Jubal JS Harshaw is a nom d'Plume. It's partly borrowed as an homage from the pulp fiction writing, screenplay writing, attorney, surgeon, lover of women and bonvivant Jubal Harshaw in Robert A. Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land."

Though not a published-for-pay author, attorney, surgeon or bonvivant, I am, in real life, a lover of women, an ordained minister, an amateur philosopher, and a former small town politician (with big aspirations). I am interested in the quality of "abandon" that we seem to seek in our sexuality; of why what Gibran said is so true, that "the giving and receiving of pleasure is both a need and an ecstasy.

I'm a fan of Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Pauline Reage, Elizabeth McNeill. Asstr writers would be too many to name.

I tend to craft my stories by what I like and by the characters in them so although a story may be classified as one thing, it may have a little bit of everything - you just never know.

Criticism, ideas and feedback are ALWAYS appreciated.

Story categories: Couples - Married and Not; lesbians; groups; rough sex; drugs; erotic asphyxiation; non-ritualized BDSM; voyeurism

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