I've been writing erotic and adult stories for a few years now. My writing has improved with each new story. My stories are mainly stories around Cleo or her cousin Lucy. Cleo is a young woman who struggles to control a deep sex drive that is buried within her. At times she tries to stop it and usually fails. At other times she is in so much need for sex that she actually aims to get some. Lucy is a teenager just starting out in the world of sex. She too has the same sexual drive deep within her. But she doesn't fully understand it. She is innocent and is starting out on a adventures she won't know where the end is. The adventures of both will have many twists and turns. Also are not always straight forward.

My stories consist M/F, M+/F, M+/F+, F/F, gangbangs, mind control, slight domination, group sex, straight sex, blackmail. Basically there is something for everyone mostly.

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Lost Night (ftp)
Last updated: 2012-04-10