Greets. Basically I'm a real 'jack of all trades' kind of guy in life, having many hobbies and interest. It reflects in my writing as well. Typically, I like Male-Dominant works, favoring m-f and f-f sex, but I like to be flexible, so I try my hand at writing at least one or two stories in every catergory, giving a little something for everyone. As other writers here know, those of whom I've already corresponded with, my story ideas are LITERALLY the stuff of dreams, i.e., things I have dreamed of at night or in a daydream, and have written down while it was still fresh. I'm somewhat new at this, but it is fun, and as long as there are those that enjoy weird and creative stories, I will continue to dream. *grin*

Story categories: MC, MD, FT, BD, MF, FF

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