A while back there was a story called `Rent my Son'. The author has since taken the story down. The premise of the story has stayed with me and so I offer for your reading entertainment my own version of this story.


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Story: Rent my boy

Chapter: 7 A new beginning

Codes: M/b; oral; anal; incest; dad/son; adult/youth


June 27th, 2012 Harry Duncan - #9


Greg was now 10 years old and still just as perfect. My son was a true boy Adonis and was enjoying every minute of it. The only main difference was Greg was now taller and just a few more pounds added on. His brown hair still was a mop of hair that would have made Justin Bieber jealous. Just about to finish the 5th grade, Greg and I had continued our love on a near daily basis.


My construction job is still near rock bottom, with new housing jobs few and far between. Multiple companies doing whatever they can to win the job, has brought new competition from all over the state to what were once local jobs. Some weeks the only thing that has kept Greg and I fed are the men willing to rent my son for their deepest fantasies.


With the end of the school year approaching, it almost the start of little league baseball here in our small town. I had it all planned out, Greg was excited as always. Harry Duncan had rented out Greg a few times since he was first introduced to us over a year ago. He was 39, 6'4" and 220 lbs. A little over weight, but nothing really fat about him. With the wide shoulders, he carried his weight well, and while not having any sort of 6-pack abs, his stomach was pretty fit. Harry moved into town a few years ago and bought the local car dealership that was about to go under saving close to 50 jobs. While not successful at first he has rebuilt the dealership and is doing pretty well financially. It was a few weeks ago that he brought up this idea and it took a little extra convincing before I finally agreed.

"Strike one!" The little league umpire shouted out.


I was sitting in the stands watching my son's team for their first little league friendly game of the season. Greg was the shortstop, thanks to his flexible body, he was a natural. Just a handful of parents were in the stands as most people in this town had to work multiple jobs to stay afloat. Most of the boys were dropped off with their friends the benefits of living in a small community. During the 3rd inning is when Harry arrived during the biggest and longest RV ever built. Getting a few looks as he came towards the baseball field, he smiled at me as he saw me in the stands and sat next to me.


"Hey Frank, how's it going?" Harry said shaking my hand.


"Not bad. New toy?"


Harry looked out onto the field and locked eyes on my son. "You have no idea." Laughing at the comment we watched the rest of the game.


The game was close, tied heading into the top of the 5th when Greg came to the plate. Harry would comment on that `damn perfect ass' and what a `skinny little fuck' he was. Taking a pitch a little high and in, we cheered Greg on. The very next pitch we saw Greg swing and smash the ball over the fence. My son ran the bases and was mobbed by his teammates. The following innings were nail-biting with each team close to breaking it open before some great defensive skills ended the innings. And with the final pop-up, Greg's team won 5-4. A few parents from the losing team started saying how the umpire should learn how to call balls and strikes better, not caring about how they might have sounded to their kids.

"Dad did you see?" Greg said excitedly as he found Harry and me by the stands.

"You were great son." I said giving him a hug. He looked perfect in his blue and yellow uniform. His hat, not bent at all, sat just right on his head. Sitting more on the back of his head.


Harry had lust in his eyes as he knew that for almost a full week he would have my 10 year old son to himself. The deal between the two of us was rather simple and gave us each what we needed. I got a brand new truck for my business at a rock bottom price and Harry got Greg to bottom out in. As for Greg, he loved it all. This would be his first week long renting; his first time in a RV; and first time to Kansas where Harry was going to finish up some business on purchasing some used cars to sell back here.


Grabbing his pre-packed bag from my truck, Harry and I spoke about the last minute details. Greg had his new tablet with him so he would be able to skype with me every day so I could keep tabs on him. A final hug goodbye and I watched Greg and Harry head to his RV.


"You are still the hottest fuck out there Greg." Harry said as he shut the door behind them. Greg just blushed as he set his bag on the couch, in the house on wheels. "I'm going to enjoy fucking that perfect bubble butt all week long." Harry spun the boy around and kissed him deep as his hands grabbed hold of mound of boy ass. Pulling away from the boy he told Greg to get comfortable and soon they were on their way.


Harry kept the boy in his baseball uniform during the entire drive. Each time he would look into the rearview mirror he would comment on what a great ass the boy had. Greg, being the tease he was would shake his ass and pull his baseball pants down giving the man a glimpse of his ass. The drive for Greg was quite fun, he could watch tv, play xbox, take a nap and even skype with his friends. Harry had the trip pretty much planned out and around 8pm he pulled off the expressway and into a RV park. Once the RV was hooked up to the electricity and water, Harry was finally able to enjoy what he paid for. The boy knew what was about to happen, almost a day didn't go by that he was getting fucked by his dad or some other man, but Greg loved every moment of it. He loved being the center of attention.


Stepping up to the boy, he grabbed the back of his neck. "I have missed you so much", Harry spoke before leaning down to kiss the boy. A deep passionate kiss that true lovers would have. As they kissed Greg started to unbutton the man's jeans, Harry finding the boy's baseball belt unbuckled it. Releasing their kiss the two quickly stripped off their clothes, tossing their pants and shirts on the floor. Stepping back a second Harry checked over the preteen boy. Totally hairless just as before, only his small immature boy dick seemed to have grown some but still small and cute. "I've needed this for a while now." Harry looked down on his semi hard cock then back up at Greg. Dropping to his knees, the boy stared up at the grown man then like the true slut he was leaned in and swallowed the large cockhead before him.


