For now, I have mostly just ideas... but I very much *want* to make stories based on them. I've always have had a love for stories involving sex between minors, and minors and adults -- perhaps especially between family-members... but I also enjoy other "straight" stories. I'm also a card-carrying TV-slave, so many of my ideas are based on TV-shows (esp. BtVS/AtS 7th Heaven and Step-by-Step). Usually I prefer stories involving love -- or at least concentual-sex, but there may be the odd forced-, rape- or BDSM-story too. I very much like when love result in a baby (which also opens-up the possibility of teaching that child "stuff" ;-).

Story categories: Mmb/Ffg, Ffg/Ffg, inc, ped, tv, celeb, preg

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