Unexpected Delights, part I

Author: No One

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Chloe sat on the couch, eyes intent on the TV screen, game controller held tightly in her hands. Next to her, her best friend Alex was equally concentrated on the game. After all, it was a very serious duel; video game pride was at stake. On the screen, their chosen characters were squaring off; punching, kicking, and performing all sorts of crazy moves.

Alex had already won the first round, but Chloe wasn’t going to let her get away with it; she had the upper hand this time. Her character jumped over a projectile and kicked her opponent in the head, then proceeded to execute a series of attacks that made the screen flash and shake. In the end, Alex’s character was thrown back and fell to the ground, beaten.

“Oh yeah, that’s right! Not gonna go down so easily!” Chloe exclaimed, elbowing her friend.

“Uh-huh, we’ll see,” Alex said, unimpressed.

It was at this moment that Chloe noticed that Alex’s older sister, Nettie, had entered the room. The teenager’s ever-changing hairstyle was a rather tame brown, shaggy mass today, though she had been known to wear everything from a pink pixie cut, to a green mohawk in the past. Her small tank top in fact featured a skeleton with a mohawk hair style - Chloe thought it was the mascot of some punk band. Her tiny camo shorts were so short, they barely covered more than panties would. A pair of spiked bracelets completed her outfit. She looked cool and badass. She looked really hot.

Chloe swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. “H-hi,” she timidly greeted the newcomer, but received only a grunt in reply.

“Final round!” the video game announced. “Fight!”

It was suddenly much more difficult to concentrate on the game. Chloe couldn’t help stealing glances at Nettie, who had let herself fall into an armchair next to them and was fiddling with her phone. She had been fantasizing about the older girl for a few months now, and having her so close and looking sexy as hell was very distracting. In the game, she kept getting hit by attacks she should have easily blocked or dodged, and Alex eventually made short work of her.

“Ah-ha! I thought it wasn’t gonna be easy?” her friend said smugly in triumph.

“Yeah, yeah,” Chloe said, offering no excuse. She couldn’t exactly admit that she had been at an unfair disadvantage.

“Rematch?” Alex offered.

“Nah, not really feeling it. Play against the computer for a bit.”

“Psh, sore loser.” Alex rolled her eyes, but she did switch game modes.

Chloe leaned back into the couch, trying to get a good look at Nettie without being too obvious about it. The teenager was lazily sprawled into the armchair, one bare foot on the cushion and the other on the floor, in a position that some would consider indecent for a young lady. Nettie was hardly ever lady-like, mind you, but Chloe liked that about her. She noted that the older girl’s tiny shorts were frayed at the bottom, and wondered if she had actually shortened them herself. Her small top kept riding up every time she shifted, offering glimpses of her belly.

Chloe’s eyes drank in every detail. She was certain this outfit would make it into her late-night fantasies, when she lay under the covers, a hand between her legs, and imagined Nettie seducing her, kissing her, doing all manners of naughty things to her young body. She shivered at the thought, but firmly pushed the idea away. Now was definitely not a good time to be thinking this kind of thing.

She sighed, knowing her fantasies would never be reality anyway. Nettie had just turned seventeen, there was no way she would be interested in a little twelve year old like her. They barely interacted at all, in fact; Nettie usually ignored her completely when she was over to play with Alex.

“What?” The annoyed voice abruptly pulled her out of her thoughts. Her eyes snapped up to meet Nettie’s frown, and she realized with horror that she had been caught staring at the teenager’s body.

“Oh! N-nothing! Sorry!” she mumbled, hastily dropping her gaze to the floor, as if the carpet was suddenly the most interesting thing in the world. She felt her cheeks burn, and fervently hoped that Nettie had not noticed.

After a moment, she dared a quick glance at the older girl and, to her further embarrassment, found her still staring in her direction. Her disapproval seemed to have faded at least, and she instead looked… curious? Chloe wasn’t sure how to read her expression.

“Meh, beating the computer isn’t as fun as beating you,” Alex interrupted, oblivious to the situation, and apparently having triumphed over her computer opponent while Chloe was distracted. Bored of the video game, she turned it off, then asked, “hey, you brought your swimsuit, right?”

Chloe was glad for the diversion. “Ya, got it right here,” she answered, patting the bag at her feet, while pointedly avoiding looking at the teenager further.

Alex and Nettie’s mother entered the room at that moment. She eyed her eldest daughter’s attire dubiously. “You’re not going out dressed like that, are you?” she asked warily.

Nettie raised an eyebrow. “Is that a dare?”

Her mother let out a resigned sigh and dropped the subject with a shake of her head. She knew that pushing her daughter would only result in the opposite of what she wanted. Nettie was like that. Instead she said, “alright girls, I’m going out shopping for the afternoon. Alex, dear, your father will come pick you up at 4. Or that’s what he said anyway, but who knows with that man? Could be 3, could be 6.” She rolled her eyes at her ex-husband’s sense of punctuality.

“‘Kay, mom. Can we go swimming in the pool?” Alex asked.

“Oh, honey, you know I don’t like you using the pool when I’m not home,” her mom replied, hesitating.

“Mom, come on, we’re old to swim by ourselves,” Alex pleaded. “And I’m a good swimmer, I never drowned even once,” she added with an innocent smile.

“It’s fine, I’ll watch them,” Nettie interrupted, surprising everyone.

“You will?” Her mother seemed thrown off by the offer. “Seriously though, you have to pay attention.”

Nettie rolled her eyes. “Mom, I’m not gonna let my sister drown.”

“Well… alright then,” her mom relented. It seemed that was settled.

While Alex was saying goodbye to her mother, who she wouldn’t see for a couple days while she was at her dad’s, Chloe decided to go change in the bathroom. Nettie passed her by in the corridor, smirked at her, then went into her own bedroom, opposite the bathroom.

What did that mean? she wondered. She sighed, thinking that after the embarrassment earlier, the older girl probably was laughing at her, and thought she was silly, or creepy, or stupid, or all the above.

She entered the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Examining herself in the mirror, she sighed again; there was no way Nettie would ever be interested in her. Her face was plain, she thought, and her glasses made her look nerdy. Well, she was a bit nerdy, she supposed, but still, she wished she didn’t have to look the part. She did rather like her straight brown hair, but it probably looked boring to a certain someone used to crazy punk hairstyles.

She got undressed, then fished her blue bikini out of her bag. She was happy that she had finally been allowed to get a bikini, though a modest one. Her mom was rather old-fashioned and had previously always insisted on one-piece swimsuits. It was a silly thing, but it did make her feel more grown-up somehow.

