Hi y'all:
I've been making up sexy stories in my head for nigh onto 15 years, reading erotic novels for at least 10 years, and reading erotica online for about a year. Amazingly, I finally felt the urge to publish some stories of my own. I know what stories I like to read about, so I'm going to try to write them. My stories will span a lot of story codes, although you won't find extreme acts that involve pain without pleasure or that leave permanent scars. Everything else is fair game. Pretty much everything...ummm, well...abso-bloody-lutely everything, darn it! is drawn from my imagination, and any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is strictly accidental. And, tho' I am hetero, my characters sometimes take on a life of their own and do what comes naturally, so you'll find a little girl/girl action - maybe some male/male as well.

Most likely story codes: MF, BD, anal, rom, FF, toys - but don't fence me in! Other codes are waiting to pop up in stories. I love story/writing feedback, and will strive to answer all email. ;-) I'll even take story requests, as long as the topic or codes suggested are a turn-on for me.

Some personal info: I'm a transplanted Southern US girl. I'm single, well-educated, and love to laugh. I crack myself up all the time, so at least one person loves my sense of humor! ;-p

Happy day to you all!
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