The stories I'm presenting here contain incidents of non-consensual sex, violence, humiliation, torture and in some cases, murder, so if you're looking for something about romance or harmless fantasy, these stories should probably not be on your reading list. If you're interested in accounts of extreme sexual violence, often based on true stories, please read on.

The series "Rape Chronicles" is written from the perspective of a fictional character who is in the process of collecting material for a book of the same name. This would-be author/reporter spends years tracking down victims of sexual violence and recording their personal accounts. Along the way, he has developed some less than ethical techniques for finding subjects and getting information from them. Often, he finds himself getting tangled up in the adventures in a way he was not intending. The stories in this series are based on true incidents, although many, if not most, have been greatly expanded and amplified.

Other stories presented here follow a similar theme and are also based, to one extent or another, on real-life events, some of which have been gathered from news reports and eye witness accounts.

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Last updated: 2005-07-02