I do not claim to be a great writer nor to be the best grammatically. But that said I do my best and hope to do it well.
I was motivated to begin writing when I read Lisa Laten's story "Poker Wife" and wanted more. I kept watching the newsgroup looking for the next chapter, wanting more. I sent her letters encouraging her for more and finally after giving up hope of more I requested she let me write more for her story. I never got a reply, but wrote more to her story none the less. I feel now like I ruined her excellent work and for that I am sorry.
Like most Authors I like to write stories that I would like to read and hope others enjoy them as well. Obviously my stories focus on women mostly wives who are tricked, blackmailed or drugged into acts of perversion. I hope others find these topics as exciting as I do.
I am married and have a family and more than full time job, I write when I am inspired, and can find the time. I enjoy writing these stories and I love to hear readers’ comments about them.
Many of my stories are still works in progress. I find my biggest problem is I start writing a story with a specific idea in mind with a start a middle and an end, but then somewhere in the middle of writing it I am drawn off course. I decide to add more to the story, do more with the characters and suddenly find I am way off course from what I had planned and stuck trying to get back to the ending I was looking for.
I am most happy with my “Kelly's Conversion” and “Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife” stories but am also very happy with my new “Change of Luck” story.
I have posted a dozen stories now and have a dozen more started but waiting to finish them before I post them as I don't want to post anymore partial works.
Please let me hear from you if you enjoy my stories, I would like to know what you like about them and what you don't.
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