The main focus of my stories and chapters will be expansion of the anus, vagina, cervix/womb and sometimes the urethra through the use of fisting, large toys and huge cocks.

All works are intended to appeal to those who have extreme and taboo fetishes that aren't that prominent in erotic literature. Very few authors have written the type of material that I enjoy, and after being inspired by them I felt I should contribute by creating more material of this type of genre.

Content primarily includes but not limited to: large insertion, stretching, very large sexual organs and their expansion, scat, bestiality, pregnancy and birth.

Some chapters or stories may involve heavy attention to underage sex or consumption of material such as scat, urine, and semen.

Story cateogires: MF, MMMf, Fg, Ff, extreme, size, fist, best, scat, inc, preg, ped, toys, caution

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