I am a retired computer programmer. I have a dark side which I can only set free in works of fiction. I found that I was not nearly as radical as I thought I was. It causes great distress for me to be hurting the fictional characters who's lives I find myself vicariously living. As a result, while my work may be rather severe, it reflects characters who are monsters, but who are not without conscience. My characters may perform the most heinous acts, but they often find themselves regretting their actions in the end for one reason of another. Be that as it may, my work is lascivious, licentious and is highly erotic.

Story cateogires: Almost all, (except perhaps MF) b,g,bg,1st,Fb,M+b,M+g,g+b,tg,bd,best,exhib,caution,blackmail,nc,

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