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Hello, and welcome. I'm a long time fan of bondage, Dominance and Submission, and especially B&D Fiction. I have been ever since my early teen years.

Lately I've decided to hone my skills as an author by giving back to a genre that has so many voluntary contributors. I hope I can give back some measure of the enjoyment that's been given to me over the years.

Please write if you enjoy my stories. I suppose you can write if you don't, if you feel that compelled. Be kind.

The stories are entirely my own. As such I retain copyright over them. Please send me a request regarding any use of them other than at ASSTR.Org or mirror or auto repost sites.

As always, the contents of the stories are completely fictional. No likeness to a living person is intended or implied. The acts depicted are not based on reality. They are meant for the enjoyment and entertainment of the reader, and the joy in creation by the author, only. At no time does this author condone or encourage anyone to act or reenact any portion of them.

-Steve Smith
Loving Dominant

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