My stories are usually about a good natured man who discovers that young girls in the budding stages of their sexuality are not only very sexually stimulating, but are aggressively attempting to manipulate him into doing all sorts of things. Always an eye opener for the lucky fellow. The basis for the plots are usually derived from real life experiences, establishing the vulnerability of the characters, but then the rest is all fiction - closely resembling the fantasies that naturally followed. Seldom will you find erotic content within the first line, sentence, paragraph, page, or even chapter. Erotic situations occur due to the dominoes of life falling in a very particular way, about very particular people. I try to immerse my reader into a world that is believable, and once invested there, the unexpected holds extra meaning and electricity. Jem Aura

Story categories: Mf, Mf+, cons, rom,

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Last updated: 2008-01-16