Jennifer Coldstream is the mother of two boys, Timmy and Greg.

Timmy is eight, born 6 July 2008, 56 lb, 4 ft 2 in tall, blond/blue. Timmy loves art and sports at school and excels at soccer and cricket. His favourite food is cheese on toast with tomato relish.

Greg, also known as "Crunchie," is ten, born 15 March 2006, 71 lb, 4 ft 7 in, brunet/brown. He is top of his class in mathematics and sciences. His favourite food is fish in batter with fries. He loves to ride his bicycle.

Jennie is married to Peter, 37 years old, 145 lb, 5 ft 6 in, blonde/blue, 34c-26-38 and works as a relationship advisor in a private clinic in Jordanhill, Scotland.

The family lives in Helensburgh, Scotland.

All characters and events are fictitious including accounts written in the first person. Jennifer Coldstream is a pseudonym.

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