She put on the bottom, then looked at her back in the mirror to fasten the top. Turning back around, she admired the result. She had to admit she liked what she saw. Her boobs had been growing rapidly lately - a fact she was very proud of - and she thought they filled out her top nicely - to an extent at least. It’s not like anyone would think she was all grown up, but still, she wasn’t a little girl anymore either. That made her smile.

Her smile faded a little when her eyes went down to her waist. She wasn’t chubby, exactly, but she thought she could definitely be thinner. Alex and Nettie were skinnier for sure. Maybe I should go on a diet, she pondered sadly. She sighed, pushing the idea out of her mind for now, but resolving to give it some thought later.

She came out of the bathroom, and noticed that the door to Nettie’s room was ajar. Impulsively, she glanced in as she passed by, then froze mid-step. In the room, the teenager, her back to the door, was taking off her tank top. She threw it carelessly on the bed, then began undoing her shorts.

Chloe’s eyes went wide, and her heart was racing. She thought she really shouldn’t be standing here peeking like this. She was being creepy, and Nettie would be pissed if she caught her watching. Still, she couldn’t make herself look away.

She watched on as Nettie hooked her thumbs into her shorts and pulled them down, along with her panties, wiggling her hips to help herself out of the tight garment. The clothes pooled at her feet and she kicked them away, now completely naked. Chloe felt an instant of panic as Nettie began to turn around, but thankfully the older girl stopped before coming face to face with her. Instead, she paused and stretched lazily, giving Chloe a full side-view of her nude body.

She was perfect. Her long, fine legs; her shapely butt; her flat stomach; her small but perky boobs; Chloe wouldn’t change one thing about her. She watched on as the teenager went to her dresser and bent over to look through the clothes in the bottom drawer, giving her an amazing view of her ass and even a tiny glimpse of her sex.

Chloe swallowed hard. She was beginning to feel quite warm between her own thighs, and she was glad getting into the pool would soon hide any unseemly wet spot. She imagined herself going into the room, feigning shock at finding Nettie nude in front of her. In her mind, the teenager wasn’t angry, instead she smiled, sat on the bed, and patted the spot next to her, inviting Chloe to join her. It was far from the first time that she had fantasized about such a scene, in multiple variations, but usually the real Nettie was not right in front of her.

“Chloe, you ready?” she suddenly heard Alex call out from the living room. She nearly jumped out of her skin, and quickly sprung away from the door to avoid Nettie noticing her.

“Uh yeah, I’m here,” she answered as she joined up with her friend, trying her best to sound nonchalant. Inwardly, she was cursing the interruption.

“Hey, new bikini. Nice. Looks cute,” Alex remarked.

Chloe smiled at the compliment. “Thanks. Finally got my mom to get me this instead of a one-piece.”

Alex chuckled; she knew how her mom could be. She was wearing a bikini as well - in fact, one argument that Chloe had used to convince her mom was that Alex had been allowed bikinis for years.

Chloe thought the light green fabric went well with her friend’s blond hair. She noticed with a bit of guilty pride that, unlike her own, Alex’s bikini top didn’t have much to hide, the girl still being rather flat-chested. She was still certainly a pretty girl, and Chloe had to admit she looked good in her bikini, even though she didn’t usually think of the girl that way, since they had been best friends since kindergarten. There was also the fact that ever since she had discovered her sexual feelings towards girls, Chloe’s major crush had been Alex’s older sister.

They went outside, and sat on the edge of the in-ground pool, dipping their feet in the water. It was a hot midsummer day, and the water was really nice. Obediently waiting for Nettie before fully getting into the pool, they turned their heads towards the door when they heard her come out.

Chloe couldn’t keep her jaw from dropping at the sight. The teenager was wearing a thin, black, strapless bikini top with narrow horizontal stripes cut off in the middle to show off her cleavage. Similarly, the bottom had an opaque section covering her private parts, but went on on the sides in thin strands of fabric with holes in between. A pair of sunglasses completed her extremely sexy ensemble. Even though Chloe had seen the girl entirely naked a few minutes ago, the display still got her blood pumping. There was something to be said for the sexiness of clothes that concealed as well as revealed, she decided.

Alex seemed quite surprised herself, her eyebrows trying their best to reach her hairline. “Uh, does mom know you have a bikini like that?” she asked dubiously.

“No, and you won’t tell her,” Nettie replied bluntly.

“Hmm,” Alex remained noncommittal. “Dunno why you’d wear that anyway. Aren’t you gonna get set on fire out in the sun?” she said cheekily.

Her sister gave her a look over her sunglasses. “Do you want to use the pool or not?”

“Yes! Okay, okay, sun’s good,” Alex relented. “Vitamin C and all that.”

“Vitamin D,” Chloe corrected automatically, though her attention was still wholly focused on Nettie. She tried not to stare at the older girl, but it proved a difficult task, and the sunglasses made it hard to tell if she noticed her looking at all.

Alex jumped into the pool, splashing everywhere, and Chloe followed her a bit more cautiously.

“Aren’t you gonna take off your glasses?” Alex asked.

“Oh um, no, it’s okay. I don’t think I’ll put my head under water,” Chloe said. She received a weird look in return. Of course, the main reason she wanted to keep her glasses on was so she could keep admiring Nettie’s body, but she didn’t really want to tell her friend that.

The younger girls started playing in the pool while the teenager lolled on a sun lounger, watching them - or so Chloe assumed, but Nettie could have just fallen asleep for all she knew. She had the nagging feeling that the older girl was observing her from behind her sunglasses though, maybe judging her silently.

It made her nervous, since she kept stealing glances at the teenager. She just couldn’t help herself; it was not everyday that she got to ogle her crush’s near-nude body at her leisure. After a while though, she did manage to relax and start enjoying herself, Nettie becoming more a pleasant distraction than a source of stress.

About half an hour later, the girls were play-wrestling on a pool raft, trying to push each other into the water.

“Hey there, girls,” a male voice suddenly interrupted their duel. They turned to find Alex’s dad, who had just entered the backyard through the door in the fence.

“Oh, hi dad,” Alex greeted him. “You’re early.”

“Am I?” he wondered, then pulled out his cell phone to look at the time. “I guess I am! Ah well, more time to spend with my little princess!”

Chloe wasn’t quite sure what time it was, but she thought he was at least two hours early. She rolled her eyes, a bit annoyed at having their play time cut short.

