I've written a few "nice" stories, but my stories USUALLY have: humil, non-cons, bondage, exhib, spank, tort, and/or rape, so if you don't like that type of story, go elsewhere. My stories ALMOST NEVER have: ws, scat, anal, injury, gore, blood, grossness, or snuff, so if you require those things, go elsewhere. My stories ALL include girls age 4 to 10, who are usually, but not always: naked, humiliated, helpless, terrified, crying, and either screaming or gagged. All of these stories are FANTASY, and in over 30 years of reading and writing stories like this, I have NEVER hurt any real person, and never known anyone who has, nor would I tolerate anyone else doing so. Enjoying FANTASIES like this DOES not and NEED not make you a monster in real life, as long as you understand that real people are not to be treated this way.
If these FANTASIES might cause you to do anything like this in REAL LIFE, then DO NOT READ THEM, GO ELSEWHERE. To everyone else who likes this sort of FANTASY, feel free to enjoy my stories. Please comment!
Story categories: pedo, bondage, humiliation, spanking, rape, torture.

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Last updated: 2006-05-02