I am a sick bitch when it comes to my sexual fantasies. I usually love reading stories or getting on mIRC and sharing the dark side of my soul. Over the years, my desires and fantasies have changed, progressed and have gotten even nastier. I have met a lot of people (online) who have helped nurture and have helped me to enjoy my naughtiest fantasies of all. I have decided to start writing stories about it and thought I would share these stories with you.

I hope my stories will get you as hot as writing them will get me. I love to please and will get so much pleasure out of knowing I am pleasing my readers. Please feel free to email me your feedback. I have recently started writing again and will be publishing a new story soon.(updated 7/17/2014)

Story cateogires: g*,Mg*, inc, Fg*, pedo, nepi, rape, incest, preteen, pedophile, toddler, kiddie, sexual torture(?)

Kellicious (ftp)
Last updated: 2014-07-18