The man turned to Nettie, raised an eyebrow at her indecent attire, but didn’t comment on it. Instead he said, “what about you, Antoinette, want to join us for a movie?”

Chloe cringed. Nettie hated being called by her full name. Her dad really should know better. The man had some sort of distant French ancestry, and had insisted on giving his daughters fancy, old-fashioned French names, even though he probably didn’t speak a word of the language himself. Alexandrine didn’t mind hers quite as much as her sister did, but she did also prefer the shorter “Alex.”

Nettie slowly turned her head towards her father, lowered her sunglasses, and simply glared at him as a response.

“Nettie,” he amended with a sad smile.

She stared for a few seconds more, then pushed her shades back up. “No, I’m good here,” she finally said.

He looked a little disappointed, but seemed to take it in stride. He was probably used to the cold shoulder by now; the moody teenager didn’t get along that well with either parent, from what Chloe understood

“Well, alright, just you and me then, kiddo. You ready?” he asked, turning back to his younger daughter.

“Yeah, I guess, um…” Alex said, hesitating. She gave Chloe an apologetic shrug. It seemed their fun in the pool had come to an abrupt end.

“You can stay a bit if you want, Chloe,” Nettie interrupted unexpectedly.

Chloe’s eyebrows shot up. “O-oh, um,” she said, struggling for words through her surprise. Staying alone with Nettie, her heart already beat faster at the thought. “O-okay, I guess I could,” she finally managed.

Alex eyed her sister suspiciously. “She’s acting weird,” she whispered.

“Kinda,” Chloe agreed. “Just being nice I guess.”

“Yeah, that’s what’s weird.”

Chloe chuckled and shrugged helplessly. She didn’t mind at all if Nettie wanted to be nice to her, weird or not. The two girls hugged and said their goodbyes, then Alex went inside to change before leaving with her dad.

Chloe decided to laze about on the inflatable raft for a bit, slowly rotating in the water. As she watched Nettie spin out of sight, she thought she should try to strike up a conversation with the older girl. She had no idea what she could possibly say that would be of interest to her though. She sighed, knowing she would probably never dare anyway.

As the raft turned back towards where Nettie had been lounging, she found the teenager standing on the edge of the pool instead, looking at her. Chloe sat up straight, startled, and nearly fell into the pool in the process.

“I’ll be right back, don’t drown while I’m gone,” Nettie said, flashing her a smile before turning towards the house.

Chloe was surprised that the smile had seemed genuine, rather than mocking. She thought the older girl had a beautiful smile, and that she should use it more often. Then again, she wouldn’t be Nettie if she smiled all the time. Chloe watched her walk away, mesmerized by the sway of her hips. Does she always walk like that? she wondered.

A minute later, the teenager re-appeared with some sort of bottle in hand. “Help me with this sunscreen, will you?” she said. “Wouldn’t want to ‘get set on fire.’”

Chloe’s eyes went wide. “H-help you?” she repeated, unsure if Nettie really meant what it sounded like.

“Yeah, it’s hard to put on my own back, right?” Nettie explained, demonstrating the difficulty by exaggeratedly trying to reach over her head.

Chloe giggled. “Yeah, um, okay,” she said. Her heart rate again kicked up a notch. Getting to touch Nettie’s bare skin, even just her back, sounded like heaven.

Dipping her feet in the water, she paddled the raft over to the pool ladder and climbed out. She had dried off in the sun and didn’t really want to get all wet again. At least not in this way, she thought mischievously.

She joined up with Nettie, who was now lying face-down on the sun lounger. The older girl handed her the sunscreen bottle, and Chloe squeezed some out. She admired the sight in front of her while rubbing her hands together.

The punk girl’s pale skin looked very inviting, and her bikini bottom, while not quite a thong, still showed off quite a bit of her butt. Chloe felt heat rise up in her that had nothing to do with the sun.

She took a deep breath, then gingerly starting applying the sunscreen to Nettie’s upper back. Her skin was soft and smooth, just like she had always imagined in her fantasies.

“Hold on, it will be easier this way,” the teenager said, as she reached back and undid the clasp of her top, offering her whole back to the younger girl’s hands.

Chloe’s eyes grew wide. It seemed like a silly thing - just a little more skin showing, no big deal right? Somehow though, it felt like it made a big difference to the situation. Technically, Nettie wasn’t wearing her top anymore, she was just lying on it. If she turned just a little, Chloe would see her boobs.

The young girl was getting butterfly in her stomach as she tentatively started rubbing the sunscreen all over the teenager’s back. She fervently wished she could also rub it on her topless chest. If she peeked at Nettie’s side, she thought she could see a hint of her breasts underneath her. She felt like a bit of a creep, thinking these thoughts, but she couldn’t help it. She desperately wanted to touch every inch of the older girl’s beautiful body.

She tried to focus on Nettie’s back, rubbing up, then down, and back up again. She wasn’t sure how long she was expected to do this - when she put sunscreen on her own body, she made it quick, but at this moment, she didn’t want the contact to end. She put more pressure into her movements, making sure the lotion was nicely applied - that was her excuse, at least.

“This is turning into a massage,” Nettie commented.

“Oh, err...” Chloe hesitated, and stopped moving. Nettie didn’t sound unhappy, exactly, but she probably thought she was being weird.

“It’s nice, keep going,” the teenager encouraged her.

Chloe let out a reassured sigh and resumed her movements. Emboldened by the girl’s implicit invitation, her manipulations turned into a full-on back rub. The teenager seemed to be enjoying that, judging by the little noises of contentment that came out of her.

The thought that she was making Nettie feel good filled Chloe with elation and excitement. Of course, this was just an innocent gesture - her private fantasies went way further - but still, this was the most sensual thing she had ever done in her young life. She would take what she could get, especially from the girl of her dreams.

“Wanna do my legs too?” Nettie asked after a while.

Chloe swallowed. “S-sure,” she replied, trying not to sound too excited.

She moved closer to Nettie’s legs, as she squeezed some more sunscreen into her hands. Surely the teenager could have taken care of her legs herself, but Chloe certainly wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to touch more of her lovely body.

She started rubbing Nettie’s legs at the ankles, and slowly made her way up to her thighs, then back down again. All the while, her gaze kept being drawn to the older girl’s very noticeable butt, that her bikini did very little to conceal. It was very distracting. She really wanted to touch it, but she didn’t dare go very far along Nettie’s upper thighs.

Her hands made their way back down to the teenager’s ankles, then climbed back up again for another pass. She was really enjoying the feel of Nettie’s smooth legs. As she reached the middle of her thighs, she wondered if she should try going further.

