My name is Justin, Iím 20 and I live in beautiful sunny California.

I have always been into writing, or inventing stories of some sort, for as long as I can remember. When I was younger a lot of the stories consisted of adventures and as I have matured so has my subject matter.

What you are now reading is my latest venture into the communication form of writing. This is rather new for me and so I am of course looking for some feedback. The Erotic Texts presented here are my way of attempting to express and understand my own sexuality. Actually, this site has proved to serve a lot of purposes, but foremost, it is an extension of my exploration of life through writing.

I have written other things, and I actually do a lot of different art including graphic design, music, drawing, role playing, and essays.

I currently work at a carpet store, not the most glamorous of business, but it pays the bills on my house. I am dating a wonderful girl right now, who has provided the inspiration for some of these texts. We both however are still dating around to make sure that we are meant to be.

I donít really know what else to say about myself, sense the rest of the site really says more about me then I can say directly. I hope you enjoy what I have put together here. Thank you for visiting.


My website and all of my stories can be found at

Story categories: male and female mostly, almost all geared towards female readers

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Last updated: 2003-07-29