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To those of you who have read my Superslut series, or Weekend at Tom’s or any of my short stories, you may find this one a little different. There’s less sex, but more emotion - or that’s what I’ve tried to put into this story. I hope you like it.


Dad and me are truckers. I’ve been truckin’ with Dad almost all my life. Well, since Mom shot through when I was two. Sounds odd I know, but Dad was determined not to lose me. He was twenty-two when I was born, and truckin’ was his life. Mom didn’t think it was good enough for her, and when I was two she told Dad she was leavin’. She wanted a better life. She was eighteen and wanted some excitement, not to be stuck at home with a kid while he was on the road.

It didn’t worry Dad that she wanted out. After all, it wasn’t like they were married or anything. All he was worried about was losin’ me. So he took me with him on the road. Dunno how he did it and if it was legal, but he did. He rigged up a cradle/bed in the sleepin’ cab of the truck, and that was my home. It was him that taught me readin’ and writin’ and all that stuff. And I reckon he did a good job at it. How many kids learnt their history and geography by actually going to the places? We travelled all over the country, and we’d stop in every town and get stuff on the local tourist attractions. Sometimes he’d get me books, but most of my readin’ was through the leaflets.

When I was old enough to sit up front with Dad we’d have spellin’ games with roadside signs, and math from mileage posts and number plates. Maybe it ain’t the standard education, but I can do math in my head with the best of them and I reckon I know more about the history of this country than most.

We work as a team, Dad and me. And we look almost like twins, ‘cept he’s got a bit of grey in his hair now (when he lets it grow) and a few weather lines round his face. We’re not tall guys, five nine to be exact, but we’re both big, solid and muscly. Haulin’ a truck builds strong guys. He’s forty-four now and I’m twenty-two. We’re the same size all over - includin’ our uncut seven inches (saves on clothes) shave our heads mostly and our cocks and balls. The only differences are I shave my asshole too, and Dad doesn’t, Dad’s got a gold ring in his left ear and mine’s in my right, and Dad’s tatt is on his left shoulder and mine’s on my right.

Also he flags left and I flag right. That’s right. Dad’s top and I’m bottom. And he fucks me most nights .

“Fuckin’s part of life,” he told me when I was a kid. “Like eatin’ and drinkin’ and sleepin’ and pissin’ and shittin’. Fuckin’ is a necessary part of a man’s life. He’s gotta fuck or go mad.”

And I saw him fuckin’ since I was young. He’d pick up truckstop whores and bring ‘em back to the truck for a fuck. Sometimes they’d suck my dick while he was porkin’ ‘em. And they weren’t always women. There were enough guys hangin’ round the truckstops lookin’ for someone to fuck ‘em up the ass. It was mostly the guys who liked to suck my dick while Dad was plowin’ their mancunts. And it seemed to me that Dad used to get more excited fuckin’ male pussy than female.

By the time I was able to cum, I noticed that Dad used to watch me gettin’ sucked by the guys he was fuckin’ more and more, and I got to thinkin’ that maybe he wanted to fuck me. I know I was more interested in watchin’ him fuck guys than women. I loved watchin’ his cock slidin’ in and out of a greased hole, the light in the cab shinin’ on his slimy shaft.

The first time he came on to me, we’d done a long day’s drivin’. Sittin’ in an eighteen wheeler with the engine throbbin’ is guaranteed to give any guy a boner, and when you’re a horny teenager your cock is hard as fuckin’ hell all the time. My levis always had a big wet spot in the crotch, where my cock had oozed it’s juice. That’s another thing about Dad and me, we never wore underwear. I guess I just wanted to copy Dad and it was another item of clothing we didn’t have to worry about.

I was fifteen, and I’d been wantin’ to get it on with Dad for some time - since puberty hit me. We pulled into a stop for supper, and when we got out of the truck we headed for the restroom. Both of us needed a piss, but I didn’t know if I could piss with the hardon I was carrying. Standin’ at the trough I was strugglin’ to get my cock out of my levis. And it looked like Dad was in the same situation. I finally had to undo my belt, and push my pants down below my ass.

I heard Dad take a sudden breath, and I looked across at him. He was staring at my ass. He noticed me look at him and he turned his head away. We stood there a while, both of us willin’ our cocks to go down before we could piss. When we finished Dad buttoned up, and I pulled my pants over my ass and did myself up.

