I'm just an ordinary guy, one who happens to believe that women are special, and have as much right to enjoy their sexuality as any man.
I guess there's a lot of frustration in my stories, being married for so long to a woman(who I still love fiercely), who believes that there's something 'not nice' about her taking any but the most submissive of roles in our love making.
My stories have a variety of themes to them but none of them involve paedophilia. Rape and bestiality both feature, (not necessarily in the same story), but there will usually be a payback for any violence.
I'm in course of rewriting the three stories I've completed so far and will release them a few chapters every week.
The first of these is 'ABDUCTION NO. 1'and will be followed by 'UNCLE BUCK' and 'BLUE WATERS.' The latter two of which feature the same girl, Lisa, first her sexual awakening at the age of 17, and the second takes her forward 10 years to her mid to late twenties when she is much more confident in herself.
I hope you enjoy the stories enough to let me have some feedback on my writing.
Take care,

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Last updated: 2004-11-27