“A little higher,” Nettie suggested suddenly, as if reading her thoughts.

Encouraged, Chloe continued on until she reached the top of the other girl’s thighs, tantalizingly close to her inviting butt. “Like this?” she asked timidly.

“Just a bit more,” Nettie replied nonchalantly.

Chloe paused. There really was no space left to go higher without leaving her legs entirely. Surely Nettie wasn’t requesting a butt rub? She had asked though.

Chloe hesitated a moment, then, heart in her throat, she tentatively inched higher, prepared to take her hands off at any moment if Nettie protested. There were no objections though, so she continued and soon found herself cupping the girl’s cheeks with both hands. They felt nicely firm.

Heart hammering, she froze, entirely unsure about how to proceed next, now that she had been allowed to do what she had thought would never happen. She saw Nettie shift and turn her head to look back at her, and immediately yanked off her hands, thinking she was in trouble.

The teenager merely smirked at her though, her eyes flashing over sunglasses, leaving Chloe rather confused. Is she doing this just to embarrass me? she wondered, a little annoyed. Still, she couldn’t help thinking that Nettie’s smug smile was very sexy somehow.

“Thanks, you’re pretty good at that,” Nettie commented, before she suddenly turned over, shamelessly leaving her bikini top behind.

Chloe’s eyes opened wide as saucers as Nettie’s small, perky breasts were suddenly revealed to her. She had gotten a peek earlier, but having the nearly-naked teen up close in front of her was quite a different experience. She didn’t know where to look. Though she desperately wanted to drink in this lovely, sexy vision, modesty and embarrassment made her force herself to look down at the ground. Her rebellious eyes then drifted back up on their own after a second for another yearning glance.

Nettie chuckled as she sat up. “So shy, it’s cute,” she said, before reaching out and lightly caressing Chloe’s cheek with a finger.

Chloe could only gape at her, her mind in a cloud of confusion. Was Nettie actually flirting with her? Was she just messing around? Mocking her? She had no idea what was going on.

“You didn’t look so embarrassed while you were spying on me earlier, when I was changing,” the teenager added, with that sexy smirk still on her lips.

Chloe gasped. “You saw me?”

“Sure. Got a big mirror in there, you know. I heard you coming out of the bathroom and saw you peeking in before I started getting naked,” Nettie explained.

Chloe winced, cursing herself for not noticing the mirror. She supposed her attention had been elsewhere. The rest of Nettie’s sentence then sank in. “Wait, before…? You… did it on purpose?” she asked, still confused.

The teen girl chuckled. “Of course. I thought I caught you checking me out in the living room before. Wanted to make sure I was right about you,” she explained, grinning.

“Oh,” Chloe said simply, bewildered by the situation.

Nettie scooted closer, then reached out again, this time tracing the outline of Chloe’s ear with a finger, before moving down to caress her cheek, then her neck and shoulder. “Did you enjoy the view?” she asked softly. Her other hand came up to cup one of her own bare breasts, emphasizing the kind of view she meant, as if the younger girl needed a reminder.

Chloe swallowed hard. This had become very intense, very quickly. Her heart felt like it was trying to beat its way out of her chest. The proximity of the nearly naked teenager made it hard to breathe. Not trusting herself to speak, she merely nodded.

Nettie smiled, took off her sunglasses, and gave Chloe a flirtatious look. She leaned in close, theirs cheeks nearly touching. “Did it make you wet?” she whispered in her ear.

Chloe felt her cheeks burn at the provocative question. It seemed too embarrassing to answer, but at the same time, she didn’t feel like she could deny Nettie anything at that moment. Timidly, she nodded again.

“Mm, good,” the teenager said huskily. She flashed a wicked smile, then reached up to take hold of Chloe’s chin and, angling it down slightly towards her, she pressed her lips to the younger girl’s.

Chloe froze, eyes wide. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Nettie was actually kissing her. Her first kiss, and it was with the person she had fantasized about for so long, who she had thought unapproachable. Even though she could feel the other girl’s soft, warm lips on hers, the situation still seemed entirely unreal.

It took her a few seconds to realize she should probably be reacting to the kiss. Tentatively, she closed her eyes, and tried to move her lips in response to Nettie’s own movements. It took a moment to get used to the new experience but, guided wordlessly by her well-practiced partner, she ended up lost in the kiss. It was a delicious, sensual feeling that sent tingles through her whole body.

When their lips finally parted, she slowly opened her eyes and found herself meeting Nettie’s blue-grey gaze. As the reality of the situation sank in, a hundred questions jumbled up in her mind. It was a struggle to articulate any of them coherently. “W-why?” she ended up clumsily blurting out.

Nettie let out a surprised laugh. “‘Why?’ I thought that’s what you wanted.”

Chloe felt silly for putting the question so vaguely. “Well um, yes,” she admitted. She had definitely wanted that, though she still couldn’t believe it had really happened. She felt like she should pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, but she didn’t want to look childish in front of Nettie. ”But, I mean, you… like me?” she finally asked.

The teenager laughed again. Clearly, Chloe was very amusing to her, though she had not meant to be.

“Well, I’m not asking you to marry me, if that’s what you mean,” Nettie said, making Chloe giggle. “Just… I’m horny, and you’re cute and interested,” she explained simply, shrugging.

Chloe pondered this for a moment. It was not a very romantic declaration, but of course she wouldn’t expect that kind of thing from Nettie. Was she even looking for romance herself? She wasn’t quite sure what she really wanted from the older girl. Her fantasies were certainly more erotic than affectionate, and it felt strange to imagine Nettie as her girlfriend besides.

Still, it made her nervous to take the big step to go on and actually “do it.” Her eyes roaming over the teenager’s body - her beautiful face, her perky breasts and stiff nipples, her flat stomach - were doing a lot to relieve her uncertainty though.

“You… really think I’m cute?” she asked hesitantly, feeling a little self-conscious standing in front of the gorgeous teen.

“Yeah,” Nettie replied, sounding a little surprised herself. “Looks like you’ve been growing sneakily into a little hottie. Can’t believe I didn’t really notice before.”

Nettie made a show of admiring her young body, making Chloe blush. A thought seemed to cross her mind then, and she took on a pensive expression.

“So, do you and Alex…?” she asked after a moment, trailing off but raising an eyebrow suggestively.

Chloe frowned in confusion for an instant before she realized what Nettie was getting at. “Oh! No. We’re not, um… We don’t… fool around, or anything.”

