The Naughty Gaffer
Story codes: M/F, M/f, m/f, 1st, spank, cons, rom, teen, sometimes nosex, solo, oral, married
General disclaimer: we all know that sex between adults and kids is harmful to kids. If youíre too young for erotica/porn or if you live where this is illegal, you know youíre supposed to leave. Or if youíre on probation or whatever.
ASSTR stories are mostly about sex all willy-nilly, or at least sex without any bad consequences. Our characters can tromp on peopleís feelings, including their own; can flit promiscuously from one relationship to another; can engage in sex without contraception and get away with it; can have inappropriate relationships with children and never get caught or hurt the kids involved. They can even form romantic relationships between teen brother and sister and yet the teens grow into normal relationships later. Real life plays by its own real rules, though. Promiscuity is an empty way of living, sexual activity with young children harms them and lands the perpetrators in prison, adultery or incest shatters families instead of opening them to a new frisky kind of freedom. So I hope youíll enjoy my stories and act out those parts that are appropriate for you. Be responsible in your real life, please. Iíve gone both ways on responsibility and it works out much more happily.
I like my sex sweet rather than rough and I think spanking is more about fondling than hurting. I especially recommend you try out play spanking with your partner (and you probably have already done that). My sweetheart and I have found this to be delightful and I wish weíd started earlier.
I also try to write from both female and male points of view and I hope you enjoy each story on its own merits. I do have one trait rare among our writer friends: I write about married people having sex. With their own husbands and wives, I mean. I know some of our other writers do that and I applaud it. Married people have some pretty good sex going on with their sweethearts. I have lots of single sex (what one writer called ďunauthorized assĒ) but I shun adultery because my experience with it is sad rather than fun.
I have a particular writing trick and Iíll be interested to see who picks it up. It shows in this introduction and itís easier to spot in some stories than in others. Itís something I work hard at doing rather than being an absolute rule. If you think you have spotted it, send me an e-mail and Iíll let you know.
Organization of files: I write some stories with series. Iíll try to be sure they have a numbering system, e.g. GaffersNymphets1, GaffersNymphets2. Generally the order is of only slight importance but some stories are fun in series. The file name may be only a little like the story title in order to help me track them.
Comments: brndtag is at Iíve traded e-mail with a few authors from the site myself and hope to trade more. To avoid spam filters, please put ďStory CommentsĒ in the subject line. If I get mail, Iíll try to answer it.

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