I grew up in the Midwestern USA in the 1970s, a time before certain complications of sex seemed to be important. That led to a number of experiences which I felt were worth sharing, either as direct anecdotes or inspiration for stories. I have a sufficiently broad taste in erotica that my stories don't fall into a single genre. I do have a liking for romantic stories, MF without extra partners style, but I also like youthful adventures including incest, BDSM, D/s, exhibitionism, bi and orgies, and fantasy and science fiction stories with rather unusual themes (MC, pregnancy, bestiality, various tortuous mutations, etc.) and I don't promise that I won't branch out into new depravities for whatever reason (but I will make sure you have a clue about them before you start the story).

I've written quite a bit in my life, but mostly non-fiction technical stuff related to work with computers. I started reading the alt.sex.stories groups a couple of years ago, and thought to myself "I could write stories like this, but only completely different, the ones I want to tell about." That turned out to be fun to do, a fair amount of work but with some nice side effects on the personal level, and good company online.

I have fun doing this, and love to hear from people who like my stories and want more, or just want to chat a bit.

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Last updated: 2000-07-17