"Miss Pithkin's Finishing School for Girls"
a sequel to "Mistress Takes Her Boy" series.


A most seductive woman who gets them most from men who fall under her spell.



"Memoirs of Mistress Mary"
Mary reflects on her Femdom experiences teaching males that their realy only Boys to be put in their place and be completely controled.


"Patti Ann Property"
A young college age female endeavoring to find a dominate mistress to serve so she may play out her lesbian fantasies. She gets far more domination than she bargained for and now must serve her owners desires that includes more than lesbian sexual situations. The journey she is on is in its self the real erotic nectar to be savored. Beware the Nanobots they are here. Note: The bots have been retired to allow Patti Ann more responsiblity in her whoring actions.


This series of stories are about a young woman taken nonconsentually to be trained and used as an absolute sex animial. Domesticated to serve, her adventures run the gamit of sexual humiliations that are visited on her one after the other each taking her deeper into abject slavery and total control by her owners. Leading to her realization that she will be in a constant turmoil with her self.

NC Rape Maledom Femdom Bondage Punishment Training Beastiality

"Mistress Takes Her Boy * "
A series about the absolute female domination over a male. begining with introduction to a superior female through her initial conditioning and trainig techniques to excursions to a tattoo parlor,and then to a boutique for dressing in feminine atire by three not so self controlled clerks. Finally moving on in a sequel.


"Mistress's Guide to Owning & Trainig a Serving Boy"
Thats what it is.


"Owned Male"
Starts out as a male on male story and has a superior Female twist as well. This is the absolute subjugation of a young male. Who discovers his true nature as a fuck toy.


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Story categories: Domination, Bondage,Humiliation,Non Consentual,Rape,Piercing,Pony Girl,Lesbian,Gang Rape,Punishment,Training, Male Feminazation, male Subjugation,Femdom.

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