Harry was blessed with a thick cock and massive cum filled nuts. His 10" cut cock was topped off by a wide cockhead that stretched Greg to his limits. Greg worked his tongue over the mushroom head bringing the man to his max length, and a smile to the boy's face. Sucking like a pro, Harry grabbed hold of the boy's mop of hair and started to face fuck the little slut. "uhhhh...suck it bitch" the man moaned as he watched the boy suck down all 10 inches. His massive set of balls swung back and forth, slapping up against the boys chin. He pulled his cock out of the boy and laid down on the couch, Greg followed him and swung his legs around so they were in a 69 position. Harry had no problem sucking on the boy's small cock and marble size balls at the same time, Greg loved feeling the man's slightly hairy body against his skin as he sucked and slurped on the man's hard fuck stick.

Harry also loved that he now had complete access to the boys bubble butt. Parting them with his hands he spied the little boy's prize, the dime sized hairless hole. Pulling his mouth off the boys little cock, he dove his face right into the smooth ass crack. Licking his tongue all around, Harry moaned with pleasure as Greg was working on his cock like a true boy slut. The man's long tongue lapped up and down the hairless valley and once it found the boys hole, he would poke the tip of his tongue in. Greg moaned as his mouth surrounded the long thick cock. Once his hole was nice and wet the man started to pull his hole open and then aim his finger and shoved it in. Finger fucking his toy for a good fifteen it was now time to fuck.


Sliding his body out from under the boy, Harry towered over the laying boy. Aiming right above the boys butt, he spit a huge wad to help lube up the tight hole. "I'm gonna fuck you like the piece of shit you are. You fucking tease." Harry hissed as he lined up his cock and pushed his cockhead into the boy's hole.


"Uhhhhh..." Greg moaned as his man slide inch after inch into his body. "Fuck me hard."



"I love you. Damn right I'm gonna fuck you hard you fucking slut." Harry spewed out as he slammed in the last eight inches.


Both boy and man filled the RV with loud moaning and skin slapping against skin as they fucked on the couch for over an hour. Greg took everything the man gave him, the constant bottoming out, the hair pulling, the hard ass slaps and the numerous vulgar name calling. Harry got tired of looking at the back on the preteen boy not that it was possible so with his cock still deep inside the boy, he flipped the boy onto his back and propped the boys legs onto his shoulders. Bending the boy in half, the man was able to look into his eyes and lean down and kiss his rental. In and out the man's cock sunk into the tight boy's hole. Fucking for close to 90 mins now, Greg was just moaning gibberish as he took the onslaught. As for Greg, the marathon sex session provided him three dry cums and was on the verge of a fourth powerful dry cum when Harry pulled his cock out and told the boy to get on all fours in the middle of the RV. Grabbing hold of the small boy's waist he plunged his cock back into the boy. Like a college stud, Harry pounded the little boy over and over. Each time he slammed in the boys head would thrash around as he felt every inch sliding in and out of him. "Piece of shit" Harry screamed as he slapped the boy across his back, causing Greg to tighten up his hole. Grabbing a handful of the boys sweaty hair, Harry yanked his head back, "you fucking love this don't you?" he whispered into the boys ear. Nothing more than a moan coming from the boy as the man pounded and pounded.


Greg finally couldn't keep up as his dry cum sent waves throughout his body and with one final shudder his whole body collapsed and he passed out. Fucking an unconscious boy was beyond his belief as he put the remaining energy he had and rabbit fucked the boy. He finally couldn't hold back and shot his hot man seed deep into the boy, coating the insides with thick baby batter.


The next morning Harry was the first to wake up. Getting out of the king sized bed, located in the back of the RV; he found a pair of shorts from his bag and walked out into the main area. Greg was still fast asleep on the floor, curled up though, with fresh cum leaking out of his hole. It was a beautiful summer morning, as Harry stepped out of the RV to enjoy some fresh air. His toned body was just a little pale from living in Michigan, his light chest hair giving him more color than anything. As he walked around to the front of his camping spot, he was about to make a trip to the small campground store when he heard a creak from the RV spot next to him.


"Morning neighbor." A voice came from underneath a pullout canopy.

Harry had to take a few steps over to see who it was and there was a man in his 50's, wearing a pair of denim shorts and loose button up plaid shirt. A man with a couple weeks' worth of beard going on, he seemed like he was enjoying an early retirement.


"Morning." Harry said with a wave. Taking a few steps closer to the man, he noticed that there was only one chair out where he was sitting.


"Nice RV you have there. You got the Presidential series there I see." The man said, and only then did Harry notice that they each had the same type or RV, only his came with more bells-and-whistles. "She is a beaut. My name is Sam." He got up and walked the remaining distance to shake Harry's hand.

Exchanging names and small talk, Sam finally stumped him with the question.


"You and your misses getting to know each other all over again?"


"Excuse me?"


"Oh sorry. Didn't mean to be so forward. It's just with the nice weather, I kept my windows open last night, and so did you, and it's just I couldn't help but overhear the two of you going at it. For quite a few hours matter of fact."


"Sorry Sam. Just hadn't had the chance in a long time and the two of us decided to do all we can during our little break here." Harry explained as he kicked a few rocks around in the parking spot.


"No worries. My wife did a few years ago and so I must say I'm pretty jealous. But please don't let me keep you." The two started to walk away when Sam spoke again. "Just curious though." Harry stopped and turned around. "You must be packing some serious meat down there to keep her moaning like that."


As in right on cue, Greg walked out of the RV wearing nothing but his blue baseball pants and a pair of sandals. His hair was more like sex hair, as it was still stuck to his forehead and you could tell that someone was pulling it from the back as it still stuck out. Without wearing his belt, his uniform pants barely stayed on. Thankfully his bubble butt was just enough to keep them up, still sagging though down in front revealing just a little too much to the stranger.


Now knowing there was nothing else he could do, Harry attempted to make a joke of it. "Well, if we decide to stay a second night, I can't promise we will be any quieter".