Hi, I am an author of erotica exploring the topic of sexual awakenings in young girls. If this is likely to offend you, please click BACK on your browser now.

These are works of fantasy. Although many men may think and act like the adult male characters, the highly biddable and sexual nature of the girls is a fantasy that does not exist; in fact, it would be dangerous to believe that it does.

As a reminder of this fantasy, I have reused the same names in all of the stories: Pete for the adult male and Lucy for the young girl.

Story cateogires: Mg+ Mf+ mg+ mf+ Fg+ Ff+ ff cons 1st

A note for previous readers of my collection:
You may remember my web site contained reviews of similar stories and links to similar collections. Although I have no personal problem with such fiction, the law and general public disagree, so I no longer think it is worth the personal risk that the web site entails. My apologies if you enjoyed it.

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