Here's how I describe myself in one of my stories:

"She was an exemplary mother and she worked arduously on community causes. She was always affable, if not particularly gregarious. Her friends held her in high regard, even though they privately thought that she spoke as if she were an English teacher and that she was excessively proper. They would have considered her a bluestocking intellectual had it not been for her unusual devotion to physical exercise and women's sports. She was, they unanimously agreed, 'as square as they come.'"

And in another:

"Nobody gets crushes on 33-year-old slightly overweight vocational counselors who live in the suburbs with two kids in school and perfectly adequate husbands. Especially if they have no tits and raggedy-looking hair and freckles."

Except sometimes. Well, when it happened to me I decided to write a story about it. Then I wrote some more stories. To my utter amazement, some people liked the stories, they got good reviews, and I had a new career. It doesn't pay very well, but I get a kick out of it.

The stuff I write is pretty much "vanilla," as they say in the trade--females and males having a high old time in the best possible way--if you don't mind the occasional small, informal orgy and one that's FF and very sweet, I think. At first I wrote only about "Janey," who is shockingly like me, but lately I've been trying some new ideas that are maybe a little more complex.

I love my characters, and I hope you will, too. You usually have to hear a lot about them before you get to the sex. But it's there--just hang in.

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