We washed up and went into the diner. The waitress came over and took out orders and we sat there waitin’ and not sayin’ anything. I felt that Dad wanted to say something, but he just sat there kinda lost in thought. The food arrived and we ate, paid and left. The whores were out, wanderin’ round the trucks, both guys and girls, and I was waitin’ for Dad to make his move. But he just went straight to the truck.

He unlocked the door and held it open for me. As I was climbin’ into the cab I felt his hand rub against my butt. It sent a shiver up my spine, but apart from that I didn’t think anything of it. I sat in the passenger seat and Dad got behind the wheel. We sat there for a while not saying anything. Finally I had to speak.

“What’s wrong Dad? You were real quiet at supper.”

“Just thinkin’ son.”

“Well I’m gonna climb into bed. I’m fucked.”

“You wanna be?” he mumbled.

I didn’t know if I’d heard him correctly.

“What was that, Dad?”

“I just said,’You wanna be’.”

“Wanna be what?”


I gasped. I didn’t know how to answer. I knew I did want to be fucked, and I wanted to be fucked by my Dad. But I didn’t know how to say yes.

“Sorry son. I guess I was on another planet.”

“Dad. I’m gonna get my clothes off and climb into bed. If you wanna do the same I’d love that more than anything.”

“You know I wanna fuck you.”

“Yeah, and I know I’ve wanted you to fuck me for a long while.”

“You have?”

“Dad, I’ve been watching you fuckin’ guys and cunts for years, and I’ve always thought what it would be like to feel you doin’ it to me. I think it’s about time I found out.”

“It’s gonna hurt.”

“I know.”

“But the hurt is gonna be done with love son. That may sound strange, but you know I wouldn’t hurt you intentionally. If we’re gonna have sex, we can’t do it without a bit of pain. I’m sorry if it does, but I want you so bad.”

“And I want you too Dad. I want you to fuck me.”

We locked the cabin doors, and pulled the shades over the windows, then stripped off and climbed into the bed. It was just big enough for the two of us, and we’d shared it for so many years that it was not a difficult fit. I lay on my side as Dad climbed in. He knelt beside me, his hard cock pointing at my belly. I reached out and took it in my hand. It throbbed at my touch and a drop of precum formed at his piss slit.

I’d tasted mine often enough, but I’d never taken any direct from the source, so I bent round and licked the droplet off his cock. It tasted like mine, but somehow subtly different. Dad moaned and his cock jerked and another drop formed, I licked it up immediately and opened my mouth to take his cock.

The position we were in was awkward, so Dad pulled away and we rearranged ourselves. Dad lay on the bed, and I straddled him facing his feet. My cock was hard against my abs, and so was Dad’s, I pulled it away from his belly and guided it to my mouth. My first cock! I’d been sucked by a lot of guys and women, but had never done it. Dad was taking my virgin mouth. And I loved it from the start. I slid down his cock till I gagged, then pulled back.

“Take it easy son. There’s no hurry, We’ve got all night. Just ease your way down.”

I slowly slid back down and began bobbin’ up and down. Dad reached down to the base of his cock and pulled back on his shaft. His foreskin slid back, revealing all of his cock head. It was slimy with his juice, and the taste was mind bending. Suddenly I knew why guys liked suckin’ my cock. The taste was strongest just behind the ridge of his knob, Dad had told me enough about keeping uncut cocks clean, to know that I was tastin’ his cock cheese, and I loved the taste.

As I slobbered over his cock I felt Dad’s hand playing with my butt. I arched my back to make my butt cheeks separate more, and Dad’s finger started circlin’ my hole. It was sendin’ tingles to my cock and balls, and I bucked a bit from the feelin’ then settled down to let him play with my ass. He took his finger away, and when he put it back I felt the slipperiness of lube on it. I’d seen him lube assholes before, but the sensation was something else.

His finger slid into my hole. It felt good. I wiggled round on it, letting him know I liked it, and he got the message. He finger fucked me for a minute, then added his second finger. Still it felt nice. His fingers probed my hole for a while, then he touched my button. I felt my cock jerk and looked back to see a big string of precum hanging from my piss slit, almost reachin’ Dad’s pecs. He pumped his fingers in and out for a while, then added his third finger.

