The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 3

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This story depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages; Please leave now. This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental.


The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 3

Being 30 years old, most would say I look about 25, I guess it's the gym and that has done my life good. Going to the gym religiously daily is my routine; and it begins ant four in the morning. Then if there some hot twink to fuck or have suck me in the shower, I take advantage of the sex.

I need that sex especially on Sundays, for those are my busy days. Two sermons to give out at 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM, then there is meetings with youths and parents who need help, and the committee meetings for the church. It is what I call a day of meetings.

But then also due to my body I get a lot of people both old and young asking me for work out advice and complimenting me on my body. So come the next youth activity I will take a group of youths to the gym. But enough of that, back to Sundays.

Today I in church there was one perk, not sexual but damn fine man caught my eye. All I know is he is a single father with three sons in my youth program, and all of them are hot. So want to get to know that family!

- - - - - - -

After the first sermon I had to piss so bad I was seeing yellow. Getting to the urinal I unzip and let the snake drain. Felt so good to just let the piss out, once done I squeeze and pump the last drops out of my dick and massage it ever so slightly.

The bathroom door opens and in walks my lover Adam Reynolds, the eleven year old ass that I loved to fuck.

"Hi Pastor, I saw you come in here, you done pissing?"

Leading the horny youth to the back stall, I begin to relieve the youth of his burdensome clothes. Once naked I stared at the naked boy before me. His smooth white skin, blonde hair that framed his boyish face, and blue eyes that begged me to fuck him. Not a single hair rested on his body, and that only made my cock rock hard.

Adam was well trained and masterfully wetted my cock with his lips. Sucking, slurping, and licking every inch of the monster that would soon impale him. Once the cock was dripping with his saliva, I picked the eager youth and pinned him against the wall. Spreading his legs like a pro he guided my fuck stick into his pussy.

Trying not to make a sound as my cock opened and stretched the boys tiny anus. Tears filled his eyes, but a smile remained on my horny Adam's face. Once fully into as our skin is against skin I fuck in and out of his boy-cunt.

Adam whispers into my ear, "Fuck me Pastor, FUCK ME!"

Spurring me on, I fuck with more force ever deep push a small grunt and gasp escapes Adams lips as his body is compressed against the wall. His tiny frame creaking and aching in my fucks.

Suddenly the door opens to the restroom. Adam and I hold still my cock buried deep inside. Covering Adams mouth I fuck in deeper as i hear the new occupant piss at the urinals. Each quick jab with my rod, Adam quivers but not a sound was made. Know that less that six feet away stood some man or boy pissing unaware of the sex in the back stall.

Once the visitor left the room the fucking continued with more force. With Adam pinned against the wall it was easy to kiss and force my tongue down his mouth. But his favorite place for my kisses was his neck. Adam was purring in my hand has his ass milked my dick.

"Adam, your pussy is so fucking hot, one day I'll fuck you in the chapel."

With that Adam lost control and his body spasmed and writhed uncontrollably as the orgasm flooded his senses. Only after it passed did he continue to open his ass to my wanton cock.

I would have liked more time, but you cant stay forever in a bathroom, so with a masterful force I fucked him hard, the slaps of our skin echoed in the tiled room. Soon I was at the edge of no return, fucking my cock deep into the youths bowels. Then is a clench of his dick my cock let loose its fatherly seed, filling every cavity with my holy seed. Adams face glowed as he felt my cum rocket inside, crying again he kissed me more passionately.

Once my cock was done it slide out with a loud "SLAURP".

Putting on his tight white briefs the first drops of my gift wetted the cloth. Letting him dress and leave first; I soon followed when I knew the coast was clear.

- - - - - - -

The rest of the day was normal teaching and counseling while I masturbated and rubbed in between. Only fucking again till I got home and fucked the wife. Which never is my highlight and best sex.

- - - - - - -

The next morning I got a call from the Reverend Stephens in a panic. Here it was 6:00 AM and he's already on my phone.

"I locked my keys in the building yesterday and there is a police officer here that needs our help. Can you come quickly?"

I agreed and quickly dressed in sweats and a T-shirt and hurried to the chapel. Tim had done this before, but what did the cop need, were they onto me, and my evil ways with the kids?

Trying to stay cool I opened the chapel doors and Tim left me to talk to the police officer alone.

"Officer, what can I help you with?"

"Well, first who are you," was the officers quick reply.

"I am Pastor Domenick De Luca, in charge of the Youth here at the church, but you can call me Nick."

"Nick, you're the guy I need to speak too. I'm Officer Granger and we received a complaint of a child molester in your congregation. Yesterday a youth was assaulted in your mens restroom here on the property."

"Are you serious officer, a child was assaulted here, at what time?"

"It happened in between your meetings times, I suppose looking at your schedule posted on the sign."

I could feel his eyes glaring at me and I knew somehow he had found out about me fucking Adam Reynolds in the stall. All I could think of was swear words and I struggled to find a way out of this.

"What do we do now Officer?"

"Well, first I need to know where you were in between your meetings."

"You're not assuming I had anything to do with the youth?"

"Well if a Catholic Priest can fuck alter boys, why cant a Youth Pastor fuck his congregation."

"Officer I am deeply offended, but most of my time was spent in my office preparing."

"Did you go to the restroom?"

"Yes but, I didn't assault a child of God!"

"You recognize this youth," Officer Granger stated holding up a picture of Adam Reynolds.

"I do he is a bright young lad, that attends church regularly, his name is Adam Reynolds."

"Yesterday his mother called us and reported finding semen in the boys underwear and when the doctors inspected him they found semen inside the youth."

"What a horrible thing to happen, to such a wonderful boy, do you have any clue besides me who raped this innocent child. I tell you I would never sexually assault a child."

"Adam swears its not you, but you are the only one he comes in contact weekly besides his family. We are running a test on the semen for DNA and will have a results before noon. I need you to come to the station and give us a sample of your DNA."

- - - - - - - -

I go to the station in horror letting them swab my mouth. I sit in the office not taking my chance to make a call, but sit there and think what have I done. I know Adam loved my fucks, and begged me for it. I remember the first time he met me; he seduced me from day one, however he learned about sex from someone else; I only perfected those lessons with him.

For hours I sit and wait letting my thoughts go over my choices, and then without warning I see Adams father being carried out by officers. Adam clinging to his daddy and his father struggling to steal away. I know knew i was free and that after I had fucked the boy his father had done his deed and eradicated my semen from his sons pussy.

Thirty minutes later Officer Granger came in and excused me from the station, "Well Pastor your free to go, but something tells me I need to keep and eye on you."

- - - - - - - -

God I was glad to be out there! Some may mend there way from a close call like that, but instead it made me more horny and ready to fuck!

- - - - - - - -

The following day I took seventeen teenage boys and four girls to the gym; as a youth activity. Each of them had expressed a desire to learn more about bodybuilding and working out. So I got two other buff dads and one mother to come with us to the gym. Breaking up the groups in groups of five I had the largest of six boys with me.

Once in the gym I headed to the locker room to change, only six boys were brave enough to go to a locker room and change. Others had worn there clothes and didn't want to change in front of others. What a bunch of fucking pansies parents raised, thank god my group were unafraid of naked bodies!

The locker room some were still shy to not let you see their cocks. As for me I shucked the pants and button shirt and placed my clothing in a locker.

Remembering I then asked, "You guys have locks if not I have two, so we can use this locker and the one next to it."

None of them had locks, so all six boys clambered around me. My naked body brushing and exposed to all the hungry eyes. Having a large dick, every man looks at my schlong, either to compare or lust, when flaccid my dick hangs a nice seven inches down, and with tow low hanging egg sized nuts; is a sight to behold.

I could feel eyes watching me as I slipped on my workout shorts, the mesh from the 1980's but not 1970's short. I could hear several boys comment on noticing that I was freeballing.

Once we were all dressed we started off with fifteen minutes of cardio in the treadmill, and then took them around to each of the weights and instructed and ended with the cardio again. Some boys loved the workout and pushed themselves, others were there just to be cool or fit in and had no real desire to put in the effort to get a nice body.

I know at times on certain benches or with my legs spread sitting some boys could see my limp member, but that was one reason I wear these shorts, love showing off of for the crowd. How else does one score in the shower with some random twink!

Now its time to enjoy some relaxation in the sauna and then shower, clean off the grime of the work out. This was the saddest moment, only four boys were brave enough to conquer the sauna and shower.

What has the world come to, I remember my dad telling me about swimming naked at the YMCA and changing naked at the local pool! Now somehow man to man nakedness is taboo. We all have dicks, I'm sorry your smaller or chubby, but get over yourself, it's a dick and skin; be proud of who you are!

With our towels wrapped around our bodies we sat in the sauna. I knew that I could not start a fuck with the boys in the sauna. But if my towel feel or opened up as I relaxed, I could not be blamed. Amazingly enough I was not the only one exposed from time to time. Damn youths with the developing teenage bodies, all covered in sweat.

The shower for the gym was an open room no stalls just showers lining the walls and two shower trees in the middle. Being brave I stood naked in the middle using one of the shower trees and started to soap and lather my body. Spending a little extra time on cleaning my manhood. Gave my self a semi-hard cock and something for the boys to look at.

There was a cute shaved gym hunk there eyeing me, shame I had youth to take him and miss out on fucking his college ass!

After dressing two of the boys pointed out to me that they were going to go commando like me. I was flattered but also annoyed that I was not going to be able to fuck that bare ass. Then there is the thought that from the gym the only thing they learned was that I don't wear underwear. Nice, but the gym is important and taking care of your body is essential.

- - - - - - -

School was going to be out soon so my time with the youth was about to increase!

End of Chapter 3

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