the generator made the hot job more tedious but it worked!

            They went for whole sheets only, ignoring any opening that was going to require custom trimming, and managed to get all of these up by dusk.  There was talk about using the cool of the evening to get some more insulation in but they were both pretty bushed so they called it a night.

            Over the next days they worked out a system.  The insulation went up in the mornings and then it was drywall for the rest of the day.  They ruined several sheets of drywall before they got the hang of properly locating outlet, light and switch boxes but they finally did figure it out.

            On their second day of dry walling Jenny and the girls showed up at noon with a picnic lunch.  It was the first time she had seen the floors since they were finished.  Her reaction was everything they had hoped for and then some.  She wondered from room to room, kneeling here and there to run her hands over the glassy finish.  It was a hit with the girls too though for different reasons.  They were quick to discover that if they got up a decent head of speed and dropped to their butts they could slide half the width of the house.  They had a giggling good time till Rachel fetched up against an unfinished wall and banged her head heard enough to bring blood.  Jenny called a halt at that point and spent the remainder of the meal comforting the sniffling child.

            On the third day they got the last of the dreaded insulation squared away.  Since they were just about out of ice and fresh food they decided to combine a trip to Avery with a ‘no more damn insulation party’ and spend the night in town.

            They didn’t get started till around five and it was almost eight before they pulled into Avery.  The local high school was apparently sponsoring a big ‘battle of the bands’, marching bands from as far as New Jersey were in town for the event.  As a result hey had a devil of a time finding a hotel room, it was nearly 9:30 before they finally got settled in a small inn in the downtown area.  Nearly starved they left the room and strolled three blocks to a 24 hour breakfast place and gorged themselves on pancakes and bland scrambled eggs.

            An advantage to being close to downtown was the close proximity to what nightlife Avery boasted of.  There was a dance club right across the street.  Jenny squealed at the mention of dancing.  She practically ripped the keys to the Ram from her husband’s hands and went bellowing off toward the local monster mart which was open around the clock.

            She was back in thirty minutes with a slinky red dress that barely came to mid thigh. 

            Arron was prepared to stay with the kids, normally both would be out by now but they had both slept for the entire trip and were still raring to go.  Jenny poopooed that and insisted on taking the children with them,

            So they did, the club served alcohol but there was apparently no age restriction, a large number of the lithe bodies swaying and gyrating under the huge glitter ball were high school age or younger.  Arron made a guess that a lot of them were from the bands that were in town.  That impression was reinforced by the fact that he spied letter jackets from all over the east coast.

            They found a table and seated the girls with cokes and chips.  Arron took the first shift and watched Jenny and Carl vanish into the maelstrom of bare limbs.  He sipped his own drink and let his eyes wonder the club.  The females seemed about half adult, and these ranged from trendy twenty-somethings in slinky dresses or skin tight jeans up to the fifties some of these in boots and mid calf western dresses.  Jeans seemed to be the universal uniform for the men though there were a few garish western outfits and at least one tuxedo.

            The youths ranged from early teens up.  Here the female clothing of choice was about evenly split between micro-mini-skirts and micro short-shorts.  Both outfits left acres of smooth feminine flesh exposed.  Again, jeans were the outfit of choice for the boys in the crowd. 

He checked Lena’s and her sister’s cokes then signaled the waitress for another beer.  He finished his old one and eyed a 12ish blond child in a pair of shorts that left part of her tight bottom exposed.  He might as well enjoy the view.

Jenny and Carl came in after three songs.  They grabbed some beers and sat for a few minutes then it was Arron’s turn.  Jenny grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the floor.  The band was playing something with a salsa beat and they snuggled close.  Arron let his hand trail down Jenny’s bare back and onto her bottom.  He then leaned in and whispered in here ear.  “Have you got anything on under that thing?”

She captured his lips for a quick kiss then whispered back.  “Nothing at all.”  From the mischievous twinkle in her eyes she knew how that knowledge affected him.  She grinned then ground her crotch against his in confirmation.  The contact made his already lengthening cock tighten and rise. 

“Jenny these pants are too tight for that shit!”

She giggled and did it again.

They danced a couple of more songs then it was back to the table.  Lena and Rachel were both snuggled in their father’s lap and sound asleep.  Arron sat down then helped divest Carl of one daughter then the other.  When both were astride Arron’s thighs husband and wife were again off to the dance floor.

At first Arron thought the girl at his shoulder was the waitress.  He didn’t need anything at the moment so he started a negligent wave to motion her on; his brain caught up with his hand in mid wave, this girl was way too young to be a server.  He looked up, right into the eyes of the young girl from the drive-in.

He froze like a deer caught in the headlights.  Shit!  He couldn’t bolt and leave his nieces; if he tried to pick the children up and leave she had all the time in the world to make a scene!  Maybe he could pretend he had never seen her before and she would go away!  No, that wouldn’t work, he could see the recognition in her eyes and no doubt the look of shock on his own face didn’t help in that category.

All of these things passed through his mind in less than a second.  That’s how long it took him to notice that she wasn’t looking at him in triumphant righteousness, if anything she looked shy and maybe a little frightened.  She certainly didn’t look like she was about to start screaming ‘pervert!’

He had just come down from his initial fright when the girl apparently reached a decision of her own; she slipped past his knees and the dangling legs of the children and took a seat beside him.  Not looking at him she began to speak immediately, in the cacophony from the club her voice didn’t carry much further than his ear.

“I never said anything to anybody about what she said that night.”  Out of his peripheral vision he picked up a small gesture that could have been toward Lena.  “I’ll never say anything.  I promise!  I’ve though about it a lot though, a whole lot.”  She licked her lips and helped herself to some of Rachel’s abandoned Coke.  She took another sip and he sensed she was stalling for time while an internal debate raged.  She finally put the sweat damp glass down and began to speak rapidly.   “A couple of years ago my mom and dad divorced.  My dad, he was my step dad really, he took my baby half sister, her name was Rochelle and she was five, anyway he took her to Indiana to live with him and his new wife.  He took her…took her…took her away from me!”  There was quiet anguish in that statement.  “We were very, very close, we slept together and we….did things together.  I loved her, and she loved me.  I’ll probably never see her again and even if I do maybe she won’t love me anymore.  I’ll always love her…always.” 

Despite his apprehension he was impressed at the child’s lung capacity.  The harangue came out as a rushed jumble of words without a pause for breath.

She took another sip of her purloined drink.  “I’ve always hoped to find another little girl that I could…love like that.  But I didn’t….I don’t know how.  I mean if a girl said something then I’d be in trouble and people would point at me and talk and the girls at school….god I’d just die if they found out!  They might even take me away from momma and put me in a home!  I can’t do that to momma I can’t”  

She went silent for a bit and then went on.  “When I heard what your little sister said it got me so exited…so turned on…it was like…maybe I could watch you all and maybe…..maybe I could just touch her like I used to touch Rochelle.”

With his initial fright over Arron studied the girl.  She fidgeted under his gaze and dropped her eyes.  Her hands played nervously in her lap.  She was young even for the crowd here; he figured 11 or 12, a late blooming 13 at the very oldest.  She had a pretty face with just a hint of freckles.  She had braces and Arron guessed she was self-conscious about them, most kids were.  She was slender with no breasts at all but her legs were pretty and the abbreviated shorts she was wearing showed a lot of them.  Arron was no wizard with people but he felt he could read this child like a book.  Her demeanor was one of abject misery coupled with desperation.  She knew she was butting in where she had no business being and wasn’t particularly wanted.  She was shy by nature and to be this forward in this awkward a situation was grating her nerves to confetti.  She had only come forward because of desperate desire and the sure knowledge that if she didn’t it would become one of those things that she would wonder about and regret for the rest of her days.

He took a sip of his beer to collect his own thoughts.  He was about to speak when she beat him to it.

She motioned to Rachel.  “Do you suppose I could hold her?  Just hold her for a bit?”  She was biting her lip and her eyes were shiny with repressed tears.

It was an outrageous request and Arron thought of a dozen responses all negative.  He knew just the words to make the child shrivel and slink from the club and his life.  He would never see her again and she certainly would never tell anyone any of this.  What he did do, after a pregnant moment, was gently slide a sleeping Rachel from his knee and into the arms of the child at his side.

The girl rocked the sleeping four year old.  Her hands cradled her shoulder and bottom but she took no liberties.  She nuzzled the soft dark hair and cooed a gentle lullaby.  For long minutes she rocked the child then she silently slid her back to Arron.  She planted a chaste kiss on the top of Rachel’s head then, blushing, planted one on Arron’s stubbly cheek.  “Thank you.”  She breathed then slid out of the seat.  In an instant she was gone, vanished into the crowd.  He felt a brief pang.  He had didn’t even know her name.

When Carl and Jenny returned Arron took a brief tour of the club.  He hoped to find the cute little girl in braces.  He didn’t know why exactly it just seemed important.  They couldn’t just leave it at that!  He looked all over but she had vanished.

They left shortly afterwards themselves, trooping back across the road and to their rooms.  Arron was invited to join Carl and Jenny for a nightlong threesome but he begged off feigning fatigue.  In truth the shy little girl with the desire bigger than her heart still preyed on his thoughts.

They had breakfast at a new restaurant named ‘Earls’.  It was a converted gas station from the looks of it.  The food was indifferent, a not unusual occurrence with new establishments.  The almost nauseating olfactory cocktail of fresh paint and burned eggs didn’t help much.

They hit the home center and bought two cordless drills and holsters for them as well as a cordless saber saw that used the same batteries.  The latter had been part of a ‘kit’ of three or four tools that were sold together.  The remainder of the kit was damaged or missing and they got the saw for a pittance.  After the home center it was grocery time.  They didn’t dawdle and it was still morning when they hit the road.  They stopped in Huttonsville just long enough for Arron to pick up the armature.  The proprietor pulled it from a shelf and displayed it on a cloth as if it was the rarest of diamonds rather than a hunk of copper and iron.  It did look pretty, the precision of the windings almost factory like.

They were back at the camp a little after four; they’d had no lunch so Jenny immediately set to whipping something up to quiet grumbling stomachs.  Arron took the cordless drills over to the house and after firing up the generator set the batteries to charging.