Nettie nodded, as if that’s what she had expected. “Right. I would be pretty shocked if the little sis was into anything dirty,” she said, laughing. “So, was that your first kiss then?”

Chloe nodded shyly in response.

“Thought so. Hope you liked it. You do need some practice though,” Nettie said, but with a wink to take the sting out of the comment. “But don’t worry, we’ll give you that,” she quickly added. Their eyes met, and the teenager’s sexy smirk reappeared on her lips.

She reached out to touch Chloe’s thigh, then started moving her hand up and to the rear, dragging her fingers across her skin. Reaching the young girl’s butt, she gave it a squeeze, receiving a startled giggle in response.

Nettie’s touch felt electric, sending currents of excitement flowing through Chloe’s body. She had never experienced anything quite like this; having someone caress your skin this way felt very different from touching it yourself. She wondered with nervous anticipation what it would be like if they went further.

Nettie’s hand continued its journey upwards, moving diagonally across Chloe’s hip and unto her belly, where it traced slow circles with a finger. It felt nice, but it also brought to mind the young girl’s earlier insecurities about her appearance.

“I’m thinking of going on a diet,” she blurted out without thinking.

Nettie blinked at her in surprise, then frowned. “What? Why?”

Chloe shrugged uncomfortably. “Well, I just… I’m not very skinny I guess…” she mumbled.

“What?” the teenager repeated, apparently very confused. “You look just fine, didn’t I just say? You don’t need a diet, that’s bullshit. You’re not fat at all.”

“Oh. Well, I just mean, like, you’re a lot skinnier,” Chloe hesitantly argued.

Nettie dismissed the comparison with a shrug. “Just a fast metabolism, or whatever they call it. I don’t try to be this thin, it just happens. Don’t buy into that shit they push on TV where everyone is super skinny. Nothing wrong with some curves. You look great, trust me.”

It sounded like advice Chloe’s mom might have given her - with a lot less swearing - if she had asked, but coming from Nettie, it did a lot more to reassure her. “Oh, well... okay,” she relented with a shy smile.

“And you do have nice curves,” Nettie said with an appreciative grin, leering pointedly at Chloe’s bikini top. “At your age I was flat as a board. Well, that hasn’t changed that much I guess,” she added, looking down at her own small breasts.

“Oh no, I love your… um… boobs,” Chloe said, pausing mid-sentence to blush a little as she realized what she was saying.

Nettie gave her a flirty grin. “Like these uh?” she asked, teasingly cupping the boobs in question.

The younger girl nodded shyly.

“Well, you don’t have to just look then,” the teenager continued.

Chloe swallowed. Did Nettie really just invite her to touch? She took a step closer to the teen girl, who was still sitting on the sun lounger. Lifting a hand, she hesitated. Was it really okay?

“Still a shy little thing uh? We’ll have to fix that,” Nettie teased. She took hold of Chloe’s hand and, looking into her eyes, pushed it against one of her breasts. She hissed in pleasure at the contact.

Eyes wide, Chloe tentatively gave Nettie’s breast a squeeze. It was nice and firm, and she could feel the stiff nipple poking at her palm. She tried rolling it between two fingers, as she liked to do when she was playing with herself, and was rewarded with a little moan from the teenager.

She was quite pleased with herself for giving Nettie pleasure like this. Her own arousal kept climbing higher and higher, and as it did, her nervousness diminished. Already feeling a bit more confident, she brought up her free hand to play with Nettie’s other breast.

“Mm yeah, there you go,” the teenager purred. She leaned forward, pressing herself into Chloe’s hands, and lifted her head towards the younger girl’s. Eyes half-closed and lips parted, she paused an inch or two from Chloe’s mouth.

Chloe realized Nettie wanted her to initiate the kiss - a kiss she found she was really hungry for as well. Barely hesitating, she pressed her lips to the other girl’s, and was soon lost again into that delicious shared intimacy. Her hands on Nettie’s chest continued their caresses and she soon had the girl moaning into her mouth.

A moment later, she was surprised to feel Nettie’s tongue slipping between her lips, but she allowed her in. The teenager’s tongue playfully teased hers and lured her into a sort of sensual dance. Chloe thought this was called French kissing, but she had had no idea until now how sexy and enjoyable it felt.

When their long kiss broke some time later, their eyes met and they smiled at each other.

“Mm, already much better. You’re a quick learner, I think. That’s good,” Nettie remarked.

Chloe giggled. “Maybe you’re a good teacher.”

“Damn straight I am,” Nettie agreed, before she leaned back a little to look at Chloe. “Now then, do I get to see your tits too?” she asked with a wicked smile.

Chloe’s eyes darted around the backyard nervously, suddenly very aware of how exposed they were. “Um, here?” she asked uncertainly.

“Nobody can see,” Nettie encouraged her, indicating the wooden fence all around the yard with one hand, while touching her own bare breasts with the other. Clearly, she had no problem being topless out here.

Chloe was not so comfortable. There was a fence, sure, but it was possible that the neighbors could still see through second-story windows. She was now quite willing to let Nettie lead her into naughtiness, but maybe not in public. “Um, I dunno…” she hesitated.

Nettie gave her an indulgent smile, and got to her feet. “Okay, wanna go inside then?” she offered, to which Chloe nodded vigorously. Chuckling, the teenager started walking towards the house. “Might be best anyway, now I can make you scream louder,” she added with a sly backwards glance.

Heart still hammering, Chloe followed, wondering what Nettie had in store for her. That last comment sounded both promising and a little intimidating. Though she was still a bit anxious about everything, she also way too turned on to stop. This was what she had fantasized about all this time after all, wasn’t it? She still had a hard time believe it was all actually happening, so this time, she did pinch herself. She wasn’t dreaming.

Following Nettie into the house, she was watching the teen girl’s lovely backside, which she had been touching just a few minutes ago, when a thought came to her.

“I guess you didn’t need the sunscreen after all,” she said, amused. It didn’t look like they would spend much time under the sun, in the end.

“Oh don’t worry, I got what I wanted out of it,” Nettie replied, mischief in her eyes as she spun to face Chloe. She took the young girl’s hand, and pulled her towards her bedroom, grinning lustfully all the while. Holding the door open, she motioned for Chloe to go in.

Well, too late to go back now, Chloe thought as she slowly walked into the room, stepping over discarded clothing that lay here and there on the floor. The walls were covered in posters, mostly punk bands - or so Chloe assumed, she had never really heard of any of them - but a few were beautiful women in revealing outfits, which she looked on appreciatively. There was also the large mirror that had betrayed her earlier, and she gave it a mock glare, though she supposed things had worked out in the end.

