I mainly write stories that deal with the submission of black women to white men and women. The heroines in my stories are not always initially compliant and require some degree of coercion. Ultimately, however, their submission is freely given. Although the stories include scenes of humiliation and shame, never are they hateful. I've always been attracted to black women and have always found dominance and submission an arousing theme, so the idea of racially oriented domination puts the two together is quite stimulating to me.

I've harbored these fantasies for many years and relatively recently discovered yahoo groups dedicated to the topic. I started writing these stories and posting them there soon afterwards. I was initially surprised that the majority of people who wrote to me about them were black women who identified with the characters and had fantasized about similar situations themselves. Sadly, those yahoo groups are all now defunct.

I realize that this subject is taboo and not socially acceptable. Black people have suffered and continue to suffer from racism and injustice. In no way do I advocate discrimination or subscribe to theories of racial supremacy. Quite the contrary. I find such ideas offensive. However, what gets me off is what gets me off. What I write are merely fantasies and nothing more.

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