46, married, children, American. Writer of both erotic and conventional fiction. Erotic stories should be stories hence should have some sense of plot, character and conflict. I tend to focus my stories on normal people doing new things. I find loss of innocence a major theme. So most stories will be reality based but the imagination is its own master so deviations may occur. The adage goes the key to good storytelling is detail is one I obey so my stories may be quite long at times or serialized. My content is not restricted in focus so there may be highly focused sexuality in great detail anywhere from two loving married people to animals, children, objects or whatever the scene and characters demand. This is the only forum where I allow myself unrestricted liberty. Anything else is a denial of the intellect. I am highly open to interaction, suggestion and especially praise.

J. D. Phydeaux (ftp)
Last updated: 1998-11-12