After supper the monopoly board came out again.  Arron sat to one end of the table, half his attention on the game and the other half on the Fordson starter and generator that he was methodically reassembling.  He got the generator back together but at the price of getting into serious trouble in the game.  He was bankrupt a few turns thereafter.  He then devoted all of his attention to the starter while Jenny and the girls, the latter with much coaching, took Carl to the cleaners.

They put the girls down then Arron slipped over to the camp and disconnected the drill chargers and shut down the generator.  When he got back it was to find his brother and sister-in-law necking passionately.  Jenny sat on the surface of the table and Carl’s hands roamed her shapely legs as they tongue wrestled.  The scotch bottle and a couple of empty glasses told Arron that he’d missed the nightcap.

He picked up the bottle, there was only about an inch left, and after a moment of contemplation, shrugged and drank it all in three rhythmic gulps.

Even in the darkness he could see Jenny’s eyes go wide.  “Whoa Tiger.”  Her hand slid to his crotch and squeezed his cock through his jeans.  “Go easy on the firewater.  I want this functional tonight.”

Arron sat the bottle down as the liquor burned a fiery trail to his stomach.  “I wasn’t aware a decision had been made on our nocturnal entertainment.”

Jenny giggled.  “We just made it.  We decided that when I’m getting my cookies there has to be a cock in my mouth for me to scream into.”

Arron’s dick stiffened at the thought.  “That should be an interesting sensation.”

“Yeah, especially if I bite!”  She giggled again at the pained expression that comment brought to both men’s faces.

They hit the drywall hard the next morning.  It was rough getting started, they had fucked till two AM, but once they got going it moved right along.  The cordless drills really sped things up as now they didn’t have to pass a single corded tool back and forth.  The exile of the generator to the yard, where it was hard at work charging the spare batteries also did wonders for the work environment.  The little saw earned its freight too.  It was just the thing for trimming or cutting outlet box holes in the drywall.

They broke for lunch then came back, changed batteries and went back at it.  By evening they had completed the top floor and knocked out the ceiling and two walls of the lower floor.

After supper they all trooped down to the spring.  Jenny and Carl joined a bit in the play then bathed and called out that they were headed back.  The girls still wanted to soak some and actually so did Arron so he volunteered to stay.  He walked a bit into the woods with the other adults then headed back to the spring.

He paused just at the edge of the water and stared; not sure, especially in the dim twilight that he was actually seeing what he thought he was seeing.  Rachel was on her knees in a shallow section of the spring and Lena was standing above her with her pussy only an inch or so from her sister’s mouth.  That pose wouldn’t have been remarkable except the older child was giggling as she pissed in her sister’s mouth!

The children both noticed his return at about the same time.  Lena’s hands flew to her crotch as if to hide what she had been doing.  At the same time she jerked away from her sister.  She lost her footing and went down, arms wind milling before landing on her butt with a splash.

Rachel for her part tried to inhale a mouth full of her sister’s pee and ended up spraying it from both her mouth and nose.  She went down as well, except she was hacking and coughing as she tried to catch her breath.  Her little body shook with great whoops as she struggled to breathe.

Questions forgotten for the moment Arron waded in and hoisted the four year old from the water.  He pounded her on her back as she fought for each breath.  Lena had regained her feet and stood quietly to one side, her head down as if expecting the worst.

Once Rachel was on the road to recovery Arron eased her down into the shallows and sat her on her knees.

He regarded the children for a moment, one very guilty looking and the other still struggling for breath and guilty looking.  He finally spoke.  “I’m not going to say that what you were doing was wrong.  I do however want to know where you got the idea to try it?”

The two children exchanged a glance then Lena decided to try and brazen it out.  “Try what?”  She tried for an innocent look but now she just looked haunted and guilty.”

“What?  Pissing in your sister’s mouth that’s what!”

Rachel’s hand flew to her mouth even as another cough shook her.  “You said a bad word!”

Arron fixed his gaze on Lena.  “I’m waiting.”

The older child’s gaze dropped to the water.  “One day we was playing, me, mom and Rachel, while you and daddy worked on the house.”  She gestured vaguely, “You know like we play.”

“Gasm play!”  Rachel volunteered.  Her good humor seemed to be returning with her breath.

Lena went on, “Me and Rachel were spoonin’ an’ lickin’ each other’s coo while mommy licked Rachel’s butt.”

“I was on top!” Rachel chimed.  She seemed positively cheerful now.

“Yeah, anyway we’d had sodas with lunch so we kinda needed to go.  When Rache cum she peed in my mouth a little.  I thought it was gross but mommy just laughed and said we’d just tried ‘water sports’.  Later I asked her what it meant and she said that some people pee in each other’s mouths cause it makes ‘em feel good.”

“Did she suggest you try it?”

Lena got fearful again and even Rachel lost some of her recovered humor.  “No, no, no, she doesn’t know.  Promise you won’t tell!” The older girl said.  Rachel nodded in counterpoint.

“Okay if it was gross then why did you try it again?”

Lena looked down again.  Me and Rachel was playing again last week.  Mommy was fixing supper so we were playing in the woods.  I pulled my shorts off and Rachel started licking my coo.  I said I had to pee and she mentioned when she had peed in my mouth.  She wanted to know if it had tasted nasty.  It hadn’t really, just salty and I said that.  I had some paper in my pocket so I peed right there, before I could wipe though she just leaned in and licked me dry.”

Rachel giggled.  “It was naughty and made me feel like I needed cums bad!”

“The next day I peed in her mouth a little and let her do it to me too.  We’ve been doing it a little ever since…..”  She bit her lip.  “Promise you won’t tell mommy?”

“She probably wouldn’t mind.”

Rachel shook her head, “It’s ‘barrasing!  Promise?”

He gathered them both in and cuddled them to him.  “Okay, I promise.”  He didn’t like it but it seemed to important to the two darlings for him to refuse.  With the guarantee of his silence secured the girls rewarded him with a lazy double blowjob that still managed to be quite stimulating.  He then had them kneel side by side and bend over.  They kissed in a decidedly unsisterly fashion as he fingered their cunts and tongued their pink asses to paradise.  He managed to get them both off nearly at the same instant.  A bit of precise control he was rather proud of.

The new day arrived with thunder and lightning.  The wind was tugging at the trees and buffeting the tents as they roused and took care of morning necessities.  By the time they were seated in the dining fly the first fat drops were spattering in.  They were joined in minutes by a few friends and those in turn invited more.  The wind picked up further and before the first pot of coffee was ready the rain was falling nearly sideways in blinding sheets. 

There was a mad scramble to lower the seldom used fly on that side.  They got it down but several ties parted and a hole ended up in the screen.  The material was frail and becoming brittle.  The tents and fly were designed for occasional camping, not full time living.  In the months they had been on the mountain they had absorbed a lifetime of UV.  It was good that the house was nearing habitability because their current abodes were rapidly losing that status.

After breakfast the men dashed to the Ram and clattered over to the house.  They made it inside and spent several minutes dripping off and watching the storm before getting to work.

The drywall was finished by noon and so was the rain.  The sun was poking through breaks in the clouds and the only water falling was the pregnant drops still being shed by the trees.

They were ready for tape and mud now but during their most recent foray into town they had neglected those things.  They spent several minutes mutually commenting on their stupidity the headed for the truck.

They paused at the truck only long enough to let Jenny know they were going then headed downhill.  The storm had dumped a lot of water and both brothers were gratified to see that their roadwork had held up.

The water over the ford was high, the Ram made it through with Arron at the helm but they were pushing water over the bumper.

            Once onto the general forest service roads they passed several areas where water was over the road.  There was actually a substantial flow in one stretch.  The brothers marveled, they’d know it had rained hard but not ‘that’ hard.  As they drove they talked about the things that still needed to be done to the house.  After the walls were taped and mudded it would be time for moldings and interior doors.  They decided to get those things this trip as well.

            They found more evidence of the storms violence shortly after hitting the asphalt.  They rounded a bend just past the Ranger Station and beheld a sea of blue flashing lights and orange, smoking highway flares.  There were at least a dozen police vehicles from at least three agencies scattered about.  At the center of the formation a large semi-based wrecker flashed in solitary yellow.  The operator and several policemen in orange vests stood at the front of the machine and regarded an overturned tractor-trailer combination.  The trailers doors had popped open when it went over and cans of soda littered the shoulder. 

There were only about a dozen cars waiting, in a few minutes they were waved through.  The policeman doing the waving didn’t even look old enough to shave, much less carry a badge.

They were barely up to speed again when Carl leaned forward.  “Slow down.”

Arron braked and followed his brother’s gaze, halfway expecting another wreck.  What he saw was a faded, white plywood sign with blue letters.  ‘Custom Millwork’ it said and an arrow pointed up a gravel cutoff that they had driven past a hundred times but never investigated.

Their eyes briefly met and Carl shrugged, “What have we got to lose?”

Arron conceded the point by slowing further and swinging the big truck into the lane.  The Ram bellowed and spurted gravel as they climbed a low rise then rounded the hill and dropped into a heavily wooded hollow.   They bottomed out above a culvert bridge and had just a hint of angry black water through the thick greenery before they were climbing again.  The road wound on a mile or more.  They saw a few mailboxes, one boarded up general store that looked old and decrepit enough to date from the 1800s and lots and lots of trees.

The road half climbed, half circled another hill then dropped into a valley.  To the right of the road was a lot that might have run five acres or so.  It had been cleared and fenced.  A doublewide trailer sat at the head of the lot surrounded by a sea of toys, swing sets, jungle gyms and one overflowing sandbox.  At the other end of the lot sat a vision from a century gone.  An actual three story watermill stood like a postcard in 3-D.  A stream ran down the far fence line.  A wooden sluice took water from about the midpoint on the property and carried it to the big overshot wheel that slowly rotated as its mossy buckets filled and emptied.

They pulled up and parked at the front.  The only other vehicle in sight was a largish GMC flatbed of older vintage parked under a side shed.  Its hood was off and a chain hoist dangled its hook into the engine bay. 

A covered walkway with a hand-hewn wooden rail fronted the building and led to a side door with ‘office’ in fancy script on wavy water glass.  A small bell tinkled as they stepped inside.

The small customer area was confined by a counter to a small corner.  There were two rattan chairs and a worn couch.  A single small table held a few woodworking magazines.  The rumble of low speed wooden gears and the whine of their higher speed iron cousins permeated the space.  No one was in sight.

