I am an open-minded young woman who writes through experiences, and experiences through writing. Much of my stuff is based on experience - "erotic fictional autobiography", as I like to call it. That said, I have a strong anal fixation, and, by extension, scat fetish. I see scat, in connection with the ass, as a highly erotic, intimate act and my erotica reflects that (i.e. - no humiliation, no eating, and minimal smearing for smearing's sake). I don't see scat as shameful or taboo, but as something special, erotic, and down-to-earth.

Stories focus on all kinds of anal play, sometimes clean, but mostly dirty, including: anal sex, rimming, piss enemas, anal fingering, etc. Warning: lots of scat.

Story cateogires: FM F scat cons rim anal toys mast ws

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