Hey, y'all Jamie here.

Welcome to my corner of asstr/assm.

I don't know why I have these certain fantasies in my head, but I do. One thing to keep in mind however, the content you may find in my stories is material others may or may not find sick and disturbing. Below are a series of keywords of the stories i will mostly be writing about. If they do not suit your taste, please leave now.


The stories I will be writing about are product of my imagination and sexual fantasies that can only be acted out in fictional literature. I do NOT, in any way, promote or endorse in any of the described actions detailed in them. Keep your fantasies in your head and your hands off real children! I cannot and will not be held accountable for any of your actions replicated from my stories into real life. Please keep in mind the differences between fiction and NON-fiction. Point blank, plain and simple.

Story cateogires: incest, Black, BBW, belly punching, belly stabbing, pregnancy, pedophilia

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Last updated: 2010-12-19