They waited a bit but, when no one appeared, Arron stood and strode to the counter.  There was a blotter covered in post it notes and an old mechanical adding machine, the kind where you have to pull a lever to perform the next operation.  There was no sign of a call bell or even a telephone.

Carl joined him and the brothers stooged about a bit.  When five more minutes passed Carl motioned toward a lift section in the counter, “shall we”?

Behind the counter were several isles defined by towering shelves.  These were occupied by unidentifiable bits and pieces.  They passed into an open area, here an elaborate door sat atop two sawhorses.  It was heavily carved and sported at least a dozen clamps of various sizes and types.  The area beyond was a single vast room, soaring to the distant and heavily pitched roof.  There seemed to be no solid roof planking, just a network of heavy laths which supported the clay tiles.  The view was broken up ladders, steep stairs and narrow catwalks.  Threaded through, around and over this was a dizzying collection of shafts, gears and belts.  The whole spun, whined and groaned in almost Goldbergian complexity.  The smell was an intoxicating liquor of freshly sawn wood, varnish and polish.

They were still taking it in when a shout drew their eyes to one of the catwalks.  A man rose from a stooped position and waved.  He wore a white long-sleeved shirt with suspenders holding up his dark pants.  A full beard covered his face and reached midway down his chest.  He had a long-necked oil can in his right hand.

Arron winced as the man ducked under a spinning shaft then stepped over another a second later.  He reached a ladder and came down one-handed, the other still gripping the oil can.  He negotiated another short catwalk; this one with a heavy square shaft spinning right through the middle of it, then nearly ran down a set of steep stairs that were innocent of anything that could be described as a rail.  The brothers watched slack jawed, slightly amazed to see the man make the main floor intact.

He came up and thrust out a meaty hand.  He was a big man, broad and tall.  Arron thought he looked like Grizzly Adams from the old seventies TV show.

“Dave Helsey.  Sorry there was no one up front.  We’ve got a girl that normally comes in but she’s down with the flu.  The wife would have filled in but she’s nursing a couple of sick younguns herself.”

Arron took the hand, “Arron Winters.  This is my brother Carl.”

Carl too shook the meaty paw.  Both brothers noted with gratitude that Dave didn’t try any macho hand crushing though plainly he could have. 

“What can I do for you gentleman?”

Arron looked at Carl but the latter motioned for him to take the lead.

“We’re building a house up in the forest and we’re to the point where we’re needing moldings, baseboards, interior doors, stuff like that.”

Dave frowned, “Well I can do all that but for the interior doors you may want to hit one of the big stores.  I don’t do hollow core doors so anything I make is going to be a mite heavy.  Let me show you what I can do.”

He led the way to a cleared central area where a podium stood.  He reached into this and pulled out a big three-ring binder then motioned them toward a set of stairs, these climbed one wall and actually had rails.  They went up two flights and emerged on a narrow landing with a side door.  Dave led the way through.

They were on a railed landing that stretched directly over the big overshot wheel.  It seemed to also serve as a ‘roof’ for the mill-race because Arron could hear water rushing beneath his feet even over the gentle groans of the wheel.  The mill’s steeply pitched roof overhung the narrow space, providing shade.  Four mismatched chairs surrounded an old tree stump that served as a table.  There was a sheen of mist and the smell of water in the air and the whole area was slightly damp.  It seemed cool and inviting, the cacophony of the interior was just a distant hum.

His guess about the millrace proved correct.  Dave cast a sidelong look toward the trailer then levered aside an inspection hatch.  He grasped a short length of twine and pulled out a dripping mesh bag.  Glass clinked from within.  He eased it to the floor and opened it to reveal a half dozen capped bottles.

“The wife doesn’t approve of casually imbibing during the day but I figure if I’m with potential customers its not casual anymore, it’s business.  He grinned at them.  Could I interest you gentleman in a beer?”

The brothers each took one, the bottles were the old returnable type and from their battered appearance they had been, many times.  The caps claimed that the contents were some store brand grape soda but the bottles were mute on the subject.

Dave produced an opener, the bottles hissed from excess carbonation.  Arron brought his bottle to his nose and took a tentative sniff.  He’d had several occasions to try homebrew in his travels and it had run the gamut from great to barely drinkable.  He took a sip.  It proved to be a stout, evil, black and hoppy enough to clear the sinuses.  It was cool from the water of the millrace and very, very good.

Dave anxiously awaited their reactions.  When both men gave him nods of approval his grin got broader.  “I call this lot ‘black plague’.  Drink five or six before bed and you’ll know why the next morning.”  He cast another somewhat guilty look at the trailer then took a healthy slug of his own.

“Right, let’s get down to business.”

For the next hour the three flipped through the binder.  It contained computer generated 3d images of molding, baseboards, wainscoting and almost every other kind of trim that could be dreamed up.  There were literally hundreds of styles.  There were photos of some of them as well installed in various combinations.  From the varied settings it was obvious that these latter were taken in real houses rather than in some studio.

When Arron or Carl oohed and ahhed over one style or another Dave would lumber off into the mill and more often than not return with a real sample.  On the two occasions when he didn’t have such on hand be brought the actual cutting tool so they could get a better idea of the profile.

It was Carl that eventually broached the dreaded question of cost.  Dave was being a terrific host and not a bad salesman and Arron was already feeling guilty about just the possibility of not buying anything so he was somewhat relieved that the question was on the table.

Both brothers were pleasantly surprised at the answer.  There was no evasion no ‘well you have to understand that this is a quality product’ or ‘you can’t really compare my work to the mass market stuff’, the big man simply pointed at the style that had been getting most of the attention and rattled off a number per foot.  It was higher than they would pay at the home center but that was to be expected.  What was amazing was that it wasn’t ‘that’ much higher.  They brothers returned to the book with more enthusiasm.

Three more beers and twenty minutes later they had struck a deal for baseboards and moldings.  They price was a few bucks more than they would have paid in Avery but both felt it was worth it.

Afterwards they got a tour of the mill.  The machine that did the actual moldings was belt driven off an overhead shaft and over a hundred years old.  The big drill press was even older.  All of the equipment, shapers, planers, even the scroll say were driven directly by the mill.  All except the latter were also at least eighty years old.  The scroll say was homemade but even it had a massive, overbuilt 19th century look about it.  The only things in the mill that used electricity were the lights and a central vacuum system with a hopper the size of a 55 gallon drum but even these were powered by a whining generator that itself was powered by the waterwheel.

They said their goodbyes and headed for Avery, but not before Dave presented them with a heavy pasteboard carton.  It proved to contain a case of the ‘plague’, an ‘ordering bonus’ the miller called it. 

It would take him a week to fill their order.  That meant they were going to have to alter their building schedule somewhat but that was ok.  It was a masterpiece of flexibility anyway.

One in the city they hit the home center and stocked up.  Two five gallon buckets of drywall compound, several rolls of tape and a good supply of nifty pre-made corners both inner and outer went into the cart.  Arron wanted to pick up the interior paint as well, given the upgraded quality of their millwork they’d talked themselves into a clear finish rather than paint on that so it made sense to get the wall and ceiling paint now.  Carl balked.  He figured Jenny would be miffed at being left out of the loop on that decision.  They tried to call but there was no answer.  They got a flat and loaded it with doors and hardware then wandered a bit looking for inspiration. When Arron added several dozen bags of premix cement, heavy galvanized carriage bolts and a whole mess of PVC pipe to the mix Carl looked at him questioningly but Arron only grinned. 

They grabbed supper at place called Owens Rest.  When they questioned the name the cadaverous looking proprietor told them that for most of the structure’s existence it had been a funeral parlor.  Three generations of Owens’ had worked their trade here.  When he’d take over from his father he decided he didn’t want to be an undertaker and had converted the place to a restaurant but he couldn’t quite find it in himself to change the name.  He hadn’t changed the décor much either.  It still had that heavy, brocaded, funeral parlor look.  Despite their misgivings they stayed and were treated to a delicious meal of Salisbury steak with all the trimmings.

The skies were looking nasty again so they stopped at a general store and bought a tarp and some bungees.  Cargo safe they then headed into lowering evening skies.

It was well after ten when they locked through the last gate and headed into the stretch.  They were both looking forward to a spring soak and a beer, not necessarily in that order.  An attempt to fuck Jenny stupid had also been discussed.

They rounded a gentle bend and discovered a final obstacle to those plans.  Yellow lights flashed from a half dozen forest service vehicles clustered on both sides of the road.

Carl was driving; he slowed then eased to a stop alongside Bobby Weaver’s battered truck. 

            The lanky Ranger spat a stream of tobacco juice then pushed off the fender he was leaning against and approached the Ram.

            Evenin’ gents.  Fraid we got a bit of a washout.”

            They got out of the truck and the three of them walked up to where a small brown river was raging across the road.  It had already cut a gulley a yard wide and about twice as deep.  A big track hoe had been unloaded from a lowboy trailer but the operator simply lounged in the cab.  A big end loader was also on hand but was similarly idle.  Arron surmised that they were waiting on fill.  It seemed a good guess.

            “I think there was water over the road here when we lit out after lunch.”

            Carl nodded, “Looks like the place.”

            The Ranger spat again.  “Wish I’d known that earlier.  Mighta saved a pile of work.  You see something like that again stop in at the station and have ‘em give me a ring.”

            In about ten minutes they saw lights from down the road and then heard the roar of an engine.  The lights were provided by a forest green pickup so mud spattered even its make was in question.  The roar was provided by the same dump truck they had used to fix the driveway.  It was still lightless and followed the pickup closely.

            The analogy between a blind man and his dog was so obvious that Arron quipped, “Maybe you ought to get the poor thing a white cane.”

            The Ranger apparently got the joke, he chuckled.

            The operators had descended from their cabs and Bobby Weaver headed over to join the group of arm waving humanity that resulted.  It picked that moment to start raining again so the brothers returned to the truck.

            The Ranger came back to them a few minutes later.  He stuck his head into the driver’s window.  “Full repair is probably gonna take a few hours but we’re gonna put in a plug wide enough for you yall to get across.  Should be about ten minutes or so.”  He’d ambled off before they could do more than stutter a quick thanks.

