Back around the mid-90s, I posted several stories to an Amazon Women BBS. To my surprise, I found that several ("Black Queen takes White Pawn" and the Power series, most notably) had appeared as anonymous offerings at various places on the Internet.

Somewhat flattered & inspired, I decided to open an account here, with some additional offerings.

My favored story categories are: F/F, reluctant/forced, interracial. It will be rare when at least some facesitting doesn't sneak in. ;-)

* * * * *

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the people who have written! I am flattered and awed at the outpouring of mail I have received, since first posting! It is gratifying to hear when a reader has found one of my stories arousing (especially if they have been moved to "take the situation in hand, so to speak). ;-) It is utterly awesome to ponder that I may have had a part in making hundreds (hopefully more!) of people around the world cum.

Some topics seem to come up a lot; let me take a moment to see if I can address some of them here, in this central location:

Q: Do you take requests?
A: While I won't commit to anything specific, I do enjoy hearing suggestions and find myself utilizing ideas and suggestions that several folks have already kindly offered.

Q: I especially enjoyed ...
A: Thanks! Always gratifying to hear "what worked."

Q: Would you consider incorporating "x" into one of your stories?
A: Could happen. It's good to at least have some specific requests in mind, as I wait for my muse to strike (ooh baby!) Exceptions arise when "x" = any of the following: Incest, pedophilia, menstruation. It is also unlikely that I'll be doing male dominant or scat ... I did one scat on request, when a storyline suggested itself, but don't see that being a regular, recurring theme.

Q: Are you a man or a woman?
A: Sorry, I don't give out personal info, here (too easy to misinterpret intent, in this forum). I have an SO, thanks, and she is *extremely* jealous (and mercifully ignorant of my postings here). I'm not rocking THAT boat! ;-)

Q: What race are you?
Q: How old are you?
Q: What geographic area do you live in?
Q: What's your Day Job?
Q: Are you a lesbian?
Q: Are you bisexual?
Q: Are you a man, masquerading as a lesbian?!?
A: See previous answer. ;-)

Q: Why do so many of your stories seem to focus on interracial domination / lesbian domination / the "breaking" of a heretofore "straight" white woman into a life of sapphic submission?
A: It floats my boat. ;-D

Q: You are racist, dawg!
A: I don't believe I am, at least in the classic sense. However, if interracial domination fetishes can be classified as "racist," then I suppose I'd have to cop to that (hopefully) lesser charge. I view it as more of a fetish than actual racism.

Q: Your writing encourages violence against women!
A: In "Real Life," I am very much against violence towards women and misogyny in general. I view my writings as a carthartic outlet for some of our "baser tendencies," not as in anyway applicable towards Real Life. My stories are erotic/fetish fiction and I in no way encourage real non-consensual violence. (Safewords, however, are our friends! Consensual "non-consensual" sex can be hot!)

Q: In your story "X," you have a typo located at ...
A: Thanks! While I try to proofread my stories before posting, sometimes errors slip past. I take pride in my offerings and am interested in correcting errors discovered, rather than ignoring them. I believe that a typo, no matter how benign, takes the reader out of the story and diminishes their enjoyment, at least a little. I appreciate people flagging errors and giving me an opportunity to present them in as good a condition as I can.

Consequently, if you see a "new" posting of an "old" story -- it probably has some corrections made.

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