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The Chronicles

Longer works, these give the time and room to do a bit more with character development. 

   Lisa's Chronicles Book 1 (Fg, Mg, MMMg, inc, pedo, beast, scat, tort)

        A lonely young widow catches the family dog trying to rape her daughter.  The situation arouses her and leads her far astray of the path of normal motherhood.
  (Lisa's Chronicles text)


 Arron's Chronicles (Mg, gg, inc)

        Arron is a drifting through life till one day his brother calls and asks if he wants to help build a homestead in the remote mountains of West Virginia.  He accepts not knowing that this will lead him to pleasures undreamed of with his brother's two pre-teen daughters.
  (Arron's Chronicles text)


Chrissy's Chronicles (Mg, fg, Mfg, inc, voy, rom, slow)

    Terry is a workaholic single father.  When Chrissy, his daughter and only child gets in trouble with the law he decides some serious 'bonding' is in order and a vacation on a houseboat seems just the ticket.  This turns out to be a voyage of discovery.  This one is quite a bit shorter than the others folks but I had reached a good stop and decided that quality would suffer if I tried to push it just to fill out pages.  It also starts slow.  If you like your sex wham bang off the bat you better take a powder on this one.  Book 2 is already in planning.
 (Chrissy's Chronicles 1 text)

 Arron's Chronicles II (Mg, gg, MMF, inc, pedo)

    Arron's adventures continue.  There's further exploration of the characters and a few traumatic events.  There is little new ground broken sexually but the old ground is hot and steamy at times.  Sorry for those of you who wanted wham bam (all 1 of you) but when realism collides with pace I'll take realism.  At least 1 more is planned for this series.
Arron's Chronicles II text


Brad's Chronicles 1 (MF, Mg, MFg, inc, ws, rape, rom)

       Brad is a professional fresh from college and new in town.  One day he spies an overweight little girl in his neighborhood that really gets his motor running.  He strikes up a friendship and fantasizes about more.  When he meets the child's equally sexy mother things start to heat up.  This one follows the trend of Chrissy's Chronicles in that is quite a bit shorter than my first works.  The reasoning is the same; I had originally planned for it to be longer but reached a good break point.  Unlike Chrissy's Chronicles the sex starts early and continues at a fast pace.  There will be a book 2
Brad's Chronicles 1 text


Jerome’s Chronicles (Mg, Pedo, Rom, slow)

   Jerome is a divorcee having a head on collision with a mid life crisis.  When he sets out on the adventure of a lifetime, a solo hike the breadth of the great white north, fate intervenes and inserts a haughty waif as a traveling companion.  If you’re put off by the nastiness of Lisa’s and Brad’s Chronicles this one’s safe folks.

Jerome’s Chronicles text


Arron’s Chronicles III

   Arron’s adventures move on.  Arron joins Jenny and Carl and Jenny joins Arron and the girls.  Somehow a house gets built amongst all the sex.  I had thought that the third book would wrap this one up.  Looks like not, there will be at least one more.

Arron’s Chronicles III text



Jeff’s Chronicles 1 (Mg, Mgg, Mggg, gg, ws, mild scat)


   Jeff’s Aunt Lois has died leaving him her house.  He arrives in the small town intending to sell it, take his windfall and leave.  A trio of latchkey moppets soon has him questioning that decision.  Book II is already in work.

Jeff’s Chronicles 1  text



The Tales

The tales will be a series of shorter works.  These might be just a few pages and they might approach the chronicles in length.

Karen’s Tale I (Mg, MMMMg, pedo, ws, bdsm)

A pudgy little girl idles away a boring summer day till she meets a randy neighbor.  If you like it a little rough this is for you.  This is more of a stroke tail than my other works.  The sex starts early and steams up fast.  The title is a bit of a spoiler, read the story and you’ll find out what I mean.  Chapter II is already well advanced.

Karen's Tale I.txt

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5/13/03  Okay, I think the damned links are fixed....I think  [all except the search engine :(]

10/05/05  I’ve gotten quite a bit of mail asking if I was still around.  I’m here folks and still writing.  What I’m not doing is writing prolifically.  Life and Career keep intervening.  I’ve changed jobs, houses and girlfriends since this page was last updated.  I don’t have much writing time and refuse to post half finished, poorly written stories.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying quit asking.  I enjoy hearing from those who read my stories.

01/21/07 Still here and still going.  I’m going to be posting several shorter works.  These will all end with ‘Tales’ rather than ‘Chronicles’.  I still plan to work in the longer format too but I have a bunch of ideas that don’t necessarily lend themselves to that treatment.  This will also allow me to post a bit more often.  The first of these is online now.  Enjoy.

05/29/08 Still kicking, Arron’s Chronicles book III has been released.  This was perhaps not the most requested story (Lisa II has probably been the most requested, you all have really perverted tastes, be patient, it’s coming) but it is the one I felt like writing on the most.  As an aside it has not escaped my attention how horrid the editing is on some of the stories.  I will, as time allows be fixing them up.  When a re-edited story goes up it will be so identified in the pre-amble.  I will not as a general rule change the story, just fix the typos and pretty them up a bit.  I know a mistake ridden story is a turn off for me and a sign of poor craftsmanship.  It is also a hazard of doing your own editing. 

08/23/09  I didn’t intend it to be a year since I put something else out here but that is the way it worked out.  After plugging away at a half a dozen sequels I didn’t plan on that submission being a completely new story written in only a few months either but…