I mainly like to write stories about growing up so my main characters are usually 10-14 agegroup. Sexual blackmail, bondage, non-consent are themes common to all my work.

I have read many stories posted over the internet. And while some do create interesting and even exciting situations, along
with great descriptions, I have always felt that the story set-up has always been a failing. For me its important to feel that situations being depicted are believable, no matter how bizare they are. Sex stories are always more enjoyable if you can imagine the situation really happening the way way its written and if you can identify with the characters involved.

I've worked hard with my stories to give the characters depth, the situations believability, and the story line good continuity and structure.

Please feel free to offer constructive critisism. Some people already have done so, and I appreciate their input.


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Last updated: 2003-06-03