You gotta thank the conservative Christians for their valuable contributions to the field of erotica. The comedian isn't funny without the set-up of his straight man, the sting can't occur without a self-important rube or patsy, the nude body is not sexy without the admonition to always be clothed, and erotica is not titillating without taboos to be bent and pushed (pornography, now, operates by a different mechanism).

When writing erotica, you start off walking among the secure thick stone walls erected by the Pauls and the Martin Luthors and their myriad little self-designated armchair preachers explicitly delineating where you may and may not tread (and, yes, there are certainly secular preachers as well, enforcing political correctness). Then, with the application of a little magic, the walls of inhibitions often, bend, then whoops! Sex has just found its way out there in the middle of everything.

This is my style of erotica, hopefully in the tradition of Blackie, Simon and especially Deirdre. I hope you enjoy it. Have fun!

Story categories: mc, incest

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Last updated: 2002-03-05