            It was nearer twenty minutes than ten but that might have been because of the renewed rain, it was coming down in buckets again when a figure, anonymous in a rain slick poncho, signaled them with a flashlight to proceed.  Carl eased the big truck between several pieces of equipment and onto the fresh patch.  It was un-compacted gravel and mushed quite a bit beneath the tires but it held and they were across.  Arron waved in thanks as they bellowed toward home.

            It was midnight when they finally parked and got out of the truck.  The rain had again relented but only recently.  The fire was long dead and the camp was wet and silent.  Fatigue had settled on them like a mantle and the brothers went their separate ways with only monosyllabic grunts of parting.

            Arron found his tent cold and empty.  The girl’s sleeping bags were unoccupied.  He surmised that they’d probably gone to bed with their mother.  He also had a pretty good idea that more than sleep had been on the night’s agenda.  He hoped Jenny had possessed the presence of mind to make sure all were decent before dropping off.  He listened but no bellow of outrage was forthcoming from that direction.

            He was tired but really wanted a bath.  He gathered up his things and set off with only a hissing lantern for company.  The spring was hot, soothing and wonderful.  He washed then simply luxuriated for a half hour or so.  Even the renewed rain that started dumping on him halfway back to camp failed to damage the easy languor he felt.

            Despite his weariness Arron laid awake for a time and thought.  He thought of decisions and regrets.  He didn’t regret his sexual relations with the girls.  He enjoyed it greatly and so did they.  Society would rant and scream and damn him as the worst form of monster but he didn’t feel much like a monster.  The girls enjoyed the sex; there was no doubt of that.  Was it damaging them, doing perhaps some insidious, chronic form of harm that would surface years down the road?  He was honest enough to admit that he had no answer to that question.  He thought the answer was no but he was no expert on the uncharted barrens of the human psyche.  The point was moot in any case; the genie was out of the bottle.  The children were sexually active and recent experience strongly suggested they would react badly if that facet of their lives was suddenly withdrawn.

            No, he didn’t regret the sex.  What he regretted was the complication and the deceit.  He disliked dishonesty and misdirection on principle.  He’d always spoken plainly and dealt fairly and the consequences be damned.  That wasn’t possible here in this situation.  He had not explicitly lied to Carl about his relationship with the children but that was only because Carl hadn’t dreamed of asking.  Still, you could lie without speaking.  Each day he lied a little when he pretended that his relationship to his brother’s daughters was wholesome and wholly platonic.  The hell of it was that there was nothing to be done about it, at least nothing that would let the present partnership survive.  Therein lay the complication.  He was still chasing the fuzzy logic of truth, loyalty and kinship around in his head when sleep finally took him.

            The shiny floors made the tape and mud job a pain in the ass.  They’d done the floors first to spare the walls.  Now they had to worry about sparing the floors.  Tarps were rounded up and carefully taped into place then the work began.  Arron had always enjoyed this part of drywalling and he was good at it.  Carl on the other was a disaster.  Time and again as the day wore on the elder Winter’s brother was called over to repair his siblings mistakes.

            They knocked off with half of the first floor taped and mudded.  Arron was a bit down; he thought they should have done better.  Carl sensed his brother’s mood and was apologetic for his own inept performance. 

            Jenny had managed a giant homemade pot pie.  She was becoming quite proficient at baking on an open fire.  Three helpings apiece and several bottles of Dave the millers homebrew did wonders to put things right.

            Jenny wrinkled her nose when Arron broke the seal on his third beer.  She’d tried a sip of Carl’s and found the hoppiness distasteful.  That was ok with the brothers, more for them.

            “Who’s for the spring?” she asked.

            Arron thrust his hand up as the girls jumped with glee.  Carl let out a belch that shook the trees and set the jumping girls to giggling and jumping then grinned sheepishly and stuck his hand up as well.

            Jenny glared, “Carl Winters, what do you have to say for yourself?”

            Carl grinned, “Too much bass?  Not enough hang time?”  He managed to just duck the wet dishrag that came sailing his way.

            Arron and Carl got ready while Jenny rounded up towels and nightclothes for the girls.  They then trooped down to their favorite nightspot.  With warmer weather had come mosquitoes.  They weren’t bad yet, still they had to fight several off on the way down.  Happily they’d learned that horrid little bastards didn’t seem to like the sulfur stench of the spring much.

              They stripped off and eased into the hot water.  There was much oohing and aahing as tired muscles felt the welcome heat.  Carl and Jenny retreated to the far end of the spring for a mutual wash and grope fest and were soon rather distracted.  That left Arron with the girls.  He set about bathing them but there was a fair share of groping going involved in that process as well.  As he shampooed Rachel’s hair her sister slipped beneath the surface and tried her hand at breathing through her uncle’s cock.  In the dim light little could be seen but Arron was still glad that his back was to the children’s parents.

            He finished with Rachel and had her rinse then turned to her grinning sister.  As he poured a dollup of shampoo into Lena’s blond locks Rachel vanished with a swirl.  A moment later he suppressed a groan as the four-year-old’s lips slid over his dick.  The child gripped his thighs and used them to pull herself on and off his now rampant prick, happily fellating him with her father only a few feet away.

            Lena had been timid, just playing really.  Rachel on the other hand was going for the gold.  Only the short breaks she had to take to breathe kept her from getting a mouthful of cum.  Even that might not have been enough if it had taken much longer to wash Lena’s hair.  At four years of age the little girl was rapidly becoming a master cocksucker.

            He had Lena rinse then pulled Rachel from his cock.  She surfaced with a cheeky grin that persisted even after he lifted her far enough from the water to land a light smack on her sexy bottom.  He retrieved the soap and then had the girls stand on a rock and began lathering them up.  He savored the feel of their soft, smooth skin as his hand slid over sleek legs, round butts and soft baby pussies.  Both pushed themselves at him when his fingers roamed over the latter, anxious for a bit of digital molestation.  Mindful of the company they were keeping Arron ignored the hints and kept his caresses mostly hygienic in nature.

            Finished he popped a pair of soapy butts and told them to rinse.  They squeaked in indignation but dutifully jumped into the water.  Arron washed his own hair then quickly completed his own bath as the children wrestled and splashed the soap away.

            Finished, he had a quick dunk to rinse then waded to the bank.  They’d brought a small Styrofoam ice chest.  It held a wine cooler for Jenny and several more homebrews for the men.  He popped the top from one of the latter then waded back to take a seat on one of the ‘couches’ the warm water reached just below his armpits.  He took a sip of the beer and sighed, life was good.

            He looked around for the girls and found them with their heads together a few feet away.  He couldn’t hear the whispered conversation but it apparently involved him because Rachel glanced his way several times.  The last such glance betrayed a definitely mischievous cast. 

Normally now would be when the argument broke out about who got to sit in his lap.  Not this time however, when they broke their huddle Lena came straight for him while Rachel simply nestled in alongside.

            He kissed Lena’s slender neck as the child settled in.  Her bare bottom slid delightfully along his cock. And it quickly began to harden.  She giggled when she felt it rise into her crack.  Arron sighed and enjoyed the intimacy.  He was a past master at hiding a hard dick when it was time to leave.

            His relaxed state didn’t last long.  Rachel had insinuated her hand between her uncle and sister and was holding his cock.  There wasn’t anything really unusual about that, but when Lena lifted her bottom her younger sibling pulled the head of Arron’s dick up till it slotted into the little indentation of the older girls vaginal opening.

            Before he could really grasp what was happening Lena was pushing downward, her tightly little pussy yielded and Arron’s head popped in.  She kept up the pressure and the shaft followed in a slow ooze.  The little shit was fucking him with her parents a dozen feet away!

            A not altogether aroused, and thankfully quiet, groan served notice that the child’s randy ambition might have exceeded her tiny body’s capacity.  She stopped pushing and remained poised with several inches of warm, aromatic water between her cute little tush and her uncle’s lap.  Rachel apparently noticed her sibling’s distress as well and backed a bit, a worried expression on her pretty features.

            Her hands came down on his thighs and she held herself with just and inch or so of cock past her lips.  Arron glanced over to where Jenny and Carl still necked.  Shit!  He needed to get her the fuck off of him before Carl noticed.  Fuck!  It did feel good though.  He could feel her heart beating in his dick.  She stared to ease up and Arron held his breath, maybe she was reconsidering this.  She paused with just the flare of his glans in her then his last though vanished in a whirl of sensation as she let herself back down.

            Up and down she went; her movements subtle enough through the water that someone would have to look directly at them for a bit, and have a dirty mind, to suspect anything.  Carl might have possessed the dirty mind but he was thankfully too fucking busy putting it to other pursuits at the moment to concentrate on anything but Jenny.

            Lena was still quietly moaning and some of these were still pain moans but quiet exclamations of a different timbre had joined in as well.  For Arron the feeling was exquisite agony.   Just the thought of what he was doing and in what company was almost as stimulating as the act itself.  The combination turned his cock into a primed, ready to shoot, bar of iron.  The slow pace and lingering concern for his tiny lover kept him from climbing toward the peak however.

            Carl and Jenny had been ramping up themselves; they had reached the point of damn near jumping each other’s bones right there.  There was a murmured conversation then sloshing sounds as the two rose and headed their way.  In a panic Arron gripped Lena’s round little bottom and brought her to a halt.

            “We’re going to head back bro.  You and the girls take your time.”  The emphasis was on the word ‘time’.  Carl wanted to fuck his wife into a stupor without corrupting his offspring.  Arron fought down a bout of mirth and nodded, not trusting himself to speak.  If Carl knew where his brother’s cock was at the moment he might have felt a bit corrupted himself.

            The trio sat quietly while the couple gathered their things and vanished up the path.  Arron was about to chide Lena and was searching for the opening angle when she pulled herself off of him with a barely felt ‘pop’ and draped herself belly down over a mossy rock.  She spread her thin thighs and looked back at her uncle.  “Now you can fuck me right.  You’ve got to spooey in my cunny too.”

            Rachel jerked a nod.  “Yeah, you gots to put yer cums in her cooter ‘cause she said I can lick ‘em aaalll out of her.”

            Rationality and thoughts of discretion fled.  Hearing a six year old ask to be fucked while her four year old sister anticipated sucking the cum from her sibling’s bald twat re-hardened his dick in an instant.

