What Iím about.

Iím a female, was born in in 1960 and Iím 51 now. Still as sexually active now as I was when I was 16.
My stories are MY stories, things that happened to me, sometimes the time scales are condensed down a little but, for the most part they are as happened. From the age of 12 I kept a very detailed diary, with names, dates and places. Looking back it probably wasnít the safest thing to do considering what I got up to but it was well hidden and to my knowledge no one ever found it. Readers should also realise that, in the 70ís Aids wasnít known about. Though VD was a problem, considering how many men I had sex with, I only had NSU once, quite amazing really.
I started writing stories when I was around 30 whilst in Hospital and some of the stories are dated back to then or any time after.
There are other stories here, tales from friends I know personally or have exchanged emails with over the web. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of those stories though I have no reason to doubt them. John The guy with the massive cock I do know personally and know his stories are true as I was there in some of them.

One thought thatís always remained with me and something I love. Once two or more people close the door behind them, what they do is their business. Also, behind a closed door you can do the dirtiest things you ever thought of, be the filthiest whore in the world, but no one other than you and your participant will ever know so when you open that door, you are miss prim and proper and butter wouldnít melt in your mouth.

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