Suddenly, she felt Nettie’s body pressing against her back. The skin contact sent a pleasurable shiver all over her body, and it only got worse when the teenager’s hands joined in, roaming first over her thighs, then making their way to her belly.

“Now we’re gonna have some fun,” Nettie whispered in her ear, before gently nibbling on her earlobe.

Chloe gasped at the electric feeling this contact sent through her young body. She was surprised her ear could be so sensitive, it seemed to send an excited response all the way down to between her legs. Her bikini bottom was wet, and after all that had happened, she was certain it wasn’t only due to the water from the pool.

Nettie’s hands move to her back, and before she realized what was happening, the clasp of her top was undone. “Oh!” she said in surprise, as she spun to face the culprit while raising a hand to her chest to keep the piece of garment in place.

Nettie looked like the cat that ate the canary. “What? I thought you were gonna show me,” she said.

Chloe supposed she had kind of implied she would take off her top if they went inside. She hesitated a moment, then slowly moved hand to get one bikini strap off her shoulder, then the other, before finally letting the top fall to the floor. Watching intently for Nettie’s reaction, she was very pleased to see the other girl bite her bottom lip, the lust burning brighter in her eyes.

“Mmm, very nice,” the teenager purred. She locked eyes with Chloe, winked at her, then casually hooked her thumbs into her bikini bottom and pulled it down.

Chloe gaped in surprise. Her eyes were inexorably drawn to the other girl’s sex. There was a tuft of brown hair at the top, but the lips were bare. It was a very arousing sight, and Chloe swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry.

Nettie smirked at her, and raised an eyebrow, clearly wondering if she would dare to do the same. Chloe felt very timid and nervous, but she didn’t want to disappoint the older girl. Truth was, she would probably do nearly anything she asked at this point. She took a deep breath, then imitated Nettie and pulled down her own bikini bottom, exposing her young, nearly hairless sex to the teenager’s eyes.

The girls took a moment to ogle each other. Despite her sheepishness, Chloe found she was enjoying the feel of the other girl’s lustful eyes over her body.

“Very sexy,” Nettie said, then she closed the distance between them and pressed her lips against Chloe’s in an intense kiss. She was pushing her body hard against the younger girl’s, making her take a step back, then another, until she bumped into something behind her and started falling backwards.

Chloe had a brief instant of panic before the bed comfortably stopped her short fall. Nettie smiled above her, having clearly done it on purpose, then she climbed on the bed as well, straddling Chloe’s hips.

Chloe gasped loudly as their sexes touched; she had not been prepared for the powerful sensation that coursed through her. Nettie grinned down at her, wriggling her hips a little, magnifying the feeling even more.

The teenager reached down and gently took off Chloe’s glasses, then stretched to deposit them on the bedside table. Every one of her movements sent waves of pleasure through the young girl, who was letting out little gasps and moans.

The room became a little blurry without glasses, but thankfully Nettie was close enough to see in exquisite detail. She leaned down over Chloe and kissed her, immediately slipping her tongue into her mouth. It was an intense and passionate kiss, their tongues dancing and dueling for a long moment. At times, one girl or the other moaned into the kiss, as Nettie pushed down on her hips and made their nether lips share a kiss as well.

Chloe felt like she was in heaven. Naked in bed with Nettie, kissing and more; it was a scene she had thought about so many times, but the reality felt even better than her imagination. The position itself was quite a surprise though, she had never conceive that two girls could rub their privates together like that, but she was certainly very glad Nettie was teaching her. The feeling of the older girl’s hot, slick sex pressing against her own, their wetness mingling together, was wonderfully erotic and pleasurable.

Their kiss finally broke, leaving both girls out of breath. “You like this?” Nettie whispered huskily, pressing down hard on her hips at the same time, possibly to make sure Chloe was very clear on what she was asking.

“Ah! Yes!” Chloe nearly shouted, a sudden moan making her voice rise higher than she had intended.

Nettie smiled, looking quite pleased with herself. She straightened up, then started rocking her hips back and forth with more purpose, drawing a little moan from Chloe with each thrust. The moans only grew louder when she reached out with both hands to cup the young girl’s nascent breasts and play with her nipples.

Nettie wasn’t exactly silent herself; Chloe noticed she was growing more and more breathless, and she hoped the teenager was experiencing as much pleasure as she was. She didn’t have much freedom of movement in this position, but she tried to push her hips back against Nettie’s as much as she could, deliciously grinding their sexes together.

“Mmm, fuck,” Nettie moaned softly.

Chloe grinned, excited by the dirty word. She met Nettie’s eyes, who smiled back. The older girl’s breathing was growing more erratic, her movements more urgent, and Chloe understood she was close.

Indeed, a few seconds later, Nettie’s eyes squeezed shut and a low groan forced its way past her lips, her face twisted in a grimace of overwhelming pleasure.

The teenager’s orgasm was the sexiest thing Chloe had ever seen, and she watched on with excitement as Nettie rode the waves of ecstasy until her movements slowed and she let out a deep contented sigh.

As arousing as that spectacle had been though, Chloe now felt herself quite close to her own release, and the diminishing motion was a bit frustrating. She tried to push into her partner to make up for it.

Nettie opened her eyes and gave her an apologetic smile. She reached down between them, into the hot, wet place where their bodies met, and flicked her thumb over Chloe’s little nub, making the young girl cry out in renewed delight. Now smirking, she brought in the fingers of her other hand to explore the folds of Chloe’s sex while her thumb made delicious circular motions over her pleasure button.

“Yes, yes!” Chloe shouted unwittingly, her arousal quickly back to its maximum level under the care of Nettie’s expert fingers. It didn’t take long at all for her to feel that tension within her build up to its breaking point. Her back arched off the bed, and she screamed out wordlessly as the wave of bliss hit her, harder than any of the times she had done it to herself.

She thrashed and twitched as she rode that perfect orgasm, Nettie’s finger gradually slowing and bringing her down gently from that ecstatic high.

“Wow,” she said simply once she had recovered her breath a little.

“Good one uh?” Nettie said, sounding self-satisfied, as she climbed off and lay down next to her.

Chloe could only nod. She felt the other girl’s hand on her cheek and turned to face her, and Nettie took that opportunity to kiss her again. It started out as a light kiss, but soon grew deep and passionate as the teenager slipped her tongue in.