            He pushed Rachel toward her slutty little sister.  “Eat her some, get her wet.”  She was of course already wet but the hard sulfur water hardly passed muster as lubrication.  In fact the little bit of of slow fucking they had done had probably washed away most of her lubrication.

            As Rachel began to munch sister pussy Arron sloshed around and pressed his cock to Lana’s lips.  The randy six-year-old needed little urging and opened her mouth to allow her uncles cock to push inside.  He explored her mouth, varying the angle and penetration so his prick slid into each cheek as well as along her teeth, tongue and palate.

            It was a lazy but enjoyable threesome.  Rachel wasn’t really trying to get her sister off and Lena wasn’t really sucking cock.  It did get the child’s bare cunt dripping wet and her molester’s dick wet and adamantine.

            He pulled out of Lena’s mouth and gently pushed Rachel aside as he took position behind her sister.  He had to kneel.  He did so and then gently drug the head of his prick up and down the rounded slit between the young girl’s thighs.  Lena moaned as she felt his hardness on her private place and Arron felt like doing a bit of moaning herself as he felt the wet heat from her tiny twat.

             After a few passes he began to apply pressure and her thick outer lips began to grudgingly yield. 

            He had intended to just prod at her several times, perhaps a bit further each time till she oozed open enough to let him in.  He reckoned without Lena though.  When she felt him began to back off she gripped the smooth surface of the rock and lunged back.  His cock popped into her pre-teen cunt with a snapping sensation and speared several inches up her unripe pussy.  A moan indicated that once again her desires had possibly proved the match for her capacity.

            He gripped her small, round butt to stationary the pairing then leaned down and kissed first a prominent shoulder blade then a shell like ear.  “Are you ok?”  He asked.

            She nodded and even giggled, “That smarted some.”

            “I imagine it did.  Why don’t you let me do the driving for now?  I am a professional you know.”

            She giggled again and nodded.

            After a minute or so he eased out till just the head remained inside then gently applied pressure and oozed forward.  This was only the second time he had fucked the child, well only the second time he had deliberately fucked the child.  She wasn’t as tight as he remembered from the first time but that was probably more the exaggeration of time than any actual loosening on her part.

            He worked up slowly, never putting in more cock than he thought she could handle.  It was several minutes before they hit anything like a rhythm but shortly he was sawing three inches of dick in and out of her soft, hairless pussy.

            Little gasps begin to issue from the child in time with his pistoning cock.  She was breathing through her nose and each exhale had a little nasal whine to it. 

            Rachel dropped down between her sister’s sleek thighs and peered silently at their coupling.  One tine hand was busy on her own bald little cooze.

            Over the next minutes Lena added moans to her gasps.  She was letting the occasional pained yelp go too though.  Her little pussy was overstretched and she was getting sore.  Arron had been near cuming several times but every time he tried to speed up, to push over that edge, Lena began yelping more and moaning less.  He began to doubt he could get off in her this night. 

            He hadn’t figured on sisterly intervention though.  Rachel seemed to sense the difficulty; she leaned forward and began to bathe the joined organs with her tongue, incidentally trying to devour her older sibling’s tiny clit in the process.  She even took frequent detours to suck and gently nibble on her uncles balls.

            The effect was immediate.  Lena benefited from both the extra lubrication and the additional stimulation.  She began to puff and blow through her mouth.  The yelps were still coming but they were being overpowered and pulled under by the lustful whimpering of a little girl that was going to cum hard and soon.

            The trigger came when Rachel removed the pussy slick finger from her own twat and snaked it into her sister’s ass.  As the little digit slipped past her sphincter the older child cocked her head back and howled.  Her pussy clamped heard on her uncle’s cock and little girl cum squirted out around it before falling quick victim to sibling tongue. 

            Arron groaned and fired rope after rope of spunk into the child’s hot, cuming pussy.  There was no spare room and his spunk joined the flow of Lena’s cum into Rachel’s mouth.  The mixture pulsed out with each diminishing thrust.

            Like a machine with the power cut they ramped down and came to a stop.  Lena laid her head on the rock and shuddered gently in the aftershocks of her orgasm.  Arron rested a further moment then pulled his shrinking cock free with a slurp.  Rachel pushed him back with her head and latched her mouth to her sister’s cunny, drinking her uncle’s spunk from the smooth font of her sister’s stretched vagina.  Lena moaned at this further stimulation but didn’t react otherwise.

            Arron had to carry the older girl back to camp.  She was completely wiped out.  He tucked her in then ate Rachel to nice cum.  The youngest Winters tried to return the favor but her uncle was snoring before she even got him hard.

            The next morning Arron worried a little about Lena’s vocal cum of the night before but nothing was said at breakfast.  Either the noise hadn’t carried through the trees or it had been written off as horseplay.  He didn’t know which and really didn’t care.  When they set off for work Jenny and the girls joined them.  The plan had been for them to play fetch and free the men up so all they had to do was tape and mud.  It became obvious very early however that Jenny was far better at the latter then her husband.  She’d never done it before but she seemed to have a knack.  Carl ended up heading up the gopher department and Arron and Jenny did the work.  Things went so well that before dark they had finished both floors and even sanded and touched up the part that the men had done the day before.

            The downside was a supper of sandwiches and chips.  It went down well enough after a hard day though and they adjourned to the spring.  Once again Carl and Jenny bailed out early.  Lena was still sore ‘down there’ so Arron and the girls settled for a lazy little daisy chain on the bank.  Lena ended up gobbling his cum.  Rachel was a bit jealous so they reprised their roles back at the tent except this time it was the four-year-old with six-inches of pervert dick in her slick little throat.

            The sanding and finish coating was done by noon the next day.  They had an impromptu skull session that involved several bottles of the ‘plague’.  And decided they would go ahead and run to Avery for the paint, most of them anyway.  Arron begged off.

He waved them off then loaded some tools in the Ford and bounced his way to the site of the old dam.  Twice he had to stop and cut back brush but he eventually got there.

            Arron had a vague idea what the original dam had looked like and only a slightly better image of its replacement.  Nevertheless he grabbed a shovel and set to work.  It was slow going.  His intent was to excavate the original dams foundations but years of spring floods had buried then deep in silt and hard clay.  He puffed and heaved, twice filling the F-150’s bed with accumulated muck that had to trucked a few dozen feet and then unloaded the same way it went in, by hand.  There were several big rocks and steel encrusted chunks of ancient concrete in the way, the latter remnants of the original structure.  The truck was hitched to these and snorted and spewed dirt from all four tires as it yanked them up the bank and into the woods.

            By dark he had only partially cleared one bank.  Tired and perhaps a bit discouraged he left the truck where it was and walked back to camp.  Too tired for the spring he had a sponge bath then a sandwich.  He was nursing a ‘plague’ when his cell phone trilled.  It was Carl.  They were going to stay over in Avery and head back the next day.  That was fine with Arron.  It gave him more uninterrupted time on the dam and to be honest his cock could use a break from a certain pair of preteen sex machines.

            Just before dropping off he thought of the forest service tractor and just how handy it might be at the dam site.

            That thought was still with him the next morning and he decided over coffee and stale donuts that it was a good one.  That meant that first he had to walk down and get his damned truck though. 

             He was at the material yard by nine and parked his truck and got out.  He’d half hoped to run into Bobby Weaver.  The original offer of the under-the-table loan of the equipment had been to fix the access road.  The road was now fixed.  He suspected the Ranger wouldn’t have minded him borrowing the equipment for this new endeavor but he would feel better if he could have asked.  He liked the Ranger and didn’t want to abuse the man’s hospitality.

            He had a surprise when he looked at the tractor.  The box blade rested on the ground to one side and a newish looking orange backhoe had taken its place.  The backhoe had its own stabilizers and seat.  It also had its own hydraulic power system.  The only mechanical connection to the tractor was at the PTO.  He checked the tractor and dump truck and found that both had plenty of fuel.  They had nearly a full drum of gasoline and another of diesel at camp so he vowed to return them the same way.  He fired up the dump and backed it up.  Hitching up alone was a bit of a chore but he managed.  He considered leaving a note but figured that the F-150 was now a fairly familiar sight in the forest.  Anyone who saw it would know where the missing equipment was.

            The backhoe was both good and bad.  It was good in that it made the machine even better suited for the job at hand.  It was bad in that taking the machine with the new implement attached made him feel even more like a thief.

            Once at camp Arron had an early lunch then headed for the dam.  He had done a bit of everything in his life but he’d never operated a backhoe.  There was a leaning curve but it wasn’t that steep.  He only flung two bucketfuls of wet, clingy silt into the seat with him before he started to get the hang of it. 

            Once he did figure it out the machine did wonders.  It could clear in minutes what it would have taken him hours to do by hand.  It was wearing on into afternoon when Arron turned to backup and saw Carl standing alongside with a couple of ‘plagues’.

Grinning, he shut down the machine and gratefully accepted one.

            “Last of them Carl said wistfully.”

            For several seconds there was only the glug of cold, evil, goodness pouring down parched throats and the tick of the cooling engine.  Then Carl wiped the foam from his mouth and motioned toward the, now mostly exposed, dam foundation.  “You really think you can build a dam here?  Have you ever built a dam before?”

            Arron took another gulp of his beer and shrugged.  “I’ve done a lot of things in my life that ‘I haven’t done before’”.  The double meaning of that statement wasn’t lot on him.

            “I’ll take that as a no.”  Carl drolled.

            “How did the paint selection process go?”

            “Damn bro.  It was something else!  Have you ever seen a woman try to pick out paint?  We looked at color cards from ‘heavenly blue’ to ‘seafoam green’.  We spent over an hour looking at the different hues of ‘sandstone pink’.  Then we went back and looked at the blue some more.  She asked my opinion about a dozen times but every time I picked one she’d shoot it down.  After the first couple of hours I just grumbled a little whenever she asked.  I don’t think she noticed.”

            “So did she finally pick something?”

            Carl finished his beer in one last chug and belched.  “Yep, white.”


            Carl grinned.  “White.”

            They shared a chuckle then Arron finished his beer and climbed back onto the tractor.

            Carl watched as his brother exposed the last of the original foundation then pushed around dirt for a bit more and generally tidied up some.  The two then walked back to camp.