It felt tight, but still no pain. I was enjoyin’ him playin’ with my hole, and I was moanin’ round his cock while I sucked. He added his fourth finger and my ass accepted it.

“God son. Are you alright?”


“No pain?”

“Nnn. . .nnn”

“It feels so hot in there baby. So hot and moist. I think it’s ready for my cock. You still want it?”

“Yes please Daddy.” I hadn’t called him Daddy for years, but it just seemed right at this time.

“Turn round then. It’ll be best if I lie here and you sit on it. Then you can take it at your own pace.”

I turned round and reached back to hold his cock up. Then I guided my asshole till it was touching his knob and settled down on it. It slid in me and I just sank down onto it till I was sittin’ on Dad’s crotch.

“Shit, son. Are you alright?”

“Oh yeah, Dad. It feels good.”

“No pain?”

“No. Is that the part where it’s s’posed to hurt.”

“Yeah. baby. That’s the part. Are you sure you’re OK?”

“Dad it just feels so nice. I just feel a little bit full, Is that right?”

“Baby, that’s fine. If you’re not hurtin’, that’s great. Now just slide up and down.”

I started sliding on his cock. It felt awesome. The best feelin’ I’d ever had. Better than my first real cum. I started movin’ faster and faster. I loved bouncin’ on his cock. He reached up and pulled me down to him and we kissed. We’d never kissed like this before; open mouth and tongues lickin’ each other. It just added to the feelin’ I was gettin’. My cock was rubbin’ on Dad’s belly, and I felt the start of a cum. I pulled up.

“Dad I’m gonna cum.”

He grabbed my hips and held me still, neither of us movin’.

“Don’t cum yet baby. Just hold still a minute.”

I sat perfectly still and the urge to cum went away. I relaxed a bit and felt my hole loosen round Dad’s dick. A strand of juice had leaked out of my cock and puddled on Dad’s belly. He scooped some up and fed it to me, then scooped the rest up and ate it himself. Then he started humping gently into me. It felt so nice, his cock sliding in and out. I wanted it to last forever.

Then Dad lifted me off his cock.

“Lie down baby.”

I lay down beside him and he lifted himself up to a kneeling position.

“Now get on your back,”

I rolled onto my back, and Dad got between my legs. It was a bit of a struggle, but finally I had my legs over his shoulders and he was sliding his cock back into me. I grabbed his ass to pull him into me and he fell forward onto my chest, forcin’ my legs back and raisin’ my ass higher. Then he started fuckin’ me. This way felt even better. He was gettin’ deeper into me. I wrapped my arms round him and pulled his face to me to kiss him again like we did before, sloppy and open mouthed.

He pumped his cock into me for what seemed hours, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast, little short jabs and long deep pumps. My ass felt so good. Finally he groaned.

“Gonna cum baby. Gonna feed you my baby seed. Take your cherry. . . gonna do it NOW!”

I felt his cock expand as he blasted his seed into me. My first fuck, and it was awesome. I came at the same time. It was a surprise, ‘cos I didn’t feel any build up. I just suddenly was spurtin’ my load up on Dad’s belly. I gasped at the feelin’. My asshole clamped round Dad’s dick and he groaned again. My spasms were milkin’ the juice outta his balls, and he was shakin’ from the experience.

He finished cummin’ and slumped down onto me, gaspin’, tryin’ to fill his lungs with air. Finally he came down from his high, and we lay there with his cock still embedded in my hole. I felt complete. I felt that I truly had Dad’s love, and I knew I’d have it forever.

. . . . . . .

That was seven years ago. Since then Dad and me have fucked almost every night. Sometimes we connect with other trucker buddies and have a party. Sometimes we play with one of the truckstop whores, sometimes Dad fucks pussy while I’m gettin’ it from another trucker or a guy cruisin’ the stop, but mostly it’s Dad and me gettin’ on with each other.

We still attract admirin’ looks when we stop. Most guys think we’re brothers or even twins. They don’t know that we’re Dad and son. He’s still the hottest man I’ve ever done anything with, and I wouldn’t trade places with anyone on this earth. My Dad and me are one.