Normal!!, what is normal in the 21st century, whether Male or female we all enjoy fantasies and fantasizing about sex. I have been called a lot of names slut being one. I am not against being called a slut Love without clinging fits me better. “Hookups,” or uncommitted sexual encounters have been a big part of my life since my parents died. Living with my step aunt, who was a prostitute, my life took one big leap into multiple sex partners and drugs.

For those of you who get irritated by My bad Grammar and spelling.

I just wanted to clarify that I have dyslexia. It's not just being unable to spell. I cannot hold in information. As for my writing, I wouldn't say I write as I do in my diary blog, factual writing about my life and how I want to live.

Most of these sexual encounters have transpired without any promise of love, or desire for a more traditional romantic relationship. My world fell apart at 14 years old i was hit by a car a lot of what happened that day is still vague, What I did know was I had head trauma which caused my desire for sexual activity to increase, My vagina seemed constantly moisture state, my nipples also were hard constantly and I was having orgasms from mere nothing. Alternative lifestyle, to me it was a no-brainer (Pun Sorry). I choose a life of multiple sex partners.

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