The whole troupe went for a splash in the spring.  They didn’t stay long.  The hot spring that had been so relaxing in the chill of March was becoming less so as summer heated up.  Carl commented on it as he toweled a squirming Rachel.  “You know there may be something to that dam idea of yours after all.  It would be nice to be able to take a cool dip.”

            Jenny had bought the girls some new clothes so they were treated to an impromptu fashion show that evening.  Over thirty or so minutes first one child then the other would dash out of their parent’s tent to model a new outfit.  Most were skirts or dresses, practical now that the summer was on them.  Most were on the short side and as the two pre-teens wiggled and gyrated before the fire they were treated to multiple glimpses of the new bikini style panties they’d also been treated to.  Arron kept waiting for Carl to say something about that but he didn’t.  When he glanced at his younger brother Carl seemed to be almost mesmerized.  He wondered if just perhaps bro was enjoying the little show just a bit.

            When the supper of fast-food fried chicken was trotted out they decided to eat around the fire.  When the paper plates had finally been tossed to their doom on the flickering flames first Rachel then her sister sought perches on Arron’s legs.  As he brought still greasy hands up to support them under their short skirts he discovered to his dismay that they had both conspired to lose their panties at some point.  They were bare under those brief swaths of light fabric and he found himself with a round little girl bottom in either hand.  Over the next minutes they both managed to wriggle enough to plant an uncle finger along the length of their humid little slots.  As the crickets began to sing Arron gently diddled increasingly damp little girl pussies.

            Somehow, despite that distraction a conversation was held.  Arron expressed his desire to work on the dam but that was really a two man job, and besides.  They needed to get the walls painted so they could get the millwork in.

            “That’s not a problem,” Jenny said.  “You and Carl go and work on the dam and I’ll paint.”

            Carl glanced at her.  “You’re sure you don’t mind?”

            She waved him off, “I haven’t painted in years but my mom used to redecorate every summer.  I bet I’ve rolled a hundred miles of paint.  I also so know how to cut in and use drop cloths if your worried about that nice shiny floor of yours dear brother-in-law.”

            The last was directed at Arron who had begun to look glum over just that thought.  He hung his head and put on an overplayed guilty look that earned a few laughs.

            That settled the girls were sent off to bed, Rachel was glum about that but Arron was relieved, the little minx had been close to cumming in his lap.  The beer came out and they laughed and giggled some.  Arron thought the store bought beer tasted watery after the sensory overload of the ‘plague’ but it was cold and wet.

            Carl and Jenny excused themselves after the second round.  Arron had sort of hoped for an invite to join them but it wasn’t forthcoming.

            When he got to the tent the girl’s were still and all was quiet.  He sighed; he’d just have to go to sleep with a hard dick.  The damn thing would eventually go down on its own.

            He undressed and lay down on top of his sleeping bag.  The nights were still cool enough to get in it sometimes but this wasn’t one of those.  A light sheet protected bare skin from whatever nocturnal blood suckers got past the screening and that was all that was needed.

            He had just settled when there was a barely heard rustle.  Something soft brushed his cheek then a round little ass settled onto his face.  “Lick my butthole”, Rachel whispered.  At the same time a pair of hands pulled down the sheet and fished his cock from his briefs. 

            “I’m going to suck all the cum out of your dick uncle Arron.”  Lena said quietly.

            “No you’re not, ‘member.”

            “Oh yeah,” Lena giggled then her wet little mouth slid over his cock.  She took a couple of exploratory sucks then took him to the balls.

            Arron wondered at that little exchanged but not enough to distract him from driving the muscular tip of his tongue past Rachel’s sphincter and probing her bowels.  The recipient squealed her quiet appreciation of that treatment.  Arron’s groan joined her as Lena took him into her tight throat.

            They went of for about a minute.  Arron tonguing baby ass with an occasional side of incredibly soft, bald, baby pussy, and Lena deepthroating hard, pervert uncle dick.

            Abruptly Lena pulled off with a slurp.  The night air was a cool presence on Arron’s throbbing, wet prick.  Her hands were back in seconds and he could feel something greasy being massaged onto his cock.

            “He’s ready.”

            Rachel had been quietly moaning, as she enjoyed the attention being paid her tiny bottom.  Now her muscles tightened and she lifted up and shuffled forward.

            Arron was still trying to figure this new game out when he felt her saliva wet cheeks caress the head of his prick.  Little hands grasped his tool and the head slotted into the little dimple he’d just been tonguing.

            “Wait a sec…” He started to say but the youngest Winters applied pressure and her relaxed little bottom flared open and allowed the head of his prick to slip inside.

            Lena slid up alongside and kissed her uncle on the lips.  “Rachel is gonna fuck you with her butt then I’m gonna lick and suck all of your cum out of her butthole.”  With that she sealed her lips to his and sent her small tongue looking for his. 

            Rachel’s hot little asshole proved more resilient and pliable than her older sister’s pussy.  Within a minute she was taking most of his length into her lovely bottom.  The chicken grease that Lena had smeared ob her uncle’s cock made a passable lubricant.

            His hands went to Rachel’s hips and he began to help the child on and off his cock.  They slowly ramped up and little squeaks of pleasure began to escape the younger girl’s mouth as she was buggered.  Despite these Arron could feel himself pulling ahead in the race to cum and not wanting to leave his little lover hanging he spoke to Lena when she came up for air.

            “Go suck your sister’s pussy baby.  Help her get her cookies.”

            She gave him a final kiss, giggling into his mouth then vanished in the dark.  A moment later he felt her crawl up his legs.  Rachel gasped as a soft, wriggly, wet tongue was added to the order of battle.  She started to pick up the pace of her ass fucking. Arron stayed with her, helping her to bugger herself faster and faster.

            It wasn’t enough for her but it proved too much for him.  To his chagrin Arron went over the top before the child got off.  He groaned as his balls emptied into the tight, hot depths of her buttery little ass.

            Rachel whimpered in complaint as he lifted her off his cock.  That didn’t last though.  Lena rolled onto her back and practically jerked her sister’s pillowy butt onto her mouth.  When the elder child started to dig and suck the cum from her asshole the she whimpered some more, the tone was different though. 

            Arron fought free of the entanglement then crawled around and over Lena.  He lowered his face till his chin almost met that of the elder girl and began to ravage Rachel’s tiny bald twat.  The child’s soft inner thighs massaged his cheeks in gratitude.

            Rachel never lasted long with tongues up both holes.  Tonight was no exception, with a presence of mind that was surprising if gratifying she leaned to one side long enough to scoop up a pillow then screamed her cum into it.  

            The brothers got to the dam site just after dawn the next morning.  The first order of business was to glue an adapter to a length of four inch, thick walled pvc and then screw on a big brass gate valve.  This would be the emergency drain and also serve to as a bypass for the water during construction.  Arron remembered how the man at the home center had tried to sell him a pvc globe valve for this application.  Arron had rejected it, he wanted something that would still work a dozen years from now when the impound needed to be drained to clear a deadfall.  He had seen too many plastic globe valves that grew so stiff they were unusable after only a year or two.

            With the valve attached a bed of hydraulic cement was laid across the old foundation and the pipe placed so that the valve would protrude onto the dry side of the dam.  More cement went on top.  The hydraulic cement set fast even in the damp.

            The rest of the morning was spent with a posthole digger punching an even twenty deep holes on either side of the old foundation.  They switched off but both men worked up a very good sweat.  They had to build a little cofferdam around each of the inside holes to keep the water from filling them up but that wasn’t much of a problem.

            They drove to the house and picked up the womenfolk.  Jenny had smudges of paint here and there but the girls looked like they’d been rolled in it.  They rose back to camp in the bed, much to their delight.

            A loaf of bread and half a pound of cold cuts later and they were back at the house.  Jenny and the girls vanished inside while Arron and Carl sorted through the lumber pile selecting and rejecting.  The former went into the bed of the ram.  The little chainsaw, drills, both cordless and corded, and assorted other tools went aboard as well.  The cordless drills were Carl’s idea; they had some high powered drilling ahead of them though and Arron didn’t thing they would last long.  At his insistence the corded drill and the generator went aboard as well.

            They drove back to the dam site and got to work.  A selection of heavy timber went into the outside holes.  Most were 6x6’s but a few were whole tree trunks of approximately that diameter that had been felled during road clearing but never ripped up.  The inside holes got 4x4’s.  Originally Arron had planned to use the six inch timbers on the inside as well but they didn’t have enough of that size.  His back of the hand analysis showed that the outer timbers would bear the majority of the load anyway.

            An initial concern was rot, when he had first decided to use wood for the dam structure Arron had planned on using expensive pressure treated stuff or even creosote coated telephone poles if he could get them.  Some research turned up a factlet he hadn’t known though.  Wet wood that stayed wet generally was very rot resistant.  It was the cycle of wetting and drying that led to rot.  The dam was going to be earth core and it was virtually guaranteed that it would seep enough that the structure would never dry out without an extended drought.

            Placing, leveling and tamping the poles took them into late afternoon.  They then started placing the tie beams.  Each upstream beam was tied to its downstream counterpart by three horizontal timbers at top, middle and just about a foot off of the bottom.  These were drilled and fastened into place with three-quarter inch galvanized bolts, washers and nuts.  In addition two long diagonal beams joined each pair.  One was run from the top of the downstream beam to the bottom of the upstream and another from the top of the upstream to the bottom of the downstream.  There was no connection between any of the upstream or downstream beams to any others in its own row.  Arron reasoned that the one inch planking that was going onto both sides would provide more than enough support there.  Arron wanted to fire up the saw and get the trimming done but the light was failing and the mosquitoes had found them.  They decided to call it a night.

            Jenny had managed to get the bottom floor completely painted and had cut in a good portion of the top floor as well.  The girls preened and posed but Arron was privately sure they’d been more hindrance than help.  He loved them, in more ways than one but he knew them too.

            There was one pleasing fact; the paint was covering in one coat.  The blurb on the cans claimed it would but Arron had enough experience through the years with other ‘wonder paints’ to be surprised.

            They adjourned to the spring where Arron undertook the not unpleasant task of scrubbing the paint off of the girls and out of their hair.  He was still scrubbing when Carl announced a nature call and scooped up a towel before heading for the privy. 