Chloe felt Nettie’s hand reach out to grab and caress her butt as they kissed, pressing their bodies together. Despite having just recently had an amazing orgasm, she found this ardent make-out session was beginning to awaken her desire once again. She had thought they were done with the sex stuff, but now wondered if the older girl had other plans.

They smiled at each other when their lips finally parted. “I didn’t think you’d want to… fool around, with a girl my age,” Chloe said timidly after a moment. She still had a hard time believing this had actually happened.

Nettie shrugged nonchalantly. “If you’re old enough to get turned on and want it, I think you’re old enough to do it, yeah?” she said, then paused and frowned as she seemed to think of something. “Wait, you knew I liked girls? Before this?”

“Oh, um…” Chloe hesitated, then nodded sheepishly.

The teenager just raised an eyebrow at her, awaiting an explanation. Chloe sighed, this was going to be a bit embarrassing.

“Well, remember, like, last year, when me and Alex had a sleepover here?” she began.

Nettie shrugged. “I guess? You did that a few times.”

“Ya, well, that time, um, you had a friend over… Trish, I think?”

“Ah.” Nettie nodded, a small smile appearing on her lips. Perhaps she saw where this was going.

“So… during the night, I got up to get a glass of water from the bathroom upstairs. Then I heard, uh, a noise, coming from down the stairs, so um, I kinda peeked. You and Trish were on the couch... making out… naked,” Chloe continued shyly.

Nettie chuckled. “I bet we were. And what did you think of that?”

“That… it was hot,” Chloe admitted with a giggle.

The teenager grinned, then kissed her, and they did their own bit of making out for a while. Telling the story was turning Chloe on, as she remembered the thrilling and - at the time - shocking things she had seen that night, and it seemed to be having the same effect on Nettie.

“What then? Did you go back to Alex’s room?” Nettie asked teasingly.

“I… might have watched a bit,” Chloe confessed, blushing a little.

“You naughty girl,” Nettie said in mock indignation. “What happened next then?”

“You, um… you kissed her boobs.”

“Mm, that does sound like me,” the older girl conceded. She got up on her hands and knees, and leaned over Chloe. She gave one of her budding breasts a long, spiralling lick, ending it with a flick of the tongue on her nipple. “Like this, maybe?” she asked.

A moan from Chloe was the only answer. Nettie seemed to think she had it right though, and continued on, licking and kissing all over her boob, then moving on to the other. Her nipples were left very stiff, and she felt a fresh flush of heat and wetness between her legs.

“Was that all we did?” Nettie asked after a while, with a smirk that said she was well aware of the answer.

Chloe shook her head, a little short of breath already.

“What then?”

“You kissed her… her belly,” Chloe continued, feeling nervous excitement at the direction this was going.

Nettie nodded, and kissed her way down to the younger girl’s belly. She gave her belly button a few teasing licks, then asked again, “and then?”

Chloe swallowed. “You kissed… between her legs.”

“Her pussy?” Nettie asked, smiling.

Chloe nodded. “Her pussy,” she repeated, feeling a naughty thrill at the dirty word. She watched Nettie crawl further down until she felt the teen’s breath on her most intimate part. It sent a shiver through her whole body.

The next thing she felt was Nettie’s tongue, giving her a long, slow lick from the bottom of her sex to the top. The wonderful feeling drew a long moan out of her. She had given herself so many orgasms thinking about this exact situation, and now it was actually happening. Nettie was licking her. Licking her pussy.

“Yummy,” the teenager said, winking up at her, before she went back for a second lick, then a third, then… well, Chloe lost count in the fog of pleasure that filled up her mind.

Raised on her elbows, all she could do was stare at the beautiful face between her spread legs, kissing and licking every inch, every fold of her young pussy. Her deepest fantasy realized, though it felt even more amazing than she had imagined. Her own fingers were no match for Nettie’s magic tongue.

The pleasure was building up hard and fast within her. She was growing breathless, every exhalation a little moan. Her hips twitched and pushed against her partner’s face, seemingly of their own volition.

Nettie didn’t seem to mind at all. She looked up, and paused to offer her a grin, surely well aware of the intense pleasure she was giving. She brought up a hand and used it to spread Chloe’s pussy lips, before resuming her tongue movements, deep within her folds.

She poked tentatively with a finger at the entrance of the young girl’s sex, raising up an eyebrow at her when she found no resistance. Slowly, she slipped in her finger until it was entirely in.

Chloe let out a loud cry. She felt like she was going to explode with pleasure. She thought she heard Nettie chuckle, then felt her tongue movements concentrate on her nub. The older girl’s finger nearly instantly found the secret spot inside her that always made her go wild.

“Ah! Ah, Nettie!” she cried out as she felt her orgasm fast approaching. She tried to resist it, to make the pleasure last as long as possible, but Nettie’s talented tongue and finger were making that impossible. The inescapable ecstasy crashed into her, making her body thrash around uncontrollably and wiping away her conscious thoughts for a little while.

Once she could think again, she opened her eyes and found Nettie standing on her knees, watching her. “That was… even better than the last one,” she said haltingly.

“Yeah, I’m that good,” Nettie agreed.

Chloe giggled at her sense of modesty. She wanted to kiss the girl, but found her limbs were still very weak from that wonderful exertion when she tried to get up. Instead, she gestured for Nettie to get closer.

Now face to face, she noticed the teenager had glistening traces on her cheeks, around her mouth. She reddened a little thinking about where they came from. “Oh, um, you’re a bit… dirty, there,” she pointed out.

“And who’s fault is that?” Nettie asked, though she didn’t seem to mind in the least.

“Sorry,” Chloe said coyly, then a naughty thought crosses her mind. “I guess I should clean you up then,” she said, before she leaned closer and gave the older girl’s cheek a tentative lick. Nettie’s sharp intake of breath told her this was as much of a turn on as she had hoped.

She licked all around Nettie’s mouth, probably not doing a great job of actually cleaning, but that wasn’t really the point. She had tasted her own wetness before, just to see what it was like, but she now found it was a lot more fun to lick it off a pretty face.

Once the cursory cleaning was done, she instead slipped her tongue into the other girl’s mouth for a steamy kiss that was returned passionately. Gazing into Nettie’s eyes afterwards, she could see the lust building up, and thought the girl was in the mood for more.

Her strength having now returned a little, she gently pushed Nettie unto her back, and sat up next to her. She saw the older girl watching her expectantly, perhaps wondering what she would do on her own. What she wanted was to explore that gorgeous teenage body.

She laid a hand on Nettie’s flat stomach, then slowly caressed her way up across her ribs until she cupped one of her breasts. They were really lovely boobs, small but firm, keeping their shape even with the girl lying on her back.

