I don't call myself an author, because I am not. I am an old man, who wrote of his sex fantasies for a while. Some of them were published on the Mr. Double site by JimBob The stories were fairly well received. They usually were pretty high on the hit list. Several went right to the top. I was kind of surprised, because like I said, I am not an author. For sure, I never made a penny at it.
I write fantasies, but try to keep a touch of reality in my stories, at least my idea of what that reality would be.

I am proud to announce that Lasiter will be carrying my stories on his web site, Torrid Tales of the Taboo. If you would like to read them in an easier on the eyes format, go here: http://www.asstr.org/~Lasiter/
my e-mail is: jim-bob80@mail.com

Story cateogires: Mg, Mf, bg, gg.

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