            He was barely out of sight before a naked, glistening Jenny slid onto a rock beside Carl.  She took over Rachel’s hair, incidentally pulling the child’s face into her shaved pussy in the process.

            “Mommy, yur peepee is all over my mouth”, the youngest Winters complained.  It came out muffled by mommy pussy.

            “Well then do what you normally do when a peepee is in your face, lick it.”  She caught Arron’s eye.  “You’re uncle’s not the only pervert around here who enjoys getting head from a four-year-old.  Not anymoooorrrrree!”  The last came out as a wail as her tiny daughter obeyed the instructions.

             Jenny hunched the little brunette’s face for a bit then began to back up the rock, pulling Rachel with her.  When the child was secure on the rock she raised up, spun around then sat on her daughter’s face.  Lena, eat mommy’s butt hole.  Please get you tongue up mommy’s ass!”

            The blond pulled free from Arron and shoved her face between her mother’s sleek, wet ass cheeks.  Her little hands pulled apart the shapely buttocks so she could get more penetration.  With her daughter’s servicing her both front and back Jenny soon twitched and moaned to a powerful orgasm.  Arron was stroking his cock and as the woman climbed the final peak her sent spurt after spurt of cum pulsing into the aromatic water of the spring.

            As they were climbing through the forest toward camp the six-year-old remarked, “Mommy’s got yummy cums.”   

            That night Arron got some yummy cums of his own.  Of course Rachel, the little glutton insisted on sucking her sister’s pussy bone dry so he had to settle for only one helping.  It was yummy though.  Six-years-old seemed a good vintage for pussy cream.

            The men were at the dam the next morning shortly after dawn.  They got the chain saw going then took turns trimming the ragged timber ends.  With that done they started on the planking.  The outside boards went on with heavy galvanized screws while the inside got fat 10 penny nails.  They put three courses on then Arron fired up the backhoe and started laying in the fill.  They culled this, keeping the clay and smaller stones while rejecting the bigger rocks and clumps of grass and other vegetation.  It helped that the majority of the soil was red clay.

            While Arron filled Carl scrambled around inside the boards with a five gallon bucket, wetting and tamping the material.  When the three board course was full Arron started shoveling water instead of dirt.  When the fill was well soaked he used the shovel to compact it and squeeze out the excess.  He only had to pop off one board before he found out how hard was hard enough.

            They got another three courses on then filled these in similar fashion.  By then they were nearly out of planks and it was close to lunch time anyway.  They drove to the house.

            Carl and the girls drove on to camp while Arron busied himself re-commissioning the mill.  The arrived back with a lunch of tuna fish sandwiches, chips and ice cold tea, to find Arron staring daggers at his creation.  There was still a faint smell of acrid smoke in the air.

            “I take it we’re not ripping more planks this afternoon”, Carl commented, fanning to clear the stench.

            Arron kicked the offending motor; it was the big one that turned the blade and was supposedly all-weather.  “’Fraid not.  Damn thing just went poof.  I think it’s the damp.  Even covered up it get s a lot of moisture in it.  If it was run every day if probably wouldn’t matter but when it sits the damp gets into the windings.”

            They ate then the brothers pulled the motor off of the saw and mounted up.  When they reached Huttonsville, Arron was still in a funk, imagining a late night return from Avery with a new motor.  They were actually halfway through town before he suddenly straightened.  “Turn right here.”

            Carl looked startled but obeyed.  For the next several minutes Arron directed his brother along a barely remembered path that finally ended at the same shop that had rewound the tractor’s generator.

            His hunch paid off, the proprietor took one look at the motor.  “Yep, I can do her.  Be fifty-seven plus tax, maybe a bit more if she needs bushings.  You can pick her up tomorrow morning.”  He grinned, “a lot easier than that last critter you brought in here.”

            That comment reminded Arron of the parts he had ordered and they stopped at the Ranger station on the way back.  The portly matron had the duty and trotted out a big box with a FedEx label.  “Lords, this has been here several days.  I was beginning to think I was going to have to get Bobby to come by and give you a thumping.”  She smiled as she said it. 

            They got back to camp with several hours of daylight left so Arron borrowed the Ram and headed down to the tractor with his new acquisitions.  He slid one of the new rings into a cylinder and checked the end gap.  It was right in the middle of the tolerance band.  He poured some fresh gas in the tub and scrubbed the pistons again then carefully installed the new rings.  There was an antique ring compressor in the old tool chest.  He coated the pistons and new rings in bar oil, the only thing he could find in the truck, and then tried the old tool.  It worked well and soon he had the pistons nestled back into their correct bores.  A few judicial thumps with a hammer handle was all it took to nestle them down.  He didn’t have a torque wrench so he tightened the rod caps by guess.

            The mosquito’s had gone from guerrilla warfare to full scale frontal assault by the time he was finished.  With dusk coming on he shooed the cloud away and dove for the truck.

            The camp was empty when he returned but a covered plate had been set for him.  He wolfed down ham, stuffing and something store bought that claimed to be sweet potatoes then grabbed a towel and clean underwear and headed for the spring.  He arrived to find a full brawl in progress.  Jenny and the girls had ganged up on the lone male and he was sorely pressed.  Arron stripped then dove to the rescue.  First a shrieking Lena and Rachel were peeled from the melee and unceremoniously tossed into deep water.  A struggling Jenny was next, she was still shrieking something that sounded like “you wouldn’t dare” when she followed her offspring, albeit with a bigger splash. 

            The female folk sputtered and hissed for a bit but they came back, in fact they came back several times.  Some people just don’t learn very fast.  Only a veiled and carefully worded promise from Jenny about what neither one of them was going to get for some time finally restored the balance of power.

             A light rain came up shortly after they returned to camp.  It drove away the mosquitoes with a little help from citronella so the monopoly board came out.  Arron begged off but he did watch as he carefully rebuilt the old Fordson carb by lantern light.  He only had to get a little bit of the aromatic spray cleaner on the board before he was convinced to exit the dining fly before performing that particular task.

            He had to carry the girls to bed.  They’d conked out toward the tail end of the game.  He snuggled them down, only fingering a little bit of hairless baby pussy then lay on top of his own bag and pulled the sheet over him.

            He woke up in the middle of the night with a shivering, wet Lena atop him.  The rain had picked up and the tent was leaking badly over her sleeping bag.  He fumbled around in the darkness and got her out of her wet pajamas and panties.  He found a dry pair of the latter and got them on her then tucked her in alongside himself.  The shivering vanished almost immediately, she never woke up. 

            It was still drizzling the next day when the Ram clattered down the mountain.  Arron drove and it took a considerable amount of his skill to keep the big truck on the road during the steep downhill leg leading to the ford.  The clay had picked up just enough moisture to be wet and sticky.  It rapidly clogged the deep lugs in the truck’s tires leaving them with all the traction of ice skates.  They made it down, slithering and sliding then splashed across the river.  It was plain that the rain hadn’t been that serious.  The water wasn’t up noticeably at all. 

            They grabbed breakfast in Huttonsville then stopped in at the local hardware store.  Carl wandered while Arron matched up a set of head bolts for the old tractor.  He was sure purists would scream about authenticity but he was more interested in getting the beast running than in making it concourses perfect.  He managed to find a box of grade 8 bolts with the right thread, shank and overall length.  They were maybe an eighth of an inch short but he doubted the old tractor would notice.  He bought these, several cans of spray grease and a 5 gallon can of gear lube so old that the container was for real steel and had the old Sonoco livery in faded, dust covered paint.

            They swung by the electrical shop and picked up the motor then drove out to Dave Helsey’s mill.  It had been right at a week give or take a day.  This time there was a shy teenager with glasses and a sprinkle of acne behind the counter.  She consulted a bound ledger book then disappeared into the depths of the rumbling mill.

            Barely a minute passed before the hulking form of the miller appeared from between the shelving.  He greeted them enthusiastically then ushered them behind the counter.  Their order was complete.  He pulled several different pieces out and insisted they examine them.  The workmanship was excellent and the wood was straight with a clear, attractive grain.  They had left a small deposit when they placed the order; Carl wrote a check for the balance. 

            Another problem now presented itself.  They needed to transport fine, unfinished mill work and it was still raining.  It wasn’t heavy but it was certainly enough to get things wet.  The big miller came to the rescue.  The Ram was backed under an overhang then a dry plastic tarp was laid atop the wet bed liner.  The moldings went atop this then another tarp atop that.  A liberal application of duct tape made the whole ensemble watertight against anything short of a full gale.

            When they pulled out twenty minutes later they had two more cases of the ‘plague’ and a third case containing a lemony lager in addition to the moldings.  They promised to return the tarps and their soon to be growing collection of empty bottles.

            They were back at camp just after noon.  They drove to the house and unloaded the moldings to much oohing from Jenny and the total indifference of the girls.  That done; they installed the motor on the mill.  It fired right up and they sat to happily ripping face boards for the dam. 

            They were at the dam site by two and set to work.  The boards went on quickly and they got three more courses installed, filled and tamped by dusk.  The water flowing out the open ball valve was already crystal clear, the mud caused by the disturbances they had wrought had settled out quickly.

            Back at the house they found Jenny and the girls having an impromptu water fight after cleaning up the painting equipment.  The paintwork was finished.

            “What are we going to finish the moldings with?” asked Jenny as she stirred the stew.  Arron wasn’t exactly sure what was in it but it smelled good.

            He scratched; both he and Carl had picked up a good crop of chiggers while working on the dam.  “I figured the same polyurethane we put on the floors.  We’ve got plenty left.”

            “What about a stain?”

            “I didn’t figure on using one.  We didn’t on the floors.”

            “Yeah, I vote for no stain,” Carl chimed in as he tried to balance a bouncing Rachel on one knee.  “That is nice wood.”

            “So when are you men folk going to start installing it?”

            Arron thought of the dam and how close they were.  He sighed, “Tomorrow I guess.  It’ll take a day or three to get it installed then and two to coat it.”

            Carl stopped bouncing his youngest and looked up.  “I’ve been thinking on that.  When we had our game room redone the contractor sprayed the paneling and trim before installing it.  When he put it in he only spent a few hours on touchup.  We’ve got sawhorses and the spray rig.  We could do the same thing.”

            Arron stopped in the process of covertly pilfering a bit of stew meat and stared slack jawed at his brother.  “That’s freaking brilliant bro.”

            Carl blushed, slightly embarrassed by the praise.  “Well you know what they say about broken clocks”, he mumbled.

            Jenny slapped Arron’s hand away from the stew pot.  “Well I might be able to handle that.  Let’s eat then head for the spring.”

            They did; both the eating and the springing that is.  Once at the aromatic spring Arron kept his legs under the water as much as possible.  He hated chiggers; maybe the little bastards would drown.

            They played and splashed a bit longer than normal.  Long enough that Lena and Rachel crawled from the water and spooned under a towel on a mossy bank.  They were asleep in minutes.  One this was noted Jenny insisted on the rare luxury of a little three-way loving under the steam haloed stars.  The men folk didn’t object much.

            They carried the children back to camp and deposited them in Arron’s tent.  Only then did he remember the wet sleeping bag.  Lena was deposited atop Arron’s bag and her wet one was pulled out and draped over a clothes line.

            They cracked open some beers, the men went for the ‘plague’ while Jenny decided to sample the lager.  She liked it and was soon outpacing both her husband and brother in law.  This made her tipsy and glory of glories, randy.  Arron was patching his tent with the help of a headlamp and a roll of duct tape and only vaguely monitoring the murmuring and giggling that came from the dining fly. 

            He had about finished when Carl’s pitched voice carried across the camp.  Yo, bro, a little help here.  I think we’ve got a fire!”

            That got he attention and he tamped down the last clumsy repair and trotted over.  He saw no sign of an impending conflagration and looked at Carl in puzzlement, “Where’s the fire?”

            Jenny was sitting atop the table; she giggled and spread her finely toned legs.  “Right here she answered throatily, and it’s getting hotter.”  Only then did he realize that she was completely nude.  The brothers exchanged glances then grins.  It just wouldn’t be gentlemanly to leave the lady hanging even if she had been well serviced not two hours before.

            Only after he and Carl had fucked Jenny stupid did Arron drag his sated body to his tent.  He stripped clumsily then eased down beside the still naked Lena and pulled the sheet over them both.

            He had just closed his eyes when a small hand began to stroke his hairy chest, pausing to gently pull at a tuft here and there.

            “Did you and daddy love mommy good?”  Lena asked.

            Carl looked down at the dimly seen form beside him.  He brought a hand up and pushed the child’s bangs back then kissed her forehead.  “She seemed to think so.”

            The small form wiggled in closer, the hot flesh now in contact from his shoulder to his hip.  “I wish we could join in, me and Rachel.  Why can’t we?”

            Well baby, do you remember how mad mommy was when she first found out about us?”

            He felt her nod, the soft, damp hair caressing his shoulder.

            “Well daddies get madder, sometimes a lot madder.”

            “But mommy changed her mind.  Now she loves with us too?”

            “Well…some people never change their mind.  They just stay mad or get madder.  It’s hard to know what they might do.  Your daddy might change his mind or he might take you and your sister away and not come back.  He might also tell people and me and your mommy would go to jail.  You remember what I told you about how most people feel about little girls having sex.”

            The nod came again then she was shifting.  The sheet slid away then a knee stabbed painfully into his stomach.  A slender thigh caressed one cheek.  Her sweet voice came from somewhere above. “I still don’t think its fair but I guess you’ll just have to love me all by yourself tonight.”  With that her soft, warm little pussy nestled onto his lips.

            The next morning Arron and Carl spent several hours helping Jenny and getting her started on the moldings.  They laid some of the pieces out on saw horses then brushed them with water to raise the grain.  They dried quickly then they were sanded with a medium grit paper.  A final wetting then they were again sanded with the medium then fine grit.  The sun was hot and bright so the water dried quickly.  After a wipe with a tack rag the generator and sprayer were fired up.  Arron laid a fine, even coat on a few demonstration pieces then passed the tool to Jenny.  She nervously looked at the moldings then insisted on some practice tries on scrap.  That turned out to be a good thing because she had real trouble getting the hang of it.  She tended to put the coating on too heavy, after a few samples ran she overcompensated and starting misting it on.  These dried too quickly and ended up a dull, matte finish.  She kept at it and after a bit seemed to be getting the hang of it. 

            They left her to it and together wrestled another length of dead tree onto the mill. They had barely finished the first cut when a screeching Jenny brought them to a halt.  There was a gentle breeze blowing but it was strong enough to carry fine sawdust to where she was working.  Sawdust and wet polyurethane were not a compatible combination.

            The only solution, if they wanted to cut planks anyway, was to relocate Jenny’s spray area to the uphill side of the house.  For the next hour they humped the pieces and the tools up the steep climb.  It didn’t take long to raise a sweat.  By the time the job was finished they felt that they had run a marathon.  They had to string three extension cords together to get power from the generator to the new spray site. 

            The mill was fired up again and they started ripping boards.  By the time they had enough to finish the dam it was noon.  They shut down, collected Jenny and the girls then rode back to camp for a lunch of sandwiches and chips.

            The men got right on the dam after lunch.  They loaded up the planks and drove out.  Jenny had the generator so they had to rely on the cordless drills to drive the heavy screws.  As Arron had feared when this project started they proved unequal to the task and both gave out within an hour. 

            It was either stop or find another way, they found another way.  There was an old hand brace and a set of wood boring bits in the antique tool box with the tractor.  They grabbed those and a more modern ratchet set from the house site.  It was more labor intensive but at least they could still work.

            They got the final plank course on near dusk.  The use of hand tools and the installation of the spillway slowed things down a bit.  The latter was just a length of 4 inch PVC that protruded through the planks and had a flange glued on either end.  The downstream end proceeded about two feet beyond the dam.  The outfall would be onto solid rock so erosion shouldn’t be an issue. 

Arron fired up the backhoe and started filling while Carl tramped around between the walls with a flashlight.  They finally stopped when the visibility got so bad that Arron nearly knocked his brother off the dam with the bucket.

            They fought their way through several staffel of mosquitoes and found Jenny and the girls back at camp.  Supper was more sandwiches then they headed for the spring.

            They finished the dam before lunch the next day.  Getting the remaining clay core in and tamped was mainly machine work except around the spillway pipe.  It had to be done by hand there.  After that was complete long diagonal braces were dropped into holes about ten feet from the dam’s base.  The free ends were then screwed to the heavy downstream timbers of the frame.  They were attached at roughly the high water mark.  These timbers would provide the lion’s share of the structural support for the dam.  Twenty of them went in, one for each timber set.  The first few were slow but after an experiment they found that lashing the free end to the backhoe bucket and using it to pull them down and into place made things a lot faster. 

            The end result looked a little snaggletoothed, rock had meant it was not possible to keep everything prettily aligned and still sink the braces as deep as Arron though they needed to go.  They canted left and right as needed, none however were more than fifteen degrees off the nominal right angle they should have formed with the dam face.  The bracing had been planned to be conservative anyway so Arron figured they would be ok. 

            There was still much work to do.  A top cap would be installed to seal the clay core and hopefully keep the critters out.  Since the four inch PVC spillway could not pass the full flow of the stream at flood the whole top surface of the dam would serve as an emergency spillway.  It was deliberately lower than the embankments to allow just that.  The top cap would also be needed to keep the clay from washing out under those conditions.  The spillway needed a trash rack too.

            Arron set to work backfilling the embankments while Carl loaded the bulk of the tools.  When the backhoe gave its last snort the dam ends penetrated the embankments by three feet on either side.  As the soil was mainly impermeable clay and the height was only about a dozen feet he though it sufficient.  They popped open a couple of plagues and had a toast before Arron ceremonially closed the gate valve at the base of the dam.  At the current flow he figured it would take weeks to fill.

            They loaded the backhoe then Arron conned the dump truck through the woods after the Ram.  They picked up Jenny and the girls and drove to camp.  The plan had been to return the backhoe and dump truck to the forest service yard and return to camp.  Jenny however pointed out, over lunch, that the yard was already almost out of the forest and they were again low on food and all but out of ice.  She suggested they head for Avery, spend the night and come back on the morrow.

            Arron really didn’t want to but he was swimming upstream.  The girls were bouncing around excitedly and even Carl didn’t look that averse to the idea.  He groaned and acquiesced.  After lunch the gasoline and diesel drums were loaded and everyone bustled about a bit grabbing this or that then they headed down the mountain.  The road had dried until it was sticky rather than slick; a good thing with the big dump truck and its trailer.

            At the equipment yard Arron unloaded and stowed the truck, trailer and tractor.  They refueled the dump truck and had just started pumping fuel into the tractor when Bobby Weaver pulled into the yard and climbed out of his truck.

            The Ranger ambled over.  He had a thick folder tucked under one arm.  He thumped the tractor on a clay spattered fender.  “Damn thing sure gets dirty just sitting around the yard.”  A stream of dark tobacco juice splattered the ground alongside the left lug.  “Still, I surely am glad it’s here dirty or not.  Why you know if we’d started our audit on time,”  he leaned forward and spoke clearly to emphasize the next word, “yesterday, why I’d have had to report a piece of gubmnet equipment missing.”

            Arron looked surprised, then abashed, he’d completely forgotten about the end of month audit. 

            “Oops”, Carl said.  He’d forgotten too.

            The Ranger continued.  “Luckily, we is just a bit short of manpower so that audit had to get pushed back a bit.” 

            Arron shook his head.  “Sorry Bobby, I lost track of the date.”  He looked around at the woods, thick, even around the equipment yard.  A gentle breeze was just tugging at the trees, its voice a almost inaudible sigh.  “It’s easy to do around here.”

            The uniformed man’s features relaxed.  He looked around as well.  “Aye, it is that”, he said softly his hick accent seemed to have slipped a bit.

            They listened to the wind for a moment then Carl cleared his throat and motioned to the folder.  “What’s that?”

            The man seemed to shudder then his eyes refocused and he spat another stream ot tobacco juice.  “This?  One of the girls was cleaning out some old files and came across it.  She was gonna toss it but I figured yall might like to give it a look.  It’s the proposal packet the service put together on the Tuggle parcel back when we was still planning on buying it.  Most of it is probably pretty nigh useless but it might make interestinreadin’.  Nothing else you can use it for toilet paper.”

            Carl accepted the folder then the two parties mounted their respective vehicles and headed out. 


End of Book III