Chloe took her time, caressing first one breast, then the other, then both at once, encouraged by little moans and sighs from Nettie. The nipples quickly grew very stiff, and she enjoyed teasing them with her fingers.

“So…” Nettie began between two happy sighs, “you didn’t finish your story. You watched us have sex? And then?”

Chloe reddened again; she had hoped to avoid the most embarrassing part. “I, um… I had to go back into the bathroom,” she mumbled.

Nettie laughed. “Oh really? And what did you do in the bathroom, Chloe?” she asked in a knowing tone.

Chloe glanced down the teenager’s body, towards her inviting sex, and decided actions might speak louder than words. One of her hands slipped away from Nettie’s breasts, and slid down her body until she reached her burning pussy. She pressed her fingers deep into her folds. The girl was soaked with excitement.

Nettie let out a loud moan. “Is that what you did?” she breathed. “You fucked your little pussy? While we were fucking downstairs?”

Chloe’s eyes widened a little at the dirty talk, but she smiled as well. Nettie seemed to be really into it. “Yes, I did” she whispered into her ear.

“Mmm. While my sis was sleeping just next door?”

“Yes,” she said again. She had been a bit ashamed of herself at the time, but she had not been able to resist after watching Nettie and Trish fool around.

“Mm, you dirty girl,” Nettie moaned. “Wish I could have seen.” Her eyes were squeezed shut, maybe imagining the scene.

While her fingers rubbed up and down Nettie’s sex, Chloe lowered her mouth to the girl’s chest, and flicked her tongue over one hard nipples. The teenager gasped in response, making Chloe smile. It seemed her nipples were quite sensitive. She took one in her mouth, licked it for a moment, then moved to the other.

Tentatively, she slid a finger into Nettie’s slick sex, slowly moving it in and out. Receiving encouraging moans, she accelerated her movements a little. It felt very dirty and thrilling to penetrate the older girl like this.

“Mmm, yeah. You can put in more than one,” Nettie suggested breathily.

Chloe paused briefly. She had never used more than one finger on herself, but she supposed it made sense that grown-ups might like more. After all, many girls liked a boy’s thing in there, and that was bigger than a finger, as far as she knew. Gingerly, she added a second finger to join the first inside Nettie’s intimacy.

The teen girl seemed to like that a lot. Her hips were bucking against Chloe’s hand, driving her fingers deep inside her.

“Yeah! Harder!” Nettie demanded.

Chloe had been going a bit cautiously, afraid she might maybe hurt Nettie if she went in too hard, but it sounded like that wasn’t a concern.

On the contrary, the more vigorous she was, the more the teenager seemed to like it, letting out deep groans of pleasure on each thrust. Her hips even came off the bed, bucking and pushing herself against Chloe as much as the young girl was pushing into her. It was a very erotic display.

Nettie looked like she was very close to a big orgasm, and Chloe thought she knew just how to drive her over the edge. She licked the fingertips of her free hand, then reached out and pressed them to the other girl’s engorged nub. The response was immediate.

“Ah, yes! Fuck me, baby!” Nettie shouted out.

Chloe grinned. She made circular motions over her partner’s button, while her fingers were still pistoning in and out of her hungry sex. It only took a few seconds before Nettie arched her back, then froze, letting out her ecstasy in a great scream. Her body bridged over the bed for a long moment, until finally she crumpled like a broken puppet.

Chloe gently pulled her fingers out of Nettie’s sated sex, and watched over her supine form. The girl was a twitching, disheveled, sweaty mess. She was beautiful. Smiling, Chloe lay down next to her.

“Oh, god… Damn…” Nettie mumbled.

“Good one?” Chloe asked knowingly.

“Mmhmm. You did really well, kid. Fast learner for sure,” Nettie praised her, eyes still closed. An instant later, she grimaced. “Ugh, I probably shouldn’t call someone I just had sex with ‘kid,’” she added.

Chloe giggled. She watched the girl catch her breath in silence for a moment.

Finally, Nettie opened her eyes and glanced at her. The lust had dissipated from her gaze, replaced with a hint of worry.

“Hey um, you… you’re okay with all this, right?” she asked hesitantly. “I guess I can get kinda… overeager, when I’m horny.”

“I’m okay,” Chloe reassured her, smiling. “It was amazing.”

Nettie smiled back, relieved. “Oh, good. Glad you liked, then.”

“Kinda been thinking about that for a while,” Chloe continued sheepishly.

“Oh yeah? Since you saw me with Trish?”

Chloe nodded shyly.

The teenager grinned. “What, is that what got you into girls?”

Chloe giggled and shook her head. “I kinda knew I liked girls before but… that sure showed me some, um, new ideas.”

Nettie laughed. “I bet. Ideas to explore in the bathroom,” she said with a wink.

“Yeah… and a lot of other times since,” Chloe admitted quickly, before she thought better of it.

“Wow, really. You’re a lot naughtier than you look,” Nettie said, chuckling. “Well, happy to be of service for your masturbation fantasies,” she added, bowing her head and making Chloe snort in laughter. “Kinda wish I had noticed sooner, I guess.”

“It’s okay,” the younger girl said. She was just overjoyed to have been able to share this experience with Nettie. A thought crossed her mind then, and she frowned a little. “Um, is Trish… your girlfriend?” she asked, suddenly afraid to have done something wrong.

Nettie sighed, and shook her head. “No. Trish decided she likes guys better now,” she explained, somewhat bitterly.

“Oh,” Chloe said. She couldn’t believe anything could be better than sex with Nettie at that moment, though she was relieved that she wasn’t intruding on their relationship.

“What about you? Do you like boys?” Nettie asked.

Chloe shook her head. “Not really,” she said. She had never understood what the big deal with boys was supposed to be.

“Good girl,” the teenager approved, and gave her a quick kiss.

Chloe grinned back. “So… are we gonna be doing this again?” she asked coyly.

“Up to you, but I hope so,” Nettie said, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

“Then I think maybe we will,” the young girl replied, nodding knowingly.

“Hey um, you can’t tell anyone about this though, okay?” Nettie said, suddenly more serious. “Even Alex. Well, especially Alex. I could, uh, get in trouble.”

“I promise,” Chloe said solemnly. The last thing she wanted was to get Nettie in trouble for giving her so much pleasure.

“Good. I think you and me will get along very well then.” That sexy smirk was back on Nettie’s lips, full of erotic possibilities. Chloe couldn’t wait to discover it all.