I'm on Asstr to give back to the wonderful people that keep me cumming back. The characters I write about are incredibly wild and depraved:P. But like most normal people I do have other interests. I'm playful and like to chat casually when not in RP. I don't bite:), so come say hi! Now for the juices lewd bits you came here to read:

"I crave a filthy obscene nasty daddy who is loving enough to tell me how sweet I am... and filthy enough to fuck my cunthole while telling me!" Cumslut...Fuckpig...Cunt-Whore...I love those names... and that's just what I call myself! I am a young slut in every sense of the term, and I love sex. I love watching sex. I love talking about sex, and the smell of sex...and the feel of three cocks pounding my every hole, while jerking two more off in my slender hands. And I'm very experienced... too young according to some people to even have seen a cock... far less watch it spurt thick jizz over my fucked asshole. I love it fresh in my face...or oozing out from a morning of fucking.

One of the major things that soaks my panties is dirty talk. And not just 'oooo ah so tight'. I love all out nasty talk. I love it when my Daddy growls at me "Fuck Lucy...You are such a filthy little fuckpig! Sick dirty obscene cuntwhore fuckmeat!" while plowing my cumsoaked pussy. I love the reaction I get when I tell the entire prison yard.."I'm Lucy...and you're all sick pervs!...So I'm going to fuck those nasty cocks until you cum all your filthy spunk over me!" Another kink of mine is public filthy sex. And not just sex in a public place. Having Daddy and friends fuck my tight hole on webcam makes me obscenely horny. Knowing that on the other end, thousands of men are jerking their cocks watching my little fucktubes get filled with cock brings out the filthy animal-fucking fuckpig in me.

Some of these stories will be publications of wonderful RPs I've had with others (with their permission), some of them will be adlib ideas and stories. ALL of them are entirely imaginary and not condoned in real life.

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