I almost used "writersblock" as my pen name. I'm a prolific author of first acts, and my smut has tended to taper off and get neglected once I've managed to maneuver my characters into position for the graphic parts. I have a large collection of incomplete drafts that I'd love to ultimately finish and post. I'm creating this account to memorialize my first finished product.

I'm not sure what to include about myself. I'm 20, female and not as horrible as my stories would lead you to believe. Honestly, I'm nice. I like puppies and gumdrops and babies. I'm not evil!!! I admit though, that my imagination is a little evil. I blame bad parenting and the usual interactions with the sorts of people who don't deserve their space on the planet.

If you're the sort of person that would actually do the sorts of things I write about, please don't read my stories. You're not welcome. I will be sending bad juju through the interwebs, and you will get papercuts or bad vision from reading my stories. If however, you're just a pervy sort who understands that this is fantasy, come on in. :) -Bree

Story cateogires: M/F, M+/f, teens, nc